These days, when it comes to the popular exams that are increasingly necessary for further studies and job applications, you can’t escape the IELTS exam. The IELTS exam now offers various learning methods, whether it’s self-study, getting help from friends or study groups, and there are also many schools currently offering IELTS exam preparation courses in English. These schools allow us to learn from experts who check our knowledge to help us improve our English language skills more effectively.

When studying for the IELTS exam, there are often courses that focus on practicing each part of the IELTS test, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Reviewing these skills will prepare us for the IELTS exam. So, for those with the question: “Which school should I choose for the IELTS exam?”, “Which school can guarantee me a bright future with an outstanding IELTS result?”. Fear not, for today LifeSara is here to share information about 5 IELTS test prep institutions to help you get started with your English language practice. Now, let’s explore which places are worth considering together!


Good Language

For those who don’t want to waste time reading books and memorizing, you should come to the IELTS prep center at Good Language.Here, they have designed their teaching methods with instructors who hold master’s degrees with honors from leading universities both domestically and abroad. Moreover, they have specialized in teaching English for over 15 years.

Their teaching results are precise, spot-on, and they share numerous cool techniques that can be applied not only for the exambut also in real life. Plus, their class schedules are flexible, and they offer makeup classes too. It’s safe to say that many people have achieved high scores here.


📌 Highlight

  • Abundant achievements and reviews, reasonable prices, short study duration, no bars are held when it comes to the knowledge taught!
  • The institution guarantees an IELTS Overall score of 7.5, with no part below 7. If you don’t pass the exam, you can retake the course “for free” within six months after completing it.
  • They provide a complete set of IELTS IUU Actual Tests for additional practice, including listening, speaking, reading, writing,and a vast vocabulary bank.
  • They offer a Mock Test before the actual exam, with unlimited essay writing checks and continuous score evaluation even after completing the course.

📌 Price : Starting at 10,500 Baht for the course.


📌 Contact
Tel : 096-924-5856
Line : @goodlanguage
FB : Good Language
Web :



For those who prefer a concise and stress-free test preparation, you must come to the InterPass IELTS prep center. A language school that started with a small class of less than ten but has grown to be an understanding school that provides high-quality education.They cover various aspects of English language learning with over 10 years of teaching experience by Teacher P’Gib.The teaching methods are designed and updated to cater to the youthful style of learning,which is simple yet effective and easilyapplicable.

Many may think that learning Englishis all about memorization, but here,they believe that language is a tool that can make things easierand more concise than you might thinkIt’s safe to say that anyone who wants to improvetheir skills and receive guidance on what needsadjustment should come here.


📌 Highlight

  • They continuously develop a coaching teamโค้ช และการทำข้อสอบ Test Bank and create a TEST BANK for students to practice, emphasizing self-practice to ensure everyone can achieve good scores through consistent practice.
  • Unlimited IELTS essay checking.
  • They provide comments and feedback from expertsto help students understand what needs improvement.
  • Memologic technique helps memorize difficult vocabulary for use in Speaking & Writing sections. InterPass is a one-stop IELTS-IDP test center for both Computer & Paper-based tests,where you can apply directly at the Siam Square 10 branch.

📌 Recommended Course Promotions

  • Expert for IELTS: Price 26,500 THB (from the regular price of 30,800 THB)
    • Pre-Inter Grammar Foundation (72 hours)
    • IELTS All-in-One Content (57 hours)
    • Intensive practice with over 500+ IELTS questions (42 hours)
  • Single Course Prices – Online Learning S.E.L.F.
    • Pre-Inter Grammar Foundation: 10,000 THB
    • IELTS All-in-One Content: 11,900 THB
    • Intensive practice with over 500+ IELTS questions: 8,900 THB


📌 Contact
FB : InterPass ติดอินเตอร์ เรียน IELTS BMAT SAT
Line : @InterPass
Tel : 089-996-4256 | 089-992-3965
Web :


Piccadilly Education

For those who are looking for online tutors who are highly skilled and don’t want to waste time traveling, you must come to Piccadilly Education, an IELTS prep institution. They come with experts in IELTS who offer online teaching in both live sessions and videos, along with comprehensive fundamentals. Their team of English language experts graduated directly from the Faculty of Arts at Chulalongkorn University and have more than 10 years of teaching experience. Moreover, they have English-speaking IELTS Examiners with over 20 years of teaching experience,making them highly competent.

Aside from IELTS, they also provide coaching for various exams, such as IGCSE THAI, Thai Admission Systems, SAT, TOEIC, GED, CU-TEP, TU-GET, and specialized courses tailored to the students’ needs. They are ready to elevate your skills and prepare you for all kinds of exams, whether it’s for further studies or job applications with minimal effort on your part.


