Did you know what to wear for this summer yet? After all, the top destination to visit in Thailand once summer arrives is the beach 🏝 And now that many people’s social feeds probably got flooded with images of everyone in two pieces, bikinis, or sassy one-piece swimsuits that set their hearts on fire with jealousy of everyone who gets to go to the beach already🔥

Booking your trip to the beach in Thailand isn’t hard. It’s the choosing what to wear to the beach that is hard! If you want to put your firm body on a show, what kind of swimsuit will highlight all those abs!? And if you’re not in a mood to let anyone take a look at your body at all, which one of them will keep strangers from mistaking you for a banana boat!?

So let’s take a look at LifeSara’s 7 hot swimsuit brands for women of every body shape to boost your natural beauty and set your confidence off the roof!!

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Now let’s go through the list together! That perfect swimsuit for you got to be in here somewhere!!



Our first brand comes with both swimsuits and sportwears at a reasonable price that stays fashionable in this latest minimal trend that invades every aspect of our life✨

VAYA’s clothes are made with high-quality materials that will stay colorful and whole for as long as you have them! And they also come in various designs for your every taste! You can see just how much glowing feedbacks they got by visiting VAYA’s FB, IG, and LINE!!

📍Shop Location :

  • Fashion Island, FL.1
  • Terminal 21 Asok, FL.1
  • Robinson Rangsit, FL.1
  • The Mall Bang Kapi, FL.1
  • Central World, FL.2
  • Central Phuket, FL.2
  • Central Bangna, FL.2
  • Central Pinklao, FL.2
  • Central Rama II, FL.2
  • Central Rama IX, FL.4
  • Central Eastville, FL.1

FB : VayaSportswearTH
IG : vaya.sportswear
LINE : @vaya
WEB : https://www.vayasportswear.com/



The next brand on our list is here to set this summer on fire! Stantall’s high-cut design will help visually lengthen your legs for an even better impression once combined with its warm color tones! From one-piece to bikinis, Stantall will make you have a blast at the beach and remain sexy at the same time 💕

IG : stantallswim
LINE : @stantall
LINE shop: https://shop.line.me/@stantall
Shopee : Stantall Swimwear



If you’re looking for swimsuits in western fashion, Loinclothshop has plenty of them for you! Their modern swimsuit has been designed to pull the roaming eyes away from your belly for an economic price! Whether you want something sweet, sexy, modest, or even full-body to keep out that pesky sunlight, you will find them all for the starting price of only 390.- onward💕

🛍Special Promotion At Lifesara :
LifeSara’s readers like you will get an even better deal than everyone else! Just buy 2 suits or more and you’ll immediately get 20% discount💕
**You can also get a fast-track delivery within 1-2 hours after order💕

– Central Westgate Fashion Plus, FL.1
– Central Salaya, FL.2
– Central Festival Chiangmai, FL.1
– Terminal 21 Asok, FL.1
– Iconsiam, FL.5

IG : Loinclothshop
Line : @loinclothshop
Shopee : Loincloth Shop


Purli Official

Next up we got a Made In Thailand brand with an understanding of Asian woman’s body shape. Purli name is inspired by the pearl🦪, the beauty that comes with the sea, just like women who love to be with the ocean 💕🏝

Purli carefully designs its swimsuit with a combination of natural beauty, playfulness, and Asian woman’s body shape so its suit can match everybody, everywhere, and every time!!

📍Shop Location
🛍Convenience Stores
– Purli outlet > Welcome Town Pattaya
– The Mall
– Siam Paragon
– The Emporium
– Bluesport
– Central
– Mega Bangna
– ICON Siam
– Super Sports

IG : purli.official
FB : purli.official
Line : lin.ee/sUxAu2z
Web : www.purlibikini.com
Tel : 094-159-2242
Shopee : PURLI
Lazada : Puril


Seychelln Swimwear

And now it’s time for Seychelln Swimwear and its unique patterns like never before! And they also come with a cute price, suitable for every destination, and they can be mixed and matched with every look✨

Seychelln’s color has also been chosen with great care so it can go well with customers of every skintone! This is a brand that you will come back for more!!

Seychelln also proudly presents its New Collection! With “Genta” and “Gemic”, the glittering swimsuit that can be paired up with every woman of every age! Whether you pick the one with hoops or not, both of them are here to send your confidence through the roof!!

🛍Special Promotion At Lifesara
Just tell the shop that you came from LifeSara page, and you will get a 10% discount off the new collection Genta and Gemic from their full price 1,590 Baht!

And a 20% discount for swimsuits from the older collection “Diva” from 1,490 Baht to 1,192 Baht!!

FB : Seychelln_official
IG : seychelln_official


Thanii Official

Thanii Official is different from other brands here because every product you brought here will make our ocean cleaner than before🤔

Because Thanii’s swimsuits are created from non-compostable ocean trash, such as plastic bottles, fishnet, and many more!! Since these things can stick around to harm the ocean for a long time, why let it stay there when you can make it into something you can look cute in it!!

So now you can look cute while also saving the world! After all, Thanii Official wants to tell the world through their product that “doing good should look good too. We’re working hard to remain as sustainably sassy as possible” ✨

Lazada : THANII
IG : thaniiofficial
Line : @thanii
WEB : www.thanii.com


Classy Swimwear

Our last brand comes with both quality and pattern that will accent your body shape’s natural beauty! Whether you’re looking for western style, Korean style, sweet and cutie, or minimal swimsuit, Classy Swimwear got them all!

Classy also has its own character in its marriage of simplicity and elegance on their swimsuit. The use of basic color tones means that you can mix and match Classy’s suits with any accessories or body shapes and you’ll certainly look wonderful!

IG : classy.swimwears
Line ID : @classyswimwear