Have you ever been through this situation? When you are on your good luck streak, but then suddenly your fortune overturned and your luck abandoned you without you even lifting a finger. Of course, nobody is born to be lucky or unlucky their entire lives, but we also don’t know when good luck or bad luck will come knocking on our doors again right? This is the reason why so many people turn to spiritual guidance such as making alms so that the boons from these acts will help us out sooner or later.✨
But waiting for these boons to take effect isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, as there is an even faster method for all the occult lovers out there! It’s even overtaking alms making in popularity too! The said method is the use of charms and amulets. These items have been around since ancient times and don’t seem to be losing steam anytime soon. The most popular ones currently are the fortune-enhancing stone, bracelets, sheet of gold and amulets. These pieces are extremely good at enhancing your fortune. Moreover, a lot of shops are also changing the looks of the amulet to be more modern, making them an attainable fashion statement item.
Today, Lifesara would like to share an amulet shop for all the occult lovers out there who can’t make up their mind what to buy, so you can settle on a good amulet. If you want to have good fortune and positive energy, then be sure to buy some! Let’s check out what these shops are!

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Phya jewelry

Starting from the lucky charm shop for gemstone accessories from Phaya Jewellery, this shop is not like any other ordinary gemstone charm shop. This is because their gemstones are certified “Buy with Confidence” by the GIT institute, ensuring that every piece of their natural gemstones is 100% natural. In addition, they also offer silver accessories that can be designed and decorated according to personal preference. This helps transform ordinary gemstone charms into luxurious and stylish ones.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Phaya Jewellery offers gemstones that symbolize love and relationships such as Ruby, Rose, Quartz, and others that are perfect for those in love. And for those who want to emphasize their luck with wealth and fortune, the shop also offers gemstones that can help with this, such as Jade or Golden Rutile Quartz. The gemstones are guaranteed to enhance the desired aspect of one’s life.

With a wide variety of gemstones, including rare and hard-to-find ones, customers can choose to purchase gemstones that can provide positive energy for themselves or as a special gift for their loved ones. The shop’s staff can also offer consultation on which gemstones are suitable for specific purposes, based on birth dates, zodiac signs, and other astrological factors. They guarantee that their consultation will be tailored to each customer’s needs and desires. 🌞

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Web : www.phyajewelry.com
Shoppee : phyajewelry



Next up we have the Withtruelover shop, a shop specializing in red thread. Many people may be familiar with the legends regarding the belief in red thread that connects the luck of couples. This shop has incorporated the red thread motif into a new design as a cute and stylish bracelet that can be worn by anyone, regardless of age or gender. It is adorned with delicate tassels and has also undergone rituals from both Hong Kong and Thailand, making it a charming and auspicious accessory.

Moreover, it’s not just a bracelet you’re buying, it can also be worn as a hair tie. And, who knows, maybe you’ll become the right person for your crush after wearing it. You never know until you try! For those who want to attract love, enhance energy, and add some cuteness to themselves, this shop is a must-visit. Don’t miss out!

📌Promotion :
299 – 499 baht (Promotion: 2 bracelet with 1 baht delivery fee)

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Rungnapa Gems by thidarach

Next up we have Rungnapa Gems by thidarach. For those who love occult-related stones, this shop offers more than 60 types of gems and stones to choose from, all of which are genuine natural stones that bring positive energy to those who wear them, enhancing their lives with good things. The shop specializes in only gemstones that have good meanings. Additionally, you can also choose the gemstones that you like and customize your own ring. For those who do not know which design to choose. they are happy to recommend the best one for you.

Generally, the shop has 6 colors, and the meanings of each color will vary according to each person’s preference in choosing their own design. For example:

💛Gold color, also known as the color of wealth and prosperity, is a symbol of wealth and power for the owner.
🤍Silver color, also known as the color of money, is a symbol of calling money and gold to the owner.
🤎Brown-red color, also known as the rutilated quartz , brings prosperity, protects the owner from disasters, and protects them from evil spirits.
💚Green color, known as the color of greenery, protects the owner from danger and eliminates stress.
🖤Black color, also known as the rutilated quartz , brings prosperity, protects the owner from disasters, and protects them from evil spirits.
💙Blue color, also known as Phirun’s gem, brings wealth, increases property and intelligence, and protects the owner.

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Let’s continue with a shop for lucky charms from Jewelland, this brand specializes in minimalist style jewelry that emphasizes the use of natural materials and symbolism. Whether it’s gemstones, silver, pearls, or minerals, they can be incorporated into cute minimalist designs, adding meaning to life. They can be worn on any occasion, by anyone of any age, gender, or religion.

