It is not a secret some women find wearing a bra a great discomfort. Well, fret not. LifeSara has gathered a collection of sticky yet comfortable nipple cover brands at affordable prices for all the ladies. And since each and every one of these brands has qualities that make them unique, you can choose one that suits you best. Without further ado, let’s get started✨


First, nude., a silicone nipple cover and sticky bra brand with a wide variety of options to help add confidence to any look. The brand puts their heart into every process, from designing to adhesive quality. Their silicone covers include “Nipple Covers” and push-up “Volume Up Pads” that you can choose according to your needs.

nude. is designed to be simple yet packed with premium quality. One of their best-sellers are “Waterproof Nipple Covers” due to strong adhesive, as well as resistance to sweat and water–get into the pool with an ultimate peace of mind! What’s more, nude. has many more SKUs of silicone nipple covers and sticky bras to choose from! So rest assured one of them will suit your lifestyle.

Knowing most girls’ problems are small busts (sorry for the bluntness, ladies), nude. introduced “Volume Up Pads”to help perfect breast shape. In contrast, if your issue centers around meaty or sagging breasts, “Cleavage Boost Bra” is a silicone bra that will help achieve lifting while being waterproof. But if you think you have the smallest of breasts, “Extra Push Up Bra” might be your answer. The “Extra Push Up Bra” sizes extend to “A-”, tailored specially for Asian ladies. Wear them and boost your confidence to the fullest!



  • All models of nude. silicone nipple covers and sticky bras contain three layers of medical grade sweat and waterproof adhesive. So throw your worries about safety and allergy away!
  • Their nearly invisible nipple covers give full coverage to every breast shape.
  • Due to seamlessness, you can discreetly pair any of nude. products even with the tightest of clothing.

📌Locations : nude.
(all platforms available–choose one!)



Moving to a brand established around two years ago like Feyre. With an aim to boost confidence by accentuating natural beauty, the brand strives to design nipple covers for all breast shapes. If you are looking to maximize self-confidence, Feyre will be that one friend who praises you no matter what!

One of their best-selling models is a nipple cover with adhesive called“Silica Gel” that comes in many colors and sizes. The adhesive gives a relatively softer, jelly-like touch that’s more gentle for your skin. The ability to be cleaned with water and mild soap solution helps guarantee ease of care!

With proper care, the “Silica Gel” can be reused for up to 20+ times. And when we say best-selling, we don’t just make it up! Because the total sell volume is “100,000+ pairs within two years! Another one of their best-sellers is called “Adhesive-free, opaque nipple covers” that ensures no gaping and safety with SGS Testing. All of the materials are medical-grade, so you can safely wear them for 50-100 times. How can you miss such a cost-effective option?!



  • High-quality, medical-grade materials
  • You won’t feel or see anything while wearing Feyre, so wear whatever you want with added confidence!
  • A great many options for different breast shapes and skin colors with 5 skin-toned shades
  • Easy to buy via online and offline stores

📌Ordering channels Onsite Stores

  • Beautrium, 29 branches
  • Eveandboy, 18 braches
  • Coscen, 7 branches
  • Castle C F 1, Robinson zone, Future Park Tangsit
  • Amotions, Siam Square Soi 2
  • Granny Smith Ayutthaya
  • Zhoes Home Store Chiang Mai
  • GMM OShopping (coming soon)

Website :
Shopee : Feyre Official Store
Lazada : Feyre Official Store
TikTokShop : owner.feyreofficial
Konvy : feyre
Watsons (Online Only)



Be brave. All boobs are beautiful

bVranilla is a nipple cover brand with an aim to cater to the needs of ladies of all sizes. They pride themselves in creating the products that are perfect for the most sensitive of skins. Plus, they have in place a lot of SKUs, so rest assured you will find one that maximizes your confidence every time you wear them✨ Besides nipple covers and sticky bras, bVranilla also sells swimwear. What a total package!

The first of their two all-time bestselling models is “nipple covers with adhesive”. This is a seamless, nearly invisible option with full coverage over nipples for complete confidence. The strong yet non-greasy adhesive is medical-grade and in turn will not irritate your skin. This model comes with many colors and sizes in a well-adorned container. With proper care, this model could last up to 4 months.

