If the eyes are the crown of your beauty, then your eyelashes would be the jewels that draw in the sight💎

But why must we put extensions on our eyelashes? Everyone has them, yes? The thing is, different eyelashes give a different impression, and sometimes the aesthetic we want doesn’t match the one we were born with, and that is where the extensions step in. Whether you want long lashes, thick lashes, or curvy lashes, eyelash extensions can add dimensions to your beauty in a way simple cosmetic products can’t match. And the best thing is that you can find many high-quality extensions for reasonable prices right here in Bangkok✨

So here are Lifesara’s 10 Bangkok beauty salons with high-quality eyelash extension services at a price so good you’ll come back again and again! What are these salons? Let’s take a look🥰


Lalalash Bangkok

With their slogan of “The best eyelash bar in town”, LALALASH Bangkok comes with wide collections of extensions you can choose from; whether it is soft and sweet aesthetic, thick and sharp, or even so natural no one can tell it’s an extension, Lalalash is prepared to brush up your look with their lashes extensions that also soft, light, and not harmful to your real lashes.

More than just an extension, this salon can also lift your eyelashes and your brows, along with their waxing hair removal services. In other words, Lalalash can be your one-stop service for all your facial hair needs! There are 4 extension styles you can choose, which are:

1. Classic extension
One strand of extension lash for each strand of your natural eyelashes, so you can see the difference in length right away while still keeping the natural looks. So if you usually go for a natural look or no make-up at all, this extension is good for you.

2. Volume extension
Three strands of extension lash per one natural lash for even fuzzier and thicker lashes just like Hollywood stars. Because of the thickness, the volume extension is Lalalash’s bestseller.

3. Hybrid extension
The mixture of classic and volume techniques to create the best aesthetic just for you. For this extension, you will need to meet face to face with their esthetician first so they can examine and plan out your extension with you, so you can archive the exact look you’re aiming for!

4. Signature extension
Lalalash’s newest technique that custom-made for each customer, aiming for the wet look style with intense, heavy-looking lashes that highlight your eyes.

Aside from all other services we have listed above, if you brought their service Lalalash will also dye your lower lashes and refills your extensions for free up to 7 days after the service! So if you’re looking for a quality eyelashes service, you won’t feel any regret coming to Lalalash!

LALALASH prices start from 720 Baht only!! So cheap😜

📍 Location
LALALASH Bangkok has 3 branches.
– Ari : SananNapa Project
– Asoke : Exchange Tower
– Sathon : Empire Tower

📌 Information
Tel : 087-591-7777
IG : lalalash_bangkok


Lash Secret

The ultimate western-style eyelashes extensions that can last for months is what Lash Secret is all about.

Lash Secret is famous among Thai women, both normal and influencers, who rocking the western look, thanks to its unique, intense appearance, and the owner’s special technique that can lightly attach the extensions while also making them stay on the face for months💕

You can see how famous they are just by looking at their queue that is so long you’ll have to wait for months! But that’s ok because Lash Secret is an exclusive lash studio, which means no walk-in. Ever! And even better is that Lash Secret also teaching their technique, too!! Just buy a course and the owner will teach you everything! From where to buy the lashes, how to attach them, and every other trick that will make you as good as your teacher! Their student’s handiwork can be seen on their Instagram and they’re just as good✨

Studio :Apai loft ( Soi Ekkamai 22 ), parking lot available

📌 Information
IG : @lashsecretbkk
Facebook : Lash Secret
Line@ : @lashsecret
Tel: 096-929-7926

You can watch their works and schedule on Instagram and Facebook


Midaz Thailand

Our third salon is for everyone who loves natural looks, with eyelashes so light as if there’s no extension but noticeable enough to keep the sweet look.

Midaz has been open for more than four years and its roster is filled with experienced estheticians. Their high-quality extensions are soft and light just like natural eyelashes. Midaz’s specialty with natural lashes, along with their other all-in-one beauty services such as mouth and brows tattoos, eyelashes, and eyebrow lifting, is the reason why Midaz is a popular choice for many Thai women!

✨Midaz’s price starts from 1,190 Baht onward.

