Ice cream fanatics, gather’ round ✋🏻

Did you know that there are soooo many new ice cream brands and flavors created everyday!? Even the old school vendors have to up their game and change their recipes to cater more to their customer’s wishes, but there are also many shops that stay true to their origin and keep their customer’s loyalty, too! So Lifesara has to go undercover to every shop out there and taste every flavor on sale, so we can get the name of the most delicious ice cream maker where only one serving is never enough! 🤤

So if anyone’s getting bored of the common ice cream in convenience stores, and looking for something different in both its image and flavor, we have already whittled the list down to 13 low sugar ice cream makers with soft sweetness, lasting impression, and more importantly, cool you down in this tropical country. If you start to feel hungry, let’s go through the list together!! Let’s go!!🍦



Let us begin with the Stickhouse, an Italian gelato vendor with branches all over the world!! And their success is thanks to their 100% organic ingredients and no chemical additives at all! So it’s clean and good for your health, too!!

They also use real fruits and low-fat lactose-free milk in their gelatos. Even more impressive is their Artisan Gelato, a customizable ice cream you can dip in chocolate, topped with various nuts, or any other special orders you can make to your heart’s content!

Even their production is different, with their ‘no air gelato’ process that gives gelato an intense flavor while its texture remains fluffy and light.

As for their signature flavor, you must try is Pistachio dip in chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, Thai tea jelly, and raspberry with mixed fruit sorbet. If you have a chance to try you must take it! Then you’ll know what heaven tastes like!! 🤣

FYI, there’re special flavors available during summer only, which are Plango in many shapes and forms for you to try only once per year!! So order now before you’ll have to wait until next year!


LINE : @stickhouse
FB : stickhouse thailand
IG : stickhouse_th
Tel : 02-658-7908 | 085-366-9789 | 081-450-5667



Here with our next shop for everyone with a funny, sassy side. This owner let loose his creativity when it comes to ice cream flavors. The result is ice cream with a special gimmick and stands out from every other ice cream shop out there. If you’re an ice cream fanatic, this place would be like an enrichment in your life. The special gimmick we talked about is how the maker keeps randomizing their creation until they find the flavor that is “Worth Lickin’ Every Bite”.

The recommended flavor here is the “Monster Queen”, which any cookie monster can’t stop eating! And before they discover this flavor, the owner had to go through trial and error for a very long time 😭

Another special flavor here is “Why So Cereal”, which will make you feel like eating Kellogs with a creamy milk ice cream mixed with honeyed cornflakes. Sooooo good.

“Nut Your Typical Jelly” is also here for PB&J lovers. With peanut butter ice cream that hid a layer of strawberry jam inside, just match this ice cream with some sort of bread and the iconic sandwich is right here before you! And we only just get through half of their flavors! Here is the entire list of 6 flavors.

– Really just chocolate, no bullsh*t
85% Swiss chocolate with a bit of Thai cocoa powder. This dark ice cream is intense with only a little sweetness at the end.

– Nut Your Typical Jelly
Homemade strawberry jam and Skippy peanut butter ice cream.

– Monster Queen
Blue dairy ice cream mixed with Oreos and chocolate chips cookies.

– Why So Cereal
Milk ice cream with a tint of honey just like drinking milk in the cereal bowl, mixed with some crunchy cornflakes.

– Banoffee A Day Keep Your Sorrow Away
Banana ice cream with salted caramel sauce, mixed with crispy butter crumble.

– I’m Greek Goddess, Honey
Yogurt ice cream with honey. A refreshing treat for a slow afternoon with its sweet honey and sour yogurt combo.

All of the six flavors are different yet very satisfying in their own way 😭 But the journey doesn’t end here because they also introduce new flavors every month!!


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-Delivery : Robinhood-Grab (Srinagarindra and Bangna) *Free delivery every Saturday for every order with 500 Baht or more.


Kacies Gelato

Next on our list, Kacies Gelato comes with low-sugar ice creams for everyone, whether you’re a dairy fan, a vegan (rice milk-based), or a keto eater (Low GI sugar). Thanks to their concept of “Brings People Together”, everyone you loved can eat gelato together without discrimination!