📌 Highlight

  • For those who fear group classes and VDO learning or have trouble keeping up with peers, Piccadilly offers personal teachers who provide one-on-one consultations. You can consult directly with the teacher and receive explanations for the writing and speaking sections individually through Line, including voice explanations and file corrections, simulating the experience of private tutoring mixed with group lessons.
  • If your foundation is not strongor you require private tutoring, you can take individual online lessons.
  • They offer flexible courses, allowing you to choose according to your needs, including live online group courses, VDO courses, and face-to-face group courses.
  • Suitable for those who want to build their foundations,improve their scores, and apply their skills in life, studying, and work.They offer live online group courses tailored to the students’ needs.

📌 Recommended Course Promotions

  • IELTS TO GO is the most popular course at the institution. The promotional price is only 6,900 THB, reduced from 9,900 THB.
    • You can send your assignments for checking from anywhere and at any time. They provide detailed feedback individually through Line, including voice explanations and file corrections, not just returning checked assignmentsvia email.
    • You can join live group classes without limits for 3 months (with a focus on teaching grammar, IELTS Writing exam preparation, and practicing IELTS Speaking questions).
    • You can access the 6-month VDO course, covering everything you need to know about IELTS, including all four skills, score-boosting techniques, vocabulary, exam formats,and direct consultation with teachers. Additionally, you receive free content summary sheets for all sections, IELTS Writing exam response formats, and the latest IELTS Speaking exam preparations.


📌 Contacts
Line @piccaielts
IG :
FB: Piccadilly Education


English Parks

If you want to learn English comprehensively for everyday life, further studies, and job applications, you must come to the IELTS prep institution, English Park. They are an outstanding language school that emphasizes mutual care in a friendlyand comfortable learning atmosphere, fwhere students and teachers support each other.

Recognizing that peoplehave different language knowledge,the institution has designed the “Unlimited English” course,covering everything from basic daily lifelanguage to advanced English for studying abroad or competing for scholarships. English Park is ready to help everyone achieve their language goals,no matter what they are.


📌 Highlight

  • The institution excels in caring for students individually, with personalized schedules based on each student’s English proficiencyand learning goals. They also excel in providing close care to students through 100% live teaching in small groups of 10-15 students.
  • They have personal trainers who monitor and track students’ progress.
  • You can practice and submit assignments for all partsof the test without limitations.They also offer unlimited written checks. English Park is an official partner of IELTS IDP, so staff and teachers receive direct training and updatesfrom IELTS IDP.

📌 Recommended Course Promotions

  • Super IELTS course priced at 24,900 THB (60 hours, 12 weeks)
    • Promotion: 1,000 THB discount on IELTS exam fees (when registering for the IELTS IDP exam through English Park)


📌 Location

  • Central Pinklao Branch – Tel : 02-884-6899
  • Phaya Thai Branch – Tel : 02-642-7725
  • Asoke Branch – Tel : 02-258-3522

📌 Contact
Line : @englishparks
FB :English Parks


KruPloy Berante

Let’s end the post with the IELTS prep institution from Berante, one of the renowned institutionswith over 118,365 followers. They offer guaranteed high results up to Band 8, taught by Ajarn Ploy,the institution’s ownerherself with over 20 years of teaching experience. Their instructors are IELTS examiners for the Educational Television Stationof the Ministry of Education (ETV),with over 40,000 successful students.You can also study online nationwide.
📌 Highlight
  • An institution that guarantees results up to Band 8 on the IELTS exam.
  • The institution has a massive following withover 118,365 followers.
  • Their Education Consultant team provides academic consultationand answers questions in the institution’s style.
  • They have designed online English language coursesfor educational institutions with over 20,000 students,suitable for all ages, including elementary, middle, high school, and working adults.
    • Ajarn Ploy, with over 20 years of English teaching experience,is also an invited IELTS examiner for the Educational Television Station of the Ministry of Education (ETV).

📌 Recommended Course Promotions

  • IELTS 8 PLUS + Speaker Interview (Native Speaker) course priced at 15,900 THB from the regular price of 24,900 THB.
    • Free Grammar for IELTS course.
    • Up to 8 Speaking Test sessions with a Native Speaker.
    • Unlimited Writing & Speaking Test checks until the course expires.
    • Free study materials, including up to 5 books and PDF study files.


📌 Contact
TEL : 084-940-1940
FB : KruPloy Berante กวดวิชาภาษาอังกฤษ สไตล์ติวเข้ม
Youtube : Beranteonline