Living in Thailand means that your skin will have to stand up to many harmful factors from air pollution, sunlight, a different diet, or even your own body’s hormone imbalance or stress. For many people, it results in acne or large pore that leads to irritation or even lower self-confidence.

So Lifesara comes to save your day with 5 skincare clinics in Bangkok to treat your beauty emergency! No matter what kind of acne or large pore, these clinics can cure you within a matter of hours, and their products and technology are 100% safe, guaranteed by the Thai FDA!! So if you’re looking for a place to clear out your skin in Bangkok, continue reading to find out more here!


Wadcharapon Clinic

Let’s begin our list with a famous skincare clinic that’ll make you feel like sitting in a minimal-style cafe.

This clinic’s founder, Dr.Wadcharapon, has intended for this place to be different from other clinics in the market by focusing less on standard beauty, and more on designing the personified treatment for each customer so they can be the best of themselves, just like their concept, which is “Define you”.

So the dermatologists here would offer treatments not to bring each customer up to society’s standard, but instead to keep them healthy and highlight their natural traits so they can become beautiful in their own way.

Another difference that set Wadcharapon clinic apart from others is their cozy, minimal-style, cafe-ish decoration, as they try to ease their customer’s anxiety about visiting a doctor and associate their clinic with a relaxed atmosphere just like visiting a cafe. This is totally nice attention to detail for us💕

✨Acne clearing treatment here starts at 300 Baht for the beginner course, up to 590 for the full course. Countless positive reviews can guarantee service quality as well as the fact that these courses are the bestseller here!

But if you need to take your beauty treatment a step further, Wadcharapon clinic is also well-known for its nose job quality, whether it’ll be a closed, semi-open, or open rhinoplasty. Jaw surgery is also available here, along with filler botox, or even other skincare treatments such as:
> Mesotherapy
> Laser skin treatment : Q switch Laser , Triplex Laser (USFDA approved)
> Mini ultherapy , Biolight for killing acne and adding collagen into the skin

If your face is important to you, then you can come here to clear out all trouble on your face with reasonable prices at Wadcharapon Clinic👍🏻 💕


11:00-20:00 / Open Everyday

FB : Wadcharaponclinic
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Line OA : @wadcharaponclinic
Tel : 098-956-6385, 02-100-5021 (For Booking)


Merry Clinic

Our second stop for beauty emergencies is a skin care clinic with more than 9 years of experience! Whether it’s a blackhead or other stubborn acne you just can’t get rid of, Merry clinic will help you with a very light touch your needle phobia won’t get enough time to realize!

For more than 9 years has Merry Clinic dealing with beauty problems for more than 4,000 cases, because this clinic is not only famous for being up to standard, but also for their doctor’s skills and attention to detail. More importantly, they are very light-hand when it comes to needle treatment too!!

While their Botox Filler Ultraformer III program is very well-known, their acne-clearing program is also widely trusted by their customers.

Every acne case here will be treated by a dermatologist with more than a decade of experience, so you don’t have to worry about getting a fake doctor at all! One of their bestsellers is the full course for every acne problem, where they will take you through 11 steps of their every acne treatment here, so your acne issue will end, once and for all!

Not only will they pop your pimple, or inject your acne, but they will also go down to the root of the problem through photodynamic therapy to kill P.Acne, the bacteria that cause acne, and many other methods available in their clinic to lower the chance of new acne. Paying once, and you get the all-in-one treatment for your facial skin problem! Certainly seems like a good deal for us.


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Line@ : @merryclinic


Lise Clinic

Our third clinic is also well-known for its certified dermatologists as well, they guaranteed you can really see their license on the Thai FDA database. But they’re not only being up to standard but also have many cases of severe acne where they can restore their patient’s skin back to being as clear as children’s skin💕

But if you’re looking for more than acne clearing service, Lise clinic can also do every beauty treatment you might need too, from HA filler, botox injection, thread lift, hifu, ulthera, face surgery, pore laser, or get rid of melasma, freckle, or mole. You can do everything in one place!

Every product they’ll use on you is FDA approved, and every specialist who’ll touch your face are licensed dermatologist with years of experience. Every treatment you get from Lise Clinic will make your beauty as wonderful as you have aimed for!!


Location :
-(Parking lot available opposite of clinic, next to the train track with a restaurant)
-Open everyday from 12:30 – 20:00

Tel : 095-296-2345
LINE : champelise


Lsera Clinic

Next up is Lsera clinic, which has a skilled dermatologist with more than a decade worth of experience to answer your every skin problem.

No matter how resilient your acne issue has been, Lsera is ready to take you as their patient with an affordable price and caring staff. Your treatment here will not only heal your skin, but also a chance to rest on a comfortable chair as they perform miracles on your face. Another selling point that set Lsera apart from its rival is its high precision laser treatment certified by US FDA, and all beauty products from botox filler to vitamin IV drip are approved by the FDA both in Thailand and their country of origin.

