This article is perfect for anyone seeking out a new pair of sandals as LifeSara has already created a list of five women sandals brands. Apart from designs that will definitely attract you, these 2023 recommended brands come with versatility for everyday use. They offer both comfort and trendy looks that any anyone would be beyond happy to receive as a gift👀❤️ Without further ado, let’s get to know them~



Let’s begin our comfy journey with a hand-made women’s sandal brand like ZIRISHOES. Founded in 2014, this brand is among pioneers of IG brands with a bunch of loyal customers. Their main material “cow nappa leather” comes with high quality and provides softness in every step you take💕 Using cow nappa leather for the in and outside of the shoes, we guarantee you can walk in ZIRISHOES all day long.

Not only does the brand pride themself in comfort, they put meticulousness in the design process–every model is 100% original! You will be mesmerized by a multitude of elaborate styles. It’s like killing two birds with one stone✨ No wonder ZIRISHOES is trusted by celebrities and tens of thousands of women nationwide. No need to believe us, just try for yourself~


⭐️ Highlights

  • Utmost care in every process, from designing, sewing, to material procurement
  • Handcrafted by qualified artisans, giving a perfect pair made just for you
  • Return for size exchange in case of tightness or looseness
  • High-quality materials give durability and longer lifespan
  • 0% interest three-month installment for credit card purchase


☎️ Ordering channels and contacts
Line Official : @zirishoes
Facebook : Zirishoes
Website : Zirishoes
Line shopping : @zirishoes


Charlotte Shoes

Second, a brand with deeply rooted passion like Charlotte Shoes. Knowing shoes are one of everyone’s everyday items, founders of the brand place emphasis on minimalist styles and affordable prices. The more comfort and delicacy you seek, the more suitable Charlotte Shoes is for you✨

Charlotte Shoes is designed specifically for women. With multifarious models, their offerings are perfect for everyday, office, and casual looks–some even more perfect for you to strike a pose in! What’s more, all models come in a wide range of sizes, from 36 to 42. And don’t forget to buy a size larger if you have wider-than-normal feet for absolute comfort💕 A pair (or more) from Charlotte Shoes would be a great addition to your cabinet~👀


⭐️ Highlights

  • Soft insole for comfort~
  • Too many models with too much cuteness
  • Accessible prices start from THB 250
  • 7-day warranty covers size exchange and replacement pair!


☎️ Ordering channel and contact : Charlotte Shoes


Primest Brand

Moving to the third—Primest Brand—a brand that was founded from passion for fashion💕 Established in 2015, it has been 8 years since the founder decided to put their love towards shoes and turn it into a brand. The main purpose was to design a pair of comfy shoes for people of all ages✨

As of now, the brand has more than 30 SKUs for you to choose from. Their determination begins as early as the designing process so you can walk in Primest Brand for several occasions, from study, work, to social functions. More importantly, the prices are so competitive that any student and first jobber can afford. So no worries in that regard! Visit their online store and grab a pair of your own~


⭐️ Highlights

  • Accessible prices start from THB 490 – 990
  • High quality with all-day comfort
  • Simple yet elaborate design for every occasion
  • Over 30 design options for people who often fancy a unique look

❤️ Promotions
Free delivery when ordered via Line!


☎️ Ordering channels and contacts
FB : Primest Brand
IG : @primest_brand
Line : @primestbrand
Email : primestbrand@outlook


Finest Shoes

The next in line is Finest Shoes, a shoe brand specially made for health-conscious consumers. Among the brand’s strong suits are softness, comfort, breathability, and good form that allows all-day walking. However, Finest Shoes offers intricate designs that many wouldn’t believe get along well with functionality. What a total package! We guarantee this is something you won’t easily come by~

Finest Shoes has multifarious models—heels with and without platform, high heels, sandals, subtle styles for formal social events, or even party-ready styles that come in blue, purple, and green💕 It could be said they have everything for every occasion! Prices are reasonable given exceptional quality. Get a pair and see for yourself✨


⭐️ Highlights

  • Premium-quality shoes that are perfect for every occasion and gifting
  • Comes with breathability and good form that won’t hurt your feet
  • Reasonable prices considering quality
  • Detailed designs for everyday use—perfect for students and working-age customers~

❤️ Promotions
10% off every model and special discount for new customers!! Add friends in Line and enjoy applicable promotions✨


☎️ Ordering channels and contacts :
Finest Shoes
Line : @finestshoes


To the moon vibes

Ending this article with a brand that started with genuine enthusiasm for fashion like ‘To the moon vibes’. The owner loves dressing up and exploring different shoe styles, and fortunately came up with an idea to create a staple pair with comfort and versatility. Most importantly, they have to accentuate any look! And so a journey of To the moon vibes began✨

What is design without comfort when it comes to shoes? This is why To the moon vibes offers distinctive styles in different colors, comfort, and affordable price in the same pair~ The owner took inspiration from the color of sky and galaxy, where the moon resides like the name ‘To the moon vibes’ indicates🌙 Grab a pair if you are interested💕


⭐️ Highlights

  • Optimal design for everyday look
  • All SKUs have a unique gimmick
  • Size exchange upon tight or loose fitting~
  • Messenger delivery with distance-based shipping rates

❤️ Promotions
Free delivery from the first pair~


☎️ Ordering channels and contacts
IG : Tothemoon.vibes
Line : Tothemoonvibes
Lazada : To the moon vibes