“Is there anyone out there sitting bored at home but don’t want to spend too much money going out? What should you do to make staying at home more enjoyable?
Today LifeSara is bringing everyone that solution, with 11 brands of air fresheners! These room sprays’ brands can easily change the atmosphere in the house with just a fingertip and also bring the sea to your home or create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere! ✨
Each brand that we provide is carefully selected with excellent quality, and the packaging is beautiful. You can buy it for yourself or give it as a gift to others. For those who want to know which brands are available, let’s find out together~”

– Room Sprays –

Let’s start with the first brand, Soganics, a brand that everyone should be familiar with in terms of organic products. They have recently introduced a new spray air freshener that is safe for the whole family. The spray also helps create a relaxing atmosphere inside the house with a clean and comfortable scent that won’t irritate the nose. And the most important of all, it can also help eliminate unpleasant odors.

As for the scent of the air freshener, it is called “WINTER VETIVER,” which combines warm fragrances of vetiver grass and sandalwood, along with the softness of lilac and the sweet scent of amber. It is truly a soothing and relaxing scent. Additionally, it contains extracts from the rose apple fruit that helps eliminate unwanted odors. If you are looking for a good air freshener spray or want to buy it as a special gift, don’t miss out!💕

⭐️ Highlights

  • Long-lasting, can be sprayed on fabrics and pillows, providing long-lasting freshness.
  • Luxury fragrance gives a feeling of staying in a 5-star hotel in the heart of London.
  • Miniature packaging, perfect for buying as a gift for others.
  • Easy to purchase online and in leading department stores.

💵 Price : 450 Baht


📌 Ordering Channels
Website : organicsbuddy
Shopee : Organics Buddy Official Store
Lazada : Organics Buddy และห้างสรรพสินค้าชั้นนำทั่วไป


– Room Sprays –
Karmakamet Aromatic

Next up is Karmakamet Aromatic. For those who feel like they haven’t been able to go out much due to the rain and the atmosphere inside the house is super dull. The special Room Spray is made from pure fragrance present in flower and botanical extract. Just one spray will relax you whenever you need it!

A little tip is to spray it on blankets, rugs, curtains, or beddings to make the fragrance last longer. Let’s transform the gloomy days into fresh and vibrant ones together! Speaking of this brand, it’s easy to find and can be purchased online or in-store at all branches. Hurry up and go buy it now!🔥


⭐️ Highlights

  • Offers other products besides the spray for us to choose from.
  • Special packages available for gift purchases at a higher price.
  • Free returns within 15 days if the product is defective or damaged.

💵 Price : 750 Baht


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– Room Sprays –

Daydreamie is a small brand that has just recently opened, coming with a bold passion to bring happiness to everyone every day, following the store’s concept of “Everyday with your beloved scent.” This brand started from infatuation with fragrances, which led to learning and eventually the desire to share our favorite scents with others💖

Daydreamie offers a range of products, including Room & Linen spray, Reed diffuser, and Car Perfume. It can be said that they cater to everyone’s needs. The brand has a total of 6 different scents to satisfy diverse preferences. The most important aspect is that they have made it accessible for everyone. Even those who are new to the fragrance industry can use them as well. How can we miss out on such a great brand? 😘


⭐️ Highlights

  • Offers a wide selection of 6 scents!
  • Offers a variety of products that can be used in every part of the house.
  • Can be applied to the skin without causing harm to the body.
  • Adorable and affordable price, truly worth it!

📢 Promotion
Free shipping on every order until the end of 2023!
Whispering secretly that there will be great promotions in early 2024. Don’t forget to stay tuned!


📌 Ordering Channels
FB : Daydreamie
IG : Daydreamie.scents


– Room Sprays –
Bath & Body Works

This brand is probably a brand that many people are already familiar with, Bath & Body Works! It’s very easy to find and purchase because they have stores in leading shopping malls nationwide. And not only do they have body creams, perfumes, and fragrant incense, but they also have Pillow Mist that you can spray on your pillows to make them smell delightful and refreshing.

They offer a variety of fragrances, such as Winter Pine, Fresh Flowers, Sweet Fruits, or even Seasonal Spices for the autumn. Plus, they come with a luxurious feeling. The Pillow Mist spray will definitely please you beyond words. The packaging is adorable and heartwarming too, just seeing it makes you want to buy it right away. Don’t miss out!✨


⭐️ Highlights

  • Offers a variety of products that cater to everyone’s needs.
  • Offers a wide selection of fragrances that you won’t get tired of using.
  • Long-lasting and valuable fragrances at a great price.
  • Easy to find and purchase through online channels and regular shopping malls.

