We won’t let you get lonely Meow~ Hands up if you are looking for companionship of a fur friend 👐🏻 Have you ever felt so charmed by their cuteness that you wanted to squeeze them aggressively? Well, the problem is that there are too many of them, and all of them are too adorable. Worry no more! This article will take you through a list of 12 cat breeds that are so cute 🥺
Each cat breed possesses a different temperament and characteristics, hence the need for different care. And upon completion of this article, we guarantee you will meet your perfect match! But brace yourself, because LifeSara folks also bring to you a directory of breeding catteries for those who are still clueless about where to get their meows. Let’s get started~

Winter Forest Cattery (Siberian)

Siberian cat, a perfect match for humans with cat allergies
We believe many of you are familiar with Siberian dogs, yet have no idea there’s such a thing as Siberian cats. Originated in Russia, Siberian cats have successfully made it to the hearts of Europeans and Americans due to their friendly, dog-like personalities. With silky mane like that of a lion cub, you can hug them even though you have cat allergies because their saliva contains just a trace amount of the allergen Fel d1 protein. They’re practically hypoallergenic! No one would find a Siberian cat resistible 💕

🐈 Things to consider before getting the Siberian

  • Perfect for a condo owner, as they are born for indoor care; their life expectancy could be extended to 15-17 years
  • They love getting hair brushed!
  • Spare some space for this exceptionally agile jumper
  • Suitable for people with cat allergies due to trace amount of the allergen Fel d1 protein; they’re basically hypoallergenic 😮
  • As a semi-long haired cat, they can adapt to different kinds of weather!

🐈 Where to get the Siberian
Winter Forest is a well-recognized cattery absolutely perfect for you! This cattery leads the industry with Siberian cats straight from Russia and parents with world-championship status. Rest assured your companion will turn out healthy and as they should be – dense-coated and irresistibly adorable! 👀💖 Every cat is certified by the World Cat Federation (WCF), giving an ultimate peace of mind that your feline is 100% pure breed.

🐈 Why Winter Forest Cattery

This breeding cattery will have your cat vaccinated and documented before leaving; all you need to do is prepare to take the best care of them. They step up the convenience game with home delivery if you reside in Bangkok or nearby. 🥰

Not only does Winter Forest Cattery domesticate their offerings, they also take imports. Situated in the heart of Bangkok, potential owners are encouraged to schedule a visit.


📍Location : 148, 2 Thanon Nang Linchi, Khwaeng Thung Maha Mek, Khet Sathon, Bangkok 10120

📞 Contacts :
FB : Winter Forest Siberian Cattery Thailand ฟาร์มแมวไซบีเรียนแท้ 100%
IG : Winter_Forest.Siberiancattery


Teerak Cattery (Scottish Fold)

Scottish Fold, one of the world’s most popular
The Scottish Fold is a domestic cat with gene mutation by humans. The head of the Scottish Fold is round, and the ears adorably folded forward (or straight pointed) similar to those of an owl. They are a perfect companion for those looking for a good lap cat with friendliness towards humans as well as other pets and ease of grooming. Some are cuddly, but some aren’t so clingy >< ><

Cats of this feline breed like to be close to their humans and fond of hairbrushing. But unfortunately, some aren’t as affectionate and prefer to be left alone. With appropriate diet and care, they will have high potential for weight gain (double chin is around the corner). If you gravitate toward cuddly cats, the Scottish Fold might be just the perfect choice.

🐈 Things to consider before getting the Scottish Fold

  • Extra ear cleaning: You should take extra care if your fur friend has folded ears: you may schedule a clean every other day or twice a week. And remember to use high quality products!
  • Eat, sleep, repeat: The Scottish Fold doesn’t tend to move a lot, so you may need to pay close attention to weight management. For example, use a feather teaser or laser.
  • Hairbrush, please: Even though the Scottish Fold isn’t in need of frequent showers as they usually self-clean, you should brush them as much as possible, especially if they are long-haired.
  • Health concerns: These cover fungus and other contagious diseases. That’s why the Scottish Fold should be kept indoor. And if you come back home from a long day, kindly clean yourself before you even think about touching them!

🐈 Where to get the Scottish Fold
If you have no idea about where to get a Scottish Fold cat, may we recommend Teerak Cattery which some of you may know as Hello Fold Cattery, a Facebook page with more than 30,000 followers (closed now). The owners, Khun Oh and Khun Safe, had decided to open a new page with the slogan “Cats are Teeraks” (Teerak means darling). Teerak Cattery has signed up their pedigree cats for world championships like CFA as well as WCF and got back many prizes too! It’s safe to say this cattery is recognized worldwide.

