In these ages we focus on work rather than our health. The consequence is that the condition of our bodies is getting worse. The symptoms that we often find are neck, back, shoulder, and other pains. So, there are many treatments for those symptoms in the world. And one of the options is “chiropractic by a chiropractor”.🥰

“Skeletal Alignment” or “Chiropractic” is invented to realign your posture and skeleton moving back to the right spot. The result is soothing bones, joints, and muscles pain and making it better constantly. It’s one of the treatment options for us.

📌What is chiropractic?
Chiropractic is a treatment by a chiropractor who is specialized to adjust, realign and apply pressure to bones, muscles, and joints adjusting these to the right position. Thus, chiropractors have to be a specialist with experience and be certified.

📌Who is not suited to chiropractic?
Even though chiropractic is a way to immediately soothe pain, there is a limit as well. Certain groups of people that have entrapment neuropathy, osteoporosis, experienced joint dislocation, bone diseases, stroke, cancer spine, and myasthenia gravis may get more harm doing this.

Decent chiropractic is to prepare our body and not force it. So we have to select a properly certified chiropractor for our confidence and safety. We, Lifesara, collected four chiropractic clinics for body alignment by specialists to soothe all pains from us. Don’t waste the time. Let’s keep reading!

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Chiropractic Clinic: Prohealth Chiropractic Clinic

If you are facing pain such as shoulder,neck, spine, pain from an exercise, or after-birth pain, you should come to the Prohealth Chiropractic Clinic.It’s a place where you can rely on both male and female doctorsbecause they’re all real professionals who graduated in chiropractic from the United States.Don’t talk about their experiences since they’ve treated countless patients.

For those who are having the symptomswe mentioned above,you can come for a body examination first.If there is something wrong,the doctor will realign your bodyto the original positionwithout taking any pills or surgery.This place is located at Ban Thap Chang Airport Rail Link stationwhich is convenient to commute to.It’s one of the chiropractic clinics you shouldn’t miss.

📌Services fee :
– 3,000 Baht per time >> **Included all treatments with no extra fee**
– Course option: Average 2,200 – 1,650 Baht per time (Start with 5 times per course) **Course never expires** **

📍Location : Krung Thep Krita 32 (Near Ban Thap Chang Airport Rail Link station)

Tuesday 11:00 – 17:00 น.
Wednesday 11.00 – 18:00 น.
Friday 10.00 – 14.00 น.
Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 09:00 – 17:00 น.
*Close every Monday*

📌Contact information
Tel : 097-162-9191
Line : @prohealth_chiro
FB : Prohealth Chiropractic Clinic
IG : chiropracticprohealth
TIKTOK : @prohealthchiro


Chiropractic Clinic: Hattharaksa TTM Clinic – Thai Massage

Talking about a popular chiropractic clinic, it can’t be anywhere else, but “Hattharaksa TTM Clinic” by doctor Nopphorn.

Hattharaksa clinic is famous and open for more than seven years. It’s a place that applies Thai traditional Medicine to cure and treat physical symptoms by a doctor specializing in Thai traditional medicine. The staff here are specialized in medical fields and will diagnose and find a way to cure, recover and prevent any diseases caused to muscles, tendons, and bones. Find the problem of its roots.

Aside from chiropractic and Thai massage, they also have herbal medicine and herbal steam to help with muscle problems.
No doubt that this clinic is very popular among teenagers and working-age people. Convenient to get there too by MRT.
We suggest you make an appointment before going so they can manage all the schedules ahead.😁

📌Services fee :
– Treatment to realign the whole body ( Chiropractic) 2,500 Baht
– Massage for specific symptoms 1,200 Baht
– Massage for specific symptoms and relax the muscle by herbal steam 1,700 Baht
**All the services will be visiting a Thai Traditional Medicine doctor to examine and realize the cause of all the problems. The doctor will take care of a treatment plan for you.

📍Location :
1. Bang Khun Non branch (MRT Bang Khun Non))
2. Samyan branch (MRT Samyan)

– Open 6 Days per week (Close on Wednesday)
– 10:00 – 19:00

📌Contact Information
FB : หัตถรักษาคลินิกการแพทย์แผนไทย Hattharaksa TTM Clinic-Thai Massage
Tel : 085-519-6992 | 085-519-5962 | 085-519-6497


Chiropractic Clinic: Time Wellness Clinic

Anyone who feels pain and wants to get rid of it should come to Thai traditional medicine combined with Chinese medicine at Time Wellness Clinic (TWC) located in Ram In Thra area.

TWC is one of the chiropractic clinics that contains Thai traditional medicine with Chinese medicine taking care and realigning your body. Moreover, the doctors specialized in whole body treatment. Analyzing body issues for each of you to find the best solution.

For those who are hesitant, you can go for a body examination free of charge. We really recommend this place. ✨

📌 Services fee :
Chiropractic Realign just 1,600 from 1,800 Baht
(Advice and examination for free)

⚡️ Promotion :
For the first-time visitor, if you give a Like to this picture and Like our page and then announce that you’re coming from ‘LifeSara’, a free Gift Voucher of 500 Baht for the next time visit!

📍 Location : Ease Park Mall, 3rd Floor 3
Nearest BTS: Wat Phra Si station (Soft green line) | Maiyalarb station (Soft pink line, opening soon)
⏰Hours: Open everyday 09:00 – 18:00

📌 Contact Information
FB : Time Wellness Clinic
Line : @twc_clinic
TikTok : timewellness_clinic
Tel : 097-254-6363


Chiropractic Clinic: Banrakkhun Physical Therapy Clinic

Want to do physical therapy to heal your mind and body in a relaxed atmosphere like home, but still concerned if it hurts. If you have this thought, you should visit “Banrakkhun Clinic” realizing that it doesn’t cause any pain. Banrakkhun is a physical therapy clinic that has experienced specialists helping you with all services about body pain. All pains include bones and muscles, neck, shoulder, back, knee pains, and also office syndrome.

The techniques that will be applied are aligning, bending, and smoothly pulling without any dangers. They work with innovative technologies such as Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation (PMS) and other physical treatment machines to cure and soothe the pain.

For those who have problems with the nervous system such as paralysis, there is a treatment for those here and also massage for breastfeeding. There are all services here, no need to find any other places. If you are concerned, you can come for advice and symptoms analysis free of charge. Recommend to make an appointment in advance.

📌Services fee :
Physical therapy program just 999 Baht per time (For new patients) discounted from 1,500 Baht
*This price is included Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation (PMS) and free symptoms analysis

📍Location : Phutthamonthon Sai 2, Bang Khae, Bangkok (At Petchkasem Road side)

Hours :
Open everyday Monday – Friday 16:30 – 20:00 / Saturday and Sunday 09:00 – 20:00 (Recommended for advance appointment)

📌Contact Information
Tel. : 065-145-1536 | 065-141-5536
Line : Banrakkhun
FB : บ้านรักษ์คุณ คลินิกกายภาพบำบัด
IG : Banrakkhun_physioclinic