🐈Anyone looking to start keeping a cat as a pet? It could be really difficult to decide on a breed that will turn your mundane days into an unforgettable experience because there are so many breeds! Ooh… this one is really cute… but that one is really good too! Why is it so hard to decide? And… which breed of feline companion would suit me best?

That’s why Lifesara had put together 10 of the most popular breeds that Thai people kept as pets. We believe this will no doubt touch the souls of many feline worshippers across the realm! If your self-restraint for cute furry creatures is on the low side you might want to hang on tight because our list could definitely bound your soul to these adorable companions. Already intrigued? Let’s Gooo~~

PS. If you are interested, we have also provided pet store location for you. Prepare for cuteness overload! ✨


Siberian Cat

Let’s kick it off with the Siberian breed, a breed that hails from Russia and is a very rare sight in Thailand! With its smartness, playfulness and endearing disposition, the Siberian is a breed that easily bonds with its hooman.It’s also very loyal to its owner.So, if any hooman wants to have a Siberian, one is never enough!Anyone who owns a Siberianwill never want to leave their Siberian’s embrace!🤣

🐈Facts about Siberian
– This cat breed is suitable for indoor
– Loves getting groomed
– Should keep more than 1 around as the breed loves having a another Siberian as a companion
– This breed enjoys jumping; provide it with a lot of lofty space
– People who are allergic to cat’s hair can keep them as they have a lower concentration of Fel d1 protein, a protein which causes allergic reaction, in their saliva. This made them a very good choice for people who wants to keep a cat but is allergic to them
– Should be kept indoors as their lifespan will 100% shot up to 17 years
– Siberian is a semi-longhair cat thus it can adapt to any weather and remain healthy in all conditions!

🐈For any hooman looking to own a Siberian
If you are looking to own a Siberian breed cat, we recommend visiting the “Winter Forest Cattery”A cattery that directly imports these fluffy and cute cat breeds from Russia.As the stud is sourced from the original country, the kittens are all beautiful and healthy according to the breed’s characteristics.Every cat also received a certification from World Cat Federation (WCF)so you can rest assured thatyou are getting a 100% pure breed to warm your side!

Moreover, Winter Forest Cattery also vaccinates these tiny angels before letting you pick them up! You need to only wait for them; no hassle with any documents as the cattery will sort everything out for you 🥰. A Siberian breed cattery that everyone recommends.

📌Contact details
FB : Winter Forest Siberian Cattery Thailand ฟาร์มแมวไซบีเรียนแท้ 100%
IG : Winter_Forest.Siberiancattery
LINE : Markayomz
Tel : 088-547-7898 | 088-000-4038
Email : Winterforestbkk@gmail.com



Let’s look at the next cat breed on the list; the Bengal.Its fur pattern, shape and head silhouette that complement its eyesis more than enough to leave our poor heart molten on the spot. This cat breed is a cross betweenwild and domestic cat.Simply put, the Bengal is as strong as a wild catbut is playful and affectionate like any other domestic cat breed.Its senses are also sharper than a normal catwith a tendency to chase other creaturesdue to predatory instinct.This cat breed also LOVES water.

🐈Facts about Bengal
– Give your Bengal companion plenty of space for exercise as they tend to be destructive when there is not enough space.
– The Bengal cat breed loves playing with water; outdoor activity might be required.

🐈For any hooman looking to own a Bengal
For anyone looking to own a Bengaljust head over to “ONCE Bengals”a trending Bengal cat cattery where they breed only the highest grade of Bengal cat.They also receive a cat breed certification from TICA(The International Cat Association).They also offer rare fur shades like Snow and Silver that will surely delight you.

The farm also places an emphasison the health and food of the catsas well as the fur pattern of the cats,winning the trust and recommendation of many cat owners.They also provide advice and information about your Bengal pet.This is a cattery thatso many cat owners recommend.