Apart from high-quality products, the owners take the best care of their cats with pure love. Their offerings are a product of world-championship Scottish Fold parents! Rest assured you will bring home with you a healthy and good-tempered cat 💕

🐈 Why Teerak Cattery
Cats at Teerak Cattery are perfectly proportioned, muscular, and round in the face and possess silky hair. But don’t let the illusion that this must come with a high price stop you from visiting Teetak Cattery because you will find it affordable. Anyone looking to get a Scottish Fold that is physically strong and purebred yet reasonably priced is encouraged to drop by Teerak Cattery.


📍Location : Reach out via Facebook page to schedule a visit

📞 Contacts :
FB : ฟาร์มแมวของที่รัก Teerak Cattery
Website : teerakcattery.com
LINE : https://lin.ee/ab26


ONCE Bengals (Bengal)

✨Bengal cat, a tiger-looking breed that will steal your heart!
The Bengal cat is a hybrid of the Asian leopard cat with domestic cats, such as the Egyptian Mau. Many might think they are aggressive and hard to tame, but they have evolved to be sweeter and more domesticated. They attach closely to their human, friendly towards strangers, and so athletic you might consider too energetic 🤣 The Bengal also likes to run after things and is an ideal choice if you are looking for a loyal friend! 💕

🐈 Things to consider before getting the Bengal

  • The Bengal is not at all hard to tame, yet craves for attention.
  • You may need to spare some space as the Bengal needs to run, jump, and exercise.
  • They often have hereditary diseases such as HCM ,PK-Def, and PRA-b. So you should consult the breeder if any exists in the family tree and have them regularly checked and properly vaccinated by a veterinarian
  • The Bengal is indeed a loyal companion and friendly towards kids; they are a perfect match if you are a parent that has a toddler 👀

🐈 Where to get the Bengal
Did you know that from a breeder’s perspective, creating a Bengal cat is considered a form of art given their exotic-looking coat. It’s imperative to bring out the best possible pattern while keeping what’s unique to the Bengal. And ONCE Bengals has the best of both worlds! They can cross a domestic cat with an Asian leopard to create a Bengal cat with perfect marbling and spotting on their coat.

Rest assured you will bring home a healthy, great-looking cat. You also need not worry about inherited disorders because ONCE Bengals are known to be a breeder of disease-free cats!

🐈Why ONCE Bengals
Let us tell you a secret 👀 Now ONCE Bengals allows potential owners who aren’t 100 percent certain about getting a Bengal cat to make their acquaintance at @ONCE Café & Restaurant. You will also get to try delicious coffee and other drinks, as well as desserts. What are you waiting for?


📍 Location : The Vincent 142/4, Bang Muang, Muang, Samut Prakan 10270

📞 Contacts :
FB : ONCE Bengals ฟาร์มแมวเบงกอล
LINE : oncebengals
Tel : 082-568-7400 (K.Ann)


Mainecoon 4289 (Maine Coon)

✨Maine Coon, a large breed perfect for hugging
The Maine Coon is one of the world’s largest cat breeds. With a broad torso, muscular limbs, and silky coat, they are just perfect for cuddling. But don’t let their distinctive appearance fool you, because the Maine Coon is known to be “gentle giants”. You can never get enough of their affectionate nature, which makes them a good company for humans.

🐈 Things to consider before getting the Maine Coon

  • Due to their large build, you may need to spare them a spacious room for strolling.
  • The Maine Coon is fairly adventurous, so a place to climb and run around could never hurt.
  • They are prone to developing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, so regular health checks are highly recommended.

🐈 Where to get the Maine Coon

Anyone interested in getting the MAINE Coon is encouraged to visit Mainecoon 4289: this breeding cattery imports pedigree cats from Europe, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Russia. Their breeds possess athletic bodies and fluffy coat, are domesticated in an air-conditioned room with premium quality barf and supplemental vitamins. What’s this called if not true love?

🐈 Why Mainecoon 4289

To ensure the best care, Mainecoon 4289 keeps their cats indoor and feeds barf to develop a muscular body and thick coat. What’s more, this breeding cattery only has pedigree cats certified by WCF & CFA for shows and domestic care. Mainecoon 4289 is more than happy to provide insights and recommendations for any potential owner or a beginner looking to get the Maine Coon. You may also schedule a visit to their farm or Maine Coon-packed Cat Meow 4289 cafe.

