For people with different types of vision – nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatic – getting eyeglasses might be a familiar experience. Glasses are considered essential items that allow us to confidently engage in various activities. However, for those who think, “It’s just glasses, I can get them cut anywhere”, the truth is that glasses themselves come in various grades. There are regular ones available at general eyewear stores and premium ones that are no different from luxury cars, tailored suits, high-quality clothing, or luxury watches.
Premium glasses, simply put, are personalized eyeglasses (a pair designed specifically just for you!). If you can’t visualize it, it’s like going to a tailor to get a suit that fits perfectly – not just any suit from a flea market that looks out of proportion when worn. Mattaya Vision Center has gained a reputation for its expertise in customizing eyeglasses, making it THE player in the industry.
“Mattaya Vision Center,” also known as “MATTAYA Progressive Vision Center,” is an all-encompassing eyewear store!! They offer services that cover every aspect in getting glasses, from cutting adult eyeglasses (especially complex progressive lenses) to children’s eyeglasses, dry eye treatment, and even eye health examinations by ophthalmologists – a service that’s quite rare to find all in one place. It’s safe to say that if you have any eye-related issues, you can address them all at Mattaya.
Today, Lifesara would like to introduce you to Dr. Mattaya, the expert ophthalmologist behind Mattaya Vision Center, an eyewear store that professionally caters to every vision-related concern. If you’re curious about why you should choose carefully when cutting prescription glasses, read on to discover why Mattaya Vision Center is the place to go! ✨
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Cut glasses precisely to address the problem effectively 

“Because Mattaya wants everyone to wear the best eyeglasses.”

Going back, Dr. Mattaya started ‘Mattaya Vision Center’ because she herself encountered numerous patients who often had vision problems, but these issues weren’t being correctly addressed. Some individuals had to spend money multiple times, yet still didn’t find glasses that truly suited them.

Eyeglasses aren’t a simple matter of getting whatever lens in front of their eyes like a lot of people seem to think it is. Wearing eyeglasses that don’t fit can impact our vision, work, and daily life. Some might even experience dizziness or migraines when wearing glasses, but the root cause often lies in the glasses not being well-suited for their eyes.

Therefore, Dr. Mattaya was determined to establish the “MATTAYA Progressive Vision Center,” a place to address vision issues and provide premium eyeglass cutting services. Custom-designed lenses are tailored to each individual’s needs, utilizing expertise to maximize the efficiency of the glasses and lenses. The goal is to provide wearers with the best, most suitable eyeglasses that perfectly match their requirements.


Premium quality eyewear – “Cut glasses with Mattaya to solve all eye problems, forget about the phrase
“needs adjustment”

When it comes to eyeglasses, most people tend to focus on selecting the frames as the main aspect. They often intentionally choose frames that look good on their faces. However, other components of the glasses are often overlooked. Simply wearing glasses that look good, improve clarity, and have an acceptable price is often seen as sufficient. Yet, many individuals who make these choices end up dissatisfied because they encounter issues like discomfort, dizziness, unclear vision, or floating sensation. Some might think that they just need time to adjust to the new glasses and continue wearing them until they get used to it.

However, the process of cutting a premium eyeglass at Mattaya Vision Center isn’t like that. “We make the glasses fit the person, not the other way around.” At Mattaya, every step is meticulously executed – from selecting frames, lens types, models, and brands to various supplementary options. Additionally, certified optometrists specializing in eye care are directly involved. They finely tune and cut the eyeglasses to be the most suitable for each individual.

Therefore, with eyeglasses cut at Mattaya Vision Center, there’s no need to constantly adjust to the new glasses. These glasses are tailored to perfectly fit one individual, so there’s no need for further adaptation ✨ 


Excellent service with an eye doctor team attending to every detail of your vision

In addition to receiving premium eyeglasses, the level of service you receive is no less premium. From the moment you step into the store, you feel like a V.I.P customer. There’s an optometrist available to greet you and provide consultation throughout your visit. You’re guided through selecting frames, trying on lenses from various brands until you find the right match. This allows you to take your time in choosing eyeglasses that you truly like and that suit you perfectly.


Mattaya Vision Center is truly an expert in progressive lenses

In the eyewear industry, it’s known that progressive lenses are the most challenging to cut 😱 and require the utmost precision. This is because progressive lenses are highly complex and demand the skill of a talented lens cutter in order to produce eyeglasses that won’t cause discomfort. The key advantage of progressive lenses suitable for those above 40 years old is that they offer clear vision at all distances when wearing just a single pair of glasses. This ranges from distant views like when driving, to close-up views like reading a book. You don’t need multiple pairs of glasses, which can be bothersome.

These lenses are suitable for individuals aged 40 and above who have intricate vision issues. The brilliance of progressive lenses lies in the fact that wearing a single pair provides clear vision at all distances.

Customers often suggest “MATTAYA Progressive Vision Center” because MATTAYA stands out in cutting progressive lenses. Dr. Mattaya and the team prioritize every detail in the process, and even have certified optometrists personally assist each customer. Truly remarkable 👍🏻 

Even more impressive is that among the many thousands of cases where customers have had their glasses cut at MATTAYA, they often share a unanimous sentiment of receiving exceptional service. This experience often transforms them into loyal, repeat customers. It’s safe to say that MATTAYA is a beloved choice for progressive eyewear enthusiasts


Not just anyone can replace Mattaya 

Although some customers may try having their glasses cut at other stores after getting a pair from Mattaya, due to seeing promotions and thinking other places offer lower prices, they often realize the difference once they actually try on the glasses. Even though the other stores seem similar, they find that the glasses they had cut elsewhere don’t fit properly or are uncomfortable to wear. This leads them to come back to have their glasses cut at Mattaya because the difference is something that can’t be replicated. Even for the most challenging type of lenses, the quality remains high. As for other types of lenses, customers have no worries about comfort.

