A lot of people are probably dating someone and many more are probably planning a wedding. Wedding requires consideration in terms of the venue, cameraman, makeup artist and wedding dress as well! That’s why a wedding isn’t simply just a state of mind, but it must be a memory that you can’t forget. A memory where you display the symbols that you belong to each other; a piece of accessory that symbolizes a couple’s life.
This piece of accessory doesn’t just symbolize your affection, but it represents an important piece of you that you give to your significant other. Whether you are trying to apologize, provide a special gift or asking them to be your life partner, having the perfect place to purchase this accessory would probably be godsend.
Let’s cut to the chase, this place is the “Amantio Diamond”, a luxurious jewelry seller that doesn’t only offer beautiful diamonds that symbolize your cherished memories, but they also provide you with tricks on how to care for your jewelry as well. They also have a special service that will send your love flying to the stratosphere! 💎🎎💍
If you are a couple who are looking for a jewelry store with fine quality, look no further! Lifesara will take you over a red carpet to see what Amantio Diamond has to offer. Let’s not waste anymore time, read on!
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Stylish luxury that is suitable for every occasion

Amantio Diamond is a shop that sells genuine diamonds and gold that are certified by GIA&HRD and other world-class standards. They also own factories that could produce-to-order immediately as well.

Be it diamond rings, engagement rings or a wedding ring, the shop is truly a solution for couples who want an exclusive gift that is unique in this world.

Moreover, the store is also well-known for its varied designs that aren’t replicable by anyone else. This offers you a lot of choices when it comes to gifts that you can offer to others on their special occasion.


Sophisticatedly private, a service made specifically for couples

On top of genuine diamond jewelry, the store also offers highly personalized services for every customer. This allows them to fulfill a couple’s wishes more effectively too! These are the services that they are known for

1. Customized 3D design with prices ranging from the low thousands to hundred of thousands
2. Ring delivery and wishes card
3. Gift and bouquet services
4. Video recording for a surprise event with your significant other
5. After service sales, where you can turn the ring in for a new one
6. Fake/genuine diamond inspection machine; no more fake diamonds worries

They have other services as well but we can tell you that the services here are top-notch and will satisfy every couple coming here!


Service mind that impresses you the moment you step into the store.

Another impressive thing about this shop is the staff. Amantio Diamonds is a business that grew out of a frustration for the lack of advice the owner once got when they entered a jewelry store in the past. This became a pain point that the owner would like to solve for every couple out there. A lack of knowledge about jewelry isn’t a problem when you step into this store.

It’s due to these reasons that made Amantio Diamond’s staff highly knowledgeable and willing to provide advice to the customers until they are satisfied. This service spirit ensures that you will get what you wished for. The staff also won’t force you into buying something you don’t want as well thus you can completely rely on them!


Well-designed jewelry that captures your heart at first sight.

The jewelry here isn’t only beautiful, but is also imbued with stories of how it came to be and how it ended up with the recipient. Every piece means something to both the buyer and seller.

A Lot of Amantio Diamond rings have made the couple’s love stronger, as well as create countless romantic moments and memories. Let’s take a look at these breathtaking rings!

1. Solitaire Ring

This type of ring is the classic that presents a single diamond to highlight its radiance. The type exudes an air of luxury and pricelessness. The customers can dictate the specification according to their budget thus it is a very popular type.

2. Pave

Another style of ring that is a staple among couples. This design adds more diamond on the ring’s shank, highlighting the brilliance of the diamond in the center. This type of ring is suitable for the modern bride who wants that air of luxury. It comes with a groom’s ring that has a single diamond, which gives more detail to an otherwise flat silver ring. Both rings come together to form a perfect set.

3. Halo

A luxurious looking ring that doesn’t ruin your finances. The ring is surrounded by smaller diamonds that will make the main diamond stand out. You can choose the level of luxuriousness by the layers of diamond encrusted on the ring’s body or even add more diamond to the ring’s side. This comes with a matching broad-faced ring that gives off a sophisticated look, making it the perfect ring for a couple.

4. Fancy cut Diamond

The Princess style of diamond is also another style that is very unique and is very popular amongst brides. The ring doesn’t only give off an air of uniqueness, but also comes with a matching classic looking groom’s ring with a style that is very popular with mens nowadays. A must have for the would-be bride and groom!


Stylish decoration with every facility you might need ✨

Those who want to visit the store will notice that they are different from a normal jewelry store, as the storefront looks like a normal house but this also gives off an air of luxuriousness.

This layout allows the store to have a more spacious reception area. They also provide you with snacks while you wait as well. No need to worry about the parking too as they have a lot of parking spaces, providing maximum convenience to the customers!


Let Amantio Diamond make the day an unforgettable experience!

Amantio Diamond is truly a jewelry store that can tick every box when it comes to providing a gift for a special someone. If you want to woo someone, apologize or give something to your significant others, then you can visit us! Those who want to sample our product, you can book an appointment for 10:00 – 18:00 everyday!

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