Thailand is a country of sauces, adding to every cuisine and meal that Thais love so much, such as chili sauce, ketchup, chili-fish sauce, chili paste sauce, seafood sauce, soy sauce, and spicy tamarind sauce. These sauces will extremely enhance the flavor of every meal as we, Lifesara, are going to present to you today.

We believe that many of you like to eat shabu a lot because there are various ingredients to put in the pot, such as pork belly, pork patty, seaweed pork ball, and many more. And the thing that we can’t miss is the sauce that enhances and lifts the umami taste of the food even more! Lifesara has collected 6 delectable suki sauce brands that you shouldn’t miss. Let’s take a look at what those are.

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Neo Suki

Let’s start with the legendary suki sauce from Neo Suki which has been open for 20 years. I bet you all know them well. Its prominent point is a homemade sauce using fresh ingredients and affordable prices. It sounds like your mom made them for you.

The restaurant retails its sauces, selecting quality with a fine process and stores them in a temperature-controlled room for freshness. The sauce’s flavor is soft, mild, and flavorful, as guaranteed by the “Shellshuanshim” logo, which ensures customers will like it and buy it again.

If you want to try, you can visit the restaurant at your convenience. If not, there is a delivery service you can enjoy at home as well !

Contact Information :
Tel : 02-285-4988 ext. 29-32
FB : Neo Suki
IG : neosuki_official
Web : Map and contact for each branch, Click here!
Line official : @neosuki



Bysri light sauce is another suki sauce option for healthy eaters, with 75% less sodium, sugar substituted with stevia and apple cider, no MSG, meats, or garlic, and still keep the same intensity of flavor. It’s also affordable for export quality.

If you’re looking for a tasty and healthy suki sauce with an original feel, here’s what you’re looking for. If you don’t like the light recipe, there is also an original recipe for you to select.

Contact Information
Tel : 063-3231572
Line : bysri_co
Line Official : @bysri
Tiktok : bysrilight
IG : bysriandco | bysrilight
FB : บายศรี – BYSRI | บายศรี น้ำจิ้มเพื่อสุขภาพ ลดเกลือ ลดน้ำตาล
YouTube : bysri
Email :
Google map : 61 Khaerai, Bang Nam Chuet, Krathum Baen, Samut Sakhon 74110
Website : R.S. Foods Tech


Bifrosto by A Matter

This is not a huge brand, even though the concept of this brand is really catching into the eyes because it is for healthy eaters, even for those on the keto diet, with no sugar, no MSG, and no preservation.

There are recipes for Thai style, with sour, sweet, less salt, and not too spicy, and Chaozhou style, with sesame, spicy, sour, and sweet aftertastes, for those who prefer the intense taste. ItThis is another interesting brand you should try.

Contact Information
Link : bifrosto
FB : กินรู้อยู่ยาว คีโตคาเฟ่ ถนนราชพฤกษ์
Tel : 064 151 9636
Line Official : @bifrosto (Buy it here or at Keto Cafe 2 branches, Gin Ru Yu Yao)



A Suki yaki sauce brand that is not only tasty but also cares about our health, so you should have it at home. Because it is healthy as its name and also keeps the intensity of the taste very well.

Its concept is to start with taste and end with health. If anyone has a chance, you would agree with that because the taste can be equal to many famous brands, but with 35% less sodium and 60% less sugar.

Another interesting point is there are no MSG and preservation in all products that are good for your health. If you’re looking for a decent suki sauce, you shouldn’t miss this one.

Contact Information
Link : Saijai Thailand
FB : saijai ใส่ใจ เครื่องปรุงและอาหารสุขภาพ
IG : saijaithailand
TikTok : saijaithailand
Line: @saijai
Tel : 065 562 6564
Shopee : SaiJai ใส่ใจ เครื่องปรุงและอาหารสุขภาพ
Lazada : Saijaithailand



Next, another brand with no artificial scent and preservation added, Sunsauce. The interesting one is that there are 9 recipes, intense, bird’s eye chili, less spicy, vegan, white sesame, fermented bean curd, devil chili, mala, and ponzu.

For example, in the white sesame one, more white sesame is added than the regular amount to bring out the aroma of sesame. It suits people who like the intense taste because it is pretty sour and has fresh chili inside. For the Bird’s eye chili, is the most popular one because of its spiciness and original taste.

Since it is homemade and guaranteed by international standards, you can enjoy it without adding anything. There are various sizes for all purposes, from small packages for home use up to kilos sold for retail!

Contact Information
Tel : 065-426-4566
Line OA : @sunsauce
E-mail :
Website :


Khunlaong Sauce

Wrapped this up with homemade suki sauce from Buriram. They select good quality ingredients, follow a meticulous process, and keep adjusting the recipe until they’ve got the outstanding one. There are 2 recipes, one original and one with less sugar for those who are on a diet or keto diet. More importantly, it can be kept at room temperature for 5 months and in the freezer for a year!

Contact Information
FB : น้ำจิ้ม คุณละออง
Line | Tel : 081 660 7515
Shopee : คุณละออง