Many people may find 2023 as a good time to find a permanent home, be it a house, condominium unit, or townhome. Potential buyers need to price in a long list of factors: looking only at aesthetics and overall livability is not a luxury everyone can have. That’s why we recommend you hire a professional to conduct a “home inspection” before having the deal set in stone.
A dream house or condominium unit is regarded as an investment, just not one you can afford to take higher risks to gain a higher return. And no one would dream of constantly paying for home repairs. This is where home inspections have to be on your to-do list before sealing the deal. But first, let us walk you through 9 reasons why home inspections are a must.
9 Benefits of Home Inspection
1. Helps make a more informed buying decision
2. Unearths any hidden issues or defects
3. Reduces potential expenses due to consequent repairs
4. Gives full visibility of the house’s real condition for accurate price estimation
5. Acts as a proactive step to avoid litigation
6. Assists investors in maintaining a healthy portfolio with more meticulous investment decisions
7. Makes a buyer be mindful of any foul play and feel more confident to propose any deal
8. Protects buyer’s interests and increases bargaining power
9. Gives a buyer a peace of mind
To be in utmost peace of mind, it’s advisable to make sure you have everything under control. Not only will you be aware of whatever the seller might be up to, you will also get the best possible price. Lifesara has grouped a great many spots that need extra attention for anyone who is looking to settle down for a more permanent residence, including:
  • Exterior inspection
  • Structural inspection
  • Electrical inspection
  • Water system inspection
  • Architectural inspection
  • Self-inspection VS professional inspection, what’s the difference?
Even though the choices lie between self-inspection and hiring a professional home inspector, we highly recommend you go with the latter. Keep reading to see why it’s the best option, what makes it worth it, as well as what you as a buyer, ought to be aware of.
A house and condominium unit could last a lifetime. Make sure you go through the entire checklist below and we guarantee you will turn a house into a home.

Exterior inspection

Inspection is on top of a to-do list after you’re done property-hunting. No one would want to pay more and more for repairs as they live in the house after signing off the purchase agreement. This is especially the case with everything outside the house because they have to withstand all kinds of weather, so make sure to leave no stone unturned.

  • Main gates/fences
    • As these are among the very first things facing you and your guests, they deserve special attention. They have to put up with more than you can imagine, resulting in peeling paint, rust, squeaking or creaking.
  • Landscaping around the house
    • If there is soil grading involved, you need to make sure that the foundation of your house is extremely strong and that there are no foreign matters from construction waste.
  • Parking space
    • Check the area surrounding the parking space for deterioration: pay close attention to hinges and other door parts if the car is to be kept in a garage.

Structural inspection

Structural inspection is concerned with durability of the underpinnings and front gates, so it’s advisable to ensure the best possible condition. If the foundation is weak, the house can sustain cracks and then overall instability. We have here 4 crack-prone parts of a house that need extra attention.

  • Pillars
    • The stronger the pillars, the safer the house. So make sure there are no fractures or even the slightest possibility of cracking.
  • Beams
    • Connected to the pillars, the beams act as a backbone of the house. The more durable the beams, the more stable the overhead structure.
  • Steel roof structures
    • Here is where you need to be certain that the rafter roofing is not damaged, bent, loose, or that the roof tiles are not poorly installed.
  • Walls
    • Good walls are the ones with no textures, leakage, or mold. The house might sustain great structural damage as a result of wall problems.

Electrical inspection

This one requires specific expertise in both inspection and repair: you may be exposing yourself to life hazards trying to fix electrical problems on your own. That’s why electrical inspection is a must. Remember to conduct a thorough check and see whether there’s protection against short circuits in place.

  • Power plugs
    • Electrical outlets are one of primary determinants of a safe electrical system
  • LAN Wiring
    • Inspect possible locations for ethernet cable wiring installation
  • Main distribution board
    • Remember to check all other power supplies as well.
  • TV system
    • Make sure TV cable connectors are in optimal condition
  • Switches
    • The switches must be fully functional and not feeling mushy
  • Bulbs
    • The bulbs must turn on after a crispy switching, no flickering or dark spots
  • Ground system
    • Lack of grounding might result in personal and property risks, such as leakage current that is fatal upon contact

Water system inspection

Water systems are another criterion you need to pay close attention to: the expense incurred from maintenance or replacement can cause financial stress. In addition, waterworks are indicative of a strong foundation.

  • Waste water system
    • This is even more imperative if you are buying a twenty-something-year-old, multistory residence. Be very mindful of potential bathroom leakage.
  • Cold water system
    • The underground cold water system must show no signs of leakage.
  • Wash basin
    • Make sure the drain stopper is in optimal condition and the tube and pipe are able to properly hold water.
  • Bidet sprayer
    • Loose or leaky sprayer may result in an unusually high water bill
  • Toilet
    • A toilet must flush properly, no low flows or overflows
  • Showerhead
    • There must be no dripping from the showerhead
  • Bathroom floor
    • Waterproofing the floor by trapping the water inside the bathroom, then check for leaking windows, doors, wall seams, and all other parts of the house the water might travel through
  • Location of A/C compressor
    • Best employ thermal scanning to identify hidden trouble spots

Architectural inspection

Of course, buyers do consider the aesthetics of the house. This gives them accurate ideas for remodeling or renovation that are cost-effective.

  • Paints
    • Check for peeling paint, botched paint job, and seepage
  • Hardwood floorboards
    • The board must be even; there must be no cupping or scratches/dents caused by animals
  • Built-in furniture
    • Pay close attention to the installation, leakage, and cracks
  • Flooring and tiling
    • Inspect the entire house, e.g., washing sink and bathroom floor, for gaps, peeling, cupping, and loose tiles
  • Windows
    • Make sure the windows are firmly installed and tightly shut, bearing no bending and keeping the rain out
  • Doors
    • Because any leakage might result in progressive corrosion or rust, door hardware inspection must to ticked off the checklist

Self-inspection VS professional inspection, what’s the difference?

Nowadays, many buyers are trying to tighten the belt by inspecting the house by themselves. which is doable yet inadvisable. Self-inspection usually subjects homeowners to overlook sensitive spots, incurring unreasonable expenses over constant repairs that could have been prevented.


Why professional inspection

For anyone looking to hire a home inspector to ensure a thorough and proper check as well as ultimate peace of mind, we recommend Mr.SURE Inspector. Led by a team of Thailand’s OCE-certified engineers, this home inspection company will conduct a preventive check before you close on your future home.

With practical supervision experience in home and condominium construction for more than 7 years, as well as 6 years in home inspection, Mr.SURE is well-equipped with a full suite of tools and guarantees a thorough inspection. Rest assured that you will get a fair price on home!

“Never regret spending thousands for a priceless home”, says Mr.SURE.

✅ Why Mr.SURE
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