If you’re a Mutelu fan (Thai’s new slang for the believer of magic), then fortune-telling might be something you do every now and then, hoping to divine some guidance from the power beyond.

And thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to track down some secluded hermit in the middle of nowhere to get your ‘accurate’ reading anymore. Just tap on some social media apps and start sliding through the feed, and you’ll find some fortune teller with a good review soon enough.

But is it, though? There’re plenty of fortune tellers out there doing palmistry, astrology, Ba-zi, numerology, and all the cards like tarots, oracles, and so on. How long can you spend diving through the countless number of online fortune tellers before you will be overwhelmed and just picked some name out and hope for the best? ✨

Well, allow LifeSara to save your time with these 9 famous Thai fortune-tellers of 2022, who many Thais have claimed to be very precise and totally worth your time and penny! If you want to see how your luck will hold up, come pick some tellers from our list right here!!



Our first psychic has been in this business for more than 10 years!! Wittykrystal offers crystal-gazing, tarot reading, and Uranian astrology with a frightening accuracy many customers have sworn by!

Wittykrystal’s divination usually involves the rigorous calculation of the celestial body’s movement, date, and time of birth, and being able to pinpoint the exact incident that has happened or very soon will be!

You can choose just the astrology reading alone, or paired it up with a tarot reading as well. Although if you only want a tarot reading, that’s fine as well👏🏻

🌞While you can ask Wittykrystal about anything, her most famous expertise is about investment!
Which stock to buy and sell? When to trade your cryptocurrency? Let Wittykrystal reveals your answer as it was written on the stars✨

FB : แม่หมอลูกแก้ว
IG : @Wittykrystal
Line : @Wittykrystal
YouTube : แม่หมอลูกแก้ว
Tiktok : แม่หมอลูกแก้ว


Fortune Telling with Ajarn Kim

Next up we have Ajarn (honorably title for master of knowledge) Kim, who has specialise in Tarot reading with more than a decade worth of experience! No matter what question you have in mind, Ajarn Kim will deal the cards until the answer is found!!

In the beginning, Ajarn Kim wasn’t believed in divination, but when one tarot session predicted exactly what happened soon afterward, Ajarn Kim became convinced of the power of tarot and pledged themselves to learn this art from the tarot readers association in the USA! After ten years of studies and training, Ajarn Kim is here to use this art and reveals your future!!

📌Concepts that set Ajarn Kim apart from others:
✨Modernity: Offers insight that roots in reality
✨Quick response, swift reading.
✨Answer every kind of question as the cards are able. Understanding of new generation’s issue.

There’re 3 methods available:
⭐️Online chat
– 1 Question, 59 Baht
– 3 Questions, 100 Baht
– 10 Questions, 300 Baht

**If asking about a missing item, 1,000 Baht per question. Full refund guaranteed if the item wasn’t found in time**

⭐️Phone calling; For a detailed Q&A session
– 30 Minutes, 500 Baht
– 15 Minutes, 250 Baht

⭐️Face-to-face scheduled sessions, such as anywhere near BTS
– 1 Hour, 2,000 Baht

FB : ดูดวงกับอาจารย์คิม
Web : tarotajkim

P.s. Ajarn Kim can be contacted anywhere and anytime, as there’s staff available to screen your questions and sort out payment💕
*Online session with Ajarn Kim is in accordance with Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act B.E 2562*


Guanim Tarot

Do you believe in Guanyin, the Chinese goddess of mercy? ⭐️ Because our third fortune teller will harness the goddess’s blessing to wash away the misfortune and uncertainty from your life!

Based on Gypsy and Guanyin tarots, Guanim (Thai pronunciation) Tarot will find insights into your problems, difficulties, and anything that cloud your mind in anxiety, so you can finally see the solution and feel the relief✨

🌞Our psychic was already a devout worshiper of Guanyin, as she can feel that her misfortunes slowly faded away whenever she prayed, so she starts collecting every artifact about Guanyin, including the tarot cards based on her.

Already a Gypsy tarot reader beforehand, Guanim Tarot combines the mystical arts of the east and the west and uses her skills to guide anyone who gets lost in the turbulent life to the end of their trials. A good deed in homage to the goddess.

