💐Nowadays, there’s a wide variety of women’s bag brands available, ranging from affordable to high-end. It’s true that finding the perfect one can take some time and consideration. But today, ladies, you don’t have to worry anymore. Because we, at Lifesara, have gathered a collection of beautiful women’s bag brands available on Instagram. Rest assured, these brands offer only quality and uniqueness. They differ in terms of beauty, functionality, and distinctive features, giving you the freedom to choose the style that suits you best. If you’re interested, take a look on Instagram for more options. As for the brands we’ve brought here, stay tuned to find out!


If you’re a fan of cute, luxurious, and high-end bags that can rival any brand, you have to visit Magraret.bag. Their leather bags have a soft touch and a lightweight feel, making them perfect for everyday use. These bags not only provide a stylish look for daily wear but also emphasize practicality with ample space for your belongings. Moreover, the colors are versatile and suitable for every lifestyle. And let’s not forget the attractive prices. Trust us, you can’t live without these!

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Starting price is 350 THB (And if you mention that you’re from the Lifesara, you’ll get an extra 10% discount!)


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All Online Channels : Magraret.bag
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Continuing with the brand CELLS, which takes its unique identity from the word “cells” the smallest unit of living organisms that can divide and grow limitlessly. This concept serves as the inspiration behind their bag designs, where colors are divided into smaller pieces, resembling tiny cells. By incorporating innovative design elements, their bags are distinct and unparalleled in terms of color variations.

In addition to the distinctive design philosophy, CELLS offers various sizes and styles with diverse functionalities. Their bags are made to be durable, using a fabric blend of 50% polyester cotton twill, ensuring they remain sturdy, vibrant, and long-lasting. If you’re someone who appreciates bags suitable for all occasions with ample storage capacity, then you should definitely consider checking out CELLS.

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All Online Channels : CELLS.Official
Line : @Cells.official
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Let’s talk about the cowhide leather bags with bold and sassy style from the brand galavela.style. This is yet another bag brand that takes the concept of cowhide leather to a whole new level. In the past, leather bags often gave off an aged look, but galavela.style has revamped them with adorable colors and modern designs suitable for the younger generation. Moreover, their prices won’t make your wallet scream too. Their look can match any styles you pair them with, making them a must-have for anyone who adores vibrant, stylish, and functional bags. If you’re into lively, trendy bags that are practical for everyday use, you definitely need to have these!

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Let’s talk about the women’s bag brand “Borboleta,” which derives its name from the word “butterfly,” reflecting the essence of womanhood. Their bags are not only designed with adorable and playful designs but also possess a unique style that represents individuality. The material they use is Cruelty-free 100% microfiber, an innovation from Japan that doesn’t harm the environment or animals. It’s certified by the PETA-APPROVED VEGAN logo from the USA, making them one of the first brands in Thailand to have this certification.

For those who love trendy and colorful bags that come with lightweight, water-resistant, mold-resistant, durable, and easy-to-care features, these bags are perfect. They can even be sprayed with alcohol-based sanitizers. What’s more, a portion of their proceeds goes to support The Ocean of Wisdom Foundation, dedicated to the development of children’s education. So, if you’re looking for beautiful fashion bags that are environmentally conscious and contribute to a good cause, you definitely need to support this brand.

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** www.borboletabag.com and use the code “proudthai” for a 25% discount when purchasing through the website.


📌 Location : 59, 28 Soi Than Ying Phuangratpraphai, Khlong Tun, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
📌 Business Hours : Everyday 09.30-17.30

📌 Online Store
IG : borboletabag
Line : @borboletabag
FB : Borboleta Bag
Tiktok : @borboletabag
Youtube : @borboletabag
Web : www.borboletabag.com
Tel : 085-335-3392



Let’s move on to the sweet and cool style mini handbags for women from the brand whiteoakfactory. These adorable bags come in various lovely colors and can match with every look a girl can come up with. Whether it’s a crossbody bag, a waist bag, or a fabric bag, they all look incredibly stylish. Especially for girls who appreciate simplicity, these bags are versatile for every occasion. Made with sturdy and durable materials, you can chill wherever you go. With a wide range of options to choose from, this brand is suitable for girls who use them for work, love adventures, and everything in between. It’s another brand that suits every girl, and the affordable price makes it even more accessible. To put it simply, girls will definitely love it!

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: Prices starts from 350 – 1,150 baht


📍 Locations
– FRANK (1st floor, Siam center)
– ASAP (Siam square soi 3)
– SATION (เจริญกรุง 30)

📌 Online Store
Line : @whiteoakfactory
IG : whiteoakfactory



For adventurous girls who emphasize simplicity and effortlessly cool everyday looks, AWARINN is the brand for women’s bags to consider. They offer a range of options, including wallets, shoulder bags, backpacks, and fabric bags, perfectly catering to various needs. With over 40 years of experience, spanning generations, the AWARINN brand has been passed down within the family and has evolved into today’s distinctive identity by the three siblings. It’s safe to say that when it comes to understanding women, this brand excels and even provides post-sales services such as repairs and consultations for bag-related issues. For those seeking a bag that combines sophistication, practicality, and self-expression, this brand is a must.

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– Starting price is in the range of hundred baht.


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FB : Awarin
IG : awarinshop
Line : @awarinn
Lazada : awarinn
Shopee : awarinn



Here we have the trendy brand of bags called KODANGS. These are fashion-forward bags with Unisex design, emphasizing ease of use and uniqueness. They seamlessly fit into every lifestyle, making them ideal for those who love to explore and adventure. What’s more, the details of these bags are exceptional, as many models are made from water-resistant fabric, allowing you to brave the rain and water without hesitation. To put it simply, if you’re searching for a fashionable bag that’s perfect for comfortable daily wear with a touch of minimalism and vibrant colors, all at an affordable price, you definitely need to check out this brand.

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Starting prices range from 390 to 2,290 baht.


📍 Locations

  1. frank siam soi 2
  2. tres siam soi 5
  3. hide ari

📍 Branches Abroad

  1. years Hongkong
  2. baan.store Melbourne

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IG : @kodangs
Line OA : @kodangs
Lineshop | Web
Lazada : Kodangslife
Shopee : KODANGS