Are you experiencing problems when going up and down a staircase when moving your stuff around? Health problem that doesn’t let you or an elderly person in your house traverse up and down freely and is causing you worries?

The solution with the highest value would be an elevator as it can act as a great helper, alleviate the problems you are facing and just make your life easier overall.

This is the reason why there are so many types of elevators for all sorts of usage. Every company’s elevator has their own highlights too, that’s why the Lifesara team has put together a list of installers for home elevators of various types who focus on safety. If you are looking for an elevator, this post can definitely speed up the looking process. Let’s take a look at these companies, shall we?

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Suzhou Schneider international

ลิฟต์บ้าน-ลิฟท์บ้าน-ลิฟท์บ้าน ราคา-ติดตั้งลิฟท์-ลิฟท์ยกรถ-ลิฟท์ขนของ-บริษัท ลิฟต์-suzhou schneider international

Let’s start off with the home elevator from Suzhou Schneider International, a high-quality worldwide distributor of home elevators, goods elevators and person elevators. Suzhou Schneider International had partnered up with a Thai company in order to meet Thai’s demand and had received countless glowing reviews from Thai customers.

Currently, they have a lot of installationand handover projects in their backlog;a testament to their ability as the leadingproviders of lifts and escalators in Thailand.If you are looking for an aestheticallypleasing lift with a good price tag, look no further thanSuzhou Schneider International.

📌Suzhou Schneider International’s highlight
– Zero worries when it comes to manufacturing quality and malfunction as they utilize the latest safety technology that is highly reliable and convenient to use.

– Plethora of efficient transport solutions for residential buildings such as row house, bungalow, villa, duplex apartment and penthouse that are designed with space-efficiency and speed in mind.

– Stylish design that matches with all types of building.

– Schneider’s home elevator is designed for installation in any part of the house and is very quiet during use and doesn’t disturb the residents.

📌Contact informations
Tel : 02-592-2853 | 086-327-3754
FB : Icon Schneider Elevator
Line ID : iconlift
E-mail :
Web : Schneider


Kitti Home lift

Next up we have Kitti Home lift, an installer located in Bangsan who has been in business for more than 35 years. They are a leader when it comes to hydraulic home elevators that might be familiar to our eyes such as home elevators, goods elevators, car elevators as well as industry-grade elevators.

Their standards are second to none as they have their own factory that manufactures their own elevator system and help provide maintenance to other industrial users which help guarantee the safety of their product. Be it wooden, newly built or renovated house, their elevator can fit in every type of residential building with a value price tag starting only at 175,000 Baht.

📌Kitti’s Home Lift highlight
– Kitti’s Home lift comes in 2 sizes, standard and half-body, that could be installed for buildings with 1-4 floors and could take on 350 kilograms of weight.
– Safety system to prevent accidental crushing when an obstacle is present. For example, half body lift will cease operating when a hand is detected outside the lift.

– Backup battery and electrical system in case of power outage and there are still passengers in the elevator. The elevator will bring the passenger to the first floor.
– Sensors linked to light and sound warning that activates when the elevator isn’t in proper functional condition, for example, incomplete closing and opening of the elevator door will prevent the elevator from moving.

– Customizable design for the color, structure and doors according to your taste and needs.
– Elevator ceiling lined with Formica wood and bright acrylic color that gives off a luxurious and beautiful aura that the customers can choose.
– Electrical lock to prevent external door from opening when the lift isn’t in position,
– Installation in limited space available.

📍Location: Bangsan Hydraulic 2022 co.,ltd Muang district, Chonburi

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 099-197-0575 (Mr. Kitti) | Line
FB : ลิฟต์บ้านคุณกิตติ
Tiktok : kitti.hydraulic



For this spot we have the home elevator Ximplex.If you are looking for a home elevator that matches the lifestyleof everyone in your family then this is the bestchoice as they provide a large varietyof elevators that are loadedwith function and safety features.These elevators also have some differentiating gimmick up their chute;an Artificial intelligence system thatcould process commands 2 times faster than your conventional screw-and-hydraulic elevator.

The features mentioned above allowed Ximplex elevator to bear the right number of loads while maintaining a cool aesthetic in a small form factor that could enhance every residential building it is present in. They also offer installation advice for free which makes them the most comprehensive choice when it comes to elevators.

📌Ximplex elevator’s highlight
– Powered by the All-in-One Servo system that is used in the resilient and durable industrial robots.
– 10 years warranty on the electrical motor
– Incredible speed at 8 second per floor and convenient to use with the automatic door system.

– Easy installation without the need of a mechanical room, a specialized chute, or a foundation pile. Only 2 elevator piles and a door is needed which help save installation cost.
– Energy saving system that costs only 10 Satang per trip.
– Professional service team on standby 24/7
– Manufactured in Thailand with a very short wait time.

📌Promotion: Free installation site survey (in Bangkok and suburbs)

📍Location: 398 Senanikhom road 398, 1 Lad Phrao, Bangkok 10230

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 02-102-9258 | 099-287-4776
Line : @flinkone (ช่องทางหลัก)
Web :
Youtube : FLINKONE Official
FB : Ximplex by Flinkone – ลิฟต์บ้าน ระบบ All in one servo


Reanthong Lift

For the final spot, we have the Reanthong Lift homeelevator who has been in the industry for more than 50 years and sold more than 4,000 elevator units;a true legend among elevator companies. Despite their age, the company is capable of producing their ownelevator too and importing some models from foreign country;allowing them to offer a large varietyof elevators that would beable to satisfyevery type of usage and demand.

Home elevator, goods elevator, food elevator, car elevator, automatic parking system and even escalators; no matter the product type, the company put in a lot of effort in order to maintain the safety standard level from the founding days until the present which won a lot of loyal customers who always come back for more.

📌Reanthing Lift highlights
– Safety is paramount
– Professional in-house team that can maintain consistent quality and build long-term customer confidence.
– Elevator design service that matches the installation site.
– Service throughout the country from Chiang Rai all the way to Yala. Also exports to neighboring countries such as Burma, Lao and Vietnam.
– Imported systems available, such as home elevators from Europe and Canada or parking systems from Japan.

📍Location: 228/234 Rama 3 Road, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 02-289-3938 | 02-289-4953
Fax : 02-689-2424
Web :
FB : reanthonglift
IG : reanthonglift