Cake. It is totally the first pick of the sweets to celebrate every special occasion; from birthday, anniversary, celebration, many other traditions or simply to sate your craving🤣 No matter what the reason was, these delectable treats are how we show each other how much we care.

We believe that many youngsters today must have fallen under the spell of the cake with cute, tiny, or appeared so grandiose it makes anyone feel guilty to dig in😭, but did so anyway because not only are these cakes so cute but also delicious no one can resist! Next thing they know they already craving for more, because just one is never enough🤤

And thus!! Lifesara crews have worked hard🧐 to put together the list of 15 best cake makers!! Who not only creates such a beautiful appearance of the confection but also makes them such a delight explosion of taste on your tongue you’ll call every friend and relative over for a second, a third, and much more serving!! And you’ll come to learn that Thailand is a land of cake, too!!! What kind of shop and cafe would make it on our list? Come find out with us! 🍰


Cafe De Tu

Let us begin with the legendary bakery in Thailand, Cafe De Tu, which just celebrated its 30th anniversary! We give this shop a 10/10 rating! Because they can make so many kinds of cake here you won’t even know where to start!!

Cafe De Tu begins its confectionary journey in 1998 as a small bakery inside a Kipling shop in the Maneeya building. At first, there were only 3 kinds of cake! But they slowly grow in popularity, so their collection also grows in size, too! As this bakery came from the owner’s love of baking, even when the production grows bigger, the owner’s determination to keep the quality the same as when they baked for their loved one means that every piece you’ll ever buy here will be as good as if the owner baked it for you!!

After all, how else can Cafe De Tu keep its customer’s loyalty for 30 years? At first, we didn’t know the name of this cafe🤣. We just passed by when all the minimal style cakes on show enthrall us all and after the first bite our fate was sealed.

If you don’t know which one to try first, you can start with Banoffee Pie ✨ Cafe De Tu’s Banoffee Pie could easily fool you into thinking you’re eating 5 stars hotel’s confectionary, from its fluffy cream layer on top of caramel drizzled over fresh bananas. Just remembering the perfect layers when a piece of Banoffee was lifted up from the whole pie is enough to make us hungry!! Like, really hungry😭


📍Main Branch
📍Sub Branch
– Central Ladprao, Floor G
– Central Chidlom, Floor G
– Samyan Mitrtown, Floor B1

Line : @CafeDeTu
Tel : 02-311-1846


SamSuan Premium

If you love coconut, you’ll love this shop 👆 SamSuan was a distributor of organic coconut juice when they realized there was another use for their premium coconut meat. And thus, SamSuan’s Signature Premium Chiffon was born! Its fluffy texture tastes like a mouthful of coconut meat smoked with a traditional Thai aromatic candle for food and drizzled with Jaggery Salted Caramel. The sweet and salty flavors will waltz on your tongue as you can feel the premium quality of all ingredients that make up this cake✨.

When the chiffon arrives, it also comes with a rose made of coconut meat, so this cake can impress you from its first sight to the last bite 🤣

📌By the way, SamSuan Premium can put their menu together into a set for your special events such as corporate meetings, birthday gifts, or any other occasion you might need something nice to impress your guests!! ✨

📍 Location : Rama IX Soi 43, Khwaeng Suan Luang, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250
LINE : @samsuan
IG : samsuan.official


Aob Auan

For anyone who loves cake but not the towering amount of sugar in it, Aob Auan is here for you. They have many desserts for you to choose from, and all of them have a healthy amount of sugar, just sweet enough to feel soft on your tongue✨. More importantly, they come with clean color, and minimal but luxurious decoration that will make anyone who loves petite little cutie stuff go squee just from sight🤤

As for the special menu, Aob Auan wants to introduce everyone to their Burnt Basque Cheesecake, with its no-carb, low sugar with so much cheese all cheesecake lovers will surely be satisfied. And if you don’t like Basque, they also have cheese pie, and no-oven cheesecake with a crumble base so crispy you’ll enjoy chewing on them.

Aob Auan baked all their servings with care, and you can choose fruit toppings to go with your cake too! Totally worth it🤤 Just try it yourself!!

