Do you crave fresh beef? Then get over here! We will be taking you to see 10 butcher you can’t miss out in 2022. This is a must read if you love beef. The writer is a frequent customer for a lot of these butchers too. No matter which part of the cut you like, or if you prefer Thai, Japanese or Aussie beef this post got it all!

For anyone who wants to collect all the yummy collection should take a look at what we’ve selected for you below
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Butcher Boy

The first on our list is Butcher Boy, a premium beef seller that got everything beef-related you might ever need. In this store you can buy and grill the meat right at the store or buy as a takeaway. Their extremely varied selection includes: Japanese Wagyu, Australian and Thai beef. They also offer Halal meat to cover the needs of all types of beef lovers too!

The main star of this store is the “Dry Aged Beef”. A beef that was aged with the right temperature and condition with strict monitoring of temperature and other factors to ensure the highest quality of beef. The beef is cut and trimmed by the store’s own butcher to produce the meat that will leave every beef lover wanting for more!

Another highlight of the store is the “Japanese Wagyu”, a premium grade Japanese beef that is lined with an intricate pattern of fat which forms a “marbled” pattern. Butcher Boy’s Wagyu has a very tender feel with a high quality that is curated by beef lovers for another beef lover. If you have a chance to try out Butcher Boy then be sure to try out their Dry Aged Beef and Wagyu Beef. The price selection is also very varied, ranging from a value price to a fancy premium level, giving you a large number of choices.

As a former beef supplier, Butcher Boy is a natural professional and a respected one in the meat industry thus their expertise in selecting a good cut of beef is on point. They also offer grilling service right at their store as well and the meat is sliced to orders only, no pre-sliced beef as to preserve the quality.

📍Location : 371 1 Samakhkhi Road, Tha Sai, Mueang District, Nonthaburi 11000
Opens every day from 12:00 – 21:00
*Parking available

Contact Informations
Tel : 098 279 5032
Line man | Robinhood


Beef to Hand

This is another store that sells Australian Wagyu that is imported straight from Australia. The beef is selected from farms with the highest standards and must pass the store’s chef taste test first in order to guarantee that this is a quality beef with exceptional taste before it can end up in your menu!

Beef to Hand focuses on the more popular cuts such as the Striploin, Ribeye, Tenderloin and other parts that are lined with a high amount of fats. All of them are prepared into a steak cut that the customer can freely choose and is packed into a vacuum packaging in order to preserve the freshness of the meat.

They also offer meat marinating service with various herbs which will then be cooked to a medium-rare level. You just need to roast the meat over a high flame for a few minutes on each side then – voila! Now you have a medium rare steak cooked by your own hand! The shop offers these signature meats: Australian Wagyu Striploin MS6, Australian Wagyu Tenderloin MS5 and New Zealand Lamb Rack.

Not only that, the shop also offers other menus such as lamb rack imported from New Zealand that has a very tender mouthfeel without any of the unpleasant meat odor. To complement the prime cut you are enjoying, they offer 2 sauces; the Chef’s Special Truffle Sauce and the Red Wine Sauce which goes very well with the beef and lamb with its strong note that helps reduce the greasy feel while still preserving the meat flavor extremely well. The store offers delivery service throughout the country via Grab Express for Bangkok and temperature-controlled trucks for other provinces.

Contact Informations
FB : Beef To Hand
IG : BeefToHand
Line : @BeefToHand

*The place offers only delivery, no storefront purchase. The delivery starting point is from Asok


Thagoon Manee Beef Expert

Thagoon Manee Beef Expert is a butcher that has been in business for a really long time selling a premium selection of beef. Their expertise is guaranteed by more than 11 years of experience in the meat industry and only the best meat from the top level of every country’s beef industry that passed international certification are sold here!

Some of the selections we wanted you to try out are steak cuts, Yakiniku cuts and Shabu cuts and many other types. The beef is sourced from a lot of places such as: US beef, Australian Wagyu, high quality beef from Argentina and New Zealand; their selection is so varied it will make you reconsider!

