But of course only two people cannot make it happen, especially when the lovebirds decide to throw a wedding reception. And that is where a wedding planner steps in; they will help organize the entire ceremony so it can run smoothly, leaving the soon-to-be newlyweds more time for other things.
What Is a Wedding Planner?
A wedding planner, as the name indicates, is someone who provides wedding planning services. The person is required to professionally design, plan, and manage one of the biggest events in anyone’s lifetime. In other words, they need to make sure everything goes according to plan. A wedding planner also has to be able to bring any idea on the bride and groom’s mind to life.
What Is the Difference Between a Wedding Planner and an Organizer?
A wedding planner helps plan and create a preview of the wedding, whereas an organizer is someone who puts all the plans into action. An organizer also takes care of order, sequence, and so on during the ceremony.
A wedding requires hard work, isn’t it? That is why having a professional run the event will put your mind at ease. Today, Lifesara is introducing experienced wedding planners for anyone who is planning to get married, as well as their contact information, so consider a consultation if you want to see whether your ideas are attainable. Now let’s find out which is the right one for you!


First, Harmonize Wedding or Harmonize All Your Wedding, a professional Top 5 Thai wedding planner. They specialize in tapping into the bride and groom’s uniqueness, designing varying floor plans, and leveraging outdoor and unique spaces such as garden, beach, rooftop, warehouse, mountain, etc.

Harmonize’s selling point is not extravagance; mostly they help orchestrate simple ceremonies, replacing some of unnecessary traditions with activities that allow the guests to participate. One of their gimmicks includes offering small, memorable things such as a game that any guest can play and win a prize, decorating trees or flowers with which a guest can take home, and so on.

Throughout the course of 15 years, Harmonize All Your Wedding has provided both wedding planning and organizing services for 1,300 pairs of brides and grooms, including celebrities. With Harmonize, you can rest assured your wedding day will go as planned. The lovebirds will find only what reflects them, and the guests will be greeted with warmth, hospitality, and fun, as well as bringing back home only beautiful moments.


  • – Wedding specialist that leverages outdoor and unique spaces
  • – NO pre-planned packages, ONLY customized services
  • – Organized a wedding of Ch-Karnchang’s descendant, S.Khonkaen’s descendant, Toni Rakkaen, VJ Pitta Na Pattalung, Tree Man Down’s bass player, Lomo Sonic’s drummer
  • – Owner and instructor of “How to Plan Your Wedding Day”, an educational course on wedding planning for the brides and grooms and wedding-related businesses

Web : https://www.harmonizewedding.com/
FB : Harmonize all your wedding : Professional Wedding Planner
IG : harmonizeallyourwedding
Pinterest : Harmonize Wedding
Tel/Line : 094-451-9654 | 065-691-6969 (Khun Koi)

Second, a renowned wedding planner Hugweddingplanner. With 10+ years’ experience, this wedding planner has provided services for a large number of lovebirds, including celebrities. Hugweddingplanner and Decor offers full wedding services, plus consultations. Anyone with a wedding goal is encouraged to contact Hugweddingplanner–they are ready to bring all your ideas into life and create unforgettable moments that last a lifetime!


  • – Provides all-in-one wedding services–from consulting, planning, to decorating–and ideas that constitute a memorable wedding
  • – Helps bring out the uniqueness of the bride and groom, with the right mood and tone according to budget and plan
  • – Organized a wedding of Tu Piyawedee and Mawin, Good Day’s Ink and Cody

📌 Opening Hours : Tue – Sun, 9:00 – 18:00

FB : Hugweddingplanner and Decor
IG : hugweddingplanner_and_decor
Tel : 086-543-8886 (Khun F)
Line : Hugwedding

Third, a professional wedding planner Kismet, which offers services such as planning, analyzing, and coordinating. They are more than ready to vivify any ideas you have.

For those who are clueless about their wedding, the team can also systematically help create everything from scratch. Having served a good many celebrities, Kismet is truly able to provide one-stop services.


  • – Services include decorating according to theme, creating an event timeline, designing floor plans, organizing order of events, coordinating, and ensuring orderliness throughout the ceremony
  • – Plus designing wedding card and logo to create harmony and uniqueness
  • – Provide consultations from the very beginning
  • – Organized a wedding of Saiparn Apinya, WaiWai’s descendant

FB : Kismet
Line : kismetweddingplanner
IG : kismetweddingplanner
Tel : 099-236-6649 (Khun Golf)

Fourth, Bank Wedding Planner. With 10 years’ experience, Khun Bank’s team is skilled in both planning and organizing a wedding. Their selling point is classiness, urbanizing the countryside. Anyone looking to make their dream come true is encouraged to seek consultations, especially those who live in the suburbs and look for an incomparable wedding.


  • – Acts as both wedding planner and organizer that provides services nationwide
  • – Make you dream come true within budget
  • – Able to turn a mundane venue into a dream-like place

FB : Bank Wedding Planner&organizer
Tel : 083-369-0900 (Khun Bank)
Line ID : Thitisak4049

Finally, Kaidandesign. The team is so adept that they have been planning and analyzing a countless number of weddings. Services include wedding planning and wedding decoration, to which they are committed so as to tap into the bride and groom’s uniqueness and create a wedding that is one of a kind. For those looking to throw a special wedding, Kaidandesign is your go-to wedding planner.


  • – Good at turning the bride and groom’s characters into a wedding theme
  • – Organized a bunch of celebrity weddings

Tel : 086-669-6543
IG : kaidangdesign
FB : Kaidang Design
Web: www.kaidangdesign.com