📍 Location : Rich Park Chao Phraya, Nonthaburi
⏳ Open hours : 10.00-18.00

IG : aobauan.bakery
LINE : @aobauanbakery



Continue down our list with the fourth cake maker with minimal style “D-I-Y’ cake. Yes! You can decorate your cake yourself!! Because you deserve a cake that is the only one in the world, also you can both have fun and feel proud of yourself✨ We promise whether it is your family, friend, or your lover, anyone you give it to is in for a surprise!! All menu here is homemade and low sugar, so if you ain’t an extreme sweet tooth or conscious of your health, you’ll like this place.

The signature menu here is coconut cake✨ Like, the best of the bestsellers. Right here!! This cake is the bestseller here thanks to the high-quality coconut meat that goes into the low sugar sponge cake so soft both in its texture and sweetness it’s like biting into clouds🤤

Another bestseller here is lemon madeleines, a French cake made with lemon freshly squeezed every day in this bakery. Its sweet and sour flavor and lemon aroma will make you feel like sitting in Paris once you have a coffee to go with it!! ✨


📍 Location : Khlong Song Ton Nun, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520
LINE : 02eyfls
IG : Thestorycaker


C Belly

Another low sugar, homemade bakery. Every ingredient is chosen with care, and all confectionary is made to order only, so every menu will reach their customers as fresh as possible!!

Also, this bakery accepts custom decorations too!! Tell all your friends and get ready, it’s time to unleash your inner artist and go all out! Anyone you give this cake would totally not expect this!! If you’re in a hurry, C Belly also has a one-day service to save your day!! If you order in the morning, the cake will arrive in the evening, just in time to save your anniversary at the last minute🤣! But if you just want a cake to serve at a normal event, this bakery can do that too.✨

C Belly has a lot of menus you can choose from, but their signature you should never miss out on is Custom Cake, such as;

  • Pandan and coconut with fresh cream cake, serve with coconut milk sauce Softly sweet and not greasy, this combination of unique Thai ingredients will delight everyone.
  • Other western kinds of cake, like biscoff cheesecake, carrot cake, flourless chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake, lemon tart, etc.

They also just released a new menu too; the Red Velvet Valrhona raspberry crispy✨. This heart-shaped cake will look far grander than its actual price, with its sweet and sour cream cheese to contrast with raspberry covered in crispy Valrhona chocolate. If you love it when chocolate and fruit come together, it’s time to pick up your phone and place your order now😭😭


LINE : @cbelly
IG : cbelly.bkk
FB : CBelly



Our sixth shop is for anyone who loves chewy cookies!! When two best friends get frustrated with how they can never find any cookie they like, they decided to just make it themselves. And apparently, a lot of people shared their frustration too because their cookies sell very well! And that is how Feelin.Doughgood came to be🤣🤣

Their signature here is the Premium Homemade Soft & Chewy Cookies, with its chewy, low sugar, with various fillings until almost burst, and most importantly, freshly baked every day! Every piece! No Exception!! (so good~) And their flavor is entirely another level!!

With their imported butter, French chocolate, and other premium ingredients, every cookie made here is guaranteed to be worthy of its price! Their signature products include;
– Biscoff Blondies
– Banoffkie (Banoffee)
– Crush on You (Peanut Butter & Jelly) just one piece isn’t enough, they are so yummy😭

Along with 11 other flavors to choose from;
– Chocadamia (signature)
– Berry Bomb
– Banoffkie
– Biscoff Blondies
– Bittersweet
– Y.O.L.O
– Oh! Matcha
– Crush on you*
– First Kiss*
– Intense Passion*

They are all delicious. Really! All of them!! If you want the real chewy, sticky cookies, you gotta try them all! 🥰

(*Crush on you, First Kiss, and Intense Passion are special menus during Valentine only!)


IG : feelin.doughgood
LINE : @784hkqev



Our next bakery used their own family recipe that was passed down from generation to generation, producing many delectable treats their customers loved to this day!

Prin.Licious’s signature menu is ‘Pineapple pie with cake on top’. The three layers creation with an aromatic pie base, soft texture sponge cake, and homemade pineapple (with tamarind!) jam. If you bite gently into the pie, its soft texture will stay firm and not crumble apart, once you combine that with the sweet and sour flavor, this pie might impress you so much you can never find its equal ever!!