The wonders don’t end there as the shop also sells premium grade meat such as Foie Gras, Scallop, Hokkaido Uni and imported Black Pork from Japan. Truly a wondrous international combination of meat from all over the world. (The shop is in the Kaset-Nawamin area but they have no storefront and only sells online)

Contact Informations
Line : @tmfood
FB : Thagoon Manee Beef Expert
IG : love_beef_love_tmfood


Tueng Nuea Tueng Wua

A premium grade beef seller that was started up by a beef lover who wanted to try something they are passionate about, Tueng Nuea Tueng Wua is a butcher that offers beef delivery service throughout Thailand. Driven by their passion the founder recommended their practice to others who soon joined their quest for the perfect beef. Their quest for the perfect beef transcends all regional boundaries for they offer beef from everywhere such as Bangkok and from the provinces. These beefs are provided with a belief that everyone who loves beef must get to try out a variety of them.

The shop chooses only the variety of beef with the highest quality such as Australian Wagyu from the brand Carrara Wagyu, a brand that is considered the forefront of the beef industry but for those who prefer something a bit more local they also offer Thai beef as well.

Currently they offer 2 promotional set

1. Premium beef promotion (1,450 Baht)
A promotion that Shabu and Yakiniku meat lovers can’t say no to which is composed of Wagyu Outside Flat 220g, Wagyu Chuck Roll 220g, Wagyu Brisket 220g and US. Short Plate 220g. All of this can be delivered to your door in a refrigerated truck!

2. Beef and Pork promotion (1,590 Baht)
Best for those who can’t live without pork AND beef. The set is composed of Wagyu Outside Flat 220g, Wagyu Chuck Roll 220g, Wagyu Brisket 220g, Kuro-buta 220g X2. This set also comes with free black Shabu soup, Yakiniku sauce and Mala soup.

Contact Informations
FB : ถึงเนื้อถึงวัว เนื้อวัวพรีเมียม ส่งทั่วไทย
Inbox | Line
Tel : 0942639474
*Delivery available for the entirety of Bangkok and refrigerated truck delivery for the rest of Thailand.


Jaonuea King of Beef

A shop that is a well-kept secret of a lot of meat lovers. Although, this is a small store that is nestled inside a Carltex petroleum station on the Prachanukul junction the place does have an ace up its sleeves and sells frozen Wagyu that are comparable to those A3 and A5 Wagyu imported from Japan! In this tiny gem of a store, we recommend that you try out the 3 types of “Thai Steak Wagyu ”. The first type brings the tenderloin which is the part of beef with the lowest concentration of fats but is also the most tender. For this cut you can choose to have it diced or served whole as a steak cut.

Next beef on the list is the Ribeye, the juiciest part. The meat flavor is the most dominant here due to the fat lining the muscle in these parts. If you love beef this is a cut you can’t miss. Another popular steak cut is the Striploin, a cut with a firm but also tender feel with a rich odor and the right amount of marbled fat thrown into the mix.

Apart from the Prime Cut which is a cut above the rest, the store also offers Second Cut which is a cut with a lower quality such as the Picanha or the Sirloin Tri-Tip. This meat can be made into a delicious steak or any other dishes you can come up with. If you love beef be sure to check out this store!

📍Location: ใต้ทางด่วน ซอยงามวงศ์วาน21

Contact Informations
FB : จ้าวเนื้อ ไทยวากิว
Line : jaonuea.kingofbeef
IG : jaonuea.kingofbeef
Tel : 090-972-4098



King Beef is a Japanese Wagyu beef retailer that sells only premium grade beef such as a specially trimmed Japanese Wagyu. The trimmed product is pre-flavored and packaged alongside a special formula sauce that uses the store’s secret ingredients.

For this store, we recommend a specially trimmed assorted A4 Wagyu beef. This beef’s highlight is the combination of different types of A4 grade Wagyu into a single package which allows the customer to try out different textures from every different part of beef while still getting to savor the tenderness of beef imported from Japan in every cut offered.

📍Location: Soi Tiwanon 40, Nonthaburi (On the same spot as The Garden Grill Yakiniku)

Contact Informations
Tel. 093-456-2622
Line : @kingbeef
FB : KING BEEF เนื้อวากิว เนื้อนำเข้า wagyu ราคาถูก


Love Meat Tender

The next shop on the list is Love Meat Tender, a shop specializing in Australian and New Zealand beef. If you want imported beef in an affordable price range but occasionally want to get a bit more premium while spending a tiny bit more this place is just for you! Moreover, you can order a cut according to a thickness and weight that you like without any minimum service charge too!

