My salary for my back… my leg… and also my neck… oh and my migraine too! Because of long working hours, I am now ridden with office syndrome! That’s why today we have put together a list of the physical therapy clinic When talking about Physical Therapy, most people would have considered it a distant thing back then as the images that crop up in the head are those of people with mobility issues and bedridden thus needing physical therapy. This is only partially true though, because physical therapy nowadays is no different from receiving a massage for an ache but with the added benefit of bodily rejuvenation.

And anyone who is reading this is probably suffering from office syndrome with migraine, backache, leg cramps from extended sitting or a sore neck due to long periods of computer use too.

If any of you are going through this pain then read on! Today Lifesara has put together 9 physical therapy clinics with experts you should try out that will heal and rejuvenate your body and bring back your full strength while easing your pain at the same time! Want to try out these places now? Come along✨~

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Peace Physical Therapy clinic

First on the list is Peace Physical Therapy Clinic ✨ A clinic famous for physical therapy. This clinic is situated near MRT Petchkasem 48 and BTS Udom Suk, an extremely very convenient location. Anyone with a stiff and sore neck, shoulder, herniated disc, office syndrome, sprain neck as well as musculoskeletal and nervous system problems can have their ailment sorted out by the cutest professional, who is ready to solve the problem at its roots. The perfect solution that doesn’t require operation or medication!

The clinic also offers free advice as well. Anyone with an office syndrome, shouldn’t miss out on this convenient and affordable clinic! ✨

👉🏻900 – 1,500 Baht per visit
Also offers 3 visit and 5 visit courses

📍Location :
> BTS Udom Suk branch (080-919-9894)
> MRT Petchkasem 48 branch (095-575-7912)

📌Contact information
Web :
FB : พีซ คลินิกกายภาพบำบัด
Line : @peace-clinic


Thongpanchang1 Physical Therapy Clinic

Next up we have the Thongpanchang1 Physical Therapy Clinic,another famous physical therapy clinicfor those with slight mobility problems that is situated near Chaengwattana and Suvarnabhumi.This clinic focuses onthe Heaththitude = Tune MindSet + Tune Body way of healing,which combines the goal and lifestyle of the patientwith a plan made by the therapist coach and augmentedwith technology from abroadto help boost healing efficiency.

For those who went through numerous treatments but still couldn’t get rid of the ailment and have to sit through chronic and repeated pain that interferes with daily life; the clinic will find out the roots of the malady for an accurate remedy thus this is a clinic that we highly recommend!

If you all are visiting this clinic from today until the 9th of July 2022, they are offering a discount slashing the price down from 2,850 Baht to 2,100 Baht while also throwing in a free body composition check and a detailed movement analysis during therapy worth 500 Baht into the mix as well!!

📍Location : Suvarnabhumi branch | Chaengwattana branch

📌Contact information
FB : ทองพันชั่ง 1 คลินิกกายภาพบำบัด : THONG PAN CHANG 1 Physical Therapy Clinic
Line : @tukttunebody
Youtube : Tuktunebody ทองพันชั่ง1คลินิกกายภาพบําบัด
Tiktok : @TukTunebody ทองพันชั่ง1คลินิก
Web :
Tel : 085-553-8415 | 085-553-5615


The Move Club Clinic

Now let’s move onto The Move Club Clinic physical therapy clinic.This is another relaxing physical therapy center,that will help everyone relaxand cure your symptom by solving the problem from its rootsand focus on righting the body partsthat are showing the symptom back to its natural position.The therapist here also provides treatment to people with muscle,nervous system joints problems and even paralysis that plague a particular part of the body too!💪🏻

The clinic’s therapist has been practicing their trade for more than 9 years and with the use of state-of-art tools and the newest technology from Europe; all of this comes together into a treatment that targets the root cause like no other! With 4 newly opened branches along the major BTS route, this clinic is a very convenient treatment center that is extremely convenient to visit; suitable for a stamina-deprived salaryman like us! ✨

👉🏻”Promotion Week Day”
– Full Program 8 step physical therapy +Shockwave (2,000 shots) #NoNeedtoPayExtra
⭐️Special Price starting from 990 Baht, from normal 2,200 Baht
⭐️4 visit package special prize 3,800 Baht from normal 8,800 Baht (equates to 950 Baht per visits)

📍Location : Google Map
1. Charoen Nakhon branch : Floor 2 Dittha Nursing home, Soi Charoen Nakhon 40, Khlongsan district, Bangkok
2. Ratchada-Wongsawang branch : Soi Ratchadaphisek 78, Wongsawang, Bang Sue district, Bangkok
3. Bangkhunnon branch (Charan-Pinklao) : 292/14 Charan Sanitwong road, Siriraj, Bangkok Noi district, Bangkok (50 meter away from Bangkhunnon MRT)
4. Ratchaphruk (BTS Bangwa) : 1 Soi Ratchaphruk 6, Ratchaphruk Road, Bangchak, Phasi Charoen, Bangkok

