When we talk about the most important event of your life; Prom, Graduation, Wedding, and some others, the bigger factor than clothing that can make or break your day is your makeup! So in order to keep your special day perfect all the way to its end, you need a makeup artist.✨

A good one. A reliable one. Especially the one with glowing reviews from many customers. You don’t want any imperfection on your face at all, oh no. Don’t worry! LifeSara can help you with our list of 14 professional makeup artists with great experience to save your important day! Take a look through their galleries! Shop around! This is going to be your greatest day and you must look the part! Maybe look for something more long-term like some eyelashes salons in Bangkok? Or some eyebrows tattoo, perhaps? No? It’s ok, let’s jump right in!


Makeup Artist : Jiranet Makeup

Let’s begin our list with a world champion of bridal hairdo, Jiranet Makeup! If it is a wedding you’re preparing for, Jiranet is very skilled in playing with the contour to highlight your natural facial features in the best way, so you can be the most beautiful you can ever be! 🥰

But if you want to learn how to do it yourself, Jiranet can also teach you from the basics down to the tiniest detail, all tips and tricks in our artist’s repertoire! No hold back!! 💕

IG : Jiranet_makeup_wedding
IG : Jiranet_wedding
FB : จิรเนตร์ สีช้าง
Tel : 08-1843-5889, 06-3224-1089


Makeup Artist : Homeless makeup

Don’t gawk at the name just yet, because LifeSara would never introduce you to anyone but the best! Our second artist just wants to emphasize their availability to customers everywhere in Thailand, not just in their home region! Homeless can go cast a beauty spell on your special day anywhere, anytime, as if our artist doesn’t have a home to go back to XD

Would you want a western look? Korean chic? Natural beauty? Or some Hollywood fantasy?? Homeless can make your dream come true with their exceptional 3D drawing skill that can even change your face’s shape through illusion! (The cost will depend on the type of work and travel distance)😂

IG : @homeless_makeup
FB : Thanachok Siriveeraphan
Line : @homeless_makeup 


Makeup Artist : Thathatop.makeup

If you’re in need of some confidence for your special event, we also have a girl-boss gang to up the ante of your individuality! Thathatop, casually known as Top and their team, is packed with more than just makeup kits and skincare products, but also has the friendliness and girl gang energy to pep you up to the very last minute before your important moment!

The team can work together to cast a magic look on your face, make your skin glow with a healthy feeling, and your eyes sharp and clear. They’ll be doing all of that while also entertaining you with various antics you’ll feel like a girl gang getting ready to face the world, and you’ll certainly walk out of there feeling like one! ❤️

IG : thathatop.makeup
Line : topsunghost
Tel : 095-775-1579


Makeup Artist : THANVA . MUA

Do you like femme fatale? Do you want to look seductive and dangerous like a vampiress on the prowl? Thanva.Mua has been adding a subtle hint of danger to the women’s look for more than 7 years, working as the right hand of Thailand’s top makeup artist (Surasak Studio) who has done the makeup for many famous celebrities! Thanva’s creativity, skilled hands, and sharp discipline will make sure your beauty on your special day is 100% perfect💕

IG : Thanava.mua
Line : mr.thanva
Tel : 098-312-4565


Makeup Artist : madampuppy

Another artist with many years of experience both in and out of Thailand, Madam Puppy has a special touch when it comes to analyzing their customer’s faces and designing the best look for them! Whether western style, Korean style, sweet and kawaii, or the haunting princess, Madam can work the magic with shadow and contour to make you the best of the best🥰

Tel : 085-828-0044
Line : puppy-lovely
IG : madampuppy
FB : @madampuppymakeup
Inbox : @madampuppymakeup


Makeup Artist : Gulisara makeup

But if you want the true professional of Korean style makeup, Gulisara has a specialty to put on the makeup as the Korean do! Do you want to look like a K-pop idol? Or perhaps the Korean series protagonist? Like that one with a cool lawyer? Or some funny, bright-eyed klutz? Just call Gulisara up and they can make it happen!

You can get your makeup designed based on your actual face, just a natural look with a touch of that Korean glow, but if you already have a reference in mind, you can also brief our artist up as well. After all, Gulisara is also a Korean fanatic, too! So their can definitely understand what you really want🥰

IG : gulisara_makeup
FB : ช่างแต่งหน้า ทำผมมืออาชีพ by gulisara
Line : @gulisara_makeup
Tel : 061-015-6561 ( Ms.Tong )
Second Tel : 064-567-8924


Makeup Artist : maiimust_makeup

Next up we got a makeup artist specializing in bridal makeup with a sweet and soft look. Maiimust can make you look like you walking around with your own camera filter! Their work is so minimal and cute🥰

IG : maiimust_makeup
Line : maii-rnaii
Tel : 080-049-9667


Makeup Artist : Jakkra_makeup468

If you want a mostly natural look, just clean skin that hides some spots, and giant pores under the makeup, Jakkra is a minimal artist well suited to your minimal needs!

