Hands up if you crave for a gorgeous look upon waking up. We believe many of you wonder what it would be like to open your eyes in the morning to beautiful lips and perfect bare face. Well, lip tattooingcould be an answer if you are concerned about lips. LifeSara has successfully handpicked 8 quality Bangkok-based lip tattoo studios for the year 2023~ We guarantee you will see naturally pink lips in the mirror every morning. Let’s get started💖


First, a studio that revolutionized lip tattooing like CT Studio. Here, lip blushing takes only 2-3 hours!! With a signature technique for Asian customers, many celebrities come here and straight to an event upon completion!! The pigments are precisely formulated for a naturally pink finish. Post-application fading would be just a thing of the past~

Home to Master JT🏅, a professional tattooist with grand prizes locally and internationally, such as Korea, Indonesia, and the USA. Any first-timers can throw their worries about quality away as only three customers are allowed per day. Long queues are worthwhile tho! What’s more, they have created more than 10,000 iconic pairs of lips! CT Studio is highly private and equipped with clean, safe, and certified instruments! Any first-timers are encouraged to seek free consultation. Or come here for touch-ups once lightening has begun!💕


⭐️ Highlights

  • Quality guaranteed with many awards!
  • Customers include celebrities
  • Signature technique for Asian customers
  • Consultation and care throughout the treatment process

📌 Location : The Shelter 139 26 Chok Chai 4 Rd, Saphansong, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310

☎️ Contacts :
FB : CT.Studio
IG : c.t.studio
Line : CT.Studio
Web : CT.Studio
Tel : 097-224-4554



Coming to the second studio, Mendel Lips & Brow Academy by Mendel Clinic. This workshop is founded by a team of qualified doctors, pharmacists, and nurses, and led by seasoned experts with more than 8 years of experience like Master JJ (Juberry JJ) and Master Chanamon. The two are ISO 17024 certified as Masters from the USA!! Their skills are guaranteed by several speaker invitations and lip tattooing demonstrations around Europe and Asia. What are you waiting for💕

Every instrument undergoes OR-grade cleaning and disinfecting! This means you can trust the cleanliness and safety given 0% risk of infection. Every case is supervised by medical practitioners to give you utmost peace of mind~✨What’s more, you can handpick the perfect shade by yourself! You can get either an ombre or solid finish like you are wearing lipstick (with a natural look, of course!). Moreover, the MSDS-certified tattoo pigments are imported from Europe and the USA. Better hurry and sorry!


⭐️ Highlights

  • Medical-grade operations give you peace of mind!
  • Treatments are under supervision of medical practitioners
  • Customers are free to select preferred color and style
  • Convenient commute given proximity to Ekkamai BTS station

📌 Location : G 2/11-2/12 Bangkok Mediplex Building Soi Sukhumwit42, Phrakhanong, Klong Toey, Bangkok 10110

☎️ Contacts:
FB : Mendel
IG : blush_brown
Web : Beautyskin
Tel : 065-669-5955



Coming to a studio that is second to none like Zuperego, an all-in-one salon for anyone looking to boost confidence in their looks. The studio uses specialized markup machines, not just generic machines, to treat your lips and reduce post-treatment swelling. The MSDS-certified (free of heavy metals) pigments are imported from the USA. That’s why Zuperego will give you organic, safe lip blushing💕 What’s more, they also have a license for business detrimental to health, which not many studios in Thailand possess!

All cases are supervised by experienced tattooists, so naturally pink lips are guaranteed. Visit Zuperego and come back with the healthiest and most luscious lips you ever have~ In addition, they offer a pre-treatment personal color check to give you the right shade! How about we visit the studio to reciprocate their extreme care✨


⭐️ Highlights

  • Pre-treatment personal color check for the perfect shade
  • Harmless organic pigments
  • Seasoned tattooists for absolute peace of mind
  • Cleanliness and continued safety guaranteed with accreditations!!

📌 Location : 437/8 2 Soi Songprapa 11, Don Mueang, Bangkok 10210

☎️ Contacts :
FB : ZuperEgo Studios
IG : ZuperEgo
TikTok : ZuperEgo.Studios
Line : @zuperego
Tel : 097-392-6328


Crystal Crown Eyebrow

Fourth, Crystal Crown Eyebrow, one of Thailand’s leading cosmetic studio specialized in semi-permanent tattooing, permanent makeup, and medical tattooing such as eyebrow tattooing, eyeliner tattooing, lip tattooing, bikini tattooing, hairline tattooing, physiognomy eyebrow tattooing, and so forth. Such an all-in-one place! With over 8 years of experience and international accreditations, Crystal Crown Eyebrow is among widely accepted studios that many want to visit💕

Crystal Crown Eyebrow provides services for both ladies and gentlemen who look to add dimension to their faces or spend much less time on makeup. The studio embraces a casual atmosphere with quiet luxury and offers a VIP room for customers who prefer privacy. What’s more, their medical-grade instruments are equivalent to many leading hospitals. Situated in The Shelter Chokchai 4 near BTS Yellow Line, a convenient commute is guaranteed. No need to wait if you are already interested ~✨


⭐️ Highlights

  • All-in-one spot for all kinds of cosmetic services!
  • Extensive experience and superior quality
  • Internationally accepted, medical-grade instruments equivalent to leading hospitals
  • Convenient commute given proximity to BTS Yellow Line

💵 Prices : Start from THB 9,900 – 25,900

🕐 Opening hours : Every day from 11:00 – 19:00 hrs. (closed on Wednesdays)

📌 Location : B1 The Shelter 139/20 Fl. 3 Room no. 304-306 Chok Chai 4 Rd, Saphan Sung, Bangkok 10310

☎️ Contacts :
FB : สักคิ้ว6มิติ สอนสักคิ้ว Crystalcrown Eyebrow by Abbie
IG : crystalcrown.eyebrow
Line : @crystalcrown (with @)
Tel : 083-496-9659


Elegance Brows

Moving to the fifth studio with more than 5 years of experience like Elegance Brows. We encourage first-timers to visit this place as they employ an effective technique right from Europe, giving you healthy lips since you first open your eyes—only lip balm is needed. They often go for a naturally pink finish, same as baby lips. Moreover, your lips still look real despite fading and lightening ✨

Elegance Brows professional hands give a tattoo so pain-free you can sleep mid-treatment. No swelling means you can dine right away.

