In the month of love, if you have someone you love or secretly admire and want to create a romantic atmosphere that can shake their hearts, you definitely shouldn’t go empty-handed! Nowadays, people love beautiful things, so giving flowers is a gift that can clearly express your love. Believing that everyone would love to receive flowers from someone 🌹
Flowers are not only meant for romantic love but also for friends, siblings, or family members. Giving flowers shows that we always care about them, which means we hope for something positive coming in their lives. Thus, giving flowers is such a positive gesture for every occasion😍
For friends who are looking for decent flower shops for your special ones on special occasions such as graduation, birthday, or asking someone to be in a relationship with you whatsoever, don’t miss this. In 2023, Lifesara didn’t wait to collect great flower shops with high-quality, fragrant, and freshly beautiful flowers ready to deliver them to you. If you like any of these, don’t miss out and hurry to order one for your romantic scenes. Stay tuned for which flower shops they are 💖💗


If you already had flowers and want to add something extra to your gift, we have some great gift ideas for you below here

Starting with flower shops, Balloon UP, it’s a balloon shop filled with artificial flowers inside in many collections and styles of flowers to choose from. If you’re bored with just the traditional flower presents, this place will be a good idea for you.

The specialty of this shop is they create their own balloons and you can customize the letter and color of the flowers yourself. The balloon can be filled with photos, money, and dolls which you can create anything for someone you love. It can be stored for up to a year. Giving it to friends or boy/girlfriends, they would be blushing for sure🌹❤️

📌Ordering channels
FB : Balloonup ร้านลูกโป่ง
Tel : 0836995654
Line : @balloonup
Delivery: All over Thailand

Next, we have Love You Flower, a flower shop with blooming flowers like you’re giving to a superstar. There are 20 various styles of flowers that you can choose from, white-pink, white-red, black-white, and black-pink which are a colorful contrast of moods and tones.

Besides, it’s very convenient to order from this shop because you can order them online through their website and just wait to receive beautiful flowers. The moment of love is coming, if you want to impress someone, you should come to this shop. Get a 27% discount by ordering now.

📌Ordering channels
Web :
IG : loveyouflowers
FB : ร้านดอกไม้ Love You Flower
Line : @loveyouflower

Coming to a flower shop, All.inboom.flower, another flower shop that gals will love, because the shop will create huge bouquets that are full of fresh and fragrant flowers to warm your heart.

Also, they have a new collection for the coming Valentine’s day called the Valentines Collection. There are both a Bouquet Set and Box Set set providing for a man who is fond of love, friends who want to congratulate with a big gift, or anyone who wants to take some cool pictures with a big bouquet like a celebrity!

📌 Ordering channels
FB : all.inboom.flower
IG : all.inbloom.flower

Stopping by Made My Day Studio, a fresh flower shop, is impressive from the moment you see its name. They can create many styles, such as minimal, Korean, or pop art, all of which are fabulous. The flowers also are imported and beautifully selected from foreign countries, such as China, Kenya, and Ecuador, so there are many species available that will stun the receivers.

Those who are planning to order should hurry because Valentine’s is coming and there are limited orders for this special occasion. Can’t wait! 🌹

📍Location : TC GREEN RAMA9
Rama IX Rd, Huai Khwang, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310

📌 Ordering Channels
FB : Made my day studio
IG : mademyday_studio
Line : @mademyday.bkk
Tel : 098-969-9563 | 092-893-9914

Continue with an enchanted flower shop in a simple-luxurious unique style, A Flower Room. They create bouquets with a mellow color tone that feel like they are from a royal palace, dark or light bouquets are good for your heart. If you’re looking for a bouquet at an affordable price, you should aim for this shop. Both receivers and givers will be happy for sure. If you want to pre-order a bouquet from A Flower Room, it’s open from today – 12 February 2023. Don’t miss💖

📌 Ordering Channels
Web :
IG : aflowerroom
FB : ร้านดอกไม้ A Flower Room
Line : @Aflowerroom

For those who’re looking for a unique-style flower shop, you should visit LUX Flowers. They sell various styles of flowers that give a beautiful, cool, and premium feel.

In the part of the flowers, Ecuadorian roses species are imported from Ecuador which are premium A grade. The petals are straight and organized with about 20 tone colors whether matching with a bag, card, box, perfume, dessert, or glass dome, everything is complete here.

If you want to give flowers to express good meaning to someone, let’s give these immortal flowers as a representative. We assure you the jury will be stunning and even B blood types people still have hope!

📌 Prices : 590 Baht – 16,900 Baht

📌 Ordering Channels
FB : luxflowers.thailand
Line : @luxflowers
IG : luxflowers.thailand

Coming to a freshly new flower shop that will satisfy you with a bouquet. This shop has amazingly arranged and designed flowers with lovely tone colors. There are 9 and 15 flowers per bouquet to choose from, and even customize it to match your liking. You can order any flowers and amount you want. We assure you that the person who receives it will be blushing, suitable on any special occasion.

📌 Ordering Channels
FB : flowerette.bkk
IG : flowerette.bkk

Continuing with those with deep pockets, Mommy Flower shop. It is considered a high-end market because the flowers are usually roses paired with money, which you can specify the amount of money you want to put in. The containers they use range from boxes decorated with money, hidden money in the flowers, folded bills in the box, or chocolate with flowers. It’s truly a surprise for those who want to give a special moment to someone, just order once!

📌 Ordering channel
FB :รับจัดดอกไม้และของขวัญ Mommy Flower shop


Golden Rose Thailand

Stopping by Golden Rose Thailand flower shop. It’s a fresh roses flower shop undergoing the preserved flower process that can keep their freshness up to 5 years! Putting it under a glass dome will make it more luxurious. For those who love long-lasting flowers, just a single piece will win your heart.

P.S. Nationwide delivery with an extra 60 Baht (Receive it in a day)

📌 Ordering Channels
Tel : 081-255-4595
FB : กุหลาบทองคำ Golden Rose Thailand
Line : pon-.

Closing with a flower shop in the Pak Khlong Talat area, PKTonline. Their bouquets are filled with fresh and vibrant flowers in various sizes, from small to medium to very large to suit your needs and styles. You can request something specific to your liking, so they’re ready to cast it case by case to help you increase your relationship with those who receive it. Or even giving it to friends assuring that the happiness level would be increased.

The shop is currently offering pre-orders until February 12, 2023, so if you want to give a flower to someone on a day of love, please don’t wait until it’s too late!🌹💖

📌 Ordering Channels
Line : pkt online
Tel : 083-016-3044
IG : pktonline
FB : PKTonline / ปากคลองตลาดออนไลน์