📍 Location
Midaz at soi thonglor 13

IG : @midazthailand
Tel : 065-4940322 (Thonglor)
Line ID : @midazthailand


Allie studio

If you want your eyelashes to be fuzzy and dramatic, Allie studio can help you. This is a premium eyelashes salon in the heart of Sathon.

Their estheticians with more than seven years of experience are specialized in choosing extensions that are well-fitting for their customers🤩 Whether you’re going for a soft natural style, or straight to the dramatic gorgeous extensions, Allie studio will make you look your best in every direction.

Their extensions are premium grade with the lightness that will keep your real lashes healthy and not weigh down your eyelids. The glue is also carefully chosen to not cause irritation to your eyes or the skin around them.

Allie studio also works with their customer in their private room with comfortable recliner sofas and their sanitation policy is very strict, frequently clean the room with alcohol and UV lamps so every customer can come to their studio without worrying about infection, and walk away with even more beautiful eyelashes than before.

📍 Location
Floor 3, The Marketplace Nanglinchee (Outdoor)

Line : @alliestudio
Tel : 096-152-4554
IG : alliestudio.th



Another choice for a western look enthusiast, Bangkoklashstudio.pro has many skilled estheticians with training from both inside and outside of Thailand. Perfect!!

This salon in the middle of the city has many selections to choose from, and you don’t have to worry about incompatibility, because estheticians here can adapt the extensions to your shape for the best result for you! This salon’s quality is guaranteed!

Because the owner of Bangkoklashstudio has more than three years of experience working with eyelash extensions both inside and outside of Thailand, every extension used here is light, and skin-friendly to not cause irritation to the eyes.

But if you want to learn how to do eyelashes extensions, Bangkoklashstudio also has a course you can enroll in for either personal care or even a career choice! The estheticians here will teach you everything without keeping secrets, so you can become a professional just like every other alumnus🤗

📍 Location
Bangkok Lash Studio Sukhumvit 20/1

📌 Information
Tel : 094-614-6294
IG : @bangkoklashstudio.pro
FB : Bangkok Lash Studio x


Gogoglam studio

No matter how old you are, what gender you are, or what style you’re going for, Gogoglam studio is a comfortable salon where you can go for the extensions you want. Because this studio can do your eyelashes extensions, lashes and brows lifting, brow waxing, and they will do all of these for you while you’re chilling in their cute, comfy, and clean cafe with their estheticians who do ATK tests every week✨

And their eyelashes are soft, light, and imported from Japan! Meanwhile, their lifting products are imported from France for their safety, and skin-friendliness to keep your eyes itch-free!!

Hurry up and visit this shop! Because they have a new promotion! The new customer got 50 Baht discount, while returned customer got 5%!!

Inside Home Village project, Soi Ngamwongwan 52 (opposite of Kasetsart University)

IG : gogoglamstudio
FB : gogoglam studio
Line : @gogoglam


Lash Boutique

Next up is Lash Boutique, the salon where you can get extensions so natural you would’ve thought you were born with them✨

All luxurious, heavy-spending customers know this salon and harbor some ferocious brand loyalty because Lash Boutique only uses products they created themselves🤫 Yes! Lash Boutique has its own eyelash extensions patented brand, and they are the only brand in Thailand that produce such high-quality strands certified by many institutions around the world! So you won’t find this kind of extension elsewhere in Thailand!

Even better!! Lash Boutique uses its latest technology to produce its own eyelash extensions!! How cool is that!! That’s why their extensions are especially light, and soft, and they don’t absorb water. So your eyelashes will remain light and comfortable without pulling on your real lashes or causing irritation!!

Lashtitude’s extensions are also special in the fact that there are more than 5,000 kinds of different weights, lengths, thicknesses, and curves to choose from!! Their ability to match every kind of lashes out there is why they received a Grand Prize award from an eyelashes extensions competition in Korea, along with an invitation to the Korean beauty salon association, too! Where else can you find a salon with such an impressive reputation!!

