Sleep is one of the most important aspects in human life, but waking up with a sore neck and back is nothing rare. Today LifeSara has found some sleeping aids for you all with the latest updated version of “Top 5 Health Pillows” for 2023. We guarantees a peaceful and comfortable sleep throughout the night!✨
Each brand that we are introducing is of premium quality and suitable for all sleeping positions and habits, whether it’s sleeping on the side, back, or stomach. Besides pillows, they also have other bedding products like side pillows and neck pillows. Let’s check out which health pillow brands are good and what are the must-haves for sleep lovers like us.


Let’s start with the first brand, ACMEBELL, a health product brand that meets the needs of everyone. They are also considered experts in memory foam technology with over 30 years of experience! Their products include pillows, side pillows, and neck pillows, as well as seat cushions. The brand believes that every part of the body requires attention, so they design and produce products based on ergonomics principles for good health, free from pain and fatigue, for both us and our loved ones.💕

In addition, ACMEBELL has the innovation of Deep Sleep, which maximizes the efficiency of our sleeping time. This innovation consists of:
1. GF Memory Foam :
It has high density, slow rebound, and better pressure distribution than regular pillows. It is free from harmful substances and has been tested by leading institutions.
2. Molded Memory Foam :
Designed according to ergonomic principles, it supports the neck, shoulders, and back during sleep, ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep throughout the night.
3. Airish Flow Fabric :
It effectively dissipates heat and reduces temperature during sleep. It comes with a removable and washable cover, suitable for those who tend to sweat in their sleep and is a perfect match for Thailand’s climate.

For those who are looking to buy or replace their pillows, ACMEBELL is definitely the answer. With the Deep Sleep innovation that promotes comfortable sleep and dust mite resistance, it can be used by people with allergies. Hurry up and get yourself one~


⭐️ Highlights

  • Every pillow is designed based on ergonomics principles, ensuring good health.
  • Easy to remove and washable cover, dust mite resistant, and allergy-friendly.
  • Deep Sleep innovation for more efficient sleep.
  • Various pillow options for all genders, ages, and sleeping lifestyles.
  • If you are not satisfied after using it, you can change the model once within 30 days.

🎉 Promotion
New customers get an instant 30% discount on all Acmebell pillows with Deep Sleep innovation.

  • Recover Dual Pillow (Curve Pillow)
  • Refresh Bean Pillow (Bean Pillow)
  • Revive Basic Pillow (Standard Pillow)
  • Recharge Plus Pillow (King Size Pillow)

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The second brand, Loftysoft, is a premium health pillow brand. With over 20 years of experience in textiles and home decoration, they not only prioritize health but also focus on beautiful design that enhances the aesthetics of your home. Their products are suitable for all genders and ages, and they offer more than just pillows. They also have bedding sets, toppers, and many other items. The key feature is that they use premium materials that help prevent dust mites and have advanced technology to cater to those with sleep health issues or those looking to improve their sleep quality.

One of their best-selling pillows is the “Mellow Pillow,” which is soft and plush just like a marshmallow. It uses Hybrid Design innovation, combining memory foam and micro-gel to evenly distribute weight and provide excellent body support. The best part is that you can adjust the height of the pillow yourself, as it comes with a refillable fiber pouch for free! Just add or remove the filling to achieve the perfect height for yourself, it’s that easy.

Additionally, their pillow covers feature Hyper Cooling Fabric, made from special fibers that retain coolness and have good air circulation. This ensures a cool and comfortable sleep every time. Moreover, their pillow covers have the ability to prevent dust mite intrusion, which is the cause of allergies. Therefore, those who have allergies or dust mite allergies can use them without worry. And here’s a secret: their pillow covers can also be removed and washed, giving you peace of mind. If you’re looking for a good pillow, don’t miss out on this one!


⭐️ Highlights

  • Prevents dust mite intrusion, suitable for those with allergies or dust mite allergies.
  • Pillow covers can be easily removed and washed for easy cleaning.
  • Pillows are durable, maintain their shape, and have excellent resilience, ensuring a longer lifespan of more than 5 years.
  • The price is reasonable when compared to the premium quality and lifespan.
  • A wide variety of health bedding products, all in one place!


📌 Address : 140/80 Moo 11, Sukhumvit Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20150
🕐 Opening hours : Monday – Saturday (09.00-18.00)

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Next up is brand number 3, Mr. Big, a health pillow brand that we have tried and felt is the perfect match for our well-being. Their products are designed by experienced physical therapists and are exported to over 8 countries worldwide. Mr. Big pillows are based on the concept that everyone has different postures and sleeping behaviors, so the brand uses the principles of human anatomy to design pillows, side pillows, and mattresses that fit each person’s sleeping behavior, solving problems of sleep and alleviating pain and injuries caused by sleep.

The special thing about Mr. Big is that they have a wide variety of pillow designs to choose from, and they provide expert advice on choosing pillows based on your specific problems. They also offer programs to select pillows and mattresses that fit your sleeping postures perfectly, resulting in the perfect match in terms of comfort. No matter what type of posture or sleeping behavior you have, this one brand can offer you the perfect solution. In addition, they also have other comprehensive after-sales services.

