Many people interested in studying in Singapore may have heard of the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). It is one of the largest private education institutions in Singapore, with over 16,000 students enrolling each year, including international students from more than 40 countries. This makes SIM a vibrant and culturally diverse center for people with various cultural backgrounds.

SIM offers a wide range of educational programs, with more than 120 courses ranging from basic education to undergraduate levels and beyond. By blending knowledge from both Asia and the international community, the education here is of a very high standard, comparable to many top global universities. Therefore, for those looking to study abroad, especially in Singapore, SIM Global Education is an excellent option that can truly transform your life.

For parents and readers who are looking for universities or institutions for further studies in Singapore and are still deciding where to study. LifeSara would like to present you with 10 reasons why you should consider studying at SIM. What does SIM have to offer? Let’s find out together!


More than bilingualism

Due to the diversity of students here, ranging from China, Japan, England, to India, many people may end up speaking more than 2 languages after graduating because we have to use different languages to communicate with classmates throughout the semester. There’s a chance you might end up speaking more than 5 languages casually.


Attend the same class with top instructorsfrom world-class university

Singapore Institute of Management is a private institution that collaborates with world-renowned universities from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Europe, all brought to SIM without the need to travel far! Here, you’ll receive aquality education anddirect faculty from partner universities. Knowledge galore!

Currently, SIM has partnered withmore than 10 leading universities, such as :

  1. University of Birmingham
  2. University of London
  3. University of Stirling
  4. University at Buffalo
  5. The State University of New York
  6. RMIT University
  7. La Trobe University
  8. University of Wollongong
  9. The University of Sydney
  10. Grenoble Ecole de Management

Wide range of subjects tochoose from

Singapore Institute of Management offers more than 120 courses in Singapore through collaborations with 10 universities. These masters, bachelors, diplomas, and certification programs span across various fields, including :

  • Applied Sciences
  • Business Arts
  • Information Technology
  • International Business
  • Game Development and Web
  • Communication
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Management
  • Nursing
  • Arts and Social Sciences and more!

Study Hard, Relax Harder

SIM’s teaching approach is intensive, in-depth and emphasizes practical application. The duration of each study session typically ranges from 2 to 3 hours. After completing the coursework, students have the remainder of the day to explore additional information and deepen their knowledge on topics of interest. This flexibility allows studentsto engage in various activities and pursue their interests without being confined to mandatory coursework.


A taste of multiculturalism

Due to the presenceof international studentfrom over 40 countries at the institution, students will have the opportunity to interact with classmates from diverse cultural backgrounds.This not only helps the students improve their language skills but also enhancestheir understanding of the cultures of people from various countries.Furthermore, when the students graduate and have the opportunity to work abroad,this experience will enable them to better connectwith international colleagues and adapt more effectively than before.

State-of-art facilities

Singapore Institute of Management with its 110,000 square meters campus area, sits on Clementi Road with a large and imposing auditorium building. Although SIM is an educational institution, everything is designed to provide convenience to students,making it feel like we are studyingat a university.

The facilities are comprehensive, including libraries, classrooms, computer labs, financial advisory centers, theaters, various activity rooms, gymnasiums, and a variety of workspaces.It can be said that everything is provided to allow us to pursue our interests freely.


Study in Singapore with Scholarship that matches international students needs

Singapore Institute of Management is renowned for being an educational institutionthat supports international students,encouraging them to contributeto Singapore’s economy. Here, there are various scholarships and financial aid opportunities available for international students right from the start. These include support scholarships ranging from 50% to full scholarships covering 100%, even scholarships during the course of study.SIM is considered a university ready to assist and supportinternational students throughouttheir educational journey and into their careers.


A glimpse into prospective job; unparalleled career readiness

SIM is ready to provide international students with opportunities to develop their skills from education into future careerseven before graduation. The institution offers various forms of training and development,, including workshops, company visits, exchange programs, and participation in various exhibitions. All of these initiatives help international studentsdevelop and recognize their strengths,preparing them for the workforce before entering the professional world in full capacity.

Wide coverage health insurance for all international students

SIM provides health insurance for students to receive medical treatment and surgeries in hospitals. The coverage amount is $20,000 Singapore Dollars per year per studentand offers 24-hour protection in Singapore and abroad (if students are involved inactivities related to SIM PL) throughout the duration of the course.

Singapore, a country praised for its safety

Finally, with regard to the safety in Singapore, it is undoubtedly one of the safest countries globally, with very low crime rates and accidents. Singaporean laws are stringent, and people strictly abide by them. Breaking the law is a rarity, and the technology here is up-to-date, providing convenience in various aspects.
Moreover, Singapore beinga small island nation makes travel and exploration easy. The comprehensive control and management within the country cover all aspects of life. It’s no wonder that many aspire to study in Singapore. In conclusion, if you’re considering studying abroad, Singapore should undoubtedly be one of your top choices!