Mainecoon 4289 offers delivery nationwide, pre-delivery health checks, and a relocation warranty. And if you still don’t find the Maine Coon to your liking, this cattery is also a home to other breeds like the Serval and Caracal, as well as exotic pets 🥺


📍 Location : Pattaya, Chonburi

📞 Contacts :
FB : Anyarin Pattarawilaisin
FB page : ฟาร์มแมวเมนคูน Mainecoon4289
LINE : 0984289445
IG : mainecoon4289
Tik Tok : mainecoon42895
Tel : 098-428-9445


Mantra Lullaby Cattery (British Shorthair)

✨The British Shorthair, a charming, teddy bear-like breed
If you live alone or just feel lonely and want to get a meow, but cannot decide on the breed, add the British Shorthair to your wishlist. Their great temperament and friendliness towards humans make them even more suitable for a big family.

And if you prefer silence most of the time, the British Shorthair won’t disappoint. They are completely independent and placid; however, they prefer to be close to their human, just not on the lap. This breed is not destructive and will grow to be a mellow and devoted companion 👀

🐈 Things to consider before getting the British Shorthair

  • The British Shorthair is known to be rather athletic (especially when they are kittens), so you may need to provide some space.
  • With a solid, thick coat, regular hairbrushing is advisable during the shredding season.
  • They might sometimes trade anything for attention but always for toys, so play with them one time or two a day to encourage physical activity, but remember to leave the toys at their disposal.

🐈 Where to get the British Shorthair
Despite the fact that the British Shorthair has gained popularity in Thailand, many still find it difficult to find one with a distinctively stocky body and solid coat. That being said, if you are getting the British Shorthair, especially in silver, come visit Mantra Lullaby. This cattery will give you a healthy, disease-free cat with the said qualities. Plus the breeds have been spending time with humans since birth, making them an affectionate companion.

🐈 Why Mantra Lullaby Cattery
Mantra Lullaby Cattery has got it all, whether you are a first-time owner or looking to sign your fur friend up for competition. They can give constructive advice and allow potential owners to visit a farm and try spending time with the potential meow. However, visitors are required to make an appointment.


📍Location : 98, Chatuchoti, Ao Ngoen, Sai Mai, Bangkok 10220

📞 Contacts :
FB : ฟาร์มแมว British Shorthair – Mantra Lullaby Cattery
Tel : 097-246-4987 (K.Nut Nuttapong Kittitaninkul)


Proudly Belly Ragdoll’s Thailand (Ragdoll)

✨Ragdoll, a doll-like cat with dreamy appearance
Due to their cute looks, it’s without a doubt that Ragdolls have been featured in a lot of advertisements as an animal endorser. They possess super soft, fluffy coat and blue eyes that make anyone find it hard to resist and stroke them 🥺 Ragdolls have a good temperament, placid, and love being carried and hang loose like a doll as you carry them, hence the name Ragdoll. And you need not worry about your Ragdoll feeling like a black sheep, because they are famously friendly towards other cats.

🐈 Things to consider before getting the Ragdoll

  • Their sensitivity makes it advisable to keep them indoor.
  • As a highly sociable cat, the Ragdoll enjoys the company of humans and other cats. No cat fights guaranteed!
  • Ragdolls meow quietly, making them even more perfect for apartment-living owners (as long as they are not in heat).
  • Always leave the A/C turned on to maintain their semi-long, silky coat.

🐈 Where to get the Ragdoll
If you find Ragdolls irresistible, come visit Proudly Belly. This small breeding cattery was established by the first-time owner of the Ragdoll, who then chose to pursue a professional career as a Ragdool breeder. As everything starts with love, rest assured that their expertise and insights about Ragdolls will be perfectly integrated with how they take care of their breeds from the very first day!

🐈 Why Proudly Belly Ragdoll’s Thailand
Proudly Belly Ragdoll’s Thailand puts more emphasis on affection than profits, hence the foods and equipment are definitely premium in quality. The cats are not isolated (unless they are sick), but rather individually domesticated to spare vast personal space for physical exercise. Each room is supervised by the farm staff to ensure familiarity and intimacy with humans.

Proudly Belly doesn’t breed too many cats per annum, allowing mommy cats a period of time to recover and fully bounce back. More importantly, all parents are tested for hereditary diseases, so rest assured your fur friend is healthy with no hidden health problems. Every one of their Ragdolls are also certified by an international association World Cat Federation (WCF) Potential owners will get to cuddle only 100% purebred felines.


