With another celebratory occasion around the corner, gifting is a must~ Whether the present is for your parents, lover, friend, or anyone you hold dear, the price may not count as much as the thought and use. This means we tend to go the extra mile when it comes to gifting the near and dear.
But if you still have no clue about what to get for people in your circle, well, worry no more because we’ve got you covered! What you have here is a directory of 15 unique and new year gift ideas, from mid- to relatively high-priced that definitely come with premium quality✨Without further ado, let’s begin our journey~

Gift Ideas – ISOPTIK

Many of you might not even remotely think about this, but eyes begin to change as you get older. And worsening vision requires an effective, even preventive, remedy. That’s why we highly recommend ISOPTIK, an optical shop that perfectly embraces both science and art for your improved vision. What’s more, they specialize in progressive lenses!✨

ISOPTIK progressive lenses are structurally designed by “Master Bobi”, a specialist in personalized smart 3D progressive lenses who can tailor what best suits you. He can help correct both short- and long-sightedness, remedy digital eye strain, improve vision, etc. What a total package! With eye exams as well as glass fitting for the perfect facial positioning conducted by a team of professional optometrists with more than 10 years of experience, it wouldn’t hurt to add ISOPTIK to your impressive present list💕


👉🏻 Who’s ISOPTIK For

  • Anyone with common eye problems such as short- and long-sightedness and digital eye strain
  • Especially customers aged 37 and over, or elderly with age-related vision conditions

⭐️ Special Promotions⭐️
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📌 Location : 89 AIA CAPITAL CENTER building, 2nd floor, Din daeng, Bangkok 10400

☎️ Ordering Channels
FB : ศูนย์แว่นตาไอซอพติก
For eye exam reservation, please call: 086-565-5711
Master Bobi : 097-454-9944
✨Authentic reviews from users of ISOPTIK lenses✨
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✨Benefits of personalized 3D ISOPTIK lenses✨
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Gift Ideas – Narabura

Moving to the second brand that is second to none, Narabura (นาราบุระ), a seller of skincare and home fragrance products designed to promote immediate relaxation. Designed to effectively cleanse, their body wash comes in 5 aromatic scents to give you therapeutic spa vibes. Narabura uses natural extracts to ensure gentleness on any skin type. But that’s not all, the brand offers hand wash and pillow mist. You may consider buying a full package! ✨

5 Natural Scents
🌹 Tibet Rose :
Aromatic scents of frankincense from the Tibetan Plateau and Damask rose oil extract
🌾 East Provence :
Aromatic scent of lavender that brings you to a natural field in Europe
🌊 Mediterranean :
Comprehensive set of aromatic scents from the Balkan Peninsula to the Strait of Gibraltar that boards you on a Mediterranean cruise
🪴 Wild Sage :
Aromatic scent of pure essential oil from Moroccan sedar, which had been one of popular ingredients during Arab Civilization for thousands of years
🍊 Mandarin Bark :
Warm, aromatic scent from a combination of Mandarin orange and pine bark extract to promote relaxation

If you are looking for a premium-quality, reasonably-priced present that also comes with practicality, you really can’t miss Narabura body wash. This best-selling product category gently cleanses your skin and locks in moisture with deep-sea minerals, leaving a soft and smooth finish. Natural scents will transport you to a peaceful state of mind. What are you waiting for💕


👉🏻 Who’s Narabura For

  • Anyone seeking high-quality body wash or fragrance
  • Anyone in need of relaxation without taking a step out of the house

⭐️ Special Promotions ⭐️
3 Gift Sets
💖 SET A : 970 baht (Shower Gel, Hand Wash)
💖 SET B : 1,380 baht (Shower Gel, Shampoo)
💖 SET C : 2,070 baht (Shower Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner )


☎️ Ordering Channels
FB : narabura
Line : Narabura


Gift Ideas – SANDT BKK

Third, a brand that is perfect for young adults like us. SANDT Aroma Gadget is designed to be more than just an inhaler! Because it can be used to reduce work-related stress and fight sleepiness. What a perfect choice for every occasion! SANDT intends to provide convenience with a container that you can open and close with one hand. SANDT also uses eco-friendly plastic to keep the environment clean✨ What’s more, it’s refillable! So you don’t have to buy a new one upon exhaustion. Below are four main scents:
🌿 Herbal Boost :
Refresh yourself with a combination of more than 10 Thai herbs and coolness of eucalyptus and peppermint
🍊 Citrus Energy :
Awake yourself with a hint of orange and grapefruit and calming scent of lavender
🌼 Peaceful Jasmine :
Throw your stress away with a warm scent of jasmine and rosemary
🪴 Chilling Tea Tree :
Clear your nose like when you are walking in nature with the coolness of tea tree and peppermint