The shop’s most popular cuts are the Ribeye, Striploin, Tenderloin, Tomahawk and Picanha. If you are interested in something not as pricey as premium cut then the shop also offers New Zealand Prime steer, which is a beef from male cattle raised on a strictly grass diet which makes the beef a lot more tender than usual. As for the price? A wallet-comforting 220 Baht per piece only!

If you are looking for something even more tender then the shop also offers grain-fed beef from cattle fed strictly on grains for 90 or even up to 400 days. They also offer A3-A5 Japanese Wagyu, Australian Wagyu and Angus beef. Furthermore, they also offer other types of meat such as lamb, Japanese Scallop and Salmon, making this a place you could rely on to curb your meat craving!

📍Location: 224 Soi Vibhavadi 5 Jom Phon, Jatujak district, Bangkok, 10900

Contact Informations
IG : love.meat.tender
Line : @lovemeattender
FB : Love Meat Tender ขายเนื้อออสเตรเลียนำเข้า เกรดพรีเมียมราคาไม่แพง

Delivery : Grab, Lineman, Robinhood, Lazada และ JD Central
(Direct purchase from the store offers a wider selection of products)


Yak Beef The Butchery

For this spot we have the peculiarly named Yak (Giant) Beef The Butchery, a butcher that offers Thai Wagyu and other high quality beef from Thai cattle; if you are a fan of Thai beef be sure to check them out!

ที่สำคัญคือที่นี่มีบริการส่งเนื้อประเภทต่าง ๆ ไปยังร้านอาหารระดับหรูอย่าง Fine dining และการประกอบอาหารแบบเป็นส่วนตัวอย่าง Cheftable ในอีกหลาย ๆ ร้าน โดยเนื้อของที่นี่ พี่เจ้าของร้านจะตัดแต่งด้วยความพิถีพิถันด้วยตัวเองเลยยย ทั้งขายเนื้อเอง เป็นบุชเชอร์เอง จะมีทั้งการตัดแต่งเนื้อสำหรับทำสเต็ก ทำยากินิคุ เนื้อสไลซ์ชาบู และชิ้นส่วนต่าง ๆ อย่างครบครัน

📍Location: Yak Beef The Butchery has 2 branches:
1. Soi Sri Dan 22 branch Open daily 09:00 – 19:00 no holidays
2. Bangna-Trad Road 5th kilometer in Bangchack petrol station next to Index livingmall: Open 10:00 – 20:00

Contact Informations
FB : ยักษ์เป็นสัตว์กินเนื้อ เนื้อไทยวากิว และโคขุน
Tel : 093-615-5885



Sunbeef is a premium Thai cattle beef seller whose quality can easily compete with imported beef, albeit at an affordable price that is within everyone’s reach; just like the store’s philosophy: “Goof beef needn’t be expensive”.

The special thing is that every piece of beef here comes straight from the shop’s own farm in Nakhon Pathom. The cattle are raised on a Grain-fed diet in an enclosed farm and are free from leanness-enhancing agents and other dangerous chemicals. The must-try of this store is the traditional sun-dried meat, a specialty that guarantees your satisfaction with the store’s more than 50 years of experience. The store also has a wide selection of products for the customer to choose from which includes fresh beef parts, fresh innards, steaks, sliced beef or even dry aged beef; a selection so varied you won’t be disappointed.

📍Location: 19/33 Mooh 3 Tambon Nah Mai, Lad Lum Kaew district, Pathumthani 12140

Contact Informations
Tel : 091-004-4600 | 095-506-5752
FB : SunBeef เนื้อโคขุนแปรรูป


All About Meat Thailand

For the last spot we have All About Meat Thailand, a premium grade beef importer that takes both wholesale and retail orders. The place doesn’t only serve beef but also provides restaurant and hospitality catering ingredients as well; but they didn’t stop there as they also provide advice on the type of beef and sourcing service that matches the customer’s specification too!

All of All About Meat Thailand’s meats are carefully selected and are free from growth-enhancing and leanness-enhancing agents as well as fat injection and are raised with a special formula of feed in order to bring that tenderness and aroma on to your plate!

📍Location: 666/4 Raminthra 109 Phraya Suren, Bangchan, Khlong Samwa, Bangkok, Thailand 10510

Contact Informations
Web :
FB : All about meat Thailand เนื้อเกรดพรีเมี่ยม เนื้อออส เนื้อญี่ปุ่น เนื้อโคขุน
Tel : 061-989-7924