👉🏻ReFIT : If you feel that the pillow is not soft or firm enough after purchasing it, you can adjust the softness and firmness of the textile product you purchased
for free within 6 months.
👉🏻ReCHECK : Those who already have pain symptoms can consult with the physical therapists at Mr. Big Clinic for free.
👉🏻ReFRESH : If the pillow gets dirty, they provide pillow cleaning services for pillows aged 6 months to 1 year to make them feel like new again.
👉🏻ReSTART : Expired pillows can be exchanged for discounts to purchase new pillows.

It’s safe to say that the brand is loaded with positive qualities, these include; helping you choose pillows that suit you and solving your sleep problems for real, a variety of products and excellent after-sales service. It is evident that they are committed to providing you with a comfortable and restful sleep and genuinely helping to solve your sleep problems. For those who are looking for a new pillow that makes your sleep easy, Mr. Big is definitely the answer. If sleeping is love and life for you then don’t sleep on them!


⭐️ Highlights

  • Many pillow designs to choose from, with highly accurate pillow selection programs. The staff at their stores are also very friendly and provide helpful advice.
  • All products are designed according to the principles of ergonomics, and some models are patented exclusively for this brand.
  • The pillows are made from premium quality materials, ensuring excellent quality at a reasonable price.
  • Their after-sales service is comprehensive. Buying just one item is enough, and they take good care of their customers.
  • They have multiple branches, so you can try before making a decision.

👉🏻Find the pillow that suits you here : mr.big

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📌 Branches

  • Thonglor Soi 9
  • Icon Siam, 4th floor
  • Fashion Island, B floor
  • Central Plaza Rama 9, 5th floor
  • Central Ladprao, bedding department, 5th floor
  • Central Bangna, bedding department, 4th floor
  • CentralWorld, bedding department, 7th floor
  • Central Eastville, bedding department, 3rd floor
  • Central Chidlom, 5th floor
  • The Bed Room, Compaq

Chowa 초와

Let’s continue with brand number 4, Chowa. Chowa is a health pillow brand imported from Korea. The brand has spent several years studying and researching lifestyle relaxation. All of their products are meticulously designed by experts because they want to see Thai people have improved mental and physical health. Therefore, the brand has designed a wide range of health products, including pillows, lumbar pillows, seat cushions, and even foot pillows.

As for the Cozy Pillow, a popular product from the brand, it is made from Hyper Memory Foam, a soft and supportive material that can withstand pressure and provide excellent support for the neck and head. In addition, you can also adjust the height of the pillow, making it comfortable no matter the sleeping position, be it on our side, back, or stomach. The Chowa 초와 Pillow also features the Air-Tec innovation, which provides a soft and gentle touch, as well as a cool sensation for the skin.

Furthermore, the Cozy Pillow has been certified by CertiPUR-US, a symbol that guarantees the safety of sleep products. So, everyone can rest assured that Chowa pillows are safe and can provide a comfortable sleep. And guess what? They even come with extra pillow fillings for you to refill. It’s like buying one and getting everything you need. For anyone looking for good pillows, you should hurry up and get one!


⭐️ Highlights

  • The pillows are certified by CertiPUR-US, ensuring a comfortable and safe sleep.
  • Sleep comfortably following the principles of ergonomics, without neck or back pain.
  • The pillows come with extra fillings for you to refill at your leisure!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed within 7 days. Refundable if not satisfied.
  • The prices are reasonable and pocket-friendly. Most importantly, they offer 0% installment for up to 4 months.

🎉 Promotion
For new customers, simply use the code “CHOWA10” to get a 10% discount!

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“Because good sleep leads to beauty and good health, without creating wrinkles on the face and a deep sleep.”
And now, let’s talk about the last brand, SWEEZ-Z-Z NIGHT. A health pillow that is born from passion and genuine intention. The brand was started when the owner of the brand got older and began to feel that their life was not as smooth as before, constantly feeling tired, back pain, body aches, and not as energetic as before. So, they gradually tried to change their behavior, whether it was eating, exercising, or other aspects of life, before realizing that sleep is also an important thing that we often forget about. These include elements such as the bed itself, pillow, and even the mattress cover. SWEEZ-Z-Z NIGHT understands the importance of that and that’s how this brand was born.

The pillows from this brand are made from microgel fibers or synthetic goose feathers that help provide a comfortable and restful sleep throughout the night. They are also committed to selecting high-quality pillow covers that are odorless, prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dust mites, and are gentle on the skin, allowing those who have allergies or are sensitive to sleep peacefully. And by the way, the pillows from SWEEZ-Z-Z NIGHT won’t leave any creases on your face. For anyone who wants to buy good pillows for their home or for their loved ones, definitely check them out.

“The pillow must be a pillow for sleeping, not just for decoration.”


⭐️ Highlights

  • The pillow quality is premium, on par with hotel pillows.
  • The pillows from the brand have innovative features that help prevent allergies and resist bacteria. Suitable for everyone.
  • The pillow covers can be removed and washed easily.
  • They provide extra synthetic goose feathers for those who like their pillows firm.
  • The prices are very good compared to the quality, it’s worth it.

🎉 Promotion
Special promotion for the 1-year anniversary: Buy 1 SWEEZ-Z-Z pillow and get free microgel fibers (synthetic goose feathers) for only 1,724 baht (original price 2,800 baht)!!

Furthermore, the brand also offers special freebies for a comfortable sleep :
👉🏻Nano silk pillow cover (worth 890 baht)
👉🏻Pillow for sleeping on the side (worth 690 baht)
Free shipping included.
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