Palmistry is probably something those who are in the occult are very familiar with. This includes the art of reading the lines and analyzing the various fortune patterns such as luck, boon, finance and partner pattern on your palm. The art of palmistry is also tied to the unique pattern on our hands. These patterns could be good, bad, disjointed or fading and, for some, is an indicator of their future success.
This is why palmistry tattoo was born in order to help enhance the fortune tied to our hand. It helps correct the palmistry pattern, enhances fortune and luck while attracting positive things into our lives. But for this fortune to come true, we must also be a good person with a good heart while maintaining a positive attitude. But the positive effect could come anytime depending on your luck as well!
This is why a palmistry master is such a big help when it comes to spiritual guidance. If you are looking for a master to help enhance your fortune then Lifesara would like to recommend to you 6 Ajarns with exceptional palmistry tattoo art who has become a word-of-mouth sensation recently. As to who these masters are, let’s go and find out!

Mae Mor Jick 100 Reviews

Let’s start off with Mar Mor Jick 100 Reviews, a beautiful former air attendant turned fortune-teller who specialized in tarot and Oracle deck. Her first few success cases led her to delve deeper into the occult art and picked up palmistry tattoo, becoming a disciple of the Barami school. Currently she is one of the hottest Mae Mor with her disciples heaping praises at her.

Mae Mor Jick’s palmistry tattoo focuses on finance and career issues. If your faith and belief is strong enough along with conducting oneself in an ethical manner while unrelentingly pursuing their goal then success should be within your hand. If you want Mae Mor Jick’s tattoo to grace your palm then don’t be shy, as a lot of celebrities have already visited her.

📌Pricing and Promotion

1. Silver set 2,999 Baht (Gateway to riches) only 1,999 Baht from 2,999 Baht
2. Gold VIP 3,999 Baht (Gateway to riches and wealth, adored by all you met)
3. Diamond Super VIP 5,999 Baht (Unimaginable wealth, strengthen your soulmate bond and all-encompassing boon)
** Diamond package can choose between a 15% discount (5,099 Baht) or a free 999 Baht worth of gold face painting ritual!!

⚜️Golden face painting ritual 999 Baht
💸Golden Sarika amulet 599 Baht
**The whole set with golden face paint ritual and Sarika amulet for 1,399 Baht

📌Contact Informations
FB : แม่หมอจิ๊ก100รีวิว
IG : Maemor_jik100reviews
LINE : maemorjik


Ajarn Mike

If you are into the occult and live in Nakhon Pathom then you should have heard of Ajarn Mike from the Thep Neramitr school which is famous for their wealth tattoo. Their fame the stuff of legend amongst the Thai occult community.

Ajarn Mike’s focuses mostly on tattoos that enhance career, fortune and commerce. He also does talisman, palm-side tattoo as well as Na-Cha-Li-Ti incantation. If you want your venture to always succeed without any obstacle then Ajarn Mike’s tattoo will surely bring you concrete results as the queue for his tattoo is always long! If you are interested then head to Sai 5 in Nakhon Pathom right away!

📌September’s promotion
– Palmistry tattoo starts from 1,999 Baht
– Palm-side tattoo starts from 1,198 Baht
– Talisman tattoo starts from 499 Baht (After 1st Oct 2022 will be full price)
– Fortune and wealth enhancing palmistry tattoo for VIP (22 lines)

  • Suitable for those looking to attract positive things into their lives and those who work as salespeople. Help ensure smooth and safe work.
  • Pricing starts from 1,999 from the maximum 4,999

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 085-937-9193 (อ.ไมค์)
FB : สักลายมือเศรษฐี เสริมดวงอักขระ อ.ไมค์


Ajarn Vee

For this spot we have Ajarn Vee, who is famous for her wealth attracting tattoos and disjointed line adjustment. If you feel like failure awaits your every turn and need a positive boost to your fortune, career and yourself then Ajarn Vee cab help you out!