Another charm that is unique to Kacies is how their ice cream is inspired by the mood and feel of the famous movies!! That’s right! You can see their flavors such as Twilight, Batman, Godfather, etc. Because the owner wants everyone to be able to remember the good time in their memories just from their packaging and set the mood even further with the flavors within that’ll bring you back to the time when you sit down and watch a movie with your loved one. Every laugh, every tear, all of the joys. Personally, we loved this idea very much because just from the lid we can see immediately what movie they come from 🧛🦇

We need to tell you first that this shop only has chocolate flavors, but don’t worry about being bored because they mix white choc and dark choc together with their creativity and build up from there into 9 flavors!!

Even their base ingredient like dark chocolate and white chocolate is imported from Belgium and France! And their gelato machine comes from Italy, too! They put a lot of effort into their gelato so the flavor and texture will be as authentic as its ancestor as possible!!

Perhaps the most iconic and delicious flavor we would vouch for is “The Godfather – Extra Dark choc” because the chocolate you can feel here is so intense! It’s almost like eating the actual Belgium chocolate bar, and not being too sweet or bitter, too!! Chocolate connoisseurs must try 🍨

Let’s take a look at all the flavors

  1. The God Father – Extra Dark Choc
    The true dark chocolate experience from French cocoa powder and Belgium chocolate. A chewy, intense treat for a chocolate connoisseur.
  2. Before Sunrise – Mild Dark with Hazelnut

Same base as “Extra Dark” but is somewhat milder for a casual enjoyer. Also included are hazelnuts toasted with caramel to add complexity to the taste.

  1. Whiplash – Mocha Latte Choc Fudge

Caffeine fix for the coffee drinker. This ice cream is a mixture of cocoa powder with toasted Arabica coffee powder.

  1. 50 First Dates – White Choc Macadamia

White chocolate with macadamia. A soft taste for relaxation.

  1. Winnie – White Choc Honey Toffee

White chocolate gelato with honey toffee. The taste of many people’s childhood✨

  1. Lost In Translation – White Choc Green Tea Almond

This gelato is how east meets west, by combining European white chocolate and Japanese matcha powder. If you like green tea, you’ll go through the entire pint before you realised it!

  1. Dark Knight – Vegan Dark Choc Jello Peanut Butter

If you’re vegan, heads up! This is gelato for you! The imported chocolate is mixed with peanut butter and instead of sugar, the fruit jellies are added to give this treat some sweetness and a very interesting texture!

  1. Twilight – Vegan Dark Choc Cookie Dough

Another vegan choice with intense cocoa and vegan cookies for a bit of crunchy.

  1. Indiana Jones – Thai Tea Cocoa

Keto eater, health nuts, or anyone who stays away from sugar, come meet your new friend! This intense Thai tea and cocoa with low GI sugar will keep you energized through the day without compromising your lifestyle!

If you still can’t make up your mind yet, not only is this kind of gelato is rare, but they also have a delivery service, too! Quit stalling and order now 🤤

1 cup – 85฿
6 cups – 500฿ (from 510฿)
12 cups – 1,000฿ (from 1,020฿)
24 cups – 2,000฿ (from 2,040฿)


IG / FB / Line OA
Delivery : Grab – Inter Express refrigerated truck (delivery fee calculated from the real distance)

*This shop currently sells online only, but they going on events from time to time, so make sure to check their FB and IG😋


RUBEN Ice cream

Our 4th stop is Ruben’s Icecream, a homemade ice cream currently trending right now! Their recipe is all about health, from low sugar to fresh, organic ingredients. Even more impressive is that there’s no flour and egg. Ever!!

Personally, we have tried Uji Matcha, and apparently, our teammates who are also matcha fans finally know what euphoria feels like. Because this shop’s matcha is really intense! And being low on sugar also keeps it from feeling greasy. There’s no word to really explained how good it actually feels 🤤

The other flavors are just as good, too! They actually have 23 flavors, but we would like to recommend these Top 5 Sellers!

  1. Ferrero (390.-)
  2. Horlicks (300.-)
  3. Uji Matcha (390.-)
  4. Mint Choc Chunk(359.-)
  5. Lemon Pie (359.-)

They also planning to introduce 3 more flavors soon, but what will they be, you just have to keep an eye on their social network yourselves. But we’re totally not going to miss out


Line : @rubenicecream
Line MyShop

Shops in Thonburi, Srinagarindra, Chaeng Watthana, Chit Lom

✨ For Bangkok order: If buy more than 4 pints, free refrigerated truck delivery, or 150 Baht delivery fee discount.

