Teeth are one of the most important parts of your body that requires great attention and care. Not only for the cosmetic reason, as every time you open your mouth everyone can see (and smell) all the way to your throat, but also for health reason. Because they’re only a few inches away from the brain, any pain or infection that happened to the teeth can easily worm itself upward. Festering cavities that wasn’t treated in time can escalated into brain abscess that can leads to death!

But even if you’re not looking into this that far, crooked and yellow teeth can still send people away from you when you needed them the most; From acquaintance and customers to your potential suitor! But while dental clinics are famous for how expensive it is to become their customer, dentist’s service in Thailand isn’t that expensive if you know where to looking for them. Without sacrificing quality, of course! So here are 8 dental clinics around Bangkok with a reasonable price tag and certified dentists on the roster. Whether you want a cosmetic service like braces or veneers, or a medical treatment like cavities and wisdom teeth removal, these clinics are certainly able to sort your mouth out just how you need it!


Crystal Dental

Let’s begin with a dental clinic in the Samyan area where you’ll be cared for by the famous professional dentist, Dr.Crystal! Her dentistry skill and wonderful service mind make her a frequent name showing up with glowing reviews on social networks of many beauty bloggers, influencers, and urban teens and young adults

While she can do every common dental procedure you’ll ever need, beauty dentistry is where Dr.Crystal truly shines! Whether you want your teeth to be lined up exactly like the specific celebrity, or just want a set of teeth that best suit your face, You can just swing by for a consulting session first! No need to commit fully right away. But if you’re more interested in treating your lockjaw or aching face from clenching your teeth in your sleep, the consulting is open for you as well😊

Promotion :

✨Free consulting for every case! No consultation fee!

– Gum Contouring: 11,999 Baht (From 28,000 Baht)

– Ceramic Veneer (per tooth): 9,999 Baht (From 15,000 Baht)

– Dental Brace with installment plan: 999 Baht (From 2,000 Baht)

– Retainer after Brace: 999 Baht (From 2,000 Baht)

– Cool Light teeth whitening: 4,290 Baht (From 8,000 Baht)

– Wisdom teeth removal: 2,900 Baht for every difficulty! (From 3,500-6,000 Baht)

– Dental check-up with X-Ray: 500 Baht (From 2,600 Baht)

📍Location :

Close to MRT Sam Yan


Tel : 096-991-9467

Line : @crystal.dental.th (with @)

FB : Crystal Dental คลินิกทันตกรรม จัดฟัน สามย่าน-จุฬา

WEB : https://crystaldentalth.com/


Chill Dent Dental Clinic

Next up is Chilldent Dental Clinic in the Suan Dusit area. From aesthetic procedures like veneer and brace to the necessary ones like root canal treatment and wisdom teeth removal, Chilldent is fully staffed with a team of experienced dentists to sort out your every dental problem in one place!

Chillent is very meticulous about sanitation, so you can rest easy and face the drill with zero fear of Covid or other infections. And if Suan Dusit seems like the middle of nowhere to you, Chillent has just opened the second clinic near MRT Bang Khun Non for easy transportation as well🚆

Did we ever tell you yet that you can get consult by Chillent’s dentist for free? That’s right! You can come by first to talk with them for free whether you really want to get your job done here or not, and take as much time to make a decision as you need🦷

📌Promotion :

Special discount for a dental brace!

From only 499 Baht, with a cheap installment plan at 1,000 Baht a month! And many more giveaway worth 20,000 Baht!

⏰Open hours :

Every day from 11:00 -19:30


Inbox : m.me/ChillDental

Line : @chilldent

FB : Chill Dent Dental Clinic

IG : @chilldent


World of smiles dental clinic

No more long trekking into the city for Salaya dwellers, because World of Smiles is right next to you! Just hail a cab to the famous World Market, and you’ll see their clinic even before you turned into the parking lot. With three dentists rotating in shifts and their fully-equipped machinery ranging from X-ray, CT scan, and gum laser, to cool light veneer, and many other, you’ll find that every dental problem can be fixed right here!

And being a hi-tech clinic as it is, World of Smiles has installed UV lamps in every room for thorough sterilization before and after every patient’s visit in addition to the usual cleaning and disinfection of every tool as per usual standard. Just because they’re away from the heart of the city doesn’t mean you have to compromise on standard!!