✨If you want to read more reviews, you can check them out here to see what customers think about Mattaya Vision Center!✨ 


Thorough precision, with an eye examination that takes no less than 1 hour 

Normally, when we go to have glasses cut at other places, the majority of the time is spent selecting the frame. The step of measuring the eyesight is usually a quick process involving a few blinks, taking no more than half an hour at most. However, at Mattaya Vision Center, they thoroughly examine every aspect. The examination isn’t extended for process’s sake but to actually ensure that every detail is taken into account. The processes are:

  • The optometrist (eye specialist) begins by asking us questions to assess our needs.
    • There’s no need to worry about getting glasses that we don’t like, as the team at Mattaya Vision Center always starts by evaluating our visual needs. They ask about the purposes of wearing glasses and what we need them for. This step is highly detailed, aiming to provide us with the glasses that best suit our preferences.
  • Measuring the eye’s different value with state-of-art equipment ✨
    • This step is quite impressive. Mattaya Vision Center has a wide range of measuring tools, including the familiar Autorefractor. They also have the digital phoropter, which allows us to clearly compare differences between lens models.
    • Afterward, the optometrist will let you try on different progressive lenses, choosing from a variety of models and brands until we find the one that’s most suitable and appealing to you.
  • Experience the world with progressive lens on
    • The optometrist also has a way to help us adjust quickly by having us wear the progressive lenses, experiencing the multifocal aspect of the lenses that were measured earlier. Then, we’re encouraged to walk around different areas, take the elevator, go down stairs, use a computer, look at our phone, to see if the lenses suit our lifestyle and ensure that your money won’t go to waste.

If anyone wants to see how Mattaya’s advanced measuring equipment works, you can check it out here !!


Outstanding selection of materials for both lenses and top-tier eyeglass frames from around the world

The meticulous selection of various materials by Mattaya is another aspect that truly demonstrates their perfectionism. Whether it’s lenses or frames, all of them are globally renowned, high-end brands of exceptional quality. Therefore, you can be confident in the quality of the materials in the glasses you get from Mattaya Vision Center,. The frames chosen by Mattaya are made exclusively from premium materials! They not only enhance your appearance, making you look elegant and luxurious, but they are also incredibly lightweight. Wearing them feels like not wearing glasses at all. No more red marks on your nose. Simply outstanding.


Certified optometrists here to guide you through every step of the lens-cutting process 

The standout feature of Mattaya Vision Center is the presence of optometrists, or as we locals like to call them, “eye doctors,” who take care of us throughout every step, “from start to finish.” It’s not just about measuring our eyes; these eye doctors provide guidance on selecting components for customizing glasses that fit us perfectly. They also answer any questions we have, such as “What is this frame made of?” or “How is this lens different from that one?” This ensures that people who aren’t familiar with eyewear feel at ease. You can ask anything lens-related, and they’ll provide all the answers.


Calm and private atmosphere of the shop 

Mattaya Vision Center places great importance on privacy because they want every customer to receive attentive service and the best experience. The location is spacious and accommodating, ensuring that many people can be served without feeling crowded. Therefore, before heading there, we recommend that everyone make an appointment and schedule a time. When the time comes, you can simply walk into the store for your eyewear fitting without waiting.

Comprehensive service for all vision-related matters – A One-stop Service store

Driven by Dr. Mattaya’s intention, Mattaya Vision Center aims to provide an all-encompassing One-stop service for eye care to people of all genders and ages. This approach eliminates the need for customers like us to travel to multiple places and waste time, allowing whole families to get their optics problem sorted in one visit. Currently, Mattaya Vision Center offers four services:

  1. Adult Eyewear Fitting Services: This includes a wide range of eyewear options such as reading glasses, specialized (office) lenses, sunglasses, and progressive lenses.
  2. Children’s Eyewear Fitting Services: Handled by pediatricians and optometrists specialized in children’s eye care.
  3. Comprehensive Eye Health Examinations
  4. Comprehensive care for eye symptoms (even a simple dry-eye can affect your vision!)

Outstanding post-sale service, no customer neglected

In case there are issues with the eyewear after purchasing, such as unclear vision, discomfort, fitting problems, or warping, there’s no need to worry. Mattaya Vision Center never abandons its customers. We can simply visit the store or call for assistance. The team of optometrists at Mattaya will promptly help address and resolve the problem.

If the issue is not related to the eyewear itself, Mattaya will even guide us to directly consult an ophthalmologist for further treatment and solutions. Moreover, Mattaya provides medical certificates for insurance claims related to eyewear fittings. Rest assured, they’ve got us covered!


Things to know before getting glasses at Mattaya Vision Center 

1. If you have existing eyeglass frames and only want to change the lenses, that’s entirely possible!
If someone has frames they love and don’t want to replace, but wish to upgrade to progressive lenses, the optometrists at Mattaya Vision Center can assist in assessing the fitting of both the frames and lenses for the best fit. That’s one issue off your mind!

2. How long do progressive lenses last?
On average, the lifespan of progressive lenses is around 2 to 5 years. As we age, our eye prescriptions change over time. The limitation of lens lifespan is due to the changing nature of our eyes. If you begin to experience issues while wearing them, it’s recommended to replace them immediately.

3. What age group is suitable for progressive lenses?
Generally, progressive lenses are most suitable for individuals aged 40 and above. Around this age, many people experience vision problems related to presbyopia, where near and distant vision becomes less clear, leading to discomfort, eye strain, and headaches. Therefore, this age group should prioritize proper eye care.


📌 Mattaya Vision Center Contact
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