One of the things we think about on a hot day is ice cream, and with 2023 comes many new ice cream shops and flavors for those looking for uniqueness. Today, Lifesara would like to take you on a delicious journey, filled with unusual flavors and styles of ice cream!! We have 7 ice cream shops that we are certain that those who have tried any could taste the flavor of happiness~ You, too, will learn that a little sweetness would never hurt anybody. Without further ado, let’s explore this article together🍦
Of course we know these would not be enough for you foodies, so we are giving you more spots for both savory and sweet dishes.

Places to Satiate Your Sweet Tooth

First, Azabu sabo Hokkaido Ice-cream. They serve tall ice cream cones with a silky, sticky “gelato” texture.

Unlike normal cones–made with starch and sugar–this shop uses sugar-free cones that are sweetened with stevia, making them suitable for health-conscious individuals. Any Intagramers looking for Japanese vibes are encouraged to try Azabu Sabo🍦

– Siam Takashiyama, Icon Siam, G Fl.
– Central Ladprao, G Fl.
– Central World, Fl. 3, former ISETAN zone
– Pop up Store @QSNCC, LG Fl.

📌Ordering Channels
FB : Azabusabo Thailand
IG :
Line : Azabusaboth
Tel : 061-628-9826

Second, Kanissu, a premium ice cream shop that will give you Paris vibes in more than 10 flavors. A signature selection that many fancy is Sea Salt, a flavor that is blue in color and has a texture of honeycomb. With the sweet scent of a crispy waffle cone or one of their drinks, your taste buds will certainly be blessed. One would not be enough!

They also have liquor-infused ice cream flavors for drinkers, including Wine, Rum Raisin, and Umeshu. Kanissu is a to-die-for place for ice cream lovers, and with shop decoration on point, any photo freaks would go crazy.

📍Locations : OneOne Food Avenue Samukki Road, Bangtalad Sub-District, Nonthaburi 11120
Opening Hours Tue – Sun, 10:00 -18:00

📌Ordering Channels
FB : Kanissu.icecream
IG : Kanissu.icecream
Line : @Kanissu.icecream
Tel : 095-636-9466

Anyone tired of traditional kinds of ice cream must try Minimelts Thailand. Originally from Everland theme park in Korea, the ice cream comes in colorful pellets, with a crispy, snack-like texture. It goes very well with or without drinks, and that’s why many ice cream lovers looking to spice up a little cannot miss. What’s more? It is scrumptious and Instagrammable!

– Small cup 69.- (1 flavor), Large cup 89.- (up to 3 flavors)
🔥Now!! Valentine’s Day Promotion >> Valentine Whipping Cream + Sprinkle for large cup of ice cream for 109.-

📌Ordering Channels
FB : Minimelts Thailand ไอศกรีมเม็ด
IG : minimelts_th
TikTok : minimelts_th
LINE : @minimelts_th

Tummy Pleasure is a go-to place for ice cream lovers who are more conscious about health. With a concept of “Premium Healthy Gelato”, their sugar-free gelato comes in 13 flavors for individuals maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What’s more? They have flavors that are less-sugar, dairy-free, low-fat, plant-based, keto-friendly, authentic Italian, without losing the sweetness and creaminess of typical ice cream. With each bite comes no guilty pleasure!


  • – 85g for 95 baht
  • – 350g for 380 baht
    (only available in Salted caramel macadamia / Espresso cacao nibs / Raspberry acai sorbet / Dark chocolate)

– Delivery discount or free shipping for direct orders
– A set of 5 cups for only 450.- via Robinhood (any flavors)

📌Ordering Channels
Line : @tummypleasure
FB : Tummy Pleasure Gelato
IG : tummypleasure
Web :
Tel : 081-556-1661 | 061-795-5562


Stickhouse Thailand

Stickhouse serves authentic Italian gelato. They use 100% natural ingredients, fresh fruits, as well as low-fat cream and milk. No artificial colors. No preservatives. For those looking to reduce sugar consumption while enjoying a dense-yet-light texture, Stickhouse is a must! Besides, the shop is now on a favorite ice cream list of people with a sweet tooth around the world.

📌Ordering Channels
Line : stickhouse
FB : stickhouse thailand
IG : stickhouse_th
Tel : 02-658-7908 | 085-366-9789 | 081-450-5667


Lickabite, Handcrafted Ice Cream

Lickabite embraces a chic and cool concept of new generations. Their selling points are fun and quality-over-profitability. How unique! On the inside, the ice cream is packed with ingredients and comes in multiple flavors. On the outside, the packaging is on fleek, so much so that it can act as a collectible. A true ice cream lover cannot miss this shop!

– Srinakarindra
– Bangna

📌Ordering Channels
– FB : Lickabite, Handcrafted Ice Cream
– Robinhood and Grab
– For those living in the vicinity, he shop offers free shipping every Saturday for orders of 500 baht and over!


Kacies Gelato

May we end this journey with Kacies Gelato, an ice cream shop that serves less-sugar gelato with a touch of varying blockbusters. With richness in mind, Kacies Gelato comes with options that are typical, using milk; vegan, using rice milk; and keto, using low-GI sugar. When it comes to their movie concept, the shop borrows the mood and feel of various films. You will be able to associate each flavor with a movie, making it easier to remember their selections. What’s more? You can collect them, too!


  • 1 cup – 85฿
  • 6 cups – 500฿ (from 510฿)
  • 12 cups – 1,000฿ (from 1,020฿)
  • 24 cups – 2,000฿ (from 2,040฿)

📌Ordering Channels
IG : kaciesgelato
FB : Kacie’s Gelato เจลาโตช็อคโกแลตเข้มข้น
Line OA : Kacie’s Gelato
– Refrigerated van delivery, Inter Express, Grab