If you are a cannabis lover and are looking for some good times then check this out! The Lifesara team has put together 6 cafes and restaurants that will surely give you a good time. Since the legalization of cannabis, numerous cannabis related businesses have opened up. We have curated these places and can guarantee that all of them are legally certified. What’s more if you are to use cannabis in the correct way then you will be able to squeeze out the maximum amount of benefit to your body. So, what are these cannabis cafés? Let’s go and find out.

Ganja Café

Let’s check out our first stop, a coffee shop decorated in the antique homemade style which gives off an interesting vintage vibe. The café’s food and drinks selection are also very beginner-friendly
as they offer non-cannabis as well as cannabis versions of the same food and drink.

In terms of drinks, they mostly focused on freshness and the staff were willing to provide guidance on what drink with special ingredients to order, which make sure that the customer’s safety is top priority. If you are looking for a new experience while snapping some nice photo, this is the place to check out.

Location : Shop is opposite of Samsen Soi 8 (Parking available in Samsen soi 3 and soi 5)

📍Contact Informations
Line : @ganjacafe
FB : ร้านกาแฟ กัญญา คาเฟ่ : Ganja Cafég
IG : ganjacafebangkok


Rak Cann Café
(Town-in-Town area cannabis cafe)

Here we have a secret café in the Town-in-Town area that a cannabis fan will fall in love with. The story behind this café is actually very interesting as the owner conducted their own research about cannabis and found that it is actually very beneficial if used right. This drives them to start producing canned tea with the brand RakCann Tea and that gradually evolved into a chill out café with Forest Loft aesthetics.

The menus here are a mix of coffee and snacks that you can select whether you want cannabis in there or not. We guarantee that you will feel fully relaxed once you have these snacks. In terms of snacks, the hot hits are cannabis brownie, cookies; even cannabis birthday cake is on offer as well! If you are looking to host an event the shop can also arrange that for you, just give them a call!

We’ll let you in on a little secret: all the cannabis juice here is made from concentrated juice from organic farms. They are also very meticulous in their preparation technique as their process doesn’t just stop at boiling for the cannabis juice. The bakery items also use a homemade style recipe and the store also plans to sell more products from the plant as well. If you are interested, keep this store on your radar!

They are also offering a special promotion:
– Purchases above 300 baht will receive a free RTD CBD drink worth 69 Baht

Location : 246 Sriwara road, Plubpla subdistrict, Wang Thonglang district, Bangkok 10310

📍Contact Informations
Tel : 099-219-5445
FB : Rak Cann Cafe รักกัญ คาเฟ่
Email : rakcanncafe@gmail.com
Line : @rakcanncafe
IG : rakcanncafe


Red Drip Café

A coffee shop that aims to make every glass a perfection, with the added perk of it being affordable! How popular is this place you ask? The place is so popular that they actually have to make a separate “Speedbar” and “Slowbar” menu with a lot of regional dishes joining the train of menus offered here.

For cannabis fans, the café recommends 3 menus; the first one is To the Moon, a tea that increases your inner calm by 100% with a distinct aroma that will give you the deepest slumber you could think of. Next on the menu is the Sweet and Sour, a honey-lemon drink with a very sweet smell that is made from authentic honey with a distinct taste profile. The last menu is “Bob Marley” named after the iconic cannabis user and songwriter; this menu is a blend of ingredients that refreshes the mind with the bold scent profile of matcha.

But if you are just starting out then try out Inner Peach, a blend between cannabis and Peach’s sweet flavor that is very easy to drink and is the perfect choice before bed.

Location : Spring Tower, B Floor, 188 Phaya Thai road, Thung Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

📍Contact Informations
Tel : 091-298-8898
Line : @reddrip
FB : Red Drip Cafe
IG : Reddrip.cafe
Email : reddripcafe@gmail.com
Tiktok : @reddripcafe


High River Café

A café that wants to aggregate all the people who want to feel good together into a space that will be filled with laughter just like in those musical festivals. The shop is decorated in the Bohogyspy style that gives off an air of freedom and is designed entirely by the owner themselves. The decoration here is bound to give you some positive vibes for you to take back home.

The highlight here is that this café can fully pull out the benefit of processed cannabis in a menu by preserving its benefit in its entirety, a trait that made many come back for more. Everything this café served went through meticulous calculation which made sure that the texture is just right while still using high grade raw material. If you are a cannabis lover looking for a relaxing atmosphere then don’t miss out on this café.

Location : 32 Tambon Nakhonchum, Amphoe Bann Pong, Ratchaburi 70110

📍Contact Informations
Tel : 095 595 8771 | 032-297-298
Email : highrivercafe@gmail.com
FB : High River Café
Tiktok : @highrivercafe
IG : highrivercafe
Line : @highrivercafe


Herbalista Wellness Cafe x City Forest

Another very interesting café that is run by a former Thai medicine practitioner, which made them an expert at squeezing out every last drop of benefit from cannabis. Moreover, all cannabis in the store is organic in nature too! Another factor that the café focused on is that if a customer feels too intoxicated then the café also had a menu to “detox” the effect as well. Some of the menus offered here are Cocoa drinks or Kaphrao specifically made for cannabis lovers.

Another highlight is their attention to the customer which is evident by their inquiry about the customer’s allergic reaction to cannabis or any other related problems. If any problem arises then you can always contact the café right away as the café has Thai medicine practitioners on stand-by. The place isn’t only very relaxing but also has a very nice atmosphere that is akin to living in an actual jungle within a concrete jungle.

Location : Soi Charansanitwong 91 4th junction

📍Contact Informations
Tel : 0922514678
Line : herbalista_
FB : Herbalista wellness Cafe x CityForestis
Email : herbalista_wellnesscafe@hotmail.com


Midnight Hightime

For the final spot we have one of the best-looking café in the list that is decorated in a space theme. They are also handing out free space cookies too! If you are a cannabis lover then this store has a lot of organic strains of cannabis for you, with more than 10 strains for you to choose from.

A menu we want you to try out is the School Milo infused with extracted cannabis or cannabis chicken wings. If you are looking for a one-stop shop then this is the place as they don’t only sell cannabis leaves but also act as a café with cannabis and non-cannabis menus. They also offer a space-themed smoking room that doubles as an educational space as well. We guarantee that if you walk in here ignorant about cannabis then you will leave an expert!

Location : No.6 Soi Chan 16, Thung Wat Don, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120

📍Contact Informations
Tel : 094 959 4298
Email : midnighthightime@gmail.com
FB : Midnight Hightime
IG : midhigh.bkk