In this age, anyone who is into the occult is reminded of their fortune in every breath they draw, but fortune telling is another means that acts as a spiritual anchor for those without anyone to turn to for guidance.

This is the reason why fortune telling comes in so many form, but the format that is extremely popular for everyone who is into the occult out there from the past to the present is the Tarot, Oracle deck, Playing card deck or decks from different folklore. Different folklore attaches different meanings to different signs and images that are on the cards. This also means that the belief system tied to these cards also requires skills from the fortune teller who are reading the signs as well.

If you are looking for a fortune teller to tell you what awaits you in the future, provide a glimpse into the unknown or give you a guidance when you are in that predicted situation, then you are in luck for the Lifesara team had put together a list of tarot fortune teller who are frighteningly accurate that are becoming the talk of the town. These fortune tellers can predict every issue in your life such as education, finances, work, love and health issues. If you are still on the fence then read this post and you will have your answer. As for the fortune teller we will be showing you today, read on to see which one you might fancy.

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They Call Me Maemor

Let’s start off with a fortune reading session from Maemor Boom, one of the best fortune tellers who is proficient in the Oracle deck that is said to be able to read the minds of those who we are interested in. She is well-known for her direct answer and refusal to circumvent any questions asked as well as clearly showing every step of the process from the shuffling and reshuffling of the cards and explains every card drawn like a one-on-one session. She also finds a new perspective and mindset for you to overcome a problem for every one of her clients.

If you want a hands-on approach with a very detailed processthat captures every possible emotionto fortune telling via card decks, then you can come and seethis fortune teller for yourself; for fate isnever a coincidence. If you believe in your sense of fortune just like how Maemor Boom believes in her deck of cards then get your fortune checked by her. And of course, every round of fortune telling is a secret that only you and the cards know,if you want a peer review then you can alsocheck out her page.

📌Fortune Reading Fees:
🌞Print format 399
🌞Phone Call 469 (Unlimited questions within 30 minutes)
🔴Vdo call 499 (No hidden cards, unlimited questions for 30 minutes)

📌No. 1 Trending Package🔥🔥
✨Vdo call 499฿ (Only Maemor will turn her camera on)

📌Contact Informations
FB : เขาเรียกฉันว่าแม่หมอ
IG : maemor.boom
Line : @maemor.boom (มี@) | Inbox


Devi Nicha Tarot

Next up we have beautiful Maemor Nicha who is famous for hertarot skill, that makes a lot of thosewho seek out guidance come back for more asshe can provide you with a deep diveguidance on finance,career, love, health issues or even things youhave never considered before.

If you want to have your fortune foretold by Maemor Nicha, then you can pay her a visit, read some reviews and testimonials from all her previous customers to help you make up your mind. Or if you want to only listen to all things occult related then you can also pay her Youtube channel a visit and don’t forget to drop a Follow as well.

📌Contact Informations
FB : เทพีณิชาทาโรต์
YouTube : เทพีณิชาทาโรต์


Ajarn Kim

Ajarn Kim, a name that those who are into the occult would surely recognize. He started off as someone who doesn’t believe in the occult at all but was struck by how accurate the predictions are when he tried out fortune telling. This made him a very dedicated disciple of the American tarot association. Moreover, he also provides no vague answer to any question you might have.

Ajarn Kim is very charming in his speech and deeply cares for all this customer which makes everyone happy that their money is well-spent. He is also very good at making a deep-dive and providing good guidance without sounding too superstitious. If you lose something then Ajarn can quickly provide you with some guidance through the tarot deck. He can answer every question that is within the limit of tarot’s power, that’s why everyone accepts that he is one of the best.

📌Ajarn Kim provides 3 types of fortune telling :

🌞Text Based question
1 Question 59 Baht
3 Questions 100 Baht
10 Questions 300 Baht
**Lost item question is 1,000 Baht per question; a refund if you didn’t get your item back**

🌞Phone Call: A detailed Q&A session with explanation
30 minutes 500 Baht
15 minutes 250 Baht

🌞In-person meeting: Public places like coffee shops near BTS
1 hour 2,000 Baht

📍Location : Can be an online session or in-person session in coffee shops near BTS line

📌Contact informations
FB : ดูดวงกับอาจารย์คิม
Web : www.tarotajkim.con
Line : @kimnk
IG : tarotajkim


More Fai Mongkolsoot

Here we have Mor Fai Mongkolsoot, a fortune teller who specialized in the art of Lanna Candles that combined a lot of different elements from numerous disciplines as well as tarot, oracle deck and palm reading. This made Mor Fai’s prediction a guideline that is based on reality that isn’t too deeply grounded in the occult that is applicable to those who prefer a more practical approach and those who prefer a more “Mutelu” style as well.