✨ For out of Bangkok orders: If buy more than 8 pints, free refrigerated truck delivery | If buy 4 pints, the delivery fee is 150 Baht (250 Baht for less than 4 pints order)


Giddy Ice Cream House

Next up is Giddy Ice Cream House, with a rare ice cream style we really loved! Because the cream is so smooth but still chewy and keeps the strong flavor! And even better is all the toppings they add into the ice cream to give interesting textures for every flavor 🤤

Even more impressive is that all of their recipes are invented from the maker’s experience of tasting ice cream from countless shops all over Europe!!! After so much trial and error, the wonderful flavors we see today are finally created from many premium ingredients that came together and become a euphoric sensation from the tip of your tongue straight to your heart!!

The unique trait of this shop is the strong flavors and the aroma you can feel in every lick, which make the ice cream in your mouth tasted even better! Such as their ”Aromatic Coffee” flavor, where you can smell the roasted coffee beans of high quality while also chewing on smooth and sticky ice cream. Just imagine!

One of the signature flavors we loved the most is “Osmanthus Honey Cookies” with the unique Chinese tea, mixed with honey and homemade butter cookies with a wonderful osmanthus scent that will fool your senses like you’re walking in the secret garden✨🌹

Another flavor that is just as good is “Mont Blanc à Paris” ✨, which is inspired by the French sweets ‘Mont Blanc’. This is a deluxe chestnut ice cream with tart pie and chocolate crisp pearls in a jar. This delicious and cute product is a bestseller with limited stock, so if you miss it, try again next week!!


FB : Giddy Ice Cream House
IG : Giddy Ice Cream
Line Official : @giddyicecreamhouse (with @)


HEBE Plant Bar

Our 6th spot is for all the vegans with HEBE. Named after the goddess of youth, this vegan ice cream maker is aimed at everyone who cares about their own health. This plant-based shop is the only one in Thailand that won an award for two years straight from Best Plant-based Dessert 2020, and Best Plant-based Ice Cream 2021. So obviously their taste and quality are certainly good!

If you’re worried about fat and sugar, keep this name on your list because not only do HEBE emphasize the taste, but also dedicated in their searching for the best organic ingredients and produce through natural means so their ice cream can satisfy their customer the best they could without chipping away at their health!!

And we’ll vouch for them too✨ Because HEBE’s ice cream isn’t only smooth and creamy, but also being the only place in Thailand you can find 5 plant-based kinds of milk on their menu!! (Rice, oat, almond, pistachio, and coconut). This is why HEBE’s ice cream will be wildly different than every other common ice cream we’ve ever seen ✨

Thanks to their knowledge of which ingredient goes well with which milk, every flavor they made is so milky and smooth most people didn’t realize they were eating vegan ice cream, and thought it was the common dairy! And every topping you’ll find here is low sugar so you can get your crunchiness with a side dish of good health!!

Even better is that every flavor here is full of nutrients thanks to lots of superfoods mixed in the ice cream, like cacao nibs, acai, spirulina, flaxseed, and many others. So this is the sweet that keeps you away from diabetes! How cool is that 🥰


LINE : @hebe.plantbar
Delivery : Grab Food, Lineman, Foodpanda, Robinhood


Scooping Edition

Next is our 7th shop: Scooping edition. If you like the thick texture, slow-melting, bursting fillings, and intense flavor in your ice cream, this ice cream maker is totally for you 🤤 This ice cream maker uses only high-quality ingredients to create tasty and brightly colorful ice cream that can rival its own packaging ✨ But even with such intense flavor from the ingredients, their sweetness is only there just enough to feel it.

Most of the flavors here are various fruits that will bring freshness into your life 🍓🍒, while their dairy flavors will be sold during special events or festivals, so every taste can bring you back to the good old day with memories of warmth, peace, and relaxing.

The flavors of these ice creams will be worth thousands, but the actual price is less than one hundred Baht, so pick and choose to your heart’s content!

