Do you hate pest insects with your entire heart? Such as those cockroaches, termites and ants? Can’t bear even seeing them or getting scared out of your mind the moment you run into them in a toilet? Sometimes these pests become too troublesome and start having an effect on your daily lives as well. No matter the degree of your pest trouble, we all can agree that not having them at all is the best choice. 😂 These pests not only send your hair standing but also makes you nervous that your house isn’t hygienic and is now a vector for spreading germs as well!

For people who don’t want to go through such a traumatic event and don’t want their loved ones to suffer a sting or a bite, or worse, an illness; then using a pest control service is in order. Today we at Lifesara put together a list of professional pest control service providers who can cover every nook and cranny in your house. Invest in their service for once so you never have to worry about these pests again. If you want to use their service then let’s have a look at these companies!

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Chemin Pest Control

Let’s start off with a pest control service providerthat can provide a very comprehensive solutionfor your pest trouble, ChemIn Pest Control, from the Din Dang area.With more than 42 years of experience,they can make sure that the pest you want eliminated are gone for good and put your entomophobia mind at ease!They offer a termite piping system in the pre-construction stage for home and residential buildings as well as spraying service for pest’s nests with the right choice of chemical agent or baits.You can truly sleep with your mind at easewhen it comes to the servicequality of this company!

📌ChemIn Pest Control highlights
1. Only products that are approved by the Thai F.D.A are used.

2. ChemIn employs only staff who underwent the Pests Control and Elimination Training program from the Association of Thai Pest Control Entrepreneur. Everyone of them also underwent training from Bayer Thailand.

3. The company uses only products that came from leading brands that are accepted internationally.

4. Install termite piping systems before construction begins for housing and residential areas to prevent termite infestation during construction.

5. Offer both insect elimination and trapping mechanism.

📌Promotion: When using termites, ants or cockroaches’ control service worth more than 10,000 Baht:
✨ 0% interest installment payment for 4 months for customers using Kasikorn Bank credit card.
✨10% discounts for customers who pay in cash (full amount) when using termites, ants or cockroaches’ control service.

📍Location: 522/205 Asok-Din Daeng-Soi Sap Thani, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 02-684-0020-2
FB : เคมอิน กำจัดปลวก แมลง และพาหะนำโรค Chemin Pest Control สำรวจฟรี
Email :


Contact Scientist 2006

Next up we have Contact Scientist 2006 from the Nawamin area. This is another company with more than 20 years of experience and is a trusted brand for many types of customers such as homeowners, restaurants, entertainment complexes as well as government venues. Whether you are looking to prevent or eliminate pests with or without venoms as well as dust mites the company is more than ready to help you out with your pressing pest problem.

A company that has been in many customers’ hearts for a really long time that focuses on the highest quality of service at the best possible price that guarantees your money’s worth. This is truly a pest elimination company that you can’t dismiss!

📌Contact Scientist 2006
highlight: 1. Pest control service of all kinds; termites, ants, cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes and anything that disturbs you.

2. Termite piping service available.

3. Automatic air freshener spray and toilet spray dispenser for toilet bowl installation service.

4. Helps with pests that chew and destroy properties and act as disease vectors that pose a public health and environmental hazard.

5. Chemical piping service for pests during construction.

6. Highly conscious about responsibility towards society; a high emphasis on safety and environmental impact reduction.

7. Highly knowledgeable staff specialized in pest control that underwent rigorous training that comply with a lot of standards.

📍Location: 19/362 Nawamin, Khlong Klum, Bueng Klum, Bangkok 10230

📌Contact information
Tel : 081-924-3624 | 093-380-6474 | 02-011-0459
Line : contact-2006
FB : คอนแทค ไซแอนตีส 2006
Email :
Website :



Next up we have UN PEST CONTROL,another highly professional service with a comprehensive range of offerssuch as elimination and preventionas well as all types of services to solve all sorts of insect’s problems. This includes solution loading, ground injection, pipe laying or bait systemthat is guaranteed to eliminate an entire colony as well as a comprehensive bait system to prevent infestation. If you are looking for a safe and environmentally friendly pest control solutionthen try contacting them or make an appointment for a site surveyfor free!

📌UN PEST CONTROL highlight
1. The staffs are assembled from a highly experienced crew who received training and licenses from the Thai F.D.A and dangerous material handling procedure course.

2. Free site survey, guidance and planning services

3. Sourcing service for tools and chemical agents used in prevention and elimination of termites, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, flour beetles and all types of crawling and flight capable insects.

4. Products and chemicals are certified by the Ministry of Public Health as suitable for home, factory and building use.

5. Products and chemicals used received MSDS and all related certification.

6. All information and service plans are recorded; efficient before and after-sales service guarantee.

📌Contact Informations
Web : | Line
E-mail :
FB : กำจัดปลวก กำจัดแมลง กำจัดหนู กำจัดยุง
Tel : 094-616-4696 | 094-408-3334 | 094-481-7722