📌Contact details
FB : ONCE Bengals ฟาร์มแมวเบงกอล
Tel : 082-568-7400 ( Aan )
Line : oncebengals



Next up is the Ragdoll breed, a breed that can leave you spellbound. One Ragdoll, named Luca, is also a pet of the famous singer Lisa from the K-POP group BLACKPINK. Its triangular face and sleekness give off an aura of fierceness with blue lovely eyes that will melt your heart. Despite its aura of fierceness, it’s a very calm and disciplined cat with a very tame temperament. In the presence of its owner, the Ragdoll will show its affection and friendliness which is why SOO many people love this cat breed.

🐈Fact about Ragdolls
– Can get along with all types of people
– VERY adaptable
– Suitable for apartments
– Thick fur but is easy to care for
– Not suitable for people who don’t like animal fur

🐈For any hooman looking to own a Ragdoll
If you are looking for a Ragdoll, look no further than “Royal Ragdoll Thailand”. This cattery imports them from another country via contacts from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Italy and China; this guarantees that all Ragdolls are up to standard and are certified from various associations such as CFA WCF and TICA. This cattery also offers both cats that are bred in Thailand as well as from abroad.

Royal Ragdoll Thailand also offers a 7-day quarantine service for all the kitty coming to Thailand with doctors on stand-by,ready for any health issues that might befall these cuties 🥰.They also provide advice on how to care for these cats as well.Furthermore, they will provide you with 7-day cat’s health insurance,a vaccination before moving in with you and free delivery for everywhere in Thailandwith some gift for your tiny Meow-Meow to boot!If you are looking for a Ragdoll contact them NOW!

📌Contact details
FB : RoyalRagdoll.Thailand
IG : @royalragdoll.th
Tel : 063-426-5451
Line : @royalragdoll.th


Persian and Exotic

Let’s move on to the Persian and the Exotic Shorthair variant. We believe this is the breed that many Thai want to have close to their heart figuratively and physically speaking. With its long luxurious hair, wide eyes and tight cheeks and its highly intelligent nature coupled with outstanding friendliness, loyalty and love for its own hooman, and finally, add in preference for peace and tranquillity; this cat breed is a professional at pleasing you. 🤣

The Persian breed and its Exotic variant are basically the same with the only exception being that the Exotic variant is a short-haired cat while the Persian breed has long hair. Both Persian and Exotic purebred will have a round face, large skull, big eyes, short body profile and legs that reminds you of the cuddly Doraemon. Such cuteness is tooooo much to bear!

🐈Fact about Persian and Exotic breeds
– They are a very friendly and endearing breed with zero aggression that can get along with children and everyone.
– As they have very dense and long hair as well as a very short face profile, they are not suitable for living outside as they will suffer from skin problems and are very prone to illness.
– The owner must spend at least 15 minutes everyday grooming and face cleaning as well as giving them a few love hugs.

🐈For any hooman looking to own a Persian
“Pink Pawtal” is a Persian and Exotic cattery that is ranked 1st in the world.!! This claim is backed with numerous competition awards from around the world. Pink Pawtal offers high quality Persian cats that are meticulously cared and pampered for while relaxing 24-7 in an air-conditioned room.

They also place a very high emphasis on cleanlinesswhich give these cats a huge boostto their health and mental condition. What’s more, they don’t lock these fluffy Meow Meow in a cageas they want these cats to meet with other cator people on a daily basis.That’s why all Persian and from hereare so gentle and social with no anxiety issues.These adorable fluffball also receive their full regime of vaccination every yearand is taken care of by the head veterinarian on a regular basis so you don’t have to worry about these fluffball.This is another cattery thatprovide a turnkey one-stop service for Persian and Exotic cat

📌After-sales services
– Every Persian cat from here will receive a complete dose of vaccine against Cat Flu, Leukaemia and rabies.
– A training course on caring for the cat from a professional cat nutritionist.
– Gift product set and food from Pink Pawtal, a premium grade cat grooming product.
These products and services are worth more than 30,000 Baht combined! Along with cat health and other cat issue advisory services for free!

For anyone looking to get these cuties as a friend or compete in a show, you can contact them for more information as well as the cattery is willing to give you extra information. The price for a feline companion here starts from 100,000 baht so if any of us hooman have a heavy wallet then be sure to check out Pink Pawtal!!

