Buying a house or a condominium unit is a substantial investment; therefore, one of the best practices is to know things to do before buying a house as well as the current state of the house. It’s important to understand the condition and realize what needs to be improved, as buyers wouldn’t want frequent repairs.

That’s exactly why home inspection is a prerequisite before setting anything in stone. This practice is a necessity prior to any sales and purchases of real estate. Not only will it help buyers to have insights into the accurate price—preventing them from being taken advantage of—home inspection can boost buyer’s confidence throughout the process.

📌 Benefits of Home Inspection
  • Boosts confidence
    Home inspection provides visibility into the current state of the house, as well as its history and real condition
  • Reduces extra expenses
    Home inspection is one of the things you should add to your to-do list so as to ensure your house will eventually turn into a home, as well as lowering the possibility of consequent repairs
  • Helps with price negotiation
    Home inspection also helps unearth any hidden issues or defects that can be used to negotiate for the best deal according to accurate price estimation
  • Ensures well-planned purchase
    Home inspection is good for potential buyers that are still sitting on the fence as it will provide better visibility to implications
  • Helps make a more informed buying decision
    Most importantly, home inspection will show all areas of improvement, and eventually lead to a well-informed decision whether the purchase will maintain a healthy portfolio
📌 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Home Inspector
  • Reliability
    Home inspection somehow puts your money at stake; most buyers would want a well-known company with strong track record for traceability
  • Comprehensiveness of services
    Most home inspectors today tend to provide a one-stop service: it’s preferable to find a well-rounded company with expertise in legal and real estate matters as well as construction so as to give buyers ultimate peace of mind during negotiation
  • Professionality
    Of course, each and every one of home inspection companies specialize in different fields; remember to do some research on experiences and areas of competence before confidently settling for the one you deem fittest
Now you can see why you can’t hire just any inspector. But worry not, because LifeSara has here a curated collection of 6 home inspection companies 2023 edition that will help make decision-making easier for first-time buyers.

BCC Living Care Service

Let’s begin our journey with BCC Living Care Service. If you tend to worry about the costs going above budget or unresolved issues, this vendor might be suitable for you. Founded by a team of professional engineers, this vendor will give you a peace of mind by preventing all common problems before they emerge.

Apart from expertise in home inspection, BBC Loving Care Service also provides consultation regarding construction and renovation, completely resolving any potential concerns. With more than 2,000 projects nationwide over a span of 7 years, rest assured they will give you the best advice according to their proud tagline “Your Happiness Is Our Goal”. What are you waiting for?


📌Why BCC Living Care Service

  • Deep understanding of engineering construction, with experience in such establishments as houses, factories, hospitals, expressways, and railways
  • A team of over 30 qualified engineers ready to provide onsite inspection
  • Free subsequent inspection in case of errors from initial inspection
  • Affordable service fee and full suite of specialized equipment for home inspection

📌Core services of BCC Living Care Service

  • Structural inspection, including doors, fences, roofs, parking space
  • Architectural inspection, including flooring and tiling, walls, ceilings, mirrors
  • Electrical inspection, including electrical outlets, switches, lighting, main distribution board, breakers
  • Water system inspection, including cold water system, waste water system, and all other components
  • Moisture and leakage inspection, and inspection with a drone
  • Consulting sessions from upstream to downstream construction to ensure flawless work according to engineering principles


📍Location : Nationwide service (distance-based charges for sites outside of Bangkok)

📌Contacts and social media platforms for reviews
FB : Bcc Living Care Service รับตรวจคอนโด ตรวจบ้าน ก่อนโอน ด้วยทีมวิศวกร
Web :
Tel : 085-923-7804 (Khun Champ) | 064-197-9265 (Khun Camp)
Line : @bccservice


All we check

If you are looking for a home or condominium inspection company with extensive experience in engineering, “All We Check” is another vendor you cannot miss. A team of passionate, professional inspectors and engineers can cater to all needs relating to real estate.

One thing is guaranteed: constructive, unbiased, and informative examination. What’s more, you can be more confident because they incorporate information technology (IT) into the inspection process in order to minimize human errors. Anyone looking to buy a house is encouraged to contact All We Check!


