Many people might call it stinky, but once you can look beyond the scent, durian is actually a healthy custard in fruit form!! So if you love eating them but don’t know how to choose durian on your own, LifeSara has 9 durian sellers with high-quality selections and delivery service to put these godly custard pulps on your table and ready to be eaten right away! Let’s take a look!


Tae Rian Gu – Durian Pulp

The first on our list is an online shop that sells you a ready-to-eat durian! Tae Rian Gu has a large catalog of premium quality durians that has been selected the very moment they cut down! Whether it’s Mon Thong, Chanee, Kanyao, or the rarer Nokrajib, every durian you brought from here will be cut open and delivered with no direct skin contact at all! And every durian farm selling to Tae Rian Gu is an organic farm! No dangerous pesticide! No growth formula!

If you have zero ideas about how to choose durian exactly how you want it, that is even more reason why you should buy Tae Rian Gu. Because they can find you the pulp as you like it! Nutty and crispy? Soft and sweet? You can get any of them just how you like them!!

And your durian will be cut open and delivered to you in pulp form, ready for consumption! And don’t worry about sanitary, because their staff will always be in gloves and masks! You can even order them as a gift, too! And Tae Rian Gu will even put them in a gift box for free!

But if you want to go see your durian with your own eyes, here is a chance! Tae Rian Gu has a shop in “Kud Thai Market” even at The Mall Bangkapi from 26 May to 1 June! So don’t miss this event if you want to see them working!

IG : taeriangu
Line Official : @taeriangu
FB : แทะเรียนกุ – ทุเรียนแกะ
Tel : 0954539239


Siam Golden Fruit

Siam Golden Fruit is a distributor of 100% organic durian from everywhere in Thailand! From Mon Thong and Chanee to the less known kind like the volcano durian, every spiky fruit here is chosen carefully so only the best reach your hand!

You can choose your durian from four different textures; crispy unripe, crispy outside but soft inside, dryly ripe, and fully ripe. Even fully ripe, the durian here still has no bitter taste and the scent stays mild! All of those delicious pulps will be delivered to you in a luxurious package to show how premium Siam Golden Fruit products can be!

And if you don’t know which kind of durian should be eaten when, you can just ask them! Because Siam Golden Fruit is always happy to give you advice so you can enjoy your durian to the fullest!

Inbox : siamgoldenfruit
IG : siamgoldenfruit
Line : @siamgoldenfruit


Fruit King

Let’s take a break from durian’s intense smell with our next seller; Fruit King!The freeze-dried durian!No sugar! No food additives!100% Mon Thong plup!Despite having no preservative, freeze-dried durian has a very long shelf-life!Just keeping them dry is enough to make them last!All the sweetness, crispiness, and mild scent just enough to be enjoyable are only 385 Baht per 100g! Cheap and healthy!

Fruit King is a very good brand to keep in mind if you craving the king of fruit out of season because you can find them in many supermarkets or order them online anytime you want!

P.s. Fruit King doesn’t sell only the king of fruit, but many others as well! Freeze-dried mangosteen, mango, banana, rambutan, and even jackfruit!

> Storefront:
-Big C Ratchadamri
-King Power
-Siam Paragon
-Gourmet Market
-Top Supermarket

> Online
-fruitking Shop : Shopee / Lazada / Facebook
-Line : @fruitking


Million Munchies

Our next seller is a native of Rayong, one of the biggest fruit producers in Thailand! Their special gimmick is the durian delivery with a message on the box, so their organic Mon Thong durian can fully convey your intention with both physical and tasty medium at once! You can also choose the texture as well; crispy unripe, crispy and soft, or fully ripe!

And there’s more than just durian in their shop! You can get various other Rayong products such as fried durian chips, mangosteen, Singaporian cookies, sweeten dried pork, or even Rayong’s signature: jaggery sweeten shrimp paste!