With the same level of invisibility and coverage, the other of their top-selling is “adhesive-free nipple covers”. This model is designed to be thick in the middle and thin around the outermost areas. Made from premium-quality, lightweight silicone, they really do stay in place. Plus, resistance to sweat and water does not prevent them from getting stickier after exposure to liquid!! With proper care, they can be reused 50-100 times. What are you waiting for?💕



  • 24/7 promotions–check their socials for valid ones
  • Affordable prices
  • Premium-quality, authentic silicone covers with medical-grade adhesive for ultimate safety
  • Undetectable support for any kind of clothing

📌 Locations
IG : bvranilla.official
Shopee : bVranilla.official
Lazada : bVranilla



Kindahot Bra is built on its founder’s insights about the very problem facing most women who often wear sticky bras and nipple covers. As a result, they have brought the best of every world and created Kindahot Bra, a nipple cover brand that stay hidden at any rate. Their strapless alternatives come with lightweight coverage, strong and high-quality adhesive, and sensitive skin friendly materials. And may we inform you that a lot of celebrities use Kindahot Bra.

Like many vendors, the brand has a vast collection of offerings, each with unique functionality. Despite being adhesive-free, each SKU comes with both fully opaque finish (Vanilla) and Nude.

One of their best-sellers is “Invisible bra” a lightweight wingslove sticky bra that naturally pushes your breasts together. This thin silicone-based model comes in two colors—nude and black—and two sizes that perfectly cup your busts. With proper care, this painless model can be reused 10-20 times.

Another of Kindahot Bra’s SKU is“adhesive-free nipple cover Nude” with strong adhesive that won’t dull your nipple skin. It provides undetectable support that gets along well with a low cut/backless top, tank top, sportswear, or swimwear. More importantly, it’s irritation-free! In addition, Kindahot has in store many more models, so pick one that goes with all your looks.



  • Affordable prices
  • Premium-quality materials guarantee friendliness toward sensitive skin
  • Sales admins ready to provide constructive advice

📌 Locations
IG : kindhot.bra
Line : @kindahot
Shopee : kindahotbra



Next, a competitive nipple cover brand with certification from Switzerland like BOOBIOLOGY. The brand screams QUALITY and puts together anything you would look for in a nipple cover, from durability, resistance to sweat and water, reusability (50-100 times), medical-grade and anti-allergic adhesive, to absence of toxins. Of course, their offerings also provide full coverage without hurting you!!

BOOBIOLOGY has both covers with and without adhesive, and comes in two colors that are just perfect for Thai users. A couple of diameters cover 6.5 and 8 centimeters—pick what suits you better! What’s more, the brand sells clothing tape for bras, lingerie, dresses, you name it.

For anyone who has sensitive skin and worries about your nipples getting darkened, worry not. BOOBIOLOGY has the right model for you:‘self-adhesive covers’ are made with medical-grade, toxin-free materials approved by certifiers in Switzerland. You can bank on both their safety and affordable prices! Repeated purchase guaranteed!



  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • Sticky, sweat-resistant, and waterproof
  • Low cost/wear
  • Various ordering channels for great convenience

3 branches of Castle C :
* Siam Square Soi 9⁠ (Opposite of Chula Book Center)⁠
* Future Park Fl 1 (Next to Pan Clinic)⁠
* Asiatique The Riverfront

Linktree : Boobiology (all platforms available—pick one!)
Website :



Finally, a nipple cover brand for all fashionistas like Cele.b. Created with deep passion and genuine love of its founders, the brand prides themselves in premium quality. Their customer base has expanded from a small group of friends to a larger nipple cover market within just two years.

As the brand owners get to try every of their SKUs, they have full visibility to areas of improvement, be it silicone shape, reusability, and undetectability. If you dress to kill, you would understand the frustration of visible bra straps, or even the pain caused by bra wearing. Try Cele.b premium-quality silicone nipple covers and you will never feel what you felt before. Plus, they come with a great many shades that won’t dull your skin as follows:

  • Self-adhesive covers
    • 4 colors (white, light, medium, tan)
  • Adhesive-free covers
    • Perfect for sensitive skin
    • 5 colors (white, milk, nude, beige, brown)
    • 90-99% coverage (70-80% for the color Nude)

Their top-sellers are both “self-adhesive” and “adhesive-free” nipple covers. At only 74 THB, you would be surprised by their outstanding quality. Hoarding wouldn’t hurt, don’t you think?💕 Moreover, Cele.b has in store other types of products that will accentuate your looks even more. Plus, they always keep in mind the fact that there are ladies with small and larger breasts. Interested yet? We encourage you to visit their socials for more information ✨



  • Affordable prices
  • Low cost/wear, reusable 20-30 times
  • Premium-quality materials guarantee anti-allergy
  • No mass production means no dead stock

📌 Locations
Linktree : cele.b_official (links to all ordering channels in one place for your convenience)
LINE : @cele.b
Email :