📍 Location : 255 Soi 3, Khao Hin Son, Phanom Sarakham District, Chachoengsao 24120

📞 Contacts :
FB : Proudly belly Ragdoll’s Thailand
Line : Add LINE Friends via QR Code
Tel : 064-151-4428



✨Persian cat, a dignified and docile breed
If you are a sucker for long, shiny haired cats, then look no more. The Persian is one of the world’s popular breeds given their smooshed-in faces and charismatic personalities–they’re not destructive, noisy, disloyal, and most importantly, the Persian is practically a clean freak. Throw away your worries about futile litter training!

🐈 Things to consider before getting the Persian

  • They are sweet and patient, yet prefer calm environments.
  • The Persian is a clean freak, so make sure the sandboard is always spotless and well looked after.
  • Ensure good air flow as the Persian loves to lounge around.
  • As a long-haired breed, owners may need to take extra care of their coat–regular hair brushing and grooming are a must to prevent tangles.


✨Munchkin, Sausage Cat with adorably short legs
The Munchkin is characterized by their little legs, making it delightful to observe as they run🥺💕 This feline breed is friendly, curious, and clingy to their humans. If you are looking for a company while working from home, the Munchkin is the perfect choice, especially if you reside in a not-so-vast condominium~ Anyone with newborns or toddlers need not worry, because the Munchkin get along well with children given their congeniality, compassion, and playfulness.

🐈 Things to consider before getting the Munchkin

  • The Munchkin is playful and highly energetic, so you have to match with their agility.
  • Suitable for indoor care, they can make a perfect roommate.
  • Regular hair brushing is recommended given a thick, plush coat.

Russian Blue

✨ Russian Blue, a loyal introvert
The Russian Blue is a medium-sized feline, yet can give you a full hug. Being double-layered, their coat is dense and so soft you can feel the difference from other breeds upon the first touch. The Russian Blue is sweet-tempered, yet likes to preserve their independent streak, yet enjoys the company of their humans. That means they aren’t so friendly towards strangers; it can take quite some time to make their acquaintance 🥺💕

🐈 Things to consider before getting the Russian Blue

  • They prefer to be left alone, so be patient until they feel like approaching you.
  • The Russian Blue loves toys, jumping, and climbing, so make sure your home is well-equipped.
  • With high likelihood of being cautious around new people, be mindful of who you let touch them, unless you want to unearth their devil side.

Khao Manee

✨Khao Manee, an adorable extrovert
Given their generic characteristics, a Thai breed like Khao Manee is not so popular among cat lovers. However, they are delightful in their own unique way. The Khao Manee is short-haired, so you can throw away the detangler. They get along well with humans, and might sleep in with you at night. Too irresistible, aren’t they? 👀💕 If you are looking for an attention seeker, you will definitely be charmed by the Khao Manee.

🐈 Things to consider before getting the Khao Manee

  • They crave attention, so make sure you can give them just that.
  • Provide lots of toys according to their needs.
  • Sometimes they can be ambivert, so be prepared to spare them some personal time.


✨Sphynx, lack of coat but full of affection
The Sphynx is known for their hairlessness, which some might find unorthodox. However, you will get easily attracted to their loving personalities. This feline breed is famously “playful”, sociable, intelligent, and entertaining. They enjoys the company of humans and will welcome you as you step into the house. The Sphynx is perfect for anyone with allergies to cat hair!

🐈 Things to consider before getting the Sphynx

  • Due to the lack of hair, you should avoid letting them lounge in the sun to protect their skin.
  • The Sphynx gets cold really easily, so make sure the temperature is always optimal.
  • Regular ear cleaning is required since they have no coat to prevent ear infections.

American Shorthair

American Shorthair, a feline with rounded build
The American Shorthair is probably one of the most seen, not most known, cat breeds. They have distinctive coat and gentle temperament, which is ideal for any household. The American Shorthair is generally easy-going and gets along well with humans, especially children. With curiosity and intelligence, the feline breed is perfect for company. However, they don’t do well with cuddling as they dislike being carried, but rather just laying close to you.

🐈 Things to consider before getting the American Shorthair

  • Due to their agility, you may need to play with them very often, or you can leave the toys lying around.
  • The American Shorthair loves to lounge around, as well as running, jumping, and climbing; make sure you have a spacious room.
  • No carrying policy
  • Brush them 2-3 times a week to eliminate shredded hair.