If we talk about marriage, many of you would start to think about the venue, the hairdresser, the groom and bride’s dress as well as the makeup artist that will make you the spotlight of the show. But you might be forgetting something really important, the engagement ring! Any marriage ceremony without a ring isn’t a complete one!

But in this day and age, a ring for a couple isn’t limited to engagement anymore as anyone can wear a ring no matter the place, time or the wearer’s age. Rings worn on different fingers are also used to represent different messages. If you are looking for a beautiful ring as a gift or as a witness to your big day then read on.

We at Lifesara have bundled together 8 of the most beautiful engagement ring brands into this post. All of them are guaranteed to use genuine diamonds✨ as they are certified by GIA (certificate from a leading global authority on diamonds quality) while also having their own impressive characteristics. Let’s go check them out. 💍

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Chateau Des Gems

Let’s start off with our first place, Chateau Des Gems, an accessory shop frequented by many celebrities. Their iconic design and flawlessly made gemstone helps make the brand a very unique experience that still blends in amazingly well with every lifestyle of the wearer✨

Their meticulousness doesn’t stop at the jewelry but also extends to the material they choose. Their curated collection of colorless diamonds and one-of-a-kind cutting skills help make sure that each piece is radiant, beautiful and unique. These qualities are why the brand remains a trusted name for more than 50 years and is still counting.

If you are looking for an accessory, an engagement or wedding ring then you should seriously consider this store. 🥰 And their 4 most prominent collection that all conveys a really powerful message
💍Break Free :
Fine jewelry that could go with any lifestyle and look. A universal piece that could be worn in many different ways.

💍Go Brave :
For girls who refuse to settle and wants to display their courage through a diamond piece that screams: Daring to Wear.

💍Be Mine :
A classic gem that radiates uniqueness through handicraft. Try it and your uniqueness will shine through.

💍Am Glam :
Red Carpet Diamond สำหรับออกงาน ไฮโซ สวยไม่ซ้ำใคร

📌Promotion / Package
👉🏻CDG Promotion
– RG0600 Normal price 103,000 Baht is now 66,900 Baht
– RG2988 จากปกติราคา 364,000 บาท เหลือ 236,900 บาท
– RG3262 Normal price 511,000 Baht is now 332,500 Baht
– RG3760 Normal price 188,000 Baht is now 122,500 Baht
– RG3877 Normal price 82,000 Baht is now 53,500 Baht

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📌Contact information
WEB : https://chateaudesgems.com/
Line : @ChateauDesGems
E-mail : info@chateaudesgems.com
IG : chateaudesgems
Tel : 084-655-5966


Petch Nopparat Fine jewelry

Next on the list is Petch Nopparat from the Ban Moh district. This is another diamond jewelry store with more than 70 years of experience of in-house manufacturing as well as design. Their design service offers a comprehensive package, allowing you to select the ring’s gallery as well as the center stone in order to create the most unique ring for your loved ones. Only the best diamonds that are finely cut by the best experts are used in the ring. The diamonds are also certified by GIA analysts as genuine. If you are looking to spoil yourself or your loved ones with choices, look no further than Petch Nopparat as they offer more than 500 models of rings for you to choose from. 💍

📌Promotion :
– Just inform them that you know the store from the LifeSara page to receive a 15% – 20% discount!

📍Location : Petchnoparat Co., Ltd.
Opening hours: MON-SAT: 10:00 – 16:00 (Close on Sunday)

📌Contact information
Line : petchnoparat
IG : petchnoparat
Tel : 02-221-5751 | 065-626-7229


Gems Studio

If the bride and groom are looking for an affordable ring with good quality,check out Gems Studio,the next shop on our list.This store imports as well as manufactures its own rings,allowing them to provide you with a variety of styles.They also have a team ofGIA certified gemologists from America who comb through every manufacturing processand every piece of diamondsto ensure that the strictest standards are met!

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry with an outstanding quality in every facet, then Gems Studio is ready to give you a complete turnkey service for your jewelry. It’s now clear why everyone recommends this place!

📍Location : 2B-53, MBK Center, 444, Phayathai road, Wang Mai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Opens everyday 11:00-18:00

📌Contact information
Tel : 087-711-8017
LINE : @gemsstudio
FB : Gems Studio
IG : gemsstudio
Email : gemsstudiobkk@gmail.com


The Charming Jewelry

Looking for a charming piece? Try The Charming Jewelry! Another jewelry brand that is loaded to the brim with quality. This store is very creative when it comes to designing their jewelry as is evident from the innumerable designs that they offer as well as a large range of price points to choose from that is bound to satisfy every couple who enters their shop. All of their gemstones are certified by GIA experts. And to top it all off, there are not that many stores that can beat out the 90 years of experience this store has; an experience that they have maintained throughout the store life. ✨

📍Location : 1/22 The Old Siam Plaza (1st fl.), Tripetch Rd., Pranakorn, 10200 Wang Burapha, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11.00 – 17.30 (Closes every Monday)