🌞Another specialty is that Guanim Tarot holds on to the idea that despite the movement of the stars or the time of your birth, in the end only your thoughts and deeds can truly dictate your destiny.

So the heart of Guanim Tarot’s service is to listen to your woes and soothe your uncertainty with the tarot reading so that you can discover your own next step and finally found relief from hanging in suspense for so long.

IG : guanim_tarot
Line : @104kgfms



If it’s your love life that sent you on a hunt for a psychic, then look no further! HORO by MSA is famous for finding answers for your romance!!

Are you stuck in a troublesome relationship? Are you still haven’t moved on from your ex? Or are you finding a way to go back with your ex? 15 minutes with HORO is all you need to walk away with confidence! There’re many packages you can choose from, but of course, the highlight of HORO is all about LOVE💖

The bestseller here is the “heart delving” session🧐 that can mend the sweet-turn-bitter relationship to become harmony once again! Many couples on the brink of breaking apart have walked out of this session with their loves burned bright like the first day🥲 If you want to try one last time to save your relationship, reserve your session now!!

📌HORO’s divination method is a combination of ancient rituals and a stack of tarots imbued with Buddhistic blessing to reveal the hidden answers deep in your own psyche! The answer that appeared on your card will come from your own heart, so no matter the question, you will always find the real solution to your trouble👍

✨HORO’s service starts from 399 Baht, and here are the additional prices:

🌞Online chat session
– 1 Question, 99 Baht
– 5 Questions, 299 Baht
*Answer within 24 hours!

🌞Quick session
– 1 Question, 299 Baht
*Detailed answer in 15 minutes!!

🌞Phonecall session
– 10 Minutes, 599 Baht
– 30 Minutes, 1,299 Baht
– 60 Minutes, 2,299 Baht

*Unlimited question

LINE : @horobymsa
IG : @horobymsa

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Horo Princess

And now we’re here with Ms.Beauty of the Horo Princess, who also comes with a glowing reputation!! Especially for her precision!! Her reading is very accurate many customers become a believer!! Ms.Beauty’s method is Gypsy tarot that can read into your past, present, and your future, along with insights into the issues that are coming your way.

Not only did she read your fate, but Ms.Beauty can also help you with her golden ticket! You can tell her about the problem that had been plagued you, and Ms.Beauty will combine your reading with images of various gods onto the golden ticket to protect you! So cool!! A must-have item!! For divine protection like never before!! There’re also many other sets you can choose from ✨

From A-C tarot reading packages, the prices can be different depending on your necessity. So you can save money and only pick the one that fits you, or you can do everything at once as well if you really want the certainty!!

🔮 Package A #Tarot reading (599 Baht, from full price 999 Baht)

🔮 Package B (588 Baht, from full price 988 Baht)
– Finds out which ritual or worship is best match with your own destiny
– Home address’s number analysis

🔮 Package C #Full Session (595 Baht, from full price 995 Baht)
* Only available if you know your time of birth
– Full zodiac background check
– Discover your soulmate
– Your affinity to certain career
– Your chance for travelling
– Finding insights to plan your daily life, romance, finance, and professional life for the next 3-5 years.
– Answer the questions about what’ll happen in more than 3-4 months onward

📌Even more promotions for you! If you want to make this year the best it could ever be, Ms.Beauty has a fortune promotion for sale!!

🌞Full year fortune package 4+1: (Discount from 1,990 Baht to 1,000 Baht only!)

1. Blessed number for Line = Special number to put on your Line name that is calculated from your birth date to draw in as much fortune as it can.
2. Ultimate saving bank = Pick the best bank to pull wealth into your saving account.
3. Holy PIN = 6 password numbers for your bank account/smartphone login
4. Color affinity = Color for you to wear in each year for specific fortune

💎Free 1 special question about your fortune!!!
*If you don’t want the whole 4+1 set, just the blessed number for your Line account, you can pay just for that service for 299 Baht only!!

🌞Matching Mutelu set! (Golden ticket)

Simply tell Ms.Beauty about your problem, and Ms.Beauty will match your background reading with specific gods to boost your luck in any area that concerned you! From Lakshmi, Ganesha, to the high god Shiva and so on! Love, money, jobs, or any other troubles you need a touch of divinity on, this golden ticket can solve it all!

