Aromatic scent is known to produce calming and cheerful effects, and coming back home to a great whiff has more benefits than you think. That’s why reed diffusers are among the top home staples for the purpose of eliminating unpleasant odors.
Many reed diffuser brands have come up with all scents imaginable. With inspiration taken mostly from real-life narratives, these brands create tales as good as their smell to satisfy human needs for pleasantry. It is without a doubt that selecting your finest room diffuser requires much effort, and that is where LifeSara comes in.
Not only can reed diffuser, or aroma diffuser, offer beautiful scents, but they also have versatility. You can place them anywhere in the house, and they will do their job. This is good for remote or hybrid workers who prioritize work environments or anyone coming back home from a tiresome day, as diffusers give a sense of calmness. Let’s see our recommended 6 diffuser brands that will elevate you mood 👍🏻

by Kontarat

First, SANERY by Kontarat. The brand gives off European vibes and comes with enveloping luxury scents. With main ingredients from the land of fragrance like France, combined with beautiful signifiers, such as the container referring to the brand’s founder name with the beautiful meaning “Soul of Luck”. SANERY by Kontarat offers only goodness and delicate, unique design that will turn every corner of the house into a sight for sore eyes and a tired heart.

Anyone looking for distinctive, five-star-hotel
scents while wanting to savor the flavor of art is encouraged to try SANERY by Kontarat.


💖Featured scents : Summer Pyrus | Sliverstris | Splendor

  • Summer pyrus
    A sweet scent of pear along with morning- and green-field-like freshness will help prepare you for a beautiful day (We love this one 😍 And it’s among their best-sellers!)
  • Sliverstris
    A faint scent of cigar along with leather notes of a Gentleman Club will soothe both your heart and soul (It gives a gentleman smell!)
  • Splendor
    Light with aromatic notes at first whiffs, followed by rich and romantic ones, Splendor comes with relaxing coolness


📍Location : 341/168 Wachiratham Sathit 21 Alley, Bang Chak, Phra Khanong, Bangkok 10260

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Hanky House

Second, a brand that offers playful vibes yet does its job. Hanky House is known for using real essential oil from local ingredients. Not only can their scents provide refreshing scents after a long day, their containers, designed by a Thai artist, can become collectibles. That’s why you can gift Hanky House to your nearest and dearest as a way to show how much you appreciate them.


💖 Featured scents :

  • Proud Of You gives off positive vibes with invigorating notes of citrus
  • You Can Do It boosts confidence with serene notes of refreshing mint
  • Always With You cheers you up with the warmth of woody and earthy notes
  • Follow Your Dream creates a relaxed atmosphere with calming notes of lavender and chamomile

📌 Price : Special price at 690 THB from 1,000 THB


📌 Ordering channels :
Line: @hankyhouse


Scent and Scene

Scent and Scene is for anyone with this motto: A long day deserves a longer rest. This reed diffuser brand comes with simplicity and luxury at the same time. With inspiration from extensive experience in real estate, which allows the founder to engage with various types of clients, she finally took a fragrant path and established a diffuser brand. Scent and Scene delivers a variety of concepts, as well as mood and tone that fit many fragrance choices. Whether you are a fan of sweet, luxurious, modern, or fruity notes, Scent and Scene can offer distinctive yet unique scents to the brand.

Good for the heart and soul with main components from France, most of their scents are echoes of those of luxurious perfumes. For anyone looking to instill Parisian vibes, Scent and Scene is just the right brand for you.


💖 Featured scents :

  • English Pear & Freesia offers versatility with comforting notes of pear and freesia, uniquely blended with essential oils from citrus fruits (Best Seller)
  • Love in Paris gives a more luxurious vibe with flowery notes that bring you back to the good old days. No doubt, many people love it! (Good for living rooms, sitting rooms, and office spaces)
  • French Vanilla triggers a cafe-like vibe when you, clan in earth-tone outfit, are sipping a cup of cocoa and waiting for a significant other with a sweet, luxurious note of vanilla

📌 Prices and promotions : Prices start from 390 THB/bottle
Promotion – Buy 2 for 5% off (more discount codes in Shopee)


📌 Social media channels :
IG : scentand.scene
Line : @scentand.scene
Shopee : Scentandscene


Sunday Theory Reed Diffuser

Like the name indicates, Sunday Theory is the right choice for anyone who craves weekend vibes. Taking inspiration from special moments during leisure time, the brand wants to turn a typical weekend into an atypical weekend that you can enjoy in your own way.

Main ingredients in their formulas, Original Sunday, In the library, and Saturday Night, are natural extracts. Each scent is a representation of different vibes and specific weekend moments. With conceptual bottle designs, Sunday Theory would win any match for creating a weekend-like atmosphere. You cannot miss their long-lasting diffusers with refreshing herbal extracts!


💖 Featured scents :

  • Original Sunday reminds you of a tea picnic with family in a lovely garden. The bottle is decorated with dried gypsophila flowers.
  • In the library (🥇The best) fills the air with cool, cultivating notes of a library from ancient herbs. Inside the bottle is real cinnamon rolled to imitate papers,
  • Saturday Night comes with faint fruity notes from raspberry, wood smoke, and apple. This one gives off a party-girl vibe in a fancy bottle decorated with diamond dust.

📌 Prices and promotions :
125 ml. reed diffuser at 490 THB
Promotion Buy 3 for 1,350 THB
Baby Sunday hanging perfume at 50 THB / 100 THB with refill


📌 Ordering channels :
FB : TheSundayTheory
IG : sunday_theory
Line : @sundaytheory
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Glindini reed diffusers are a must for every household. Their odor eliminators come in sweet and refreshing scents that are not too sensual or powerful. The wooden reeds perfectly complement the clear bottle and decorative rope with a label attached. Glindini’s lastingness makes it perfect for every corner of the house.

Of course, diffusers are nothing without their pleasant scents, and Glindini chooses to represent common human needs. That’s why the brand can deliver a daily dose of goodness as promised.


💖 Featured scents :

  • Sexy Monday fills the air with a pleasant,
    European-garden-like scent for unpleasant Mondays. ❤️ Sweet notes of roses will help boost concentration and energy while working, whereas a citrus hint from mango will inject liveliness.

📌 Prices and promotions :
Normal price at 290 THB
Special! 250 THB for first purchase


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For anyone looking for a precious gift with attractive, modern packaging and strong yet subtle scent that influences repurchase, look no more. Like the name “Antidotes” indicates, this Singaporean brand will help you fight a bad day while healing both your body and soul with nature-inspired scents. Taking inspiration from real places and natural fragrances from flowers, wine, citrus fruits, pine, and grass will elevate your mood and get rid of bad energy, leaving only ultimate peace.

How can we not talk about their packaging?! From a box that exudes both luxury and simplicity in unique seafoam green, to a ceramic bottle with smooth texture, together with free reed sticks, Antidotes can double as a perfect furniture piece for every corner of the house. Whether the purchase is going to be for you or others, rest assured that this brand won’t disappoint!


💖 Featured scents :

  • White Sensation, inspired by clean, elegant, yet simple scents of a hotel lobby, perfectly combines: bergamot and neroli, defining top notes; jasmine, freesia, and lily of the valley, constructing heart notes; and musk and agarwood, forming a base. This one really is for everyone!

** Antidotes will open a pop-up store at Central World, Fl 2 from October 2023 to February 2024

📌 Prices and promotions :
One full set for 1,590 THB and 1,185 THB for two refill bottles (100 ml. each)


📌 Ordering channels :
Web :
Retail Store : Firster Mahanakorn branch, Lilou & Laliart cafe