📌Contact details
Web : www.pinkpawpal.com
IG : Pinkpawpal
FB : Pinkpawpal Thailand | Messenger
Line : @pinkpawpal


Maine Coon

Next up, we have the tiger-like “Maine Coon” Anyone know this giant fluffball? That’s right! This is a big breed.Due to its semblance to a raccoon,brushy tail, fur colour and pattern that looks even more like a raccoonas well as a big proportional body, the breed has a very distinctive look.Although the Maine Coon looks like a very aggressive breed in the same vein as a feral cat,they are actually very tame, affectionate and also very friendly.A breed that is very calm, disciplined and alluring but still loves to stay around with humans; another one of the must have breed!

🐈Fact about Maine Coon
– Give the cat plenty of space for exercise or a walk as they can get stressed out and start destroying properties.
– Maine Coon has a lifespan of around 12-15 years depending on how it is cared for.
– Very friendly to children thus suitable for families with children.
– Due to their big size, parents might need to supervise when a toddler is playing with them.

🐈For any hooman looking to own a Maine Coon
Looking for a Maine Coon? Come along to “Winsochacoon Cattery”! A Maine Coon cattery run by an ordinary salaryman with a passion who had worked for over 20 years. The resulting Maine Coon are from the hardship and the experience he had built up along the way and, of course, his passion for these tiger-like fluffball. 🤣

This is arguably one of the most well-equipped Maine Coon cattery that is ready to share happiness as well as valuable advice on caring for these cats. With 12 years of experience caring for Maine Coon, you can be confident in the advice provided by Winsochacoon Cattery. Moreover the place is also certified by the CFA (USA) as well. This cattery is guaranteed to make you and your cutie brimming with joy. 🥰

📌Contact details
FB : ฟาร์มแมวเมนคูนสายพันธุ์แท้ Winsochacoon
Web : www.winsochacoon.com
IG : Winsochacoon
Line : Winsochacoon
Tel : 086-386-0787


Scottish Fold

Now we came to another Meowtato that is very popular in Thailand, the Scottish Fold. Who can resist this cat breed’s folded ear, rounded face that is asking for a cuddle? Scottish Fold is also a very smart cat with a peaceful temperament but still retains a lot of playfulness and sensitivity. Combined with its signature “belly rest” sitting position that is prominent on meerkats, it’s impossible to resist! For anyone looking to keep these Meowtatos we recommend keeping many of them as they don’t like it when they are alone.

🐈Fact about Scottish Fold
– Must keep more than a single cat at a time as they don’t like being alone
– This cat breed doesn’t cause any allergic reaction
– Should be kept indoors
– VERY friendly with children

🐈For any hooman looking to own a Scottish Fold
SundeMorning Cattery is the perfect place to head over if you are looking to own a Scottish Fold.The cattery is located at Chonburiand has been breeding and developing cat’s pedigree since 2009and is also a registered cattery under the CAT FANCIER ASSOCIATION : CFA from the United States.The cattery’s Scottish Fold is amongst the most healthy,beautiful and also meets the criteria for a perfect Scottish Fold,thanks to the cattery’s unrelenting pursuit of perfection! 🥰 Now I really want to have one in my embrace. ><><

What’s more SundeMorning also participates in competition held by other associations and received awards from a lot of competition season.✨Anyone who is interested in keeping this breed as a tiny companion to shoo away loneliness,become a servant to a feline overlord or just a cute Meow by your side;SundeMorning welcomes you to the feline worldwith open arms and quality advice on cat care!😂

📌Contact details
FB : SundeMorning Cattery – ฟาร์มแมว Scottish Fold & Highland Fold
IG : sundemorningcat
Line : sundemorningcat


British Shorthair

Next, we have the British Shorthair, despite their cute appearance they were one of the oldest breeds in the UK! People fall in love with them due to their smart profile, preference for peace and quiet as well as their good self-control, lovely conduct and a REALLY sophisticated way of endearing their owner. This made them a natural at befriending a human. More importantly, this breed doesn’t go around breaking stuff as well!