Prior to treatment, a practitioner will give you a lip scrub to remove dead cells for best results, as well as livening up your lips. Throw your worries about cleanliness away since the needles are for one-time use (they even unpack in front of you to prove that!). We declare a quest for the right lip tattoo studio is over now!💕


⭐️ Highlights

  • Technique from Europe for naturally colored lips
  • Practitioners have over 5 years of experience
  • Hygienic and safe without the reuse of needles
  • Convenient commute given proximity to the BTS, parking space available


☎️ Contacts:
line OA : @elegancebrow
FB : Elegance Eyebrow
IG : elegance.eyebrow
TikTok : @elegancebrows
Tel : 082-444-5422 | 085-156-3112



take.a.brows_studio if perfect for anyone looking to achieve Korea-style tattooed lips! The owner took a blushing course at a prestigious school in Korea, obtaining a technique that will give you a naturally healthy finish (like you woke up like this). So no need to apply lipstick anymore. And if you are in need of an ombre look, same as one you get after applying lip tint, this studio won’t disappoint~

take.a.brows_studio specializes in pain-free blushing that leaves no swelling or bruising💕 Furthermore, their organic pigments are imported from Russia and the USA, so can rest assured there will be no hazardous residues. Periodic follow-ups demonstrate their genuine care for customers. Get a Korean look without having to step on a plane~✨


⭐️ Highlight

  • Practitioners are certified by local and international agencies
  • Hygiene and sterility guaranteed given no reuse of instruments
  • Affordable prices
  • Follow-ups for your peace of mind

💵 Prices : Start from 5,900 (0% interest three-month installment)

🕐 Opening hours: Every day from 10:30 – 19:00 hrs. (closed on Wednesdays)

📌 Location : 689 Supalai Veranda Ratchavipha Fl. 1 15 Pracha Chuen Rd, Khwaeng Bang Sue, Bang Sue, Bangkok 10800 (Bang Son MRT station – parking space available)

☎️ Contacts :
FB : take.a.brows_studio
IG : take.a.brows_studio
Line : @take.a.brows
Website : takeabrowstudio
Tel : 096-050-9907



Coming to the seventh studio for people of all genders like Watsa.beautystudio. Female practitioners, or even the owner, supervise every case with extreme care to make you feel comfortable. This home studio incorporates cozy vibes to mitigate toe-curling moments between you and the service provider. In terms of medical lip tattooing, Watsa.beautystudio employs a unique technique that will give you a natural look so you can open your eyes in the morning to sweeter lips✨

Since the studio aims to correct the unevenness of lip pigment, rather than conceal the appearance. This results in a highly natural, healthy finish, with long-lastingness and comfort. And if you are interested in tattoos on other body parts, don’t step out of Watsa.beautystudio yet. Some of the services include nipple-areola tattooing to correct genetic dullness, genital tattooing, stretch mark removal, BB Gold treatment, and eyebrow tattoo removal. It wouldn’t hurt to begin your beauty journey here~💕


⭐️ Highlights

  • Gives off relaxed vibes as home studio
  • All practitioners are female
  • Go for natural styles for an effortless look upon waking up
  • All-in-one place for tattoos!

📌 Locations

☎️ Contacts :

FB : Watsa.Beauty ฝังสีปาก ฝังสีปานนมชมพู บีบีโกลด์ แจ้งวัฒนะ อยุธยา
IG : Watsa.beautystudio
Line : Watsa.Beauty
Tel : 087-369-5094



Let’s end our journey with BnB.eyebrows Academy By GPF Korea, a studio for pain-free eyebrow and lip tattoos with a signature technique straight from Korea! This studio is also accredited by a certifier under the Government of South Korea. Here, you can receive different kinds of services for many body parts, from eyebrow, eyelash, lips, to hair~💕

The aforementioned blushing technique will never leave your lips swollen or bruised (natural eyebrow tattoo and lash extension, too!). BnB.eyebrows Academy By GPF Korea uses only organic, safe, skin-friendly products from world-leading brands. What’s more, their lip tattooing technique utilizes Micro Baby lips pink nude color Lip & Biotouch to correct dullness at three levels., leaving a highly natural and long-lasting shade. No swelling or bruising allows you to get on with your life upon completion. Don’t forget to add this studio to your wishlist✨


⭐️ Highlights

  • All-in-one place
  • Accredited by a certifier under the Government of South Korea, so high quality is a sure thing
  • Pre-treatment consultations
  • Convenient commute given proximity to the BTS

📌 Location : Maneeya Center Ploen Chit Rd., Lumphini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

☎️ Contacts :
FB : Bnb.eyebrows สักคิ้วปาก ตา ดูเป็นธรรมชาติ
IG : bnb.eyebrows
Line : 0693693616
Tel : 061-825-5519 | 099-369-3616