But we are here for the acne problem because Lsera has 4 premium laser treatments for different skin problems you can choose for your specific needs:

1. Discovery Pico
Picosecond laser has a shortened pulse durationthat is capable of treating pigmented lesions with much more precisionand less damage to the healthy cells than the other laser treatments from before.

Lsera recommends this treatment for every manner of atrophy scars, whether it’s rolling scars, box scars, or ice pick scars, Picosecond laser can deal with them all.

The aftereffect of this treatment is there’ll be no scabs, no need for a resting period, no thinner skin, and more collagens filling into the scars and filling them up to the point you can see the difference within 3-4 weeks.But you can only wash your face with mild soap and no scrubbing for at least 1-2 weeks. Another piece of advice is that you might need this treatment 3 times or more to fully heal the scars.

You can find more information here 👉
Picosecond Laser, the alternative treatment for atrophy scars
Picosecond Laser
Discovery Pico for tattoo removal

2. Light B Nd-Yag Laser, imported from Italy
Many skin and pore problems can be solved by the Nd:Yag laser from Quanta System!This Italian technology is widely accepted by many dermatologists globally for its efficiency in hair, diseased cells, and skin pigment removal.

Aside from tightening the large pore or removing hair, spider, and thread veins on your face, this laser can also stimulate your body into producing more collagen without harming the top layer of your skin, too! If you feel anxious, the staff can cool your skin down with a cold pack or cold dryer, so when the treatment begins you will feel only a touch of warmth and no pain at all.

3. Hifu from Wontech
HIFU, a.k.a High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is an innovation that can reshape your face and repair your skin within a single treatment, thanks to its focused ultrasound that activates the body cells deep in the SMAS layer, which is the same one that is worked on during the facelift surgery. HIFU’s effect can last up to 1-2 years without the drawback of the facelift surgery, along with stronger collagens than before the treatment.

Many customer reviews also say that the lifting effect can be seen very soon after the treatment, too! From cheek fold becomes more shallow, skin becomes tighter, and face lines are fading away, many Lsera’s patients have left glowing feedback for Hifu treatment!! Hifu’s effect can be seen 100% within 4-6 weeks after the treatment, but it can last from 6 months up to 1 year, depending on your skin condition.

More information here >>What is a Hifu?

4. Ultra 25 Plus Co2
Co2 laser has a 10,600 nm wavelength, which can quickly vaporize water molecules inside the cells and coagulate spider veins beneath the skin. This characteristic makes Co2 laser an effective solution against moles, liver spots, milk spots, warts, comedones, lesions, or other skin problems of similar nature.

This laser will leave thin scabs for about a week after the treatment, and they’ll slowly fade away. The skin under the scabs will look as good as normal skin.

Even their botox selections are impressive! Ranged from Xeomin from Germany, UK’s Dysport, Allergan from the USA, to Botulax from Korea!! And each botox also has its own effects, too! One can help clear your skin, the other can thin your cheeks, or even a special botox for people with allergies to normal botox as well!! Just get your appointment and they can give you the advice you need!!


Location : The Phyll, Sukumvit 54, near BTS Onnut
Tel : 02-130-6095 | 061-425-7007

Inbox : Iseraclinic
LINE : @lseraclinic
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Twitter : @lseraclinic


The Venisia Clinic

Our last beauty ER is not the least in quality at all, because Venisia clinic comes with state-of-the-art technology from Korea to step up your beauty game! Not only will their treatment gives you a huge boost in self-confidence, but their clinic is also luxurious, meticulous in every detail, and remained within the reachable price range; The holy trinity of a beauty clinic!

Their imported machines and products from Korea are already approved by the Thai FDA, so they can enhance your natural feature to the new height of beauty without sacrificing your health or safety.

Venisia clinic offers all sorts of services you can expect from a fully-equipped beauty center; Botox and every other filler, face-lifting via ND Smart Laser technology, hair growth treatment without surgery, and so on. But there’s a special treatment for atrophic scars from acne or other injuries that Venisia is proud to present, and that is the Air Cell program✨

The Air Cell treatment was invented by Dr. Kwon Han Jin, a famous Korean dermatologist most Korean celebrities swore by, to treat atrophic scars with significant results! Even if you don’t have a hole on your skin, Air Cell will stimulate your skin into creating new cells, and your skin will become clear with slight reflection, just like Korean women! This will also fix other skin issues like stretch marks and fine lines without causing adhesion!!


Bangkok and nearby provinces
: IT Square Lak Si / Fortune Town (Ratchadaphisek) / Seacon Square Srinagarindra / Seacon Square Bang Khae / The Promanade Lifestyle Mall (Near Fashion Island) / Lotus Plus Mall Bangyai

Other provinces
: The sky shopping center Ayuttaya / Central Plaza Salaya / Terminal 21 Pattaya

❤️For the northeastern and southern regions, Venisia clinics will have three new clinics opening in April, and one other in May.
> April
: Central Hat Yai / Central Samut Sakhon / Robinson Nakhon Si Thammarat / The Mall Korat
> May
: Central Ubonratchatani

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Line : @thevenisia