69฿ collections:
– Yakult Pepo
– Matcha Kitkat
– Banana Cheese
– Beer Rosé
– Rocky Road
– Strawberry Cheese Pie

79฿ collections:
– Horlicks

89฿ collections:
– Horlicks Granola

But if you want to get a whole bucket of ice cream for yourself, there are also 16 ounces versions, too! Right now there are two flavors in this size; Horlicks (299฿) and Horlicks granola (339฿). Or if you want to try a lot of flavors at once, you can get a box set with 4 flavors as well (an additional 100฿ for the box).


IG : scooping.edition
FB: Scooping Edition
Line : @scooping.edition

-Grab : scooping edition (Pracha Chuen OR Borommaratchachonnani)
-Line man : scooping edition (Pracha Chuen)
-Robinhood : scooping edition (Pracha Chuen)


Unmelted Needs

Unmelted Needs on our 8th spot sells an adorable, artistic, minimal-style gelato. Their packaging is very cute and designed from the owner’s memories of many places around the world they have been to. Those faraway places also are where their ingredients come from so they can make a gelato so delicious you can never stop with just one scoop!

Their flavors are also called after all those places they have been to, so with every lick, you’ll also get a taste of that destination, too, just like the following:

– Bondi Beach – Sea Salt Macadamia
World-famous beach in Sydney every visitor must see at least once.

– Glamping in the Grampians – Campfire Chocolate Brownie Marshmallow
This flavor will put you next to a camping bonfire, with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and a toasted marshmallow in the other🤤

– Surfers Paradise – Lemon Lime Bitter
Top hit mocktail every Gold Coast tourist must try.

– Yarra Valley – Cherry Cheesecake Crumble
A gelato worthy of Victoria, Australia’s region famous for cherry orchard.

– Fitzroy – Flat White
This coffee gelato will take you through the famous cafe street in Melbourne.

– Santa Barbara – Pistachio
From the world-famous source of pistachio.

, and their latest and most popular flavor right now:
– Wizard World – Butterbeer
Every Potterhead’s Achilles heel. This signature taste is enough to portkeyed you straight to Hogsmeade.

– Wonderland – Cotton Candy Berry Yogurt
A fancy flavor straight from the circus fair, with popping candies inside to keep every lick fun!

– Hollywood – Black Vanilla Popcorn
A wonderful gelato to save your movie night when you forgot the actual popcorn.

– Kyoto – Uji Matcha Nama
A taste of Japanese green tea so strong you can see color with your tongue. Every matcha lover’s ambrosia.

– Kochi- Yuzu Blanc Manger
Named after the city of Japan’s biggest Yuzu orange production, this sour gelato from the actual Yuzu has a lot of health benefits, including stimulating the taste bud and helping you feel refreshed.

– De Paris – Raspberry Rose
A sweet and sour gelato with the charming scent of red rose will make you feel like sitting in a romantic fine dining restaurant in Paris✨


-Line Official
*Bangkok delivery via GrabExpress, Nationwide delivery via IEL
** Self pick-up at On Nut 39 alley.

✅ Robinhood (10% discount) :
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🛍*** Promotion for delivery ***
Free delivery within 5 km. when ordering more than 4 cups or 30 Baht
Free delivery within 10 km. when ordering more than 6 cups or 60 Baht
Free delivery within 20 km. when ordering more than 12 cups or 100 Baht
*From On Nut 39 alley

📌If you want to buy it yourselves, they’ll be going to these events soon. Don’t miss out!!!
– 25 – 27 March 2022: Out of Box Market @ Velaa Lang Suan
– 31 – 6 April 2022. What The Feb Market @ ICON Siam, Charoen Nakhon Hall, Floor M


Massimo Gelato

Our 9th shop, Massimo Gelato, has a delicious gelato with a different texture than many others.

The gelato fanatic duo who own this shop begins their journey with countless tastings from so many shops until they flew to Italy to learn how to make gelato from the professionals themselves! Eventually, they successfully create the delectable flavors of their dream, and that was the beginning of Massimo Gelato – Contemporary artisan gelato!!