IG : million.munchies
FB : Million Munchies
LINE : @million.munchies
Tel : 064-323-2951

* Million Munchies has no storefront
But their distributing station is in Rayong, and they have a nationwide delivery service!


Siam Diamond

The true premium fruit experience is here with Siam Diamond!! Siam Diamond’s products are qualified with GHPs and HACCP which are the international standard that proves their readiness for export! Except they’re not exported, but instead being packed into a luxurious package and delivered right into your hand here in Thailand so you can have a premium experience, too!

More importantly, Siam Diamond delivers everywhere in Thailand! Fresh delivery! Within refrigerated truck straight to your destination! And their prices aren’t that different from the common market price, either! After all, durian is an expensive delicacy no matter where you looking for them, so why not add some more to the price and have a taste of what an export level durian is like!!

FB : ท๊อปฟู้ดส์ซัพพลาย ตลาดสดออนไลน์ สำหรับผู้ประกอบการ
IG : topfoodssupply
Line : @topfoods



Stinko is an alternative choice for anyone who would love to try durian, but is also afraid of its stink! Stinko has freeze-dried real Mon Thong pulps into big chunks of scentless dried custards that can be eaten anywhere and anytime! No more pesky smell! No more sticky fingers! No sugar! If you want to introduce someone to the world of durian, fed them some Stinko!

Anong Durian

If you’re a believer in the magic of a traditional durian merchant and their durian bonking stick, we got you covered right here with the famous classic seller like Aunty Anong’s Durian! Jae Anong is the classic name that comes with the real gem of Mon Thong that is worthy of its own shop in Or Tor Kor Market, the best and most famous fruit market in Thailand!

But you don’t need to be there because Jae Anong delivers everywhere in Thailand for 990 Baht per 1kg.! Free replacement in case of a bad product, too!Jae Anong is an old hand when it comes to choosing the texture however you want!With their 4 levels of ripe and crispiness,you can find the right level for you after listening to her simple explanation! From crispy and nutty, to crispy and sweet, even to all soft and sweet!Another special feature of Jae Anong shop is the “chicken breast cut”!Which is to find the durian pulp that is big and firm enough that when you slice down the middle, it can be pulled apart and stay in shape just like an actual chicken breast!And that’ll be the proof of how firm but soft that pulp is going to be! So if you want to eat the durian selected by the old master of the Thai durian market, come to Jae Anong! And remember! If you got the inedible durian from here, you can claim the new durian for free! Always!!

Inbox : anongdurian
Line : @anongdurian

Chim Durian

If you want a premium Mon Thong, this is where you can get it! Because Chim’s durian is the export quality, fully organic with no growth formula! And they’ll come in a beautiful package, too! So if you’re looking for a gift that will thoroughly impress someone, Chim Durian can deliver your message in style!

IG : Chim_durian
Line : @151cimmh
FB : Chim_durian
Tel : 096-1419910

*Delivery in Bangkok via Grab/Lalamove
(Delivery fee based on actual distance)



And we’re concluded our list here with aDay FRESH Delivery and their special promotion of durian that comes at two prices; 990 Baht per 1kg., and 1,800 Baht per 2kg.! This promotion lasts until 29 May 2022 only!

aDay FRESH is an organic Mon Thong durian farm from Chantaburi. Their durians are the real premium stuff that has won a world-class competition before!! Because aDay FRESH farm feeds their durian tree with the volcano soil and spring water, covers every fruit with non-woven material, and is taken care of by farmer mentors of Thailand’s farmer association!

Thanks to their meticulous care, aDay’s Mon Thong pulp comes with nice yellow color, naturally sweet with no chemical contamination, which makes it qualified for GAP certification as well! No matter where you are in Thailand, aDay’s delicious Mon Thong is only an order away! Just a few clicks and this delicious golden pride of Chantaburi will run straight to your hand exactly how you want it! No more trying your luck with some unknown street-side vendor!

Website : aDay Fresh
Inbox : aDay Fresh
Line@ : @adayfresh
Tel : 087-704-9308