💵 Price : 390 Baht


📌 Ordering Channels
Website : Bath & Body Works and leading shopping malls.


– Room Sprays –

Let’s continue with NEFERMA, a brand of air freshener sprays that is more than just a spray. This brand came up with the idea during the heavy COVID outbreak when travel just isn’t possible; it would be nice to have the scent of the sea at home! So they designed scents that help create an atmosphere! Just having the air freshener spray is like going everywhere~ 💕

For the NEFERMA brand, they specifically designed various scents for travelers! They have scents which can turn your home into a beach, mountains, and even shopping malls! Truly the best choice for everyone. The most important thing is that the packaging is very cute, mini-sized, and adorable when placed in beautiful homes. It’s also great to buy them as gifts for others. A definite must haves!


⭐️ Highlights

  • Offers a variety of products, including fragrant incense, air freshener sprays, scented sticks, and more. It caters to everyone’s needs!
  • Provides a wide selection of unique scents to choose from.
  • Affordable price with great quality.

💵 Price : 259 Baht

📢 Promotion
For those who want to try it first and aren’t sure if they want to buy the large bottle, testers are also available! The starting price is only 39 Baht! You can buy and try them out first.


📌 Ordering Channels
IG : neferma.scents
Line : @neferma


– Room Sprays –

The next brand is another familiar sight, PAÑPURI. We often see their Onsen bath services but who would have thought that they offer other relaxation products as well? Whether it’s fragrant incense, aromatic oils, or even bathing creams~ Anyone who wants to bring comfort to their home shouldn’t miss them!

For PAÑPURI, they have a total of two air freshener sprays:
1. Andaman Sails Room Spray, which provides a refreshing atmosphere of Green Citrus, as if we were immersed in it during the morning by the Andaman Sea.
2. Siamese Water, a signature floral scent of PAÑPURI inspired by the pure rainwater on jasmine flowers. It’s definitely a relaxing scent for the whole day.
Although there may be a limited selection of scents, each scent is packed with quality for sure! 💕 Hurry up and buy them to decorate your home.


⭐️ Highlight

  • Suitable for those who want a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Great value for the price compared to the quality received.
  • Offers a selection of two outstanding and distinctive scents.
  • Easy to purchase online and at all store branches.

💵 Price : 1,150 Baht


📌 Ordering Channels
IG : PANPURIOfficial
Website : PANPURI and PAÑPURI, all branches.


– Room Sprays –

Let’s continue with the brand THANN, which is determined to make staying at home an enjoyable experience. Just imagine how wonderful it would be if we could choose the scent of our home and change the atmosphere inside to our liking. Whether it’s a gentle and comforting fragrance or a scent that makes us feel relaxed and peaceful, as if we are truly taking a break. It’s absolutely beautiful! 💕

For their Fragrance Mist, they use natural essential oils extracted from Orange, Tangerine, and Nutmeg, giving a delightful scent that is full of vitality and never boring. The important thing is that it is dermatologically tested, paraben-free, mineral oil-free, and free from artificial colors and fragrances!! A big plus for those with sensitive skins!


⭐️ Highlights

  • Offers a wide selection of products to choose from.
  • Provides adorable gift box packaging.
  • Reasonable prices for a comfortable purchase.
  • Fragrance-free. Suitable for those who dislike strong scents.

💵 Price : 1,150 Baht


📌 Ordering Channels
Website : THANN


– Room Sprays –

Next up is MystMist, a brand dedicated to solving unwanted odors and changing the atmosphere in everyone’s room! Their products utilize innovation directly imported from France, allowing them to eliminate unwanted odors at the molecular level.

For their Refresh The Day Air Freshener Spray, it features a delightful fragrance derived from the extracts of flowers and plants, a total of 9 types (Pear, Cranberry, Chamomile, Lily, Rose, Freesia, Violet, Wood Bark, Musk) blended harmoniously. A kaleidoscope of fragrance and scents that no matter how much you smell it, you won’t get bored. If you want to freshen up the atmosphere in your room. We highly recommend it! ✨


⭐️ Highlights

  • Affordable price suitable for students and working individuals.
  • Utilizes innovation directly imported from France to effectively eliminate odors.
  • Suitable for pet owners as it can neutralize unwanted odors from pets.
  • Has a dedicated team ready to provide detailed information and answer any questions.