Another signature piece here is ‘Kiao Koh’, a crispy biscuit with pineapple and tamarind lam filling. There’re also many other delicious menus here we might need thousands of words to go through them all🤣 Every baked good here is a bite-size serving. Whether you need the actual filling dessert, or just nibbling snacks for tea and coffee time, Prin.Licious has everything to suit your need👍


📍Location : 52/115 Soi Krungthep Kritha 15, Khwaeng Saphan Sung, Khet Saphan Sung, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10240 (P.s. This is actually their house since there’s no storefront, but you can self-pickup here 24/7, or through other online delivery)

FB : prin.licious
IG : prin.licious
Tel : 0926649155



Onward to our next cookie maker that not only makes it delicious but also very good-looking! At first, we thought it is a scented candle, too, but this is actually a cookie😭! It is so beautiful, so glittering, so mouth-watering we love it soooooo much✨

The owner themselves also never stop learning. Every criticism, and every piece of advice is considered, and a new idea is constantly tested and improved. With every recipe only getting better and better, many customers can’t help become come back again and again👍

If you intend to order their cookies as a gift, Saycnx.baker also changes their packaging with every festival and season😲, so your gift will always be special and up to date with the occasion! If your cookies are still not special enough, their Royal Icing service also decorated their cookies with every festival out there, along with custom-made orders where you can get the decoration just right!! So if you’re thinking about buying a gift, why not try Saycnx.baker?


IG : saycnx.baker
FB : saycnx.baker
Tel : 06-4974-5495



Daifuku fans assemble✨ Because our next stop is the first daifuku maker in Thailand to successfully make a Gros Michel banana daifuku🍌🤤
And its filling inside is soooo THICC.🍌 And even better is their two unique fillings you can find them nowhere else; Chocolate with banana, and banana milk! This is the queen of Thai daifuku, with its milky white flesh that is such a delight to bite down on!

Their signature is, of course, the chocolate with banana daifuku. The first recipe ever in Thailand!! This is the Rare Item™. You will never find any daifuku better than here 🤤(in Thailand, that is).


FB : The.earlybake
IG : the.earlybake



Next up is a cake maker who is also known for cute little Bing (Chinese cake). This shop is for the extreme sweet tooth with a love of small cuties made of premium ingredients.

Both the sweetness and the appearance of their cake will melt your heart, and their Bing is also unique. If we weren’t told it is actually edible, we would have thought those Bings are pretty rocks!! But once you bit down, the soft and light flour with the filling filled to the burst will surprise you!! ✨

Of course, their bestseller here is Bing with salted egg and golden beans filling. Its delicious flavor and texture come with its special appearance you’ll hard press to find elsewhere in Thailand🤣 No wonder their customer’s loyalty is very strong👍

Haveagoodbake also decorates their Bing with a festival theme, too! So if you’re looking for a gift this shop is for you! Their Bing will bring delight to your tastebud, and light up your Instagram at the same time🥰


📍 Location : 160/194 Samet, Chon Buri District, Chon Buri
IG : haveagoodbake_
FB : haveagoodbake
Line my shop : Check the menu and place your order 24 hours



Onward to our 11th shop!! Once more for the minimal-style cake lover, this shop specializes in fresh cream cake with a simple but lavish presentation. All their cakes are very tasty, with just the right amount of sweetness, and not feeling greasy on your tongue at all!! Totally worth their price!

Here at Bakery 21, all their baked goods are made with high-quality ingredients and decorated with captivating aesthetics. There’re many kinds you can choose from, such as;
– Coconut (signature)
– Premium Chocolate
– Strawberry Shortcake

Every cake baked here will go all out on your taste palate, with its velvety texture and fresh cream you can feel the milk that used to make it! If you’re feeling guilty about your diet regimen, don’t worry, because Bakery 21 uses a low sugar recipe. All products here are made with care and understanding of their customer need, especially for the freshness of the cake, Bakery 21 will bake their cake to order every day! So if you’re interested, remember to place your order 1-3 days before the date!!


