Nowadays when we speak of Korea, the first image in many Thai’s minds is food. Korean food, along with many other aspects of their culture has blended naturally into Thai lifestyles. Whenever Korean series show their food on the screen, bathing them under dim lights makes them even more alluring, and next thing you know, the craving for Korean food has stuck in your head for days.

But your craving has come to an end! Because we Lifesara has vetted through the bunch of Korean eateries in Bangkok and ended up with top 8 restaurants that are not only very delicious but also giving you such an authentic experience that’ll make you feel like you just get off the flight in Korea!!

P.s. Don’t worry about an authentic experience, because every restaurant here have put lots of efforts into creating true Korean atmosphere😁



Let us begin with a Minimal-style restaurant with Italian-Korean fusion cuisine. Their menu may not seem familiar to you but the taste is more than made up for it ✨

And their best set here is Hansang, where you can mix and match the dishes inside to your heart’s content!! Everything! Just for you!! So precious 😭
And while the entire set may seem overwhelming, its price is very friendly. You can bring a few friends over to share this set too! 🤤

✨Our recommended dish here is Fajitas, which is a Mexican-fusion, all-in-one hot pot with the following:

  1. spicy shrimp in Korean sauce
  2. stir-fried pork
  3. stir-fried chicken
  4. beef steak

💡All of them serving along with tortillas and chili ball dipping sauce. If you still feel like something’s missing, you can add in guacamole, tomato salsa, coleslaw, or if you don’t want beef, you can switch it out with pork shoulder steak as well!

📍Location : Centralworld Fl. 7, Atrium zone
Tel : 0990068079
IG : seogaandcook
Line ID : @seogaandcook


Myeongdong 명동

Next is an a la carte Korean barbeque restaurant called Myeongdong, that’ll make you feel like walking into little Korea in the middle of Bang Sue!
You even say that when thinking of barbeque, think of Myeongdong! Because they have more than 100 menus for you! 🤤

Also right now Myeongdong has two branches for two styles; All-you-can-eat buffet with unlimited cheese and drinks at Sam Yan, or a la carte style in Bang Sue, where the menus are plenty, a cool atmosphere, and reasonable prices!!

By the way, we gotta tell you that Myeongdong Bang Sue is very photogenic!! As they decorated the place with clear tents and neon lights, you can take a photo anywhere and it’ll come out like you’re living in a Korean series✨ There are many dishes here but the best menu here is pork belly and shoulder set, or Wagyu set if you’re a beef addict!✨

FB : Myeongdong.bkk
Line OA : @Myeongdong
IG : myeongdong.bkk

1. Soi Chulalongkorn 20 (next to CU Centenary Park)
Style : Buffet 339.- Unlimited cheese and drinks, eating time 1.30 hour
📍Location :
⏳Opening Hours : 14.00-23.00
📞Tel : 065-475-3799

2. Bang Sue)
Style : a la carte
📍Location :
⏳Opening Hours : 12.00-22.00
📞Tel : 080-831-5779



The third restaurant on our list! This place has been operated by a Korean owner inside Korean Town for more than 10 years, so you can believe this place has an authentic Korean taste!! All the menus here are based on Gwangju cuisine, which is well-known among Koreans that this is the city of the famous traditional Korean cuisine ✨ ✨

So we don’t have to fly to Korea to taste the actual Korean food! Just come to Hangang! There’re many choices for you to choose from, but our recommended dish is the roasted pork belly that is crispy on the outside, but still soft within. Or you can taste crispy roasted intestines with many flavours to choose from, or even their famous Jjimdak (chicken stew with black sauce).

📍Location : Korean Town, Sukhumvit12
⏳ Opening Hours : 11a.m.- 6a.m. (During Covid-19 : 11a.m.-12p.m.)
FB : ฮันกาง HanGang
Tel : 02-254-0115
Tel (reservation) : 081-859-9173 | 089-925-3282
Delivery : Lineman, Grabfood, Robinhood, Foodpanda
(Accept orders from 11a.m.-10p.m.)


Tiga Pizza

A Korean pizzeria 🍕 that can make any Korean foodie salivate just from sight~ 🤤 The pizzas here can’t be found anywhere else, as they’re the expert at blending Korean and Italian cuisines into one!
This pizzeria will open your eyes to the world of pizza like never before, since every single topping here is the unique mix & match of various Korean menus and Italian pizza together, yet they’re so delicious in a way you would’ve never expected! ✨

From spicy chicken Bulduk that’s as hot as it should be, Korean eel with Yuja orange, where the eel is soft with a slightly citrus scent, or even the innovative carbonara tteokbokki, with chewy rice cake in an aromatic creamy sauce.