⏰Opening hours : Everyday (Monday – Sunday) 09:00 – 18:00 (reservation required)

📌Contact information
Tel : 097-447-4542 | 092-264-2144
Website : TheMoveClubRatchada
FB : TheMoveClubRatchada
Line : @themoveclubrp
IG : Themoveclub
Youtube : คลินิกกายภาพบำบัดเดอะมูฟคลับ


Kaorarinsuk Physiotherapy Clinic

For this spot,we have Kaorarinsuk Physiotherapy Clinic.Another specialized clinic that is famous for its treatment quality,focuses on diagnostics and treatmentrather than the pain or sore alone. They also place an emphasis on meticulous standard,professionalism,state-of-art equipment and the most important of all: treatment duration!

Kaorarinsuk clinic is an option you should consider if your bone and muscle feels fettered, suffers from back pain, kneecaps ache, sprained neck and shoulder, office syndrome or even paralysis as they can pinpoint and provide a treatment that works all within 90 minutes! They also have therapists ready to provide diagnoses for free too! This is truly an affordable clinic that can fix all your problems in no time at all, another really interesting clinic!

– Chronic pain treatment with an assortment of methods (Focus Shockwave/Laser/Ultrasound/Hot(Cold) Pack) and manual therapy from a therapist. All within 90 minutes with the price tag of only 1,600 Baht
– A free High-Power Laser treatment if opted for Focus Shockwave 1,500 Shocks treatment High Power Laser
– A free Ultrasound if opted for High-Power Laser treatment
✨This price is only available during 15th June until 15th July ✨

📍Location :
> Phatthanakarn branch (094-746-5419)
> On Nuch 90 branch (062-992-4656)

📌Contact information
Line : @kaorarinsuk
Web :
FB : คลินิกกายภาพบำบัด ก้าวระรินสุข
IG : kaorarinsuk
Youtube รีวิว : กายภาพบำบัด แก้ออฟฟิศซินโดรม กับก้าวระรินสุข



The next on our list is REHAB CARE clinic, a clinic specializing in joints, tendons and nervous system ailments that is becoming the talk of the town as this clinic focuses on rehabilitation and physical therapy. Anyone who uses a computer for an extended period, sits with a wrong posture, or suffers from dull chronic pain, needs to visit this clinic as they offer so many services ranging from diagnostics, western acupuncture, ultrasound-guided injection, focused shockwave, high-powered laser and so many options it would cover the entire page!

They also assembled the most promising rehabilitation team of doctorswho are experts on curing joints and muscle disorderswith non-invasive methods as well as therapists who are expertsin using cutting edge technology to cure all sorts of symptomsright from the first visit!Anyone who is looking for a wallet-friendly physical therapy clinicstaffed with the cutest and service minded professional, we highly recommend this clinic. Satisfaction guaranteed as within 2 years they have opened up 3 new branches already to meet the demands,a quality befitting of their “REHAB Care” name. ✨

>> Value pricing (A physical therapy “buffet”) -> >Can utilize all type of tools such as: focused shock wave, high power laser, thermal ultrasound therapy, traction table, electric stimulation and warm compression pack, all for the low price of 1,600 Baht
>> Flash Sales!! 10 – 15% discount for all courses for the Petchkasem branch lasting from 17th – 21th of June only! This discount can be transferred to your family member too with an option to issue a legitimate doctor’s medical certificate to boot!

📍Location : google map
All branch opens daily 10:00 – 20:00
– Petchkasem branch : 061-801-2482
– Rama 2 branch : 062-773-1113
– Muangthong Thani branch : 061-394-6762

📌Contact Information
FB : รีแฮปแคร์คลินิก โดยแพทย์เฉพาะทางและนักกายภาพบำบัด โรคเข่าเสื่อมและไหล่ติด
Email :
Web :


Tang Chai Rak Physical Therapy Clinic

Next up we have the Tang Chai Rak Physical Therapy Clinic,a clinic that focuses on privacyand founded on the SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT philosophy.A philosophy that places an emphasis on therapy that uses special technique, in which each patient’s cause of illness is identifiedthen an optimum treatment is pinpointedand combined with modern equipment.The result is a treatment that can restore anyonewith a joint, neck, shoulder pain, office syndrome, sports injury back to their peak condition. 💪🏻✨

Not only that! Apart from the exciting treatment, the clinic is also decorated in a modern and spacious style; giving you a sense of vacation while receiving treatment. If you enjoy tranquility, privacy and a one-on-one session with the physical therapist this is the place you can’t miss out on! ✨

📌Promotion :
1. First Set
LASER Therapy/ Ultrasound Therapy /Manual Therapy / Electrical Stimulations /Hydrocollator / Therapeutic Exercise 1,200 Baht per hour (1,500 Baht per hour)

2. Second Set
Shockwave therapy + Set 1
1,500 Baht per hour (2,000 Baht per hour)

*Includes physical examination and self-care advice
*Doesn’t include other gadgets like therapy tapes or stabilizing tape etc.

