Unless your air conditioner is recently brought and installed, it’s pretty likely not being as cool as it should be in this season of stuffing heat☀️

After all, AC can’t work at the same performance as its first day, if its filters are choked up with dust and grimes that has crept into your lot for months. While the older AC can easily be cleaned DIY style if you’re a bit handy, the same can’t be said with inverter AC that required specialized tools and skilled mechanics.

And if you’re a health nut, or have a very sensitive allergy to dust and pollution, turning that years-old AC on could be a prelude to your asthma or inflamed face, as it breaths out tons of dust clouds that will inevitably make their way into your body😲

So you should keep your AC clean and checked, and Lifesara can help you with 3 professional AC cleaning and care services! Take a look through our list now, and maybe you’ll find someone closer to your home✨



Let us begin with one of the hottest home mechanic platforms in Thailand that can fix more than just your AC because Q-CHANG is a one-stop service for everything your home will need to keep it functional! From check-ups to expansion and renovation, this platform is where you can find more than 120 services for everything around your house!! And their bestselling service is, of course, AC cleaning! Q-CHANG can be called everywhere in Bangkok, all vicinity provinces, and 15 more provinces away from Bangkok, too!

Their AC cleaning service can be called in for every type of AC; wall-mounted inverter, older flooring compressor, four-way AC, and many more! If you want to take it even further, Q-CHANG can also do ozone steaming of the filter, vacuum dust mites, and even full program sterilization! Q-CHANG can show you all the available services and accept reservations 24/7!

Web : คิวช่าง
Tel : 02-821-6545
LINE OA : @q-chang


DDP Air And Service

Next up we got a professional company specialized in everything AC-related! DDP’s service ranges from AC sales, on-site installation, check-ups, cleaning, and repairing! Every purchased AC from DDP comes with a 1-year warranty, but even if you weren’t buying AC from here, you can still give them a call 24/7!

Tel : 064-593-5369 | 064-514-5369
FB : ดีดีพีแอร์ แอร์บ้านราคาถูก
Line | Web


Jit Isara Air

Lastly, we got a reputable AC service company from Chaengwattana 10 area.From pursuing their AC catalog to fixing and tuning up your old air con,Jit Isara can do everything you’ll needat an affordable price!So if you’re tighten your belt up right now, keep this company in mind whether you want to fix up your old AC,Or even thinking about turning it in for newer AC of your chosen budget✨

👉🏻 Free compressor metal feel and pipe trough (2,000 Baht) for every AC installment
👉🏻Accept all credit cards payment on-site

Tel : 02-574-2470 | 088-954-5355
Line : jitisaraair
Web : https://www.จิตอิสระแอร์.com/