Some people find discomfort in wearing a bra every day. Some find out after a party that bra straps have photobombed their perfect look. Well, worry no more~ Because LifeSara has here a directory of 5 emerging stick-on bra brands for the year 2023💕
We guarantee you will find premium quality, stickiness, and versatility for every strapless look and occasion. And might we add that some of these brands extend their offerings to nipple covers, seamless bras, to fashion tape. Sticky bras are not difficult to keep stickyand come in many shades for a wide range of skin tones as well as breast sizes!🥰 How come you still don’t have one!? If a beachy or party look is around the corner, grab one so you won’t get photobombed. Without further ado, let’s begin our journey~

adhesive bras

First, a brand with products designed specially for women like WHAT THE BRA. Their SKUs range from sticky bras, nipple covers, to fashion tape. WHAT THE BRA sticky bras offer improved adhesiveness and comfort even while you’re working out or completely submerged in the swimming pool given water and sweat resistance.! What a perfect choice for every activity ✨

Since WHAT THE BRA goes for jelly silicone as the one of the main materials, what you get in return is a natural touch and winged contraption with lifting effects for perfect round breast shape. With fabric exterior, adhesive interior, and breathability, their bras come in different sizes for small and bigger bust, from cup A, B, C, to D. Color options include beige and black–choose what’s best for intended use. Better hurry than sorry~💕


⭐️ Highlights

  • Varied SKUs for different purposes
  • Can be reused for 20-30 times–what a sustainable choice!
  • Enhanced sheerness for smoother fit
  • Claim for replacement in case of damage and/or wrong size/color

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💵 Price : THB 290

📞 Ordering channel/Contact : WHAT THE BRA


adhesive bras
– Feyre –

Coming to a brand you can call a partner in crime, Feyre (เฟียร่า). Feyre will boost your confidence in natural beauty despite skin color, body shape, and breat size. The brand is determined to give you a product that will add to your confidence every wear!💕

Their adhesive bras perfecly blend with your skin color, don’t just abort mission when wet, and come with thin seams for invisibility under tight clothing. Moreover, they help push up your breasts for a fuller and more attached appearance. What a suitable option for discreet coverage and support! Made from 100% Matte Silicone in an SGS-certified facility, you can throw your worries about safety away. 15 is the maximum number of times you can reuse Feyre sticky bras! This means cost-effectiveness is a sure thing. We guarantee Feyre would make a great addition to your wardrobe✨


⭐️ Highlights

  • Affordability means hoarding is highly recommended
  • Wide range of products for all skin tones and body shapes
  • Thin edge for smooth finish
  • Easy to obtain via both online and offline stores, including Watson, Beautrium, Eveandboy, and so forth

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💵 Prices: Start from THB 169

📞 Ordering channels/Contacts: Feyre
FB : Feyré – เฟียเร่
IG : feyreofficial
Line : @feyreofficialth
Website : feyreofficialth


adhesive bras
– bVranilla (บรา-นิ-ลา) –

Moving to a brand for every activity and moment, bVranilla. The brand caters to the needs of customers of all sizes with thoughtful products that boost confidence while offering safety and absolute comfort~ With medical-grade adhesive, bVrabilla gives anyone with sensitive, itch-prone skin a peace of mind. More importantly, their products won’t dull your nipples-what a perfect staple piece💖

For anyone looking to enhance cleavage and emphasize body’s separation, we recommend Extra Doom Doom 3 In 1! This model employs Angle Wing technology with extra adhesive straps for all-day wear. Hand shape makes the sticky bras best fit your breasts, making them appear three sizes larger!! They also come with adjustable stings to perfect your cleavage with undetectable support. The Extra Doom Doom 3 In 1 can be resued more than 20 times. Such a cost-effective option✨

But if yu are looking for a waterproof alternative that gives a curveous look, we encourage you try Curvy Bra. This model can bridge any gap within 5 seconds–especially ideal when you’re in a hurry. Embracing your bust with 100% authentic silicone, the Curvy Bra also comes with sweat resistance so you can stick them on and engage in any activity with confidence, from swimming to party. You can get up to 20 uses for this model!

Last but not least, bVranilla has a range of products to accentuate your looks, such as numerous designs of nipple covers. New in✨ Half Moon Nipple Cover can be adjusted for a smooth finish under clothing to completely conceal your nipples. The brand also offers butterfly and push-up bras so you can create many more looks. What are you waiting for~💕


⭐️ Highlights

  • Safe, 100% medical-grade materials
  • Numerous uses for increased cost-effectiveness🥺
  • Products come in free storage bag
  • Multitude options, from push-up, no padding, front-close, to adhesive-free
  • Often on promotion–safe for repeated purchase~

📌 Stores :

  • Fablab, Terminal 21 Asok
  • SOS, Terminal 21 Rama 3
  • Coscen, all 7 braches
  • Sundance Day club, Hua Hin

📞 Ordering channels/Contacts :


adhesive bras

Moving to the fourth brand, ANGEL BRA BRA, who is among Thailand’s first silicone bra pioneers. Established over a decade ago, the brand has put determination in adhesive development to best suit every type of skin, especially sensitive one. So no irritation guaranteed! It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say they would go to any length to give you peace of mind~ ANGEL BRA BRA leaves no adhesive residue after-wear and comes with ease of removal💕
If pancake boobs aren’t something you’re looking for, we highly recommend Boom Bra, a new model of silicone bra that will create a fuller bust. It was redesigned to perfectly fit your chest, beautifully tightening and lifting them.What’s more, this model offers water and sweat resistance that allows for any activity, from working, traveling, hiking, to beaching. And may we add that they can be reused numerous times. Just grab one already✨


⭐️ Highlight

  • One of Thai silicone bra brands with more than ten years of professional experience
  • Enhanced stickiness with water and sweat resistance for any occasion
  • Several models for specific needs
  • Affordable prices for all buyers, from students to working-age individuals

🎉 Promotion
Special price THB 290 from THB 390!

📞 Ordering channels/Contacts:
IG : angelbrabra
TikTok : angelbrabra


adhesive bras
– BOOMBA Thailand –

Let’s end our journey with BOOMBA Thailand, a sticky bra coming straight from the USA!! But don’t let their presence of half a year in Thailand deceive you into thinking that the quality is inferior! Famous for patented Inserts (adhesive on both sides), BOOMBA is widely recognized among customers worldwide–even influencers, actors, or celebrities–and mentioned in Vogue, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and many more mainstream media. Following a strong customer base, BOOMBA has extended its product line to sticky bras, nipple covers, body tape, and fashion tape. What an all-in-one choice✨

Looking for an everyday sticky bra? Scroll down to learn more about 4 models below.

  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra :
    Perfect for anyone looking to achieve pushed-up, bigger bust
  • Demi Sticky Bra :
    Highly compatible with tank tops and turtlenecks as they lack side seams, giving both smooth finish and undetectable support
  • Invisibra :
    This is a stick-on bra for a bra-but-no-bra look and comes with extreme comfort given thin silicone~
  • BOOMBA Sticky Bra :
    A lightweight, classic model for everyday wear
    BOOMBA puts everything they got into all SKUs, which offer cups A-H. Their quality adhesive guarantees extra stickiness and water/sweat resistance, and eventually, cost-effectivenss. When in doubt, just go for BOOMBA~💕


⭐️ Highlights

  • Cater to every need with a wide array of products
  • Premium materials ensure stickiness and reusability
  • Various ordering channels, such as Shopee, Lazada, TikTok, and Line, for ease of purchase
  • Friendly staff ready to provide constructive advice

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📞 Ordering channel/Contact : BOOMBA Thailand