Canines are pets that we have to give attention and love to. Even though they are genuine and pure, they are resentful and smarter than we know. The owners usually think that “we raise them, so they will love us anyway.”

It’s true. Some might raise dogs for therapy purposes; however, who will be the one that will ease them. Thus, if we don’t know the correct way to raise and give love to them, they might turn out to be untamed and easily irritated.

So, today LifeSara will share you 10 easy-to-do ways to make your dogs more happier! As for what these tips and tricks are, let’s find out!

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Doggo loves ear rubbing✨

Dogs’ ears are full of nerves and have sensitive spots on them. When you rub their ears, they will send signals to the brain and stimulate endorphins, making your dogs happy.

It’s super easy by just rubbing doggo’s ears starting from the base of the ear next to their heads. Firmly grab them with a light weight and gradually rub to the tip, then repeat it. With this technique, we guarantee that your dog will be happier!


Learning what doggo love to do ✨

This method involves observing what your dogs enjoy and respond to. If we see the dogs doing something and see that they are happy, just give them respect and don’t interrupt them.

For example, if the dogs enjoy digging a couch or something else related to digging, we can designate a digging area for them. By then, the dogs will be relaxed and relieved, and they will be easier to tame and respect us better.


Staring with a warm ✨

Staring and making eye contact is one of the techniques that greatly improves your relationship with your doggo very well. Because you can’t lie with your eyes, and it is a way to show them your love. To do that, we will spend quiet time looking into their eyes and gently pet and pat them.

Research reveals that if we lift our eyebrows while staring at them, the dogs will understand that this is the way to show our love. It will increase the bond between the owner and the dog.

P.S. This method will work as long as you do it to the dog that you love and trust, otherwise, the dog will see that you challenge and intimidate them.


Spending time with them regularly ✨

The fourth one is a very easy method because it happens daily by spending time with them at home, like looking for them regularly, running and chasing them and vice versa, or finding a new toy to make doggos think they’re important.

For example, while we are watching a movie or lying around, petting and glancing at them will make doggos feel love. Looking for their favorite toys and playing with them. This one not only shows love to them but also increases their health. In a bad situation, if we don’t provide enough care to them, doggos will become irritable, aggressive and destructive due to loneliness.


Finding a time to be with doggo ✨

Even though we spend so much time working hard, it is important to give some time to a doggo that has been waiting for us every day. Even just a little, they will notice that we still care for them.

Maybe by taking care of their fur, showering them, playing fetch or playing games, and giving them a reward, they will know that they’re loved. If we omit to do activities with them, they might be untamed and have trust issues with us.


Gently talking to doggo with a soft warm voice ✨

By instinct, when you have cute aggression, it is hard to bear to change and bend your voice to a cute and higher tone. It is important to know which tone and voice will fit the situation correctly instead of speaking in an uncontrolled cute higher tone and not even knowing that doggos will like it.

High and sharp pitches suit the time when you do activities and play with them to arouse their mood to be more excited. However, the dogs will think that we are just friends and don’t respect us.

Calm and warm voice suits to talk, teach, tame and give love to them. It will make them respect us and think that we’re dominant and have power. Thus, using a warm voice is a good way to communicate with them even though they don’t understand our language. The gesture and tone of our voice will convey our intention to them. Then don’t angrily shout and yell at doggos!


Training doggos to behave and reward them ✨

The seventh one is to train your dogs to understand body language such as giving paws, potty training, sitting, standing, or following our hand signs. This method takes some time to train, so we have to give a compliment or reward after they’ve done the command. It is to teach them to earn rewards by doing things that make them proud of themselves as well.


Hugging consistently ✨

Hugging is a favorite way to show love to doggos, however, they prefer to hug more than be hugged. They will feel more secure when they approach the owner by themselves. Nonetheless, approaching and hugging doggos regularly will make them give us trust and approach back eventually.

Have you ever noticed that doggos like to stay together and sleep as a group? Because of their instinct, they like to stay together as a herd, so sleeping with them will create trust, which is why doggos like to sleep near their owners.

P.S. For those who are not used to sleeping with them on the bed, you can find an occasion for them to sleep on your lap or a couch with you instead.


Bringing doggos for a walk ✨

Instead of staying at home or in the cage, walking your dog is one of the simplest and most significant ways for its physical and mental health to be surrounded by a good environment. Walking with them and controlling them by distance will build a bond and improve their physical and mental health by expanding their experience beyond your home.


Feeding a rich nutrient food increasing body health and happiness by DOG n Joy ✨

All the techniques that we’ve mentioned will have a better result if doggos get delicious and nutritious food. As a result, good food is extremely important for your dogs, affecting their physical and mental health and preventing diseases. It is something that dog owners should learn about and understand.

DOG n Joy is a dog food brand that is popular among many pet shops and dog lovers. The food is tasty, high in protein, and rich in nutrients plus with 10 different types of amino acids that help and care for your dog in various ways.

  1. Increasing dog’s intelligence
  2. Giving healthy energy according to canine’s ages
  3. Making your doggo happy and jolly and be a good boyy
  4. Easy to eat and yummy!
  5. Energetic and non-stop playing
  6. No more constipation and decreased scent with Yucca
  7. Deep slumbering
  8. Nourishing eyes for better vision
  9. Nourishing hair by Omega 3, 6, 9

Apart from 9 benefits, the prominent point of DOG n Joy will strengthen many things for canine’s health

  1. More happy, less stress
  2. Stimulate growth hormone to increase body health, immune system, digestion, and fat burning
  3. Strong bone and teeth
  4. Probiotics to increase the immune system
  5. No artificial color
  6. Sodium controlled by the United States standard (AAFCO)

For those who love doggos, it is better to learn and understand the correct way to love and feed them. Stop giving raw bones and human food to them because it will cause a bad effect on their body and mental health in the long term.

Lastly, for those who are planning to own a doggo or suffering from your doggo’s ignorance, we hope that these 10 tricks will help you win the doggo’s heart and make him a part of your family with love and respect for all.

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