SANDT offers one more seasonal scent like Blooming Winter as part of their special collection to welcome winter. Blooming Winter captures the radiantly sweet scent of freesia, combined with the coolness of menthol and eucalyptus. This is a limited edition with ONLY 200 sets!
Other than inhalers, SANDT extends their offerings to reed diffusers that come in a form of aroma book. The charming design will accentuate any corner of your house while the scent takes you through different narratives:
🎵 Melody of Nature :
Perfectly combines green tea, ginger, lemon, sage, and white tea to deliver the exact scent of nature under a tree facade and pleasant morning sunshine
🔔 Garden of Joy :
Gives off peaceful vibes with the scent of grass and roses like sleeping in the garden from the right mix of lemon, pomelo, red roses, bellflower, and musk
🌊 Ride on the Wave :
Refreshes and awakens you with eucalyptus, mint, bergamot, and lily of the valley, combined with aqua scent to elevate your mood~ The same effect of sitting at the seashore~
☁️ Dreamer’s journey :
Takes you through a pleasant journey of 5 scented flower/plants, including lavender, rosemary, geranium, cedarwood, and clary sage, that will give you a good night like sleeping under millions of stars

Apart from the elaborate packaging that won’t leave you hesitant, SANDT offers a wide range of products. No wonder SANDT makes a perfect gift for both the giver and the given!💕


👉🏻 Who’s SANDT BKK For

  • Anyone having to mitigate the effect of outdoor pollution with a scented inhaler
  • Any regular inhaler user under the attack of sleepiness or stress

☎️ Ordering Channels
IG : sandtbkk
TikTok : sandtbkk
LINE SHOP: @sandtbkk
Website : sandtbkk
Shopee : SANDT BKK
Lazada : แซนท์


Gift Ideas – Dior

Fourth, a present that some might not know they needed until they have them like Dior✨ This well-known brand offers one of the widest array of products for people of all ages and genders, including bags, clothes, makeups, and most importantly, fragrances~

Among their best-sellers are Miss Dior, Dior Sauvage, and so many more. It is without a doubt that perfumes rank top presents of all time given their practicality. Another thing that sets them apart is that the receiver will be reminded of you while wearing them. Even more perfect gift for your lover💕


👉🏻 Who’s ISOPTIK For

  • Anyone regularly going out
  • Any fragrance lover

☎️ Ordering Channels
Website : Dior or storefronts in leading department stores nationwide


Gift Ideas – Dyson

Coming to the gift that will make any girl definitely scream out of joy– Dyson. This electronics brand sells fans, vacuums, all the way to one thing that Dyson is most known for like a hair dryer! This is because it comes with a state-of-the art technology:

  • Dyson Airwrap : One multi-functional attachment to dry, smooth, curls, or styles your hair as you desire
  • Dyson Supersonic : Quickly dries your hair with a low-heat blow to lock in THAT shine

If you find hair-blowing an arduous task, Dyson may be just the answer~ It is a time-efficient choice that won’t take your shine away💕


👉🏻 Who’s ISOPTIK For

  • Women who spend too much time air-blowing or with damaged hair

☎️ Ordering Channels

Website : Dyson or storefronts in leading department stores nationwide


Gift Ideas – New Balance

As good shoes take you to good places, how can we not recommend a widely-known shoe brand like New Balance?! Many of you may even have a pair or two in your cabinet✨

Shoes are one of the most practical presents, especially ones that offer ultimate comfort. But that’s not the only good thing about New Balance, because the brand puts everything they have into the design to create a perfect shoe rotation💕 You certainly cannot miss New Balance–the shoes for people of all ages and genders~


👉🏻 Who’s ISOPTIK For

  • Anyone who travels often
  • Anyone who prefers to dress up

☎️ Ordering Channels
Website : New Balance or storefronts in leading department stores nationwide


Gift Ideas – Apple

How can you call yourself an Apple fan if Apple hasn’t popped up in your mind~ In 2023, Apple has launched many new products, just perfect for anyone seeking an iPad for educational purposes!