Ajarn Vee is also famous for her fortune leveraging tattoos along with the complimentary special ritual and essential oil ceremony. If your positive energy is lacking then check her out as she might be able to give you some guidance.

📌Promotion and Pricing
Gate of fortune opening ritual 1,999 Baht with 1 piece of free magic-imbued item

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 099-168-9965 | 061-964-2366
FB : สักลายมือเศรษฐี อาจารย์วีร์
Line ID : samawee2


Ajarn Cream

Let’s move on to the charming Ajarn Cream from the Nakalanbarami school. Ajarn Cream’s knowledge of the occult is nothing short of extraordinary as she always led the prayer and incantation during every ceremony which made her extremely popular.

If you are experiencing difficulty in finding a job, rocky finances, bad luck and a thorny love life then Ajarn Cream can really help you out. Her palmistry tattoo along with rituals from other Ajarns will help correct your fortune and open up new wealth avenues.

Not only will Ajarn Cream turn your fortune around but she can also perform other rituals for you. This includes golden face paint ritual, ancient rune tattoo, Nakaraj deck fortune telling and auspicious stone amulet for good fortune. She will also send you off with a positive energy as well! ✨

📌Promotion and Pricing
Ajarn worship fee starts at 999 Baht

📌Contact Informations
FB : สักลายมือเศรษฐี นาคาล้านบารมี อาจารย์ครีม
Line : @864esszr
IG : naga.lanbarame
Tiktok : naga.lanbarame289


Mae Mor Gail

For this spot we have Mae Mor Gail that those who love the occult can’t miss out. Ajarn Gail has been in the trade for more than 10 years and has read the fortune of more than 10,000. This made her a top hit amongst both Thai and foreigners.

When it comes to occult knowledge, she is arguably second to none in her knowledge as she had studied the deepest form of palmistry before. This made her an expert on palmistry who will perform just the right amount of tattoo for her disciple which made her extremely popular in the palmistry tattoo circle.

She also performs golden face painting ritual, Lakshmana mask ritual and also offers objects and oil imbued with Ganesha’s magic from the Setthi Barimi Meun Lan 888 school as well. If you are experiencing a rocky finance, career, health or family life then Ajarn Gail is willing to turn your fortune around. Be it your career, charm, finance or anything else under the cloud just pay her a visit and she can surely turn it around for you!

Pricing: Wealth palmistry tattoo 1,999 baht

📌Special Promotion:
If you are looking to get a tattoo from Ajarn Gail, just mention that you knew her from the Lifesara page. Ajarn Gail will provide you with a special amulet that the Setthi Barimi Meun Lan 888 school imbued with magic for you.

📍Location: Baan Setthi Barimi Meun Lan 888 Grand Pleno village Watcharaphon-Sukhaphiban 5, Sukhaphiban road
⏰Opening Hours: Open 10:00 every day until the queue is over.

📌Contact Informations
FB : บ้านเศรษฐีบารมีหมื่นล้าน888
IG : ajarngail
Line : @gail24
Tel : 088-942-9415


Ajarn Nee

For the final spot we have Ajarn Nee, an Ajarn who specialized in wealth and rich palmistry tattoos. Her reputation is well-known amongst the occult lovers and many of her disciples even came back for more!

Her highlight includes tattoo analysis for a better understanding. Then she will recommend which parts need a fix in order to match the situation you are in. Ajarn Nee will help you work out a solution and augment the most necessary parts for you. This could be your wealth, luck, boon or even your particular goal. A “fix the spot” kind of enhancement wouldn’t be far off the mark.

If you are undergoing a life crisis you can also ask her for some guidance too as she is willing to listen and provide guidance for you as well. Her queue is extremely long so you might have to prepare a bit if you are interested in seeing her!

📌Contact Informations
FB : เส้นเศรษฐี-สักลายมือเศรษฐี By อ.ณี
Line OA : @richhand999
Tel : 083-462-9995