Tel : 082-556-4916 , 064-296-6390
FB : jakkra makeup 65
IG : jakkra_makeup468
Line : 6666666664


Makeup Artist : Aofloveprince.makeup

Another choice for an artist with special skin technique, but this one has experience with more than just wedding events, but has also done the makeup for television shows, magazine covers, soap opera series, and many other media events that need your skin to stay moisturized and glowing no matter how long you sweating under that spotlight! So think of Aof if you’ll go on air 🥰

IG : aofloveprince
FB : aofloveprince.makeup
Line : @aofloveprince
Tel : 084-232-2645


Makeup Artist : Tanda makeup

Tanda’s makeup style is a special look that screams of a classy, luxurious individual like those Hollywood celebrities! So if you want your makeup to look like a fabulous woman on Forbes’s cover with a strong sense of passion and sky-high confidence, give Tanda a call🥰

Ig : tandamakeup
FB : Tanda Makeup
Tel : 089-783-1224


Makeup Artist : Lepota.official

But for those who care less about various gimmicks, but actually looking for some experienced artist who can deliver the same quality no matter how many times it is, LEPOTA with 8 years of a thriving customer base is at your service. Whether you want bridal makeup, a professional profile photo, or any other event you want to look the best at, LEPOTA can make it happen to you.

📌Promotion :

– 5% discount up to 900 Baht for one makeup session. Simply show LEPOTA this page before the session.

Tel : 083-214-8565
Line : @598cmdha
FB : Chatchanok Seangdung
Fanpage : Lepota Makeup Official
Tiktok : Lepota.Makeup


Makeup Artist : Arktistry.makeup

For those with Asian facial features, Arktistry can put many makeup styles on your face while also emphasizing your Asian Beauty! While the Korean makeup style is already tailored for Asian people, the Western style is the one that requires a lot of adaptabilities to work with our eye shape, skin tones, skin condition, along with our native weather!

And these guys come with a long list of impressive achievements to boot! From winning Shu Uemura’s makeup contest, getting certified by Jung Saem Mool Art Academy in Korea, to being a part of the model makeup team in Bangkok Fashion Week 2017-18!! All of these are the proof that your important moment will be in good hand if you choose Arktistic💕

P.s. Book quickly! Arktistry has a long queue up to many months, so the sooner you make your decision, the more likely you’ll get a treatment from this first-class team✨

IG : Arktistry.makeup
Line: @Arks.makeup
Tel : 083-429-2916


Makeup Artist : Chickymakeup

Damn, we sure got a lot of professionals with us today, because Chicky is also one of them! This artist has quite a strong intuition when it comes to makeup, many times even has a look in mind already that’s exactly what the customer wants! From bridal makeup to the graduation ceremony, no matter the nature of the event will be, Chicky’s team will work their magic on you so you can walk into the scene with power and confidence like an F1 car released from the pit stop!

While Chicky can work on every style their customer wants, the true jewel is in the classy, luxurious look with a touch of femme fatale! Sharp eyeliners and soft brows, with just enough fluffiness to make you look cute like a kill bill before pulling out the sword 😉 So if you want a look that will be sharp and intense on the lenses, but also pleasing to the bare eyes, take a look at Chicky’s gallery right now! You might find them your perfect match!!

FB : รับแต่งหน้าเจ้าสาว แต่งหน้ารับปริญญาและออกงาน By Chickymakeup
IG : chickymakeup
Line : @chickymua
Tel. 064-292-4153


Makeup Artist : Worasit_makeup

Our last artist is best suited for those who still have no idea what they want. Worasit Makeup can work magic on every makeup style out there, but more importantly, Worasit knows intimately how to play with your natural facial feature! Cover the pores here, add a bit of contour over there, and maybe play with shadow to bring attention to your beautiful eyes! So if you’re very new to this world of cosmetics, or still have no look you want to see yourself in yet, give Worasit a call so they can come and make you look like the best version of you that you might not even know to be possible 💕

IG : worasit_makeup
FB : tarm_makeup
Line : worworasit
Tel : 093-293-5951