✨✨Special Offer! Followers of LifeSara page can receive 5% discount for first time service. Just heave over to the clinic’s page, Like and Share the page then take a screenshot as a proof before making payment (Only until October 2565)

📍Location : 222/5 Phutthamonthon Sai 2 road, Salathammasop, Thaweewattana district, Bangkok 10170
⏰Open every day from 9:00 – 18:00 (Last case at 17:00)
*Closes every Wednesday

📌Contact information
Tel : 080-646-2559
Line : @tangchairak
IG : @tangchairak.official
E-mail :


P.O. Clinic physical Therapy Clinic

Next in line, we have P.O. Clinic physical Therapy Clinic. A physical therapy that has been operating for 8 years that won its fame due to its technology, that is on par with leading major private hospitals and a highly experienced team of therapist staff with 18 years of experience under their belt. ✨

Office syndrome? Sprained shoulder, neck or back muscle? Dull pain and numbness in the limbs? Sports injury too? Don’t worry, this therapy clinic got you covered. Ease your body and mind at the same time with our thorough treatment and prices that will relax your neck but keep your wallet stiff! ✨

📌Promotion :
👉🏻Acupressure treatment by therapists and cutting-edge technology matching those of private hospitals combined with muscle relaxing massage with a complete price tag of 1,000 Baht.

👉🏻Office syndrome beginner program and office syndrome advance program.
>Office syndrome beginner program (neck and shoulder pain) complete price of 1,000 Baht✨
– Suitable for those who are starting to suffer from neck and shoulder pain that isn’t severely affecting daily life.
*This program can access all tools without limit to the shock equipment, except PMS treatment.

>Office syndrome advanced program (neck and shoulder pain) complete price of 1,200 Baht✨
– Suitable for those with chronic neck and shoulder pain that is impacting daily life and limb numbness or dull pain.
*This program can access all tools without limit to the shock equipment, except PMS treatment.

📍Location : 51/6 Khlong Lam Jeak, front of Soi Khlong Lam Jeak 6, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10230

📌Contact Information
Tel : 094-572-2463
Line : @poclinic
FB : พีโอคลินิกกายภาพบำบัด
Email :


Intense Physiotherapy Clinic

Let’s move on to the Intense Physiotherapy Clinic. This Clinic is located in Bang Bua Thong.Anyone looking for a cure to this pain-filled life (office syndrome only of course!)this is the clinic that will satisfy all office syndromeneeds as well as sporting injuries.Their thorough care fromwhen you step into the clinicuntil you return homewill ensure that you are well-taken care of.

The clinic performs its diagnostics, remedy and cure all with the help of physical therapy, thus this is a very good clinic to visit for your office syndrome.✨

📌Promotion :
1 year anniversary celebration deal: a discount from 1,500 Baht to 999 Baht

📌Contact Information
Tel : 065-392-8264
Line :
FB : Intense Clinic – อินเทนซ์คลินิกกายภาพ
Email :


DGAN Physio Clinic

For the final placewe have the DGAN Physio Clinic.If you have an unbearably stiff muscle, this clinic is a must.Located in Nonthaburi,this clinic with more than 20 years of experience uses a different approach to treatment than other clinics that get straight to the problem for all of you office syndrome-rs out there, saving you and your wallet the unnecessary painas they also offer free diagnosis.The clinic is also located in a very convenient locationwith a parking lot.No matter the type of pain in your body or your condition;DGAN clinic is ready to help you ✌🏻✨

👉🏻Free diagnostic
👉🏻Free 500 Baht gift voucher after buying 8 physical therapy course
👉🏻Can be use as a discount for the next visit or use as a cash substitute for all service (Promotion period today – 30th September 2565)

📍Location : 91/7 DGAN Physio Clinic, Bang Krang, Amphoe Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi 11000
🚘 : Convenient parking
⛽️ : Close to PTT petrol station Mahajessadabodindharanusorn bridge branch (the side that goes up the bridge)

📌Contact Information
Tel : 094-889-9996
Line : @dgan_physio_clinic
FB : DGAN Physio Clinic คลินิกกายภาพบำบัด
IG : dgan_physio_clinic