Everyone wants their special moment immortalized, and one of the best methods is via photography. But photography is actually a delicate art that depends heavily upon each artist’s skill and style, so how would you find the right photographer for the occasion you had in mind? This is perhaps the biggest question in most people’s minds!

Let LifeSara take some load off your shoulder with our list of 9 professional photographers and their own galleries where you can see their previous works and find the right photographer for you! All of them right here! Come take a look at how different photographer styles can be, and find the right one for you!


Nelson and His Planet

First up we got a photographer with more than 8 years of experience! His creativity and unique outlook on the world allow Nelson’s photo to shine like no one else! His skill is so famous many world-class brands become his customers

Nelson’s specialty is in Landscape, Cityscape, Travel, and Timelapse photography, especially in bird-eye view. His unique skill breaths life into every image and brings out its charms that transcend its medium! If you don’t believe us, you can go see for yourself


IG : nelsonandhisplanet
FB : Nelson and His Planet
Twitter : nelsonplanet_
Email : hyperaptor.work@gmail.com
Web : www.nelsonandhisplanet.com



Our second photographer is Mr.Prin from 35mmindeed, with his specialty in accenting different compositions to become the center of an image, whether it was people, place, clothing, or the environment’s color tones.

It’s no wonder that Prin’s photo is so charming in its artistry, fashion, and emotion! You can see how successful a photographer Mr.Prin is from his countless works in his gallery💕

Just take a look right here at…director of photography ZENTYARB – ไม่เอา ft. SUPER G [Official MV]

35mmindeed home studio / Phetkasem 29
Tel : 081-355-3939
FB : 35mmindeed
IG : 35mmindeed


Mawmeling Photo

Another easy choice for an easy moment, Mawmeling can records your every special moment with care, so you can always come back to watch the photos of the good old day no matter how long it had been✨

📌Hiring Fee: From 4,000 Baht onward

📌 Contact
Line : mawmeling
IG : puwanon.t
FB : Mawmeling Photo


Killly Twin

Our fourth photographer is a good choice for anyone who has no idea about what style you really want. Killly Twin (with 3 l) is an intuitive photographer who can find all your best angles just from a quick look, or create a new one with a creative pose you can strike with or without friends! And the price is friendly too 🥰

📌 Contact

Line : https://lin.ee/eQwwIvj
FB : Killlytwin Photographer
IG : Killlytwin_photographer


Mher Photographer

In the fifth spot, we got a funny photographer with enthusiasm for minimal style portrait photography who can collect your every memorable shot with ease!

So if you’re looking forward to a photo collection of your happy moment in a simple and relaxing theme, Mher can capture that moment for you without sacrificing its uniqueness!


Tel : 083-067-8664 (Mr.Bomb)
FB : Mher Photographer
Line : assadb



Next up we got Ratchawatphoto with his flexible art style but uncompromising high standard. Whether you want some individual photo or snapshot with your whole gang, this guy can handle them all!

Did you want your photo clean and warm? Or funny and sassy? Ratchawatphoto can make it happen🥰


Tel : 083-725-3625 (Mr.Tan)
FB : Ratchawatphoto
IG : Ratchawatphoto
Line : Ratchawach


Photographer Named Pepe

If you want a photographer who knows their job, Pepe is a sharp eye photographer skilled in artistic style photos, especially if you want a beautiful landscape background while yourself still looking good! With digital and film cameras alike!

You can hire Pepe for every occasion both official and casual; Pre-wedding, ordain ceremony, or every other event! If you think you look bad whenever you saw a camera, let Pepe snap a candid photo when you’re at your very best!


FB : ช่างภาพชื่อเปเป้
IG : Photonamepepe
Tel : 087-670-9816
Line : Pe.anupong



Next up is Karns.photo with easy-going mood! When you want some natural photo of yourself, but you’re only yourself when you aren’t aware of a camera, let Karns.photo works some candid photography magic for you!

Karns.photo can record your happy moment with a twist of bright colors and playfulness while retaining the reality of that moment🥰🥰


FB : Karns.photo
IG : Karns.photo
Line : karnsee
Tel : 089-971-1788



If you don’t mind all those unique styles or special quirks, and just want a reliable photographer who can work quickly and easily to talk to, Mr.Satasuk is an independent photographer for you! Whether it’s your wedding, graduation, other events, or even just a decent profile image for your professional account, Mr.Satasuk can get it done quickly and cleanly at an affordable price!


FB : Satasuk Photographer
IG : satasukphotographer
Tel : 087-719-8276