💛You can choose your own decoration, or let Ms.Beauty choose the one that matched your fate the most! You’ll receive 2 tickets in one set, with free delivery, as well!! The more you spend, the more you’ll get back!!

Every Sunday, Ms.Beauty will also check the weekly horoscope live on Facebook, too! As accurate as ever, but always free!! Don’t forget to subscribe!!

FB : ดูดวงไพ่ยิปซีกับคุณบิวตี้ : Horo Princess
IG : horoprincess


Psychic Friday

Onward to the next psychic who can see through fate to the point she can tell you what you want to know even before you ask! Using her birth date as her name, psychic Friday can look into your career, study, romance, or if you’re dreaming of getting noticed by someone important, she can give you an insight into achieving your dream! Most importantly, psychic Friday is very hard to meet, because she only accepted a selected few customers!

If you want a session with her? You need to be recommended by your friend!! Because this psychic rarely updates her social media, you can contact her through Line only. But don’t worry about being hoodwinked, because psychic Friday had done the reading for so many customers she has plenty of people to vouch for her accuracy! This psychic is real!! Also, psychic Friday will be very detailed in her answer for you, too!! All the way to the tiniest point! No short and obscured answer, we guaranteed!!

Career reading
: Good for anyone who wants to know about their professional opportunity. Will your business grow? Is your promotion coming soon? If you’re looking for a job, what job you might get? Or when will you get it?

Study insight
: For anyone interesting in pursuing higher education. Psychic Friday can point out which subjects will suit you, will you ever get a chance to study aboard, or whether you’ll get to graduate or not. Or what will happen once you graduate? Will your study makes your life better or worse?

Idol fanclub reading
: If you’re in loved with someone famous and want to be noticed by them, ask psychic Friday to find a way to get in your idol’s sight!! If you wanna be the top spender who get recognised by your beloved idol, let psychic charts your spending course for you! And your dream moment will finally be in your sight💸💸

🔮4 Packages available:

🌞Package 1: Q&A in online chat
-1 Question, 120 Baht
-3 Questions, 280 Baht
-5 Questions, 440 Baht

🌞Package 2: Live reading session (Must scheduled)

1. Questions set : Ask about anyone and anything, but only based on your own zodiac background
-30 Minutes : 480 Baht
-60 Minutes : 880 Baht

2. Phone session : Ask about anyone and anything, but only based on your own zodiac background
-30 Minutes : 780 Baht
-60 Minutes : 1,380 Baht
-90 Minutes : 2,000 Baht

🌞Package 3: Phone number analysis
– Checking your phone number to see if it is supporting or contradicting with your fortune
– 535 Baht

🌞Package 4: Name checking for your personal, professional, or business use
– Checking your name based on numerology, Thai Buddhism magic, and ancient Mon numerology, to see if your name is appropriate with your zodiac background~~
– Can check your first name, last name, pen name, or other names that are associated with you. The price can be varies based on complexity so checking with the psychic first.

🔥Latest hot promotion here!! Special romance package just for you!! |

Package: Know their heart 💕 Hundred advances, hundred successes!! (400 Baht)

1) Finds out what your sweet heart thinks of your appearance
2) Finds out your sweet heart’s feeling for you.
3) Learns about your sweet heart’s next step about your relationship
4) Learns about what your sweet heart has decided about your relationship
5) Discover what your relationship will be within 1 month

✅ Good for people who already talking, but not yet clear about where they stand
✅ Good for people who crush on someone, and need to know what is the next step
✅ Good for someone in a relationship who feels like their partner starts to change
🚫 Not good for someone who has no love interest yet!!

FB : หมอดูวันศุกร์
Line : @ahh3373n


Divination by Psychic Koi

Next on our list is a Psychic with more than 10,000 cases of satisfied customers!! Psychic Koi can be very accurate when it comes to short-term divination, finding answers about love, wealth, and many other areas of your fortune! She can also advise you on how to do good deeds so it will pave your way to a lifetime of good luck!!

🌞Moreover, psychic Koi is the most famous for her insight into love! Whether you want someone to become interested in you, or your ex to come back again, come ask psychic Koi to open the card, and you’ll find the answer! But if you are knowingly, or intentionally, being in an affair, don’t bother to come.