And there’re many extensions to choose from✨
– Classic / Volume Technique
– Materials : Authentic Mink / Synthetic Mink / Pure Silk / Laser matte /Super Flat

The price begins from 1,000 Baht, but the quality and safety of their extensions here are totally worth it! You can visit every Lash Boutique for more than just eyelash extensions, but also eyebrows design, manicure, spa, skin care treatments, and so on. If you’re interested in their services you can read more here!


Lash Boutique has 3 branches
Thong Lo ( Soi Thong Lo 13 ) Open hours: 10.00-21.00
Rama 4 Rd. (@Suanplern Market, opposite of Channel 3 office) Open hours: 10.00-21.00
Mega Bangna (Underground zone) Open hours: 10.00-22.00

TEL : 095-5392935
FB : Lash Boutique
IG : lashboutique_thailand
TIKTOK : lashboutique_thailand
Website : lashboutiquethailand


Glamhouse Nail & Salon

This salon is an all-in-one beauty service for natural aesthetics lovers.

Glamhouse goes beyond just eyelash extensions but includes tattoos for lips, eyebrows, eyes corners, hairline, and also manicures, BB Glow, and facial hair waxing. And they not only sell their services but also teach them too! And of course, their eyelash works are on top of their game! Their extensions and glue are imported products of the highest quality (certification included), and their technique is one of the best, as they can attach the extensions seamlessly to maximize the natural looks. Just watch their work and you’ll love them 😭✨

✨If you’re looking to add some colors to your lips, Glamhouse has imported organic tattoo colors to turn your lips bright but healthy pink, thanks to the skilled esthetician who won the second prize in the Nano Baby Lips competition! Glamhouse quality is certainly guaranteed!! We promise they are beautiful, they’ll be perfect, we guaranteed!!

🚝BTS Sena Nikhom; 5 minutes walk.

📌 Information
FB : glamhouse_bkk
IG : glamhouse_bkk
Line : @glamhouse_bkk


Lashtitude.th lashes brows nails

If you want your lashes to be particularly extra, especially doll-like or all-out Hollywood stars’ thick and curvy lashes, Lashtitude can spell miracles upon your face until you are satisfied!! How many strands you want!! You’ll get them!! All of them!! Until you satisfy!! The extensions from this salon will keep your eyes attractive at all times even when you just crawl out of the bed!

With the combination of Lashtitude’s special techniques and high-quality, imported products, your face will remain light and natural. whether you’re extending or lifting your lashes or brows, this salon will go all out until you reach satisfaction. Exactly how will they go all out?

Why by being unlimited with their extensions of course✨ As long as your lashes can take it, Lashtitute will put on as many extensions as it takes to make your lashes fan out exactly how you want them!!

✨BTW, Lashtitute is also throwing in some promotions for all you newcomers as well! But it’s an exclusive deal for their followers on their social networks, though, so hop in the link below and go get it y’all!! 🤫

📍 Location
7 /1 CT Apartment, Soi Ram Intra 32 junction 2, Ram Intra Road, Bang Khen, Bangkok.

FB : Lashtitude.th Lashes brow nail
IG : Lashtitude.th
Line@ : @lashtitude



We’ll end our list here with a cutie, pink, minimal style salon with minimal price and totally not minimal quality✨💕

Lashmetender emphasizes cleanliness and quality at a cute price, from classic extensions to volume or foxy style, even including lower lashes extensions! Their estheticians are well-trained, experienced, and capable of choosing or adapting extensions to your natural lashes while keeping the look you want😊

All products used here are high-quality imported brands that you can trust to not cause irritation to your skin. Aside from eyelashes extension, Lashmetender also offers eyelashes or eyebrow lifting, and Korean-style eyebrows or lips tattoos by master-level artists, too👑

So if you’re looking for a comfortable experience for your eyelashes, hop on the BTS!! They’re very easy to reach!

3 Shops
Ari (Soi Phahonyothin 8,near Ari BTS)
Sukumvit 26 (WRU, near Prompong BTS)
Sam Yan (near Samyan Mitrtown)

📌 Information
FB : Lashmetender.bkk ต่อขนตา อารีย์
IG : lashmetender.bkk
Line@ : @lashmetender