As technology has increasingly become a bigger part of our everyday lives, a useful device will only make it easier. Apple’s iPad, Macbook, or Apple Watch are among our recommendations. The brand has begun to offer numerous goods in pink, so any pink lover out there is encouraged to visit an Apple Store 💕


👉🏻 Who’s ISOPTIK For

  • Anyone looking for a new phone
  • Any learner wanting an iPad

☎️ Ordering Channels
Website : Apple or any branch of Apple Store


Gift Ideas – Daniel Wellington

Watches also rank an all-time favorite gift given their convenience, and this accessory and watch brand doesn’t know how to disappoint. Daniel Wellington offers an extensive range of perfect presents for receivers of all genders~ The watch allows them to carry a piece of you everywhere. What a meaningful and practical gift✨


👉🏻 Who’s ISOPTIK For

  • Anyone who goes out often
  • Any regular accessory/watch wearer

☎️ Ordering Channels
Lazada : Daniel Wellington


Gift Ideas – PANDORA

PANDORA never fails to make any girl feel special wearing their accessories. The brand has virtually all types of pieces that will accentuate your look, from rings, bracelets, necklaces, to earrings. What a total package! If you’re looking for a wonderful present for your girlfriend, PANDORA welcomes you!💕


👉🏻 Who’s SANDT BKK For

  • Women who love wearing accessories

☎️ Ordering Channels
Lazada : PANDORA


Gift Ideas – RAVIPA

Another popular accessory brand like RAVIPA brings both unique design and auspiciousness. Their jewelry collection doubles as amulets for love, work, finance, and health–you name it! We guarantee that a piece of RAVIPA would put a smile on any face💕 Moreover, each of them comes with chants for ultimate results. What are you waiting for👀


👉🏻 Who’s ISOPTIK For

  • Anyone who love wearing accessories
  • Anyone who fancies beautiful amulets

☎️ Ordering Channels
Lazada : RAVIPA


Gift Ideas – Marshall

The time for music lovers has come as we have here Marshall. The brand has in place a wide collection of audio instruments, from headphones, speakers to guitar amps, for both ladies and gentlemen. May we spell out one strong suit of Marshall even though you probably knew it–mind blowing sound. Let’s buy one and make any event a memorable event~✨


👉🏻 Who’s SANDT BKK For

  • Music lovers
  • Musicians, beginners to professional

☎️ Ordering Channels
Lazada : Marshall


Gift Ideas – TIMEMORE Thailand

We are certain any coffee drinkers would love this! TIMEMORE Thailand sells several specialized coffee instruments✨ such as measuring tools, grinders, coffee beans, and a portable coffee dripper set that allows you to make a perfect cup of drip coffee everywhere–mountain and beach included! This is truly a present that any coffeeholic will love.


👉🏻 Who’s TIMEMORE For

  • Any coffee aficionado or passionate baristas

☎️ Ordering Channels
Website : TIMEMORE Thailand
IG : timemorethailand
Line : TIMEMORE Thailand


Gift Ideas – Starbucks

And what is good-tasting coffee without a good-looking glass to contain it~ Starbucks has long been known for their remarkable collections of seasonal pieces with ease of purchase and reasonable prices! Because it’s not all about cuteness, but also practicality💕 More importantly, a user can be anyone, even non-coffee addicts, who prefers to have an exquisite beverage container around them. Let’s go grab one✨


👉🏻 Who’s SANDT BKK For

  • Any collector of glasses or adorable stuff
  • Anyone who likes to stay hydrated

☎️ Ordering Channels
Lazada : Starbucks


Gift Ideas – MUJI

Next is MUJI, a perfect gift with certain practicality. Any MUJI piece can double as a present, such as garments, humidifiers, and blankets. And throw your worries about quality away as MUJI won’t fail! The brand creates perfect presents for gift drawing, or even traditional gift exchange.

As MUJI is everywhere, ease of purchase is guaranteed. You can visit the store to directly buy, rather than risk ordering something online! When in doubt, go to MUJI💕


👉🏻 Who’s SANDT BKK For

  • People of all ages and genders given an enormous range of goods

☎️ Ordering Channels
All MUJI storefronts


Gift Ideas – Playstation

Let’s end our celebratory journey with a gift that any gamer would treasure like Playstation. We believe many of you have seen a video of boyfriends getting pleasantly surprised with a set of Playstation 5💕 Furthermore, you can play together to deepen the connection. If you are in hesitation, the Playstation won’t disappoint~


👉🏻 Who’s ISOPTIK For

  • Any game/game console lover

☎️ Ordering Channel
Leading department stores nationwide