How can you settle for mediocrity when it’s the most important day of your life? Choosing the right wedding venue is one of the most important factors to show the bride and groom’s personal taste and style to the guest. Therefore, choosing a wedding venue is a choice that needs to be made wisely; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing after all and you want that right atmosphere to remain in your memory forever. (Let’s look at some theme ideas for your wedding)

That’s why Lifesara wants to take you to see 9 beautiful wedding venues for 2022. We guarantee that all of these places are the stuff of fairy tales. Their scenery, atmosphere and backdrop are truly magical. Any couple looking for a lovely venue for their wedding, this post is the answer for you all. Let’s get into it!

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Museum Wedding

Let’s begin with Museum Wedding.Any couple looking for an opulent,classy Renaissance setting with an air of Thai contemporary architecturethat will leave all your guests spellbound should consider this venue for their wedding.They offer a complete wedding servicesuch as setting up the venue, the banquet, ceremony’s decoration as well as all sorts of banquet options like buffet.All of these are prepared by professionals… and oh girl… I don’t think any other service can beat this!

To add a cherry on top, they also just opened up a new glass hall lounge that runs parallel alongside a Baroque style garden that provides a stunning panoramic view, making this a very unique experience. ✨ You CAN’T miss out on this place. 🥰

📍Location : Museum Wedding The Aesthetics of Contemporary Thai Unique Space, Bangkok, Thailand

📌Contact information
Tel : 081-929-5626
IG : museum_wedding
FB : Museum Wedding
** Lounge setup samples


AUBE Venue

Need a wedding venue near Ratchaphruk? Check out AUBE venue. If you and your S.O. loves minimalist style and unique architecture that exudes good memory vibes then this is the right place as the venue’s design allows for a lot of daylight to pass through, thus you can play around with lights, shadows and contrast to make that heartwarming photo you have been looking for.

They also have the special Suntouch lounge surrounded by nature ✨ or the Courtyard corner that allows the bride and groom to channel their creativity into this private corner. If you are interested then you can take your mind off the coordination burden as well as they offer professionals who will handle everything from the start to the very last moment! ✨

📌Guest Capacity :
Maximum capacity
– Cocktail : 400 persons
– Sit-down dining : 240 persons
– Car park : 120-200 cars

📌Service rates :
Minimum spending
– MON-FRI (Half day) start from 250,000 Baht
– SAT-SUN (Full day) start from 350,000 Baht

📍Location : 10 Ratchaphruk road, Bangphrom, Taling Chan, Bangkok, 10170

📌Contact information
Line : @aubevenue



Time for couples living near Phutthamonthon Sai 4, Vanessa is a nature-themed venue that combines Modern contemporary feels with a Thai style building that perfectly complement each other.

Their waterfront banquet hallis decorated in a contrasting black and white scheme that exudes the air of simplicity yet loaded with sophistication that could only be described as perfection.This venue is another placea couple should seriously considerfor their once-in-a-lifetime experience.Another extremely beautiful venue to be sure.🥰

📍Location : 60/42 Mooh 7 Putthamonthin Sai 4, Oom Noi, Krathum Ban, Samuth Sakorn

📌Contact Information
FB : Vanessa สถานที่จัดงานแต่งงาน
Web :
Tel : 065-923-8651
Line : @magic-sai4


Casa De proud

Let’s move out to a venue near Bang Bua Thong area.If you and your spouse are looking for a mix between European and Thai style,then Casa De proud might be up your alley.This venue’s design focuses onopenness with a central white hallway and glass windowsthat allows you to take in the view of the Thai pavilion,the azure sky and verdant greens of the tree line outside.Just like when you got teleported into those Victorian era movies. What a classical beauty! 🥰

PS. This place can host up to 500 guests at once, with a lot of parking space to boot. Very convenient for both the host and the guests. ✨

📍Location : 8/24 Mooh 8 Bang Khu Rat, Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi

📌Contact information
FB : Casa de proud – คาซ่าเดอพราว
Web :
Tel : 065-923-8653
Line : @casadeproud


Reun Thai Ramintra

If you prefer a more Modern Thai style house feel,then you really should check out Reun Thai Ram Inthra.The venue, as expected from the name, is situated near Ramintra.It is located inside the Nuan Chan Gardenthat is lush with trees but is also dotted with large open spaces.If you enjoy a Garden Party vibe then the place can accommodate up to 350 guests.You said you don’t like the heat? Don’t worry, they also offer an air-conditioned lounge as well. Whether you fancy your party in broad daylight or under the moonlight, the place is ready to provide all the necessary services to you. Check this place out!