We really need to mention that this shop will give you soooo many toppings!! If you have ever been to Milan and missed the old day, Massimo Gelato will remind you with their gelato that combines Asian ingredients and Milanese technique into a treat with a taste of Milan. By the way, every cup of gelato here is made in batches every week! With 100% organic ingredients carefully chosen, there’ll be no chemical additives at all! So you can relax and enjoy all of this soft texture and intense flavor in every lick because every experience you got from this gelato is 100% natural✨

Every week there’ll be both Signature and Special flavors for you to choose from, coming in Piccolo (4 oz.) and Grande (16 oz.) size. However, the shop would like to tell you that for an even better experience, you should preorder instead, so a custom batch can be made to your taste down to even the tiniest detail! You can place your order during the week and follow up on their Weekly Flavors on IG 🤤


-All-in-one Link | FB | Robinhood
-IG : @massimo.gelato_bkk
-Line@ : @massimo.gelato


Nice Cross Gelato

Milk lover, of both bovine and plant, everyone will love Nice Cross Gelato. Their ice cream will serenade you with its mellow, low sugar cream mixed with many crispy toppings and explode into a wonderful experience in your mouth! It really just that delicious ✨🤤

The word ‘Cross’ in their name comes from the idea of collaboration between gelato and memories, or moments so that every lick of this ice cream will bring you back to the good times from before. This is also how their Logo becomes a finger crossed, too✨

There are 7 flavors here so you can choose a gelato for every day. 3 of them are dairy-based, while the other 4 are made from plant substitutes such as soybean and oat. This is a solution for every gelato lover with lactose intolerance because plant-based gelato is still hard to find in Thailand, and even harder to find the delicious one! Even with their current limited selections, Nice Cross Gelato still never stop developing new flavor from plant-based milk that can rival dairy flavor in taste. So remember to check out this place from time to time, plant-milk fans 🥰

If you’re looking for a gift, there’re also various box sets for many festivals such as Christmas or Valentine, too. The packaging is so fancy every receiver is sure to be impressed!! They also offer a catering service for many events like weddings or shopping fairs, as well, which in that case, you can customize the lid of the cup as much as you like!! So whatever you’ll need a gelato for, you can’t miss this shop 🥰


LINE : @nicecross
FB : Nice Cross Gelato
Robinhood : Nice Cross Gelato



The 11th name on our list is Floaters ice cream, with its soft sweetness and a massive amount of toppings that’ll make you wonder if the maker might feel angry somehow 🤣 This shop is the result of a high school gang with a passion for ice cream that grows up to fulfill their dream of making high-quality homemade ice cream for an affordable price. And in present, their dream has become true with every flavor you can buy for less than a hundred.

More importantly, is that every ice cream here has no chemical additives at all, but they use the natural ingredients to pull out the charm of the flavor and enhance it with various toppings that’ll be mixed in. They have 12 flavors divided into 3 series:

1. Original Flavors : Their earliest creations, easy to choose

2. Everyday Flavors : Inspired by many activities in daily life, so you can match the flavors with a time of the day.

3. Travel Flavors : Inspired by various places the owner has been to and use ingredients that represent those destinations in both their atmosphere and yumminess 🤤

This is one of the ice cream shops you can’t miss out on!!


Online delivery through:
-Robinhood, Grab food, Lineman, Shopee food and Line official
*All-in-one link right here.

Storefront sale through Afteryou Marketplace:
*Only 3 flavors available:
-ALL DAY LONG ( signature dark chocolate)
-MOVIE TIME (cheese caramel popcorn)
-VENEZIA ITALIA (classic tiramisu)

FB : floatersicecream
IG : floatersicecream
LINE : @floatersicecream
Tel : 0850859921


Memo Ice Cream

Our next stop is ‘Memo’, a homemade gelato maker with premium ingredients and traditional Italian recipes.

‘Memo’ comes from the word ‘Memory’ which is the inspiration that leads to the beginning of this brand. Because the owner wants to create a gelato that will be a bridge between the past and the present, the ‘memory of happiness’ that will remind everyone of their happy moment in childhood and feeling happy with every lick of this gelato🤤

Memo’s specialty is the premium ingredients used in their homemade ice cream, such as premium chocolate, brown sugar, Himalayan salt, etc. All of those elements will be combined together through a special technique to create dense ice cream. Also, they never add any chemical additives, ever, and all their gelato will stay in the cool temperature from production to delivery.

Another specialty of Memo is its unique flavors, unlike many others. From their carefully selected ingredients to attentive manufacturing, their homemade Italian gelato is delicious and chewy. There are currently 10 flavors you can choose from.