📌Contact Information
Line : @thecharmingjewelry
FB : thecharmingjewelry
IG : thecharmingjewelry
Web : www.thecharmingjewelry.com
Tel : 0-223-9726 | 0-223-9727 | 097-464-9696


Rah Jewellery

For this spot, we have the premium brand Rah Jewelry,a leading diamond importer of the country who engages not only in the imports of diamond but also jewelry rings manufactory.The store has been doing this for more than 20 yearsand has now expanded into an authorized reseller of high-quality diamonds that are certified by GIA as having the perfect Heart and Arrow shape.The Store has been growing steadily to the point where all their diamonds with more than 18 points of weight are all certified by GIA.They also work with highly skilled gem cutters and gemologistswho curate diamonds according to the highest standards, making the store price and quality extremely competitive. ✨

They also offer customization services for couples looking to get an engagement or wedding ring where you can set a budget for your diamonds too! They also provide a complete after-sales service experience along with diamond and wedding ring knowledge advice. If you are still deciding, Rah Jewelry is a very attractive choice. 🥰

📍Location : 2nd Floor Mercury Ville at Silom
Opening hours: 11.00-18.00

📌Contact information
Line : @rahjewellery
Web : www.RAHDIAMOND.com
FB : ร้านเพชร RAH Jewellery เพชรแท้ GIA น้ำ100 แหวนแต่งงาน แหวนคู่ แหวนหมั้น



Let’s move on to Dimension by CDG, another brand from Chateau Des Gems that aims to leave a lasting impression to couples with a new dimension in design. A manifestation of love, dreams, determination and dedication, that reflect the deeper meaning of a couple’s perseverance, that provide a sophisticated look on the wearer’s body. ✨

The two rolling diamonds within should act as a catalystto bring back the sweet memory of a loved ones;for the brand believes thatevery story in our lives isbut another cutthat will bring your love closer to perfection,just like Dimension’s diamond.If you are looking for a wedding or engagement ring that uses natural diamonds and a design that conveys a deeper meaning we highly recommend this brand!

📍Promotion :
👉🏻DIMENSION by CDG Promotion
– TRG9000988 From 6,900 Baht discounted to only 5,900 Baht
– TRG2003056 From 16,900 Baht discounted to only 12,900 Baht
– TRG2003057 From 32,900 Baht discounted to only 24,900 Baht
– TRG2002527 From 27,900 Baht discounted to only 20,900 Baht
– TRG2003677 From 33,500 Baht discounted to only 25,500 Baht

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*(Today – 30th June 2022)

📌Contact Information
WEB : dimensionbycdg
Line : @DimensionbyCDG
E-mail : info@chateaudesgems.com
IG : dimensionbycdg
Tel : 084-655-5966


Suvanni – Atelier Jewelry

Couples who are planning on a wedding should consider Suvanni, a jewelry brand that makes iconic wedding rings with unique patterns on the ring itself that are made from 3D printing technology. The store pays attention to every detail of your ring which includes cross-referencing the laser numbers on all diamonds to make sure that they all match the certificate and provide a photographic proof of the procedure to the customer.

They also design special lettersto be engraved onto your ringas well as specially-designed ring surfaces that provide a smooth surfaceduring wearing and taking off the ring to increase comfort when worn by men.With more than 105 years of experience,the shop offers an unfathomably large selection of ring designsas well as providing a trove of adviceon buying a diamond by a certified diamond procurement specialist who graduated from the GIA’s course.Definitely a choicethat guarantees quality and beauty that is worth the price.

On top of wedding rings Suvanni also offers jewelry for many other occasions that you could choose from as well. If you are looking for a good gift, Suvanni is the brand that fits every lovely occasion a couple might have. ✨

📍Location : 2nd floor Chanissara tower, Rama 4 road, opposite of Chulalongkorn hospital
(Parking available in the building) Sala Dang BTS station or Silom MRT station
Opening hours MON – SAT 11.00 – 17.00 (Close on Sunday) (Close on Sunday)

📌Contact information
Web : www.suvanni.com
FB : Suvanni Jewelry
IG : @suvannijewelry
Line : @suvannijewelry


Kongngern Gems

Looking for a D grade colorless diamond that exudes a modern look but still retains an air of luxury accented with a Navy and Cobalt blue? If that’s your cup of tea then Kongngern Gems is the place for you.

One of the leading exporter, manufacturer and designer of jewelry such as wedding rings, engagement rings, necklace, watches and many other products related to gemstones.All their products are decorated withreal gems and diamonds that are certified by GIA and HRD, the leading institute in terms of gemstones.They also provide designing services.. If you are planning a wedding or looking for a gift for a loved one,Kongngern Gems is another option you should consider. 💍💍

📌Contact Infomation
Line : @Kongngern
FB : เพชรกองเงิน ดิโอลด์สยาม PKN Diamond
IG : Petch.kong.ngern
E-mail : Kongngerngems@gmail.com