11 Unique restaurants on Ratchaphruek road for a good experience in 2022. Thonburi folks can’t miss out! So many delicious dishes!! 🔥🥩🇯🇵

Thonburi and Ratchaphruek people must read!! Today we, Lifesara are here to spoil all of you with 11 very unique restaurants on Ratchaphruek road we choose just for you.

Because people tend to ask us that they can’t find any nice food joints near their home but the truth is nooooo! We’ll tell you right now that Ratchaphruek is the treasure trove of the best eateries with reasonable prices😋 What are those restaurants? Come and see!


Lion wagyu

Let us begin with a barbeque joint every meat lover must visit 🥩 This restaurant is very meticulous with the quality of their ingredients, especially their selected choices of meat for you ranging from Japanese Wagyu, Thai Wagyu, to various premium Australian beef. This restaurant actually has many menus for you, but the best set we selected for you is this!! 🤤

Premium Beef set
– 8 premium beef cuts in one set
– 1 salmon dish or sashimi
– 1 side dish (up to you)
– 1 vegetable basket
– Unlimited rice and miso soup!!

Location : Lion Wagyu Ratchaphruek, in Homepro Ratchaphruek

Open hours
> Tue-Fri 17.00 – 22.00
> Sat-Sun 11.00 – 22.00
* Closed on Monday

FB : Lion Wagyu
IG : lionwagyu

Line : @lionwagyu
Tel : 062-594-2468


Changwangimm The White Pagoda

This second restaurant is the legendary destination of roasted river prawn fanatics🦐, the famous Changwangimm!! Personally, we loved the aesthetic of the two-stories white wooden house and the taste of every menu here.

Also, we can see 180 degrees view of Ko Kret and Chao Praya river from here.
And this restaurant receive the Bib Gourmand award from Michelin Guide TWICE, and was featured on Thailand Select list!

More importantly, the roasted river prawn here is very cheapppp, as you only pay 567 Baht for 1 kg of river prawns, but the prawns are so biggg you would only get three of them, each one bigger than your arm!! Very good price!!

While the seafood here is delicious, their traditional Thai manus that was passed down many generations is also the star of this place! From ancient curry that you might never see anywhere else again, the fermented crabs with roes, to a southern curry dish, every ingredient is fresh and the curry paste is made directly for every dish!! All of them are delicious like you would never taste before! 🥰

If you’re looking for an authentic Thai food experience, you’ll never disappoint with this restaurant!

Tel : 085-525-9242
FB & IG : Changwangimm
Open hours : 11.00 – 23.00


Tanamkwan Riverview

Once more with a traditional Thai cuisine on the riverside, but this time you can soak in the view even more by eating on the ship🛳️

The view here is breathtaking as you can see Maha Chesadabodindranusorn Bridge lit up the night after watching the sunset on the river🤩. And the roasted river prawn here is cheap too, only 567 Baht per 1 giant prawn!!

Their other Thai menus are also tasty as guaranteed by the Thai Select list as well!! We promise you this place is worth visiting!

Tel : 062-562-8940
FB & IG : Tanamkwan
Open hours : 11.00 – 21.00



This traditional Thai cuisine restaurant is using their family’s recipe that had been passed down for more than 100 years. Every dish here has no MSG, but they are still packed full of all their flavors from crab omelet, fried shrimps with tamarind sauce, stir-fried crab meat in curry, to their roasted prawn with glass noodles.

You will feel the quality and their carefulness in every bite!!

Location : (https://bit.ly/3ndanT4)
Open hours : 11.00 – 20.30 (Closed on Wed)

Available menu : https://bit.ly/3FjwTQ6

Tel : 085-2581629 | 085-2581623
Line ID : rossiwalee
Lineman : https://bit.ly/3ng2MTO
Robinhood : https://bit.ly/3Hy7mF9


Sekai No Yamachan

Also known as the number 1 Izakaya shop from Nagoya🎉. Their fried chicken is one of the best we have ever tasted. Their decoration will make you feel like eating in Japan you can sate your yearning for traveling there just by dining here!!

This shop has more than 200 menus for you to choose from. If you missed going to Japan you can come here and eat to your heart content!!

Sekai No Yamachan has 5 branches

☎️ Ratchaphruek 099-164-9362
☎️ Sukhumvit39 065-096-6258
☎️ TANIYA 065-0966235
☎️ On Nut 092-907-6999
☎️ Ari 062-624-7995

FB & IG : @yamachanthailand
Line : @yamachanthailand (with @)
Delivery : Grab, Lineman, Robinhood, Foodpanda, Shopeefood, Truefood

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Another Izakaya restaurant that feels just like moving Japan here. The atmosphere here is very fun and chilling for everyone. 🤩

We can tell you right now that this shop is a good place to eat with others, whether your family, friends or significant ones! They actually have soo many menus to choose from, but here’s what we recommend for you!! 🤤

Teba Age (Chicken stir-fried in salt) 136.-
The salt used with chicken here is actually the secret recipe, so this is not the usual chicken you’ll ever taste!

Salmon Cheese Roll 396.-
The sushi on a hot plate will be drowned in stretchy cheese. Once you picked up a bite you can see the cheese streeeeeeeectch all the way up from the plate!!

Kushiyaki Set (roasted meat on the stick) 216.-
This set will give you all the beef, chicken, and pork roasted and dretch in their special sauces that you can’t stop eating!

Nabe Seafood (Hot Pot) 566.-
Hot pot with all the seafood inside, from giant prawns to fresh squid, big bite of fish, and various vegetables. Their soup is also flavorful and easy on your tongue.