📢 Promotion
Order now and enjoy free shipping on every order! Don’t hesitate, place your order now!


📌 Ordering Channels
FB : MystMist Thailand
IG : mystmist_official
Line : @mystmist
Lazada : MystMist Thailand
Shopee : MystMist Thailand


– Room Sprays –
Journal Room Spray

Let’s fill our rooms with cleanliness and change the atmosphere with Journal Room Spray✨ The brand is an excellent choice as it came with 6 fragrances!! Whether it’s Auspicious 9, Promise, Garland, Galanga, Charm, or even Mango Sticky Rice. All the scent are equally deli- I mean enticing~

The Journal Room Spray can be used anywhere we want to create a pleasant fragrance, whether it’s the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. It covers them all. What makes it special is that the spray contains a blend of essential oils and chamomile that helps deliver a pleasant scent throughout the day and can also eliminate airborne germs. Such goodness! Hurry and grab one! 💕


⭐️ Highlights

  • Offers a wide variety of scents, and the important thing is that they have unique characteristics.
  • Can be sprayed repeatedly for long-lasting fragrance.
  • The price and quality are worth it!
  • The packaging is cute, so it’s suitable for personal use or as a gift.


📌 Location :

  • Siam Square One, 3rd floor (Open daily from 10:00 to 22:00)
  • Wanninman Project (Open daily from 10:00 to 22:00)
  • Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center, 2nd floor (Monday to Friday, open from 11:00 to 22:00
    Saturday to Sunday or public holidays, open from 10:00 to 22:00)

📌 Ordering Channels
FB : Journal Room Spray
IG : @journalboutiqueth
LINE : @journalboutique
Website : journalboutiqueth


– Room Sprays –

Next up is the Sedar.W, a brand that presents its artwork through a variety of scents. The brand’s fragrance products resemble works of art. If you’re a fan of fragrances, you definitely shouldn’t miss out! Besides the scents, they have also put effort into designing beautiful packaging. It would be a wonderful gift for someone special 💕

Currently, they have a special scent called “Merry,” which is a fragrance of happiness. Enjoy the festive atmosphere and celebrate as if you are walking on a street adorned with lights and cool air during the holiday season. If you want to experience something good like this, you should hurry and buy it now ✨


⭐️ Highlights

  • Offers a wide variety of scents, with unique characteristics.
  • Offers a wide range of products, including sachets, reed diffusers, scented candles, and more.
  • When sprayed on surfaces such as fabric, carpets, or curtains, the fragrance lasts longer than usual.
  • Reasonable price and long-lasting usage, definitely worth the money.

💵 Price : 980 Baht


📌 Ordering Channels
FB : sedar.w
IG : sedar.w
LINE : @sedar-w
Website : www.sadar-w.com


– Room Sprays –

And finally, we’ve come to the last brand, and it’s equally impressive as other brands. Antidotes, a fragrance brand that is dedicated to designing scents with great attention to detail. Under the concept of clear and distinct fragrances, they prioritize well-being. The spray nozzle is elegantly packaged in a sleek green box. It’s safe to say that whoever receives it will be delighted~

The remarkable feature of Antidotes is that their spray nozzle is in a pump format that disperses the fragrance evenly, with guaranteed 500 times usage!! Moreover, it’s a room spray that uses alcohol as a base, so it doesn’t leave any residue on fabric or objects. Just the delightful fragrance remains after spraying. Whoever likes to spray it on pillows shouldn’t miss this. They also offer up to 9 different scents! Hurry and go buy it right away! 💕


⭐️ Highlights

  • Offers a wide variety of scents, up to 9 fragrances, each with a delightful aroma.
  • Can be sprayed repeatedly, over 500 times! One bottle can last for several months.
  • Can be sprayed on fabric or various objects without leaving any residue.
  • Elegant packaging, suitable for gifting to someone special.

💵 Price : 890 Baht


📌 Location : Flagship Store at CentralWorld, 2nd floor, Beacon Zone

📌 Ordering Channels
FB : Antidotes
LINE : @antidotes
LINE Shop : Antidotes