📌Why All we check

  • 12 teams of inspectors with extensive experience in real estate to fulfill all your requirements
  • Invaluable advice concerning engineering and other matters such as house buying process, construction, construction supervision,BOQ review against construction site
  • IT-based inspection to minimize human errors and instigate continuous improvement so as to deliver excellent services

📌 Core services of All we check

  • Exterior and roof inspection with a drone❗️
  • Interior design inspection
  • Electrical and lighting inspection
  • Water system inspection, both in and outdoor
  • Exterior design inspection
  • Landscaping inspection
  • Leakage inspection


📌Location : Situated in Lad Krabang area, with free services in Bangkok and vicinity
(except for Sumut Sakorn, Ayutthaya, Nakorn Pathom, Chachoengsao)

📌Contacts and social media platforms for reviews
Tel : 083-549-5708
Line OA : @allwecheck
FB : รับตรวจบ้าน ตรวจคอนโด ที่ปรึกษางานก่อสร้าง All We Check


Zero Defect

With a total of 20 years of experience in real estate, Zero Defect will take away frequent repairs. This vendor knows the majority of customers tend to go for lower prices, which sometimes compromise quality, they therefore provide services at affordable prices. Zero Defect can accommodate you with many things, but of course, home and condominium inspection. A team of qualified engineers will unearth all hidden issues and zero out any defects given 15 years of experience in engineering and 5 years since founding.


📌Why Zero defect

  • 6 teams of professionals, 2-4 members each, assigned according to projects
  • Full suite of equipment in compliance with civil engineering standards
  • Teams of inspectors consist of certified senior engineers with more than 15 years of experience, not mere technicians and junior engineers
  • Nationwide inspection service

📌Core services of Zero defect

  • Variety of inspections, including home, condominium, townhome, both custom and spec homes
  • Leakage inspection
  • Inspection for wall cracks, soil grading, and drainage
  • Water system inspection
  • Electrical inspection
  • Interior design inspection


📌Travel expenses

  • Free of charge in Bangkok and vicinity
  • 6-8 THB per kilometer for excluded provinces

📌Contacts and social media platforms for reviews
Line : @zerodefect
Tel : 083-639-2228


QC Smart

Throw your worry about concealed issues away, because QC Smart will leave no stone unturned. This home inspection company, being part of Nusasiri HQ’s developer team, is reflected in influencers, celebrities, and expats’ daily conversations. With more than 20 years of experience in property inspection and a top team of engineers, architects, electrical/plumbing technicians, this vendor is more than ready to work with you at a reasonable price!


📌Why QC smart

  • A team of professionals that leaves no stone unturned
  • Friendly services at competitive prices
  • Professionals in various fields, armed with hi-tech equipment
  • Over 20 years of experience since college—15 years of professional career and 8 years since first inspection
  • Nationwide inspection in more than 40 provinces

📌Core services of QC smart

  • Fencing inspection
  • Sliding doors inspection
  • Garage inspection
  • Outdoor inspection
  • Water system inspection
  • Living area inspection
  • Kitchen inspection
  • Bathroom inspection
  • Stairs inspection
  • Bedroom inspection
  • Balcony inspection
  • Main distribution board inspection
  • Roofing inspection


FB : Qc Smart บริษัทรับตรวจบ้านและอสังหาฯ
Line :
Web :
Tel : 098-456-7584



Naklengban could be a go-to company if you are on a quest for a seasoned home inspection company. This vendor provides all-in-one services for condominiums, homes, and townhomes! The founder used to be an expert in property quality inspection before taking control of their own path by founding Naklengban over 7 years ago. So rest assured they won’t let anything slide, even the tiniest details. Naklengban will take as great care of your home as you would.


📌Why Naklengban

  • 3 teams of professionals ready to take care of all aspects
  • Comprehensive care at inexpensive prices
  • Onsite inspection in Bangkok and vicinity

📌Core services of Naklengban

  • Outdoor inspection
  • Architectural inspection
  • Water system inspection
  • Electrical and communications system inspection
  • Structural inspection (visible part)
  • Building supervisor job
  • Home additions
  • Furnishing
  • Fencing / tree / grass / soil
  • Consultation


📌Loacation : 498/12 Kanchanapisek Road, Tha Rang, Bang Khen, Bangkok 10220

📌Contacts and social media platforms for reviews
Line : @naklengban
Tel : 088-490-6990
FB : นักเลงบ้าน
TikTok : naklengbanclip



Let’s end our journey with 89home, a highly busy inspection company that is more than happy to ensure you get to live in your dream house with a team of qualified engineers. 89home knows better to give it all as their professionals used to supervise construction sites of prestigious real estate agencies before founding own firm. They have steadily gained popularity since 2019, so you can always rely on their distinguished services in conformity with applicable regulations and standards!


📌Why 89 home

  • Thorough inspection with full suite of modern equipment
  • Extensive experience results in immediate awareness of any foul play home sellers and/or subcontractors might be up to
  • Service coverage in Bangkok and vicinity

📌Core services of 89 home

  • Roofing inspection
  • Attic inspection
  • Electrical and communications system inspection
  • Water system inspection
  • Leakage inspection for roof, and flooring at all stories
  • Leakage inspection for walls and windows around the house
  • Architectural and structural inspection
  • Installation and functionality inspection
  • Fencing and gardening inspection


📌Contacts and social media platforms for reviews
Line : @89.home
Tel : 080-564-1789
FB : 89home รับตรวจบ้านและคอนโด