Psychic Koi gains her otherworldly insight from following Buddhist precepts religiously, and adultery is against the third rule. She won’t help you with that.

That factor is also why psychic Koi shelved her hard-earned nursing degree and becomes a psychic, so she can heal people spiritually and physically by donating some parts of her profits to hospitals and other relief forces✨

🌞And here are the services psychic Koi offers:

Phone session:

: Advantage
: Psychic Koi will perform a background check on your fortune, and sometime she might answer your question even before you actually ask. This quick session can answer up to 4-5 questions within 5 minutes, so make sure to keep your conversation brief

: Session fee
– 299 Baht (4-5 Questions) = 5 Minutes
– 399 Baht (6-10 Questions) = 10 Minutes (Hot)🔥🔥

Online chat session:

: Advantage
: The same accuracy as a phone session, but without a background check, and you can keep your answers in text form. Her answer can come in percentages, such as your ex’s 50% forgiveness to you, or still loves you 50%, and so on.

: Session fee
– 1 Question, 99 Baht
– 2 Questions, 159 Baht
– 3 Questions, 199 Baht (Hot)🔥🔥

FB : ดูดวง by แม่หมอก้อย
Line : @liw7154g (With @ as well)
Tel : 095-4956692


Divination with Fai Mongkolsoot

If you’re hoping for authentic Thai divination, Fai Mongkolsoot is here to shed the light on your destiny with a Lanna candle, the ancient northern Thai ritual! Aside from that, she can also do numerology, astrology, and tarot reading as well! And your revealed solutions can be mystical or realistic depending on your preference, too!!

But back before she added the other divination arts to her repertoire, Fai was an acolyte trained in the Lanna candle ritual. But her love of the art of divination drove her to go apprenticed herself under many masters of different divination arts until Fai become the master of her own today.

✅ Fai Mongkolsoot’s divination services include:
– Ancient Lanna candle ritual to grant blessing to your wealth, love, and career
– Astro-numerology to analyze your phone number
– Mystical digital wallpaper to boost your fortune
– Find the best holy date for your marriage, housewarming, or buying a car
– Divine best magical number to attach to your personal or business contact
– Naming a person, shop, or company

🌞5 Fortune telling sessions for different needs, with the prices starting from just 99 Baht!

Online chat
1. 3 Questions, 99 Baht
2. 3 Questions + Phone number analysis, 169 Baht

Phone call
3. Unlimited question, 299 Baht (20 Minutes)
: For detailed questions and answers

4. Deep delving session, 499 Baht (40 Minutes)
: Full background zodiac check, finds insight into next 3 – 6 months about what will happen and how to navigate.

5. Full session, 699 Baht (50 Minutes)
: Full background zodiac check, finds insight into next 3 – 6 months or up to a year, with many details and questions. Location reservation required.

FB : ดูดวงกับพี่หมอฝ้าย มงคลสูตร
Line : @269yxzzs


Tarot with Fahsuay

Let’s wrap up our list with something different, because our last fortune teller, Fahsuay, will read your future through rune divination!! Pegan worshipper rejoices!! Fahsuay’s method is a combination of Nordic rune and its relevant gods with Celtic druidism to reveal the doubts in your heart and point toward the solution! Not only does Fahsuay can reading your faith, but she also practices mystical healing as well!

With her druidism knowledge and expertise in Reiki, the Japanese healing of chakra through crystals, and allow your mind to come to terms with some mental hitches from the past😮

Another method is sound healing via a Tibetan singing bowl imported from Nepal to restore balance to the body through soundwave.

So if you’re looking for some spiritual healing, Fahsuay can be your one-stop service from diagnosis to treatment at once✨ And she also being generous with new promotions every day for fortune-telling, treatment, and healing crystals too!!

🌞Divination services come with various prices, but a single 1,000 Baht banknote can cover any of them alright🤣
✨1 Question, 36฿
✨Reiki healing, 699฿
✨Sound healing, 999฿

FB : Tarot with Fahsuay : ความสุขจากฟ้าสวย
IG : @tarot_with_fahsuay
Tiktok : tarotwithfahsuay