  1. Honey Toast (Signature*)
  2. Nacho cheese
  3. Cheese lover
  4. Choco stick
  5. Original stick choco
  6. Corn choc
  7. Cookie charcoal
  8. Salt caramel
  9. Pistachio milk
  10. Chocolate lover

We’re telling you now that you’ll miss out a lot if you never try! Not only their gelato is very yummy, but their packaging is also very cute, and their toppings are numerous and packed full in every serving ✨🤤

📌 Here’s the secret; We have a special promotion for you! Because Memo has just opened back on 23rd December 2021, there’s a discount of 109 Baht a cup!
499 Baht for 5 cups
999 Baht for 10 cups


Branch : Ratchaprarop/ Kanlapaphruek
FB : Memo.icecream
IG : Memo.icecream
Tel : 087-445-5644 / 084-680-9591
Line Officials : @Memo.icecream

-Grab : Memo Ice-cream
-Line Man
> MEMO ICECREAM Ratchaprarop
> Godiator at PTT Chatuchak
> Godiator at Esso Wanghin
-Robinhood : MEMO


The Sweet Chaos

Let us conclude our list with The sweet chaos, with its concept of “Treats yourself Every day & Every night!” with their two series of premium homemade gelato that is good for your health and good for your heart. Just their concept and business idea are already winning out heart 🤣✨✨

Each series is a whole set of flavors for every day of the week. For example, Everyday Ice Cream – A Smoothie Gelato Series comes with fruits and vegetable flavors to save the day of all veggies haters! With 7 flavors for 7 days, you can have gelato and nutrients for your health every day! And every ingredient is carefully chosen from organic sources, has no chemical additives, and is always good for your health! It’s time to take better care of yourself, veggies hater because every vegetable flavor has been carefully designed to have very little green taste and smell, very friendly to anyone who can’t stand all those chlorophyll!

Meanwhile, our second series is Every Night Ice Cream – A Cocktail Gelato Series. These 7 gelatos for 7 nights a week are inspired by various cocktails, and they will help you feel relaxed and ready to have fun! Each flavor comes with its own special character any liquor enthusiasts simply can’t miss!

Every Day’s Flavors Recommendation:

  1. Popeye Power!

Spinach gelato with a twist. Once you dig through this deep green ice cream you’ll be ambushed with ‘double cheese’ layers; Cheddar cheese for salty and fatty flavors and roughly shredded Gouda to add complexity to the flavor’s romance that is this gelato.

  1. Blancmange

Organic tofu pudding gelato. A fluffy consistency with faint sweetness from Kokuto black sugar from Okinawa, just enough to lift off the yumminess sky-high thanks to toasted Kinako nuts from Hokkaido.

  1. Fluffy Clouds

Cauliflower and Hokkaido milk gelato. The cauliflower was blended into a soft puree and mixed with Hokkaido milk that gives the milky scent and creamy flavor. This gelato is topped with butter crumble so every bite has a bit of crispiness to it.

Every Night’s Flavors Recommendation:

  1. The Godfather (Best Seller)

Italian dark chocolate gelato with Amarena cherry sauce and brandy. If you ever wonder what is the taste of Italian nightlife, this combo of Italian prized elements is the closest thing next to flying to Italy yourself.

  1. Umeshu

A soft texture sorbet made of traditional Japanese plum liqueur from Wakayama city, blending with sweet and sour apricot from France. This sorbet will keep you refreshed through the night.

  1. Lemon Gin

When Lemon and Dry Gin come together, they become a fantastic duo of scent and flavor. Especially when they add lemon zest to it, the refreshing aroma is even stronger! Even the owner tells us that this is the best sorbet to light you up every night!!

Every gelato lover will feel like this is paradise because there are 7 flavors for 7 days of the week! And every scoop is packed full of velvety flesh, quality ingredients, and affordable price, even the packaging is enticing!! If you love gelato you must try this!!!


FB : The Sweet Chaos
IG : the_sweet_chaos
Line : @thesweetchaos
Tel : 096-915-6429, 061-592-6544

🛍The Sweet Chaos distributors
>Tomazzo Cafe & Cuisine
Soi Ngamwongwan 47, parking at The Riche Boutique Hotel
Everyday: 07:30 – 00:00

>Doc Club & Pub.
Fl.2, Wolf Pack Sala Daeng Soi 1
Everyday: 11.00 – 23.00