FB : nomimonoizakaya
Line : @nomimonoizakaya
Delivery : Lineman, Robinhood, Grab, Foodpanda


Sapayum Ratchapruek

This Yum joint is something every Ratchapruek people must visit🔥! Every Yum will be tossed only when ordered, so you can trust in the freshness of your dish. The flavor is very good too, and the shop is only 1 km from BTS Bang Wa!

📞 061-450-6466
📱 Line ID : @sapayumratchapruek, or https://lin.ee/tWXe7cF

🛵 Delivery 💨
📍Lineman : https://wongn.ai/av28
📍Grab : https://bit.ly/3xeB7nY
📍Foodpanda : https://bit.ly/3A5fRTB
📍Robinhood : https://bit.ly/37g72JT


Copper Tummy

This family restaurant is another nice place to eat. There’re so many delicious dishes to choose from.

If you came to Ratchapruek and get hungry, this is one of the best choices for you.

Here’s the list of recommended dishes you must try! 😋

1. Grandma’s Yum with glass noodle (180.-)
2. Copper Tummy’s Som Tum – small set (160.)
3. Sea Bass stir-fried with salt and chili (420.-)
4. Fried pork neck in fish sauce (140.-)
5. Roasted beef neck (180.-)
6. Shrimp sour curry with sunflower sprouts omelet (140.-)


1. Grandma’s Yum with glass noodle
**Signature dish everyone who visits must order! Even the returned customer still has to order**
This dish is the glass noodles tossed with minced pork and Yum seasonings, topped with cashew nuts, peanuts, fried onions, and dried shrimps from southern Thailand! Every topping here is fresh and crispy!

2. Copper Tummy’s Som Tum
This dish will burn your tongue to hell with 30 crushed chilies!! Along with crunchy chopped papaya, cooked fermented fish sauce, toss with shrimps and squid straight from the boiling pot, then topped with fried pork skins for even more crunchiness!!

3. Sea Bass stir-fried with salt and chili
The fresh sea bass is sliced into think pieces, fried until crispy on the outside while the inside is still soft and naturally sweet. This dish is very aromatic from all the herbs being stir-fried on the hot wok.

4. Fried pork neck in fish sauce
The neck is so chewy, you simply must try it yourself!!

5. Roasted beef neck
The beef neck was soaked in the special herb seasonings, before being roasted until it was soft and tender. If you need more kick to your tongue, dip the meat in the toasted rice sauce and clean your palate with pickled vegetables the restaurant makes by themselves.

6. Shrimp sour curry with sunflower sprouts omelet
This sour curry is sour, slightly sweet, and its soup was thickened with herb mixtures unique to this place. This is one of the most ordered dishes on the whole menu, too!!

The other menu we didn’t mention here is also very delicious too! So don’t forget to visit this place with your family!

Location : https://maps.app.goo.gl/nccqzAYFGW1pSYmL7
Tel : 092-573-4411
Line : @coppertummy or https://lin.ee/U4HBuVX

Delivery *Free delivery within 5 km of the restaurant when ordering more than 300 Baht!

> Robinhood : Robinhood shop

> Grab : Grab shop

> Lineman : https://lin.ee/iJYHNNe

> Foodpanda : https://foodpanda.page.link/biAjv5XQ4vn2Hjfp8



This restaurant is one of the best stewed beef shops in Bangkok🍜, so if you love beef noodles, or Hong Kong noodles, this place is for you!

More importantly, this place also has more premium beef like stewed Kobe, Kobe hot pot, or roasted beef. This place can fulfill every carnivore’s desire💖 And the price is reasonable too, as you can even eat here for one hundred Baht and still got changes!

📍Ratchapruek Rd. On the road before Food Villa Ratchapruek

📍Salaya. Inside Preda Garden Home, opposite of Central Salaya


Come Escape Cafe

This cafe will give you the ‘little garden behind your home’ vibe with its chilling atmosphere and Signature desserts of many styles you can pick from. And the menu here is a tiny “One Bite” size, too!😋 So you don’t have to worry about eating too much, or you can even sample a bit of everything!

They also serve many drinks and foods here too. If you’re looking for a calm, beautiful place to sit down for a while, You can come here and check out their signature menu like this!!

💖One bite dessert
– coconut cake 65.-
– berry tart 75.-
– mayong-chit tart 125.-

– be happy today 145.-
– refreshicano 125.-

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/4NjZxQpeuJ6XZHVt8
Tel : 092 449 8890
Line@ : @comeescapecafe
Delivery : Lineman, Robinhood, Grab, Shopeefood


Number Five

Let’s end the list today with a fabulous Italian-Thai restaurant on Ratchapruek road.

The concept of this restaurant is also interesting too! As they build an eatery space that combined a cafe, lounge, and wine cellar together. The food here is the European luxury home cuisine style with premium imported ingredients.

Even Thai cuisine here is different, as they buy the ingredient directly from the locals, then cooked them in the unique style of Number Five restaurant so you’ll know for certain you’ll eat clean, fresh, and delicious food right here.

We also have a list of carefully selected menus for you as well!!

✨Recommended menu✨
– Spaghetti in white wine, garlic, and chili sauce with lobster. 1,790
– Australian T-Bone Steak with potato and roasted vegetables 990
– Angel hair spaghetti stir-fried with garlic, chili, and XL river prawn 890
– Homemade ravioli with truffle and spinach cream sauce 320

✨Thai menu✨
– Green Curry and Roti 250
– Roasted Thai beef with toasted rice chili sauce 390
– Shrimp Cake 200

Location : Next to Ratchapruek University (https://goo.gl/maps/yZNh2rk6iR95Pr217)
Tel : 02 432 6908