Promotion :
– Wedding Package, starting price 99,000 Baht
– Wedding Package with banquet 119,000 Baht

📍Location : Soi Ramintra 40

📌Contact Information
FB : เรือนไทยรามอินทรา
Line : rueanthairaminthra
Tel : 082-989-0995


Silooet House

Next in line is for the Bang Yai dwellers,Silooet House.If you enjoy the purity of white colorthat can take you on a heartwarming journeythen this is the place.Inside the main building,all objects are arranged in such a way as to let in as much natural lightas possible and every door, windows and mirrors positionswere pre-calculated to let in natural light,allowing you to snap that soft glow photo you have been dreaming of.

The surrounding scenery and vibrant trees can also remind you of nature and relaxation; this idyllic scenery allows you to snap a photo no matter the angle. Another choice you should keep in your radar. 🥰

📍Location : 55/21 Sao Thong Hin, Bang Yai, Nonthaburi 11140

📌 Contact Information
Web :
FB : Silooet_house
IG : silooet_house
Line : @silooet
Tel : 064-665-5699


Sriwiang Heritage House

If a mix between Thai and Colonial architecture is what you are looking forthen Sriwiang Heritage Houseis your best bet.The 116 years old housewas renovated into a banquet hallthat could host weddings as well as other social functionsin a comfortable atmosphere for around 150 guests.If you are looking for that Victorian aristocracy vibe, this is the spot! 🥰

– Special Promotion, starting price is 89,000 Baht only!

📍Location : 1 Si Wiang, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok10500

📌Contact Information
Tel : 081-395-9566
Line : Sriwiang Heritage House
FB : Sriwiang Heritage House
IG : sriwiangheritage
Email :


Country cottage

Are you and your S.O. looking for a Modern Vintage vibewith a bit of premium feel and uniqueness thrown into the mix? Check out Country Cottage in Thaweewatthana area.Definitely worth checking out for every lovebird out there.The venue has plenty of space,making it the prime choice to host a wedding that radiates the air of glamor. The building itself is in a European style and decorated with classy chandelier;outside is an airy garden surrounded by numerous trees. In the middle lies a fountain as a cherry on top for that classic mood.These decorations offer you countless opportunity for photos and will leave you and your S.O. filled with memories that you won’t soon forget. ✨

📍Location : 9 Boromaratchachonnani road, Thaweewatthana, Bangkok (Near Boonthaworn Sai 3 store)

📌Contact Information
FB : Country cottage
Web :
Tel : 065-923-8657
Line : @countrycottage


Le pasiri

Let’s move onto the final place on our list. Do you like Renaissance style European buildings that give off the “I am on a holiday in Europe” vibe? If your answer is yes then Le pasiri might be what you are looking for. Situated on Rama 5 road, the place radiates a Magic Love House energy like no other place. The mixture of modern, classical and contemporary aesthetics of Le pasiri will surely bring you on a mind journey like no others.

Starting off with the intricately designed glasshouse at the entrance, then make your way towards the various banquet halls decorated with countless flowers; the decoration and the given route is bound to make you feel like the prince and the princess in their own wedding. 🤴👸 Outside, the style is reminiscent of European courtyards as well! Don’t miss out on this dreamy place!

📍Location : Nakhon In roadside, near Rama 5 Bridge

📌Contact Information
FB : Le Pasiri เลอปาสิริ magiclovehouse สถานที่จัดงานแต่งงาน
Web :
Tel : 065-923-8659
Line : @lepasiri