📍Location : Rangsit, Pathum Thani
*Free delivery! For every order within 20 km. radius of Pruksa Ville 84

**🎉Free!!! Cutie Korean style long candles with every order 😚**

Tel : 092-885-3621
Line : @bakery21
FB : Bakery21
IG : bakery21_cake



Our 12th shop comes with a dark tone minimal style, meticulous decoration that can rival Michelin Stars bakery!! From its luxurious image to its euphoric flavor, this bakery is totally a 10/10 rating!!

From an amateur baker with a talent to an owner of their own bakery, these owners baked every cake in this shop by themselves! So you can be sure that every order will be made with care!

Their signature menu here included;
– Choux Cream topped with a crispy cookie, with chocolate or vanilla filling.
– Red Velvet Brownie, its chewy texture is balanced with slightly sour cheesecake

In other words, these two goodies are GOD’s MENUS, because they are soooo delicious!! It is the reason many customers returned over and over!

FYI, Mayataste also accepts custom orders for special occasions as well! While some orders might be different in price, the actual price will be calculated and shown to you before ordering, so you’ll never have to worry about going over budget at all!!


📍Location : Chinatown |Thawi Watthana

LINE : @Mayataste.bkk
Tel : 0851665756
IG : mayataste.bkk



If you love adorable things, then Bake.pumpkin is a bakery for you. With their Korean-style cake dressed up in colorful shades and low sugar recipe, Bake.pumpkin’s cake is ready to be served in every season!

The aesthetic of this shop will be wildly different from other bakeries we ever talked about because Bake.pumpkin is all about the colors!! Every piece here will be so colorful, so cute, it’ll light up the room the moment it is served.

As for their recommendation, Choco Oreo Cream Cheese comes with crispy cookies and fluffy cream. This combination will please you. But if you just can’t get enough of fresh cream, Vanilla Strawberry Jam Milk Cream is here for you. With fresh cream that’ll melt in your mouth and a fruity flavor from their homemade strawberry jam to keep it interesting, you’ll never be bored with this! 😋


Tel : 0614629539
IG : bake.pumpkin


Bluebelle Bakehouse

Our 14th cake maker is a Premium Online Bakery, whose cakes are full of elegance, poshness, and heavenly flavor. And of course that every product here is made with premium ingredients chosen with effort.

There’re also many types of cake to choose from, but if you’re not sure where to start, here’re our recommended selections

Pandan Kaya Lava
Soft green sponge cake with homemade Thai pandan custard filling that’s bursting out the moment you sink your teeth!

Bluebelle Banoffee
A delectable combination of fluffy cream, rich chocolate, aromatic caramel over a perfectly ripe banana, and conclude with crispy Oreo crust. An absolute unit of a Banoffee.

4Way Chocolate Cake
Chocolate fanatics will love this cake! Because there’re four textures in one piece of cake. From a silky sponge cake to the second layer of dark chocolate pudding, paired with dark chocolate cream on the third floor, before being topped with crispy chocolate streusel. All of them are chocolate but created with different textures before merged together into an experience any chocolate lover gotta tried at least once. And all of those chocolates come at an affordable price, no chocolate fans should ever miss this!!

Original Cornflakes Cookies
The signature bite all customer has to order at least once. This is a crusty cornflakes cookie with a taste that can rival its European counterpart.

P.s. Every cake sold here can be ordered in pound size for special events, or a mini box for one serving if you wanna treat yourself, so you can buy one without feeling too guilty about your body!


LINE : @bluebellebakehouse
IG : bluebelle_bakehouse
FB : bluebellebakehouse


Pastry Garden

The last cake maker on our list is entirely different from every other bakery before because Pastry Garden’s cake is a 3d artwork! Their cake can be sculpted into a portrait, animal, or any other object is fine too because this shop has more than 10 years of sculpting experience!! Whether it is to be a heartfelt moment, a delightful special treat, or a dedicated joke to make everyone laugh, Pastry Garden is ready to bring your idea to life through its delicious cake and legendary sculpting skill.

Those beautiful statues made of sugar will surprise you with how talented a Thai can be😲


*Delivery service includes outside of Bangkok!

Tel : 098-553-6262
LINE : @pastrygarden
IG : pastrygarden_
FB : Pastry garden