Each type of stone has its own unique meaning in various aspects, such as love, work, and good fortune. These meanings are incorporated into the jewelry designs, making them more than just beautiful accessories. For those who prefer a minimalist and timeless style imbued with arcane symbolism, this shop offers intricate and delicate designs that are sure to satisfy. This shop is the answer for those who are looking for high-quality, refined jewelry.✨

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Web : https://www.jewelland.in.th/
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Puja amulets

Continuing with Puja_amulets, this is a shop full of sacred objects that range from deities for rent, amulets, pendants, talismans, gold plates, and more. All of these objects were subjected to ancient fortune-enhancing rituals, making them the perfect good luck charm. In addition, there are many deities to choose from, including Ganesha, Kali, and Parvati, all of them in the form of a cute talisman but with powerful divine energy; ready for your worship and Puja at Puja_amulets. Anyone who loves lucky charms must visit this shop because their items are truly beyond our words.

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Next up is the extraordinary lucky charm shop, dzodiac_official, which specializes in gemstone bracelets. What makes this shop unique is that each bracelet is customized based on the customer’s birth chart and stone preference. The shop’s experts in astrology, numerology, and feng shui analyze the customer’s birth chart to determine the best stone for them.

Not only does the shop offer gemstone bracelets, but they also provide customized keychains and lucky numbers based on the individual’s birth chart. This shop is truly the real deal when it comes to lucky charms. Don’t miss out!

– Stone bracelets starting from 3,500 baht
– Stone bracelets with talisman starting from 5,000 baht
– Auspicious numbers according to one’s fortune starting from 15,000 baht
– Stone key chain 3,000 baht

IG : dzodiac_official
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Twitter : @dzodiacofficial
Line : @dzodiac



Next up is Withtruewhite’s minimalist amulet for Vaiśravaṇa . This shop sells Vaiśravaṇa lucky charm that is easy to carry, fashionable and suitable for those who are about to make big changes in their lives, such as getting married, changing jobs, or traveling long distances.

During these times of change, we often encounter obstacles that we need to be careful of. Having a sacred lucky charm that underwent the proper rituals to help protect us can give us peace of mind to handle these changes. Moreover, It can be worn by people of all ages and genders too! So, why not enhance your luck in the year 2023 with their amulet?

Special Promotion 888 baht free delivery with Vaiśravaṇa statue and a talisman for your birthday

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Those who are looking for a lucky charm shop should visit “LuckyDidthana”. They are one of the shops that sell genuine amulets and sacred objects from various temples throughout the country, along with over 40 different designs of gemstone pendants, all of which are custom-made and easy for the customer to choose from, including the gemstone, color of the frame, and wrist size.

For those interested, the shop provides turnkey consultation for your amulet needs. Not only will you get what you love, but the prices are also very affordable. For all you lucky charm enthusiasts, the shop also has new recommended products for 2023, including:

  • Siriganesha Maha Thep Khachaneramit Abhiniharn : The shop’s very own sacred object. The statue is Ganesha in his child form, suitable for enhancing your general luck in every aspect.
  • Taparn Boon Nun Sup Wat Yangyai : A popular sacred object, loved by celebrities, actors, businessmen, and people from various professions alike.
  • Vaiśravaṇa : In wristband and altar forms, gathered from temples throughout Thailand.
  • Various talismans from various temples throughout Thailand : Carefully selected to enhance the luck of customers in terms of finances, careers, good fortune, luck, and business.

LINE : @luckydidthana ( มี@ )
FB : LuckyDidthana – เครื่องรางและวัตถุมงคล
IG : Luckydidthana_amulets



Welcome to Pixiuchekung, a lucky charm shop that specializes in Pi Xiu, a Chinese mythical creature that is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. This shop offers Pi Xiu belonging to all five different elements, Earth, Water, Wood, Metal and Fire. These mythical creatures are guaranteed to dispel your bad luck and enhance your fortune in finance, love and general affairs, making your life a smooth journey.

Each Pi Xiu is chosen based on the buyer’s birthdate, zodiac sign, occupation, and the energy of the stones that the person wears. If the temperature of the wearer’s body changes, the Black Pi Xiu from the water element and blue from the wood element in bracelets can also change color. While pink Pi Xiu from the fire element, yellow from the earth element, and green from the wood element will emit a bright light at night. Mystical, cool and stylish, what else could you want from a lucky charm?✨

For those who want to own a Pi Xiu bracelet made of stone, the shop offers bracelets that underwent two ceremonies, first at the Chakungmu Temple in Hong Kong, and then a Thai ceremony by a Sin Sae. These ceremonies are said to amplify the power and effectiveness of the Pi Xiu. If you want to enhance your luck and prosperity, come visit Pixiuchekung and get yourself a Pi Xiu that suits you best. Better grab these before it becomes cool!

IG : @pixiuchekung
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