Thailand is one of the best countries in the world to get some fresh seafood cheaply, but if you come here during the low season to save your money even further, chances are you won’t get to eat out much thanks to the rain. But don’t worry! Lifesara is here for you with 4 seafood delivery services you can order anything you want! Fresh from the coast and shipping all the way to your toasty homestead!!


OR’s Broiled Crab Delivery

Our first stop is already a full-fledged seafood restaurant near Ladprao where you can come for a dine-in experience if you want to. But if you wanna stay comfy in your room, OR’s delivery still got you covered!

As it says on the tin, OR’s entire list of recommended menus is everything with a crab in its name! Broiled crabs, roasted crab with glass noodles, crabs steamed with milk, or even soy-sauce pickled crab!All of them are of the best quality of their price because OR kitchen chooses all the crabs by themselves so only the buffiest thick meat crab or the mother crabs filled to the brim with roes will be put on your table! But if you looking for some variety, their other kinds of seafood are also top quality, too! From jumbo-size river prawns to the fresh salmon shipping straight from Norway, you won’t get disappointed with any of their dishes!!

The delivery fee will depend on the amount and the size of your order, from 120 Baht for some packs of simple roasted selections to 1,200 Baht for the king-size feasts, but the freshness of the ingredients and the flavorful seasonings and dipping sauces unique to OR’s kitchen will be more than worth the price it takes!

Tel : 086 356 8226
FB : ออปูอบ & ปูไข่ Delivery
IG : Aorpuob_delivery
Line Official : @pukamkung1
(Delivery service for everywhere in Bangkok)


Udom Pochana Pranburi

If our first restaurant doesn’t seem authentic enough for you, how about our next old-school restaurant who has been the legend of Pranburi, the famous fishery province of Thailand! This is Udom Pochana, the famous restaurant that has won the loyalty of the Pranburi locals and Thai tourists for more than 60 years!
Udom Pochana is a wedding of the older generation’s recipes and ethics to only choose fresh seafood with no preservatives for their customers, with the new generation’s knowledge of online marketing and logistics to deliver the delicious wisdom of their ancestors to hungry customers everywhere in Thailand!!
Udom’s recommended dish ranges from sundried squids of their original recipe to three flavors of fried fish with a combination of sweet, salty, and spicy, or even just a simple poached sea bass flayed into thin strips and dipping with their special seafood sauce. Because Udom’s food is freshly caught and cooked right before shipping them in vacuum-sealed packages, you can put them in a fridge for quite a while, too!
Tel : 062-289-6326
Line OA : @udom
FB : udomseafood
IG : udompochana.pranburi

Hier-Puu Chukunghoi

Our third distributor is for anyone who just wants the shop closer to where you lived because Hier-Puu has so many shops around Bangkok! Hier-Puu delivers crabs and every other seafood from Surat Thani, the most famous fishery province in Southern Thailand, all the way to Bangkok, cooking them all in many delicious dishes such as fried rice, Kaprao, curry, and omelet, then paired them up with spicy sauce before shipping to 11 shops around Bangkok!!

Hier-Puu is a part of Black Canyon’s cloud kitchen so you could either order their dishes from the seafood menu on LINEMAN, Shopee Food, Robinhood, and Food Panda. Or you can just walk into one of the Black Canyon listed below and eat in their diner, too!

For Black Canyon Dine-In:
: Big C Ratchadapisek, Paolo Memorial Hospital, Payathai 2 Hospital, Bangkok Hospital, Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital, Central Rama IX, Central Pinklao, The Old Siam, Max Valu Sukumvit 71, Robinson Bang Rak, and PTT Gas Station at 1st Infantry Regiment

Online delivery can be found on the seafood list of the following apps:
: GrabFood, LINEMAN, Shopee Food, Robinhood, Food Panda, and Air Asia


FB : เฮียปู ชูกุ้งหอย Here Pu ข้าวผัดปูเน้นๆ
IG : herepu.seafood

Delivery “เฮียปู ชูกุ้งหอย”
Shopee Food
Food Panda, Big C Ratchadapisek


Mr.Jin’s Suratthani Fresh Oysters

If you ask any Thai people where can you get the best oyster, most people would say it’s Surat Thani province in the South. So because we only want the best for you, we got a Surat Thani oyster shop for you, too!! Surat Thani’s oyster has its own characteristic that set it apart from oysters everywhere else in Thailand, which is the fact that it is the biggest, fattest, and whitest of all oysters you’ll ever see in Thailand! And they only come in M, L, XL, and Jumbo sizes!!

Mr. Jin’s shop sells all seafood both wholesale for catering services and smaller order for customers who are only interesting in eating! And you don’t have to order only oysters from him, but also the whole slew of other sea bounties like squid, mantis shrimp, and sea crab in both fresh or pickled versions! No need to brave the storm to the south for a mouthful of ocean goodness!!


FB : หอยนางรมสด สุราษฏร์ธานี ราคาปลีกส่ง by นายจิณ
FB Messenger
Line : @oysterbymr.jin
Tel : 062-962-3683
Shopee >> All orders will be delivered via Inter Express and Thailand Post’s refrigerated truck to everywhere in Thailand.