But the best topping we’re falling in love with is Korean pork barbeque topping!! With its Korean red sauce with a strong barbeque scent that’ll tickle your Korean addiction, full of bite-size porks drowning in stretchy cheese. Ahhh, so nice. 🤤

Another signature of this pizzeria is their thin crust pizza that’ll give you a sound effect with every bite, and every ingredient they choose is as healthy as it could be, too! Overall this place is the beeeeeeest of Korean pizzeria. For real!✨

🍕Recommended menus you can’t miss out on!!
– Korean pork barbeque pizza
– Spicy chicken Bulduk pizza
– Carbonara tteokbokki
– Caesar Salad

Btw, Tiga Pizza has just launched a new menu, ‘Jeju Do’! No need to fly to Korea for this dish anymore!! Don’tmiss out on this!!


📍6 Tiga Pizza branches
– Rangsit canal 3 (Caltex) | Tel. 064-6540519 064-6540519
– Thanon Chalermprakiat Rama 9 | Tel. 097-0602606 097-0602606
– Naplab Chula Soi.6 | Tel. 092-2810890 092-2810890
– Wang Hin, Lat Phrao | Tel. 092-2810869 092-2810869
– Charansanitwong 13 | Tel. 092-2810885 092-2810885
– PTT. Bang Bua Thong | Tel. 095-4546658

Online delivery can be order through following platforms
Cloud Kitchen
– Shopee Food >> Search “Tiga Pizza”

FB : TigaPizza
Twitter : TigaPizza
IG : TigaPizza.official
LINE OA : @tigapizza


Overcooked Korean BBQ & Beef buffet

Our fifth restaurant today is Overcooked Korean BBQ & Beef buffet on Pattanakarn Road. This place has all the beef and pork dishes, along with 12 kinds of side dishes and many other Korean menus you can eat to your heart’s content!! All of them are guaranteed to give you authentic Korean taste!!

Also, the atmosphere is very good for chilling around, and the staff here are very friendly. You can choose whether you want the real charcoal grills in open-air seating or no smoke grills in the air-con zone. BUT, it’ll be best for you to reserve your table before you go because this restaurant is packed everyday! They’re just that good✨


⏳Opening Hours
Mon – Fri : 15.30 – 22.00
Sat – Sun : 12.00 – 22.00

FB : Overcooked KBBQ buffet
Tel : 02-070-2889 | 084-290-5956
ID Line : @overcooked


Cheese Owl

Next up is a Korean hot pot buffet in the heart of Siam, along with unlimited pickled shrimp, pickled salmon, fresh oyster, cheese with truffle, Wagyu beef, and their secret recipe Tteokguk soup. The price begins with 299++

You won’t seeing any better buffet deal than this!! We’re telling you right now, this is one of the most worthwhile buffets we’ve ever visited because they can satisfy every one of your Korean cravings! Start from their soup for your hot pot, as you can mix & match your own sauces from up to 8 kinds of soup!!

The choice of sauces you can choose to mix into your own soup range from carbonara, black soup, to bibimbab and gangnam. Personally, we love carbonara the most. Its creaminess is so heavenly and delicious!!

Overall this is a one-stop service for Korean food fanatics, with their unlimited hot pot, pickled shrimp, pickled salmon, Wagyu beef, pork belly, and cheese. We promise you won’t disappoint. And this place is right in the middle of Siam too! So easy to come!


Tel : 02 255 9994



Next stop is still in Siam, as we come to another Korean buffet. This barbeque restaurant also has an unlimited buffet of pickled shrimp, pork belly with cheese, truffle, grilled intestines along with many other Korean dishes! All of them for only 299++!!

So if you’re craving Korean BBQ this place is for you! Because this is one of the most delicious, best atmospheres, and worthiest of its price in the whole Bangkok!!

Not only their grilling ingredients are top quality but their other appetizers such as pickled shrimp, fresh oysters, kimchi soup, jajangmyeon, or even fried chickens are all delicious too! That’s why we are calling this place the best because every menu is high quality, the restaurant is easy to travel to, and its prices are wholly reasonable!

If you’re looking for Korean barbecue in the city, this restaurant is the best place you could ever find in Bangkok.


Tel : 02 010 9522



Our last stop here is a Korean tent bar next to Phaya Thai BTS station that Korean fans must visit because this is the best Korean bar in Bangkok!

The best thing about this place is that not only is the atmosphere here very Korean, but the food here is also cheap and delicious! Every menu here is full of Korean flavors whether it’s their pickled shrimp, jajangmyeon, ramyeon, Korean fried chicken, tteokbokki with cheese, jjampong soup, or fried pork, to meat Yukhoe! All of them are really delicious in the way only traditional Korean cuisine can be!!

Just look at their chicken! Tossed in the thick Korean sauce, only made for each order, so you can get the fresh fried chicken for only 120 Baht!! Their jajangmyeon is 150 Baht, and their sauce tastes just like eating in Korea! Any Korean soup you could’ve thought of is all here, so you can’t miss out!!

Overall, if you’re looking for a cool Korean restaurant with good food, good price, and a good atmosphere, Somaek is a place for you!! This place opens at 5 pm, but you should come from 4.00 – 4.30 pm because the queue here can be very looooong. But the experience here is really worth it! Or you can reserve your table through Line too, just follow the link below!!


Reserve your table here.