✨Promotion :

– Free tool kit cost for dental braces

– Free Itero mouth scan for Invisalign clear braces

– Free Tartar removal for Cool Light whitening customer

– Tartar removal + Airflow plaque cleaning: 1,300 Baht

– Can be paid with Social Security Scheme.

📍Location :

In front of World Market, Thawi Watthana

⏰Open hours :

Every day from 10.00 -19.30


FB : World of smiles dental clinic คลินิก ทำฟัน จัดฟัน ทวีวัฒนา

Inbox : m.me/worldofsmilesdentalclinic

Tel : 099-597-9878

Line : @wosdc


Dental Loft Clinic

If you feel like you want your teeth done like in USA, Dental Loft got a US-graduated dentist to give you the treatment you deserved! From veneer and brace to every difficult case you’ll need a dental specialist for, Dental Loft got your cover while still remaining within a reasonable price.

If you wondered just how good can it be, you can go see it for yourself at any of Dental Loft’s three clinics in Bangkok, and you’ll see why they’re successful enough to open up to three clinics at once✨

Promotion :

– Special braces discount to 599 Baht, with a giveaway worth 20,000 Baht!!

– Discount for the veneer to 9,500 Baht per tooth.

– Teeth whitening and tartar removal: 3,690 Baht


FB : Dental Loft Clinic

IG : dental_loft_clinic

UTCC Clinic
(Vibhavadi Rangsit 2 )

Tel : 02-020-0826, 097-029-6383

Line : dentalloft999

BTS Bang Wa Clinic

Tel : 080-219-9890

Line : dentalloft2

Phahonyothin Clinic
(BTS Phahonyothin 59)

Tel : 098-281-3823

Line : dentalloftclinic3


Youtooth Dental Clinic

If you’re looking for a dental clinic highly skilled in beauty dentistry, Youtooth is your answer! This clinic near national stadium has a full roster of dentists specialised in aesthetic dental procedures with many previous cases of patients with severely crooked teeth and other problems that can proudly smile again thanks to them!

Whether your teeth are crooked, chipped, or dyed yellow with plaque or meds, Youtooth can give you detailed advice on how to improve your situation, and performed the procedures to the satisfying conclusion, if you decide to trust your teeth in their hand! Don’t believe us? Just take a look on their social media yourself 😎

Location :

Stadium One (BTS National Stadium, Exit 2)


Tel : 065-662-4259

Line : https://lin.ee/oNlGjgl

FB : คลินิกทันตกรรมยูทูธ Youtooth Dental Clinic

IG : @youtoothdc


Melon Dental Clinic

Next up we got a dental clinic with dentists that come from Thailand top-tier dental schools of Chula and Mahidol! Melon clinic has treated many customers from inside and outside of Bangkok to their satisfaction, resulting in their glowing reviews that guaranteed their own quality! From bracing, to implant, and even veneers, Melon clinic can get them all done in an affordable price😁

Promotion for dental braces :

– First session: 899 Baht

– More than 10 giveaway lists worth more than 30,000 Baht

– Dental implant with specialised dentist: 29,900 Baht

– Retainer: 3,000 Baht, from full price of 5,000 Baht

📍Location :

Melon Dental Clinic @ Bang Khae


Melon Dental Clinic @ Tesco Srinagarindra


Melon Dental Clinic @ Ram Inthra – Watcharapon


Melon dental clinic @ Nakhon Pathon



FB : Melon dental clinic

Line : @melondc

Tiktok : Melondental


Infinite Smile Dental Clinic

Whether their customer is a child, an adult, or an elder, Infinite Smile is equipped to deal with every dental situation you’ll ever need! With various dentists specialised in various specific fields and customer care that’s friendly like a family member, you don’t have to worry about anything!

📍Location :



Tel : 064-964-2666

Line OA : @infinitesmile

FB : คลินิกทันตกรรมอินฟินิทสไมล์

Email : infinitesmile.dentalclinic@gmail.com

Web : www.infinitesmiledentalclinic.com


NoAe Smile dental clinic

Let us conclude with a minimal dental clinic in the Ramkhamhaeng area with an emphasis on disinfection! From wisdom teeth removal to every other braces and veneer, you can get all the dental procedures done here with as much safety and quality as a top-tier hospital, without any worry for covid thanks to NoAe’s HEPA filtration system that siphon out airborne germs as good as being outdoor!

📍Location :


Tel : 02-125-2619 , 092-665-8365

FB : NoAe Smile dental clinic

Line : @902xit /@noaesmile

IG : noaesmile