A health pillow is an important item you should own. We know that most of you have had sleep problems, are disturbed, awake during the night, cannot find the right position, or even have a stiff neck for a week by falling off the pillow. Not enough sleep plus body aching is bothering.

If there are no any symptoms, there should not be health pillows to solve all the problems, especially for people like us. Thanks for that. But the problem is not solved there because there are too many options for pillows at present. Some might be a strange shape and different from the regular one. So how can we know which one will be the perfect match for us?

Thus, Lifesara wants to share innovative health pillow brands from foreign countries which will suit perfectly only for you. Or if you know someone that snores while sleeping and disturb you over and over, this post will bring you to deep sleep, with no unpleasant noise. Let’s keep reading to see interesting pillow brands.

And if anyone wants to get more help with your sleep, you can follow our article “10 applications assisting your slumber for people who have a hard time sleeping and waking”.


Health Pillow Bewell

How good it is if there is a pillow that is cooler in hot weather and brings warmth to you when the weather is cold. Here, take a peek at Health Pillow Bewell. 🔥

Bewell is one of the health pillow brandsfocusing on premium thread material.Its pillow design is according to ergonomy certified by an ergonomist.It will support your body such as headand shoulder in any position for back and side sleepers.Its features are not only that,there are two types with three levels of adjustment.

💤Bewell Microgel Ergonomic Pillow
It is made from polyester micro gel 1.2 D. This is for people who like softness, thickness, and firmness. It is also flexible, airy, and cool.

💤Bewell HybridDown Ergonomic Pillow
This one is made from down combined with premium micro gel. It is a perfect match for people who are looking for cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. Comfort sleep in any weather. ✨

For those who are willing to try the products,you can visit Bewell Ergonomic Space.There is not only a health pillowbut also an open space for people who are looking to try health products.There will be an ergonomist standby to advise closely to you.It is the brandthat will lift you to a better lifecertified by specialists.So for those who have health problems,these items are a must. 🥰

📌Promotion :
👉🏻HybridDown Ergonomic Pillow
2,590 – 2,990 discount in Shopee 200 Baht with 2,500 minimum purchase (Shopee)
👉🏻Microgel Ergonomic Pillow
1,190 – 1,590 discount 70 Baht with 1,400 minimum purchase (Shopee)

📍Location : 2240/8-9 Chan Kao, Chan Rd, Chong Nonsi, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120
Open everyday 10:00 – 19:00

📌Contact Information
Web : www.bewellstyle.com
Line : Bewell (Have “@” at the front)
FB : Bewell
Tel : 092-514-9999


Health Pillow Nemurista ねむリスター

Wishing for a night of deep sleep and refreshing for the next dawn? You have to know about the slumber pillow Nemurista brand.

Nemurista ねむリスター if you translate thisit means “sleep specialist”.It represents its pillows which are madefrom Alpha Memory Foam with high innovation from Japan.The pillow is firm and soft,supporting head, shoulder, neck, and prevents back pain, body ache, and bedsores.It is also good for airflow.People who have a hard time sleeping will feel like there is a specialist from Japan coming to take care of you closely.There is a side pillow in which you can put your arms in it to prevent cramps. This one sold out super fast because it is a good answer for sleepers.

Furthermore, this brand imports pillows from Japan, and they are sold more than 20,000 pieces in Thailand. Now, they are producing manufactured pillows for house brands in their own right. So they can cover for people who have a hard time sleeping in any problems.

For those who are still hesitant, you can come to try at Phra Khanong showroom, Pridi Banomyong alley.wbr Coming to proof of how worth it is before getting one. If you have insomnia, you should try or keep this brand on the list. The staff here is also friendly, so you can ask for advice all the time. ✨💤

📍Location :
👉🏻Phra Khanong showroom, Pridi Banomyong 20/1
👉🏻Distribution at SCG Home Experience, CDC Ram Inthra
⏰Hours 9:00 – 18.00 (Open everyday except public holidays)

📌Contact Information
Tel : 02-381-5878
Line : @457vrriz
FB : Nemurista ねむリスター : เนมุริสต้า ผู้เชี่ยวชาญทางการนอนจากญี่ปุ่น
E-mail : info@bhjjapan.com
Web : https://nemurista.com/


Health Pillow SUIMI SLEEP

Do you know each person has a different anatomy. Imagine if there is a customized pillow that measures your anatomy to create the best problem-solving pillow just only for you. How great is it? And there it is SUMI SLEEP will be your answer!

SUMI SLEEP is an innovative brand from Japanalong with Body shape measuring equipmentthat will custom the pillowfor the best firm for your sleep position.It measures height, soft and hard,matching your head shape.It can be adjusted for14 levels and7 types of fillers for you to select. Sounds fun!

Not only that. If you are not convenient for you to come for anatomy measurement.They have a Pancake pillow (self-customized pillow).It is a self-adjustment pillowthat you can do by yourself at home. It comes with 12 pieces of fillerto adjust fitting your body by yourself.No more concernfor non-satisfied pillows.

If you have a sleeping problem such as insomnia, headache, neck pain, and snoring. Try SUMI SLEEP now. Once you try a pillow that measures only for you, you will certainly be satisfied. ✨

📍Location : Central Pinklao, 4th Floor, Front of SB Design
Open everyday 10:30 – 20:30

📌Contact Information
Web : https://suimisleep.com/
FB : SUIMI SLEEP – 睡美スリープ
IG : suimisleep
Line : @suimisleep
Tel : 095-229-4956


Health Pillow INNOZ

And for those who have neck aches in the morning. Head falling off the pillow, having neck ache for a couple of days, disturbed sleep, or even hearing snoring from your partner. You should know about the INNOZ pillow brand.

INNOZ is a brand new set to make waves with its right innovation. Focusing on soft and firm benefits for health with Baby Foam, premium material technology, friendly with skin and softer than regular foam. It is also airy for airflow.

With a free foam design, there are 77 spaces for air circulation preventing your sweat and decreasing cumulative heat for your best slumber. The pillow is thick and firm supporting your body and spreads the pressure well. Prevent you from falling off the pillow.

Hence, who is looking for a decent health pillow to drastically change your slumber experience. This is an excellent option for you to try out. Or even get it as a gift for your lover. We never neglect your health.

📌Promotion :
👉🏻Usually 3,820 Baht. Special for 2,290 Baht!
👉🏻Purchasing a pair just only 3,990 Baht

📌Location :
👉🏻INNOZ SHOWROOM @CDC Ramintra F-building 2nd fl.
⏰Hours : 10:00 – 19:00
Tel : 02-102-2970

⏰Hours : 11:00 – 20:00
Tel : 080-952-7667

👉🏻3rd Branch : GUZZO Home pro, Udon Thani
⏰Hours: 9:00 – 20:00
Tel : 06-5018-0025

📌Contact information
Lazada : INNOZ Mattress
Shopee : INNOZ Mattress
Web : swww.innozmattress.com
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