If you wants to know about your fortune regarding love, finance, career, a life plan; or also wants a Lanna candle ritual to enhance your fortune (Ancient Lanna Candle);Sompus Wishes tattoo (Palm reading discipline); Life planning (7 digit number discipline); Phone number fortune reading and number recommendation (Numeral Astrology);Personalized fortune wallpaper (tarot and numeral astrology); wedding, new car, house,house foundation timing; fortune enhancing Line account name; ATM card code or even namerecommendation for a person and company.This wide selection of fortune telling and enhancing service will leave you very satisfied indeed. ✨

📌Mor Fai Mongkolsoot fortune telling package : Text message and phone call starts at 119 Baht
1. 3 Questions 119 Baht
: Text message question

2. 3 Questions + Mobile phone number analysis 189 minutes
: Text message question

3. Deep-dive detailed question 499 Baht (Phone Call 30 minutes)
: Fundamental fortune telling and future prediction for the 3-6 upcoming months for those who needs a way out, the exact timing or have a lot of questions

4. Full-on fortune service 999 Baht (Phone Call 50 minutes)
: Fundamental fortune telling and future prediction for that year; life, family and business planning for those with a lot of questions and need a personalized solution

📌Contact informations
FB : ดูดวงกับพี่หมอฝ้าย มงคลสูตร
Line : @269yxzzs


Polar Tarot

Let’s switch up the atmosphere with Maemor Polar, a cute fortune teller with an even cuter cartoon mascot. Don’t her appearance fool you for she isn’t your average fortune teller but a “Divinator” who comes packed with guidance and advice. ✨ Polar tarot’s main concept is: knowing the future isn’t as good as knowing what to do!

Polar tarot mainly focuses on tarot (gypsies), Thai horoscope, 8 celestial bodies / 7 digit discipline, oracle deck as well as Ancient Runes and other forms of divination that suits the purpose. Most of the guidance will be on the best course of action rather than the actual events itself. If you are looking for a Marmor who can provide you with a long-lasting guideline on happiness, consider dropping Maemor Polar a visit, so both you and your fortune may finally find that warm and fuzzy solace. 🥰

📌Maemor Polar’s service package
– Starting with 39 baht per question
– 30 minute Line Call 399 Baht
– 45 minute Line Call fundamental fortune 599 Baht
– 60 minutes Line Call deep-dive fundamental fortune (1 time is enough for your life!)
– Fun fortune telling package such as love-life in your previous life or the most fantastical trait of your would-be soulmate and many other fun stuff

📌Contact informations
FB : Polar Tarot
Line : @777gimsb


Tarot with Fahsuay

Here we have P’Moh Fah,a very beautiful fortune teller.If you love the exotic Norse mythology like Odin,the father of Thor then Moh Fah had brought over the Runes discipline, the discipline of ancient scripts,over and divining fortune for her customers all over and her predictionhad resulted in many detailedsolutions for a lot of people.

She also specializes as a sound healer, a person who uses sound from the Tibetan singing bowl to harmonize the body of the listener and help ease sleeping. Visit P’Moh Fah today for a comprehensive service that you will regret if you miss out on! ✨

🌞P’ Fah fortune telling package
Prices start from the tens to the hundreds
✨3 questions 98฿
✨20 minutes fortune telling, unlimited question 299฿
✨Sound healing, starting from 500฿

📌Contact Informations
FB : Tarot with Fahsuay : ความสุขจากฟ้าสวย
IG : tarot_with_fahsuay
Tiktok : tarotwithfahsuay


Lady Wink Wink Divination

For the final choice we have the Maemor Wink Wink, a fortune teller who can providethe most detailed tarot reading from 6 of the cards; in other words, as much as neededfor you to get that answer for that particular itch you have. Although she is only 22 years old, MaemorWink Wink hasalready readfortunes for thousandsof people as she provideshonest answers just like a friend that makes her a top-hit Maemor that is recommended by everyone through word-of-mouth.

If you want to see how your fortuneis regarding career, finance,love or eveneducation then you can pay her a visit as sheis also very chatty so you canair out your inner troubles with no worries; and that at a very good price too!

🌞Maemor Wink Wink fortune reading package
-1 question 29 Baht
– 30 minutes phone call 189 Baht
– 5 questions promotion 99 Bhat
– Special 40 minutes phone call + Fortune enhancing wallpaper 269 Baht

📍Location : One-on-one fortune telling for those in Bangkok and Nakhon Pathom 1,500 Baht

📌Contact Informations
FB : ให้วิ้งวิ้งทำนายกัน
IG : lady.wink_
Line : 093-268-1515
RuamDuang Application : ให้วิ้งวิ้งทำนายกัน