🐈Fact about British Shorthair
– This cat breed loves rolling on a sofa
– Like its gentry English roots, this breed’s manner is exceptional
– Causes no allergic reaction
– More suited to indoor than outdoor, but taking them out once in a while is also beneficial
– Must always keep them clean

🐈For any hooman looking to own a Scottish
“Mantra Lullaby Cattery” is a cattery that curates high grade cats from foreign countries. If you are looking for a British Shorthair, check them out. The cats’ features are also perfect as they came from a Russian pedigree thus their quality and grade are undeniably the best. The breed’s most outstanding fur colour is Silver which not many Thais like, but in terms of health the cattery will make sure the perfect care is given all the way until it reaches the new owner.

The cattery raises all their cats in a close environment and all the cats are always in a good mood. They were also trained to accept showering, use a toilet, eat pellet, wet or BARF food. In addition, they also received combined vaccination, vaccine for cat AIDS, Leukaemia and rabies. The cattery is also very clean and safe thus you can forget about all the ticks and fleas problems. If you are still hesitant, this cattery also received a WCF guarantee; so drop your worry and shop away!

📌Contact details
FB : ฟาร์มแมว British Shorthair – Mantra Lullaby Cattery
Tel. 097-246-4987 (Nach)


Wichianmad (True Siamese Cat)

Let’s move on to the Wichien Maat (Siamese cat, Thai cat). The national pride of Thai people, this is a breed that is famous for its ability to enhance the fortune of its owner and their family and also ove of the charm of Thailand. Their gradient-like fur pattern combined with their lovely and curious nature as well as their confused face, sharp senses, agile body profile and strength that enables them to pounce all day made the Wichien Maat a competitor with foreign cats for the number one spot in Thai people’s heart. Having them around is sure to brighten your day!

🐈Fact about Wichien Maat
– Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
– Always curious about their surroundings
– Loves communicating with you
– Very friendly towards humans and loves attention
– Require a lot of bathing (they might be very active)
– Doesn’t cause allergy

🐈For any hooman looking to own a Wichien Maat
If you want a Wichien Maat by your side, we recommend you check out Baan Khun Yai Wichien Maat cattery (ฟาร์มแมววิเชียรมาศบ้านคุณยาย) in Phitsanulok. This is a cattery with 100% purebred Wichien Maat with a veterinarian always in the cattery to care for these graceful creatures. They also provide breed certification as well as advice on all sorts of things concerning the care of a Wichien Maat.

The cattery provides a complete dose of anthelmintics and vaccination so all the cats from here are all in good health and tame. The care and affection provided by the farm ensures that all kittens are smart, cute and very endearing like the perfect textbook Wichien Maat. This is a cat that every house must have!

📌Contact details
FB : แมววิเชียรมาศบ้านคุณยาย



For this spot we have the Sphynx,a well-known breedas this is the pet cat of the famous GOT7 band member Bam Bam.They looked pretty scarydue to their lack of furbut they actually do have furbut it’s extremely fine like human hair that you can’t even notice.

Their “hairless” nature as well as a very sleek body profile made them a curiosity in the eyes of many.

🐈Fact about Sphynx
– Their lifespan is around 15-20 years
– Not suitable for a household with children or other animals as this cat breed enjoys being alone and only receiving attention from their owner.
– Sphynx prefers resting in a quiet place like a cat tree or a bed
– Should be kept indoors


Turkish Angora

Now, for our final cat breed,the Turkish Angora,an ancient breed from,you guessed it, Turkey.Even though their lineage is so oldtheir manner is something to absolutely die for.This is a breed that can relieve your stress with their sweet and charming nature; keeping them by your side can be very relaxing.Anyone who has met this cat breed would say that their control dropped to zero the moment they saw a Turkish Angora.

🐈Fact about Turkish Angora
– The Turkish Angora is very proud of its fur; take good and frequent care of their coat
– If your Turkish Angora has blue or Heterochromia eyes, they might purr or meow very loudly as their eye colour has a genetic effect that causes them to go deaf.
– This is a breed that absolutely loves toys. Frequently giving it a toy will ensure that it stay loyal to you (not the other way) 🤣