Canine is so cute we can’t resist at all!! If you’re reading this page right now, then you probably love dogs, or even looking to bring one of them into your life! But everyone has different lifestyles, and picking a dog that doesn’t match your lifestyle can lead to a life full of pain and frustration, for you and your dog alike!! And many dog breeds also come with their own vulnerability to different illnesses!! How can you know which one it is!?

That is why LifeSara is here with the 10 fantastic dog breeds everybody loves!! Their cuteness, their personality, their advantage, and disadvantage, we have them all right here! And if you’re currently living in Thailand and looking to get one of them for real, LifeSara also has addresses of the dog farms where you can bring your new best friend home! Now let’s take a look at them💕🐕


Siberian Husky

Our first breed could be said that they’re the most iconic of all dogs because this is the Siberian Husky! Big, fluffy, sassy, and friendly, can be adorable in one moment and be cool in the next! How can we not fall in love with this dog✨

Siberian Husky is actually a very smart and powerful working dog, but because many images and videos on the internet tend to show them in various silly endeavors, their breed’s image ends up being a stupid cutie instead🤣

💡Husky Fact!

– Siberian Husky is a native to cold climate, so they will have trouble adapting to Thailand’s hot climate, especially since their fur will fall off more easily.
– Husky is a very social dog, so they should be raised in a family.
– Very friendly with children, but Husky’s friendliness also comes with extreme stubbornness.
– That stubbornness combines with husky’s energetic nature means that their owner will need great skill and effort to keep them under control.
– Husky owners should have a large space for their husky to play in.

What to do if you want a husky??

Then you can go to 178Farm Siberian Husky Bangkok🥰 Every staff here is knowledgeable and every husky here is healthy and energetic you’ll fall in love from the first sight!

And if you aren’t sure about getting a husky, you can just come for consulting first!

178Farm takes care of their dog from before to after-sale! Every husky here got every vaccine they required as soon as they were old enough💉, and the farm will continue to give you any advice needed for as long as that husky will stayed with you✨ If you want a husky in Thailand, think of 178Farm!

📍Location : 178Farm Number 9/178 Ekkachai Rd, Bang Bon, Bangkok 10150
Open hours: 08:00-22:00

E-mail :
Web : 178farmhusky
FB : 178farmhusky
IG :
Tel : 091-708-7386 | 087-169-7896


French Bulldog

Our second breed tends to be confused with Pug, but despite sharing the short legs, round body, and a flat face, this bat-ears dog is actually a French Bulldog! But the best specialty of Frenchie is that they can talk! They love to imitate human voices! It’s strange but it’s true! Many owners have said the same!!

💡Frenchie’s Fact!
– French Bulldog requires special care!
– This is a good breed for owners in compact living spaces or living alone.
– Frenchie’s short snort leads to various breathing problems that their owner must be on the lookout for! Sadly this also means that the Frenchie snores a lot.
– Argumentative. Prepare to get into lengthy arguments with the Frenchie!
– But Frenchie’s short fur is very easy to care for! No need for a complicated bath every other day!

What to do if you want a Frenchie??

Try BABY French Bulldog Thailand, of course, because this farm has many clean and healthy bulldogs you can choose from, especially BABY’s special spotted coat💕

And if you’re worried about your Frenchie’s health, every BABY’s bulldog is cared for by Thong Lo Pet Hospital from their birth to your hands! And even afterward, you can still get advice from the farm or continued to let Thong Lo hospital take care of your Frenchie!

Even better! BABY French Bulldog Thailand has a special promotion for every customer as well!!
– Every Frenchie brought from BABY has a Blue Member privilege and discount redeemable at every Thong Lo Animal Hospital in Thailand!
– Thong Lo Hospital even has a Welcome Pack for every brought Frenchie, too!!

– Foreign Customer : 0980678730
– Customer in Thailand : 0829829282

FB : baby french bulldog thailand
Line : @babyfrenchbulldog
IG (Main) : baby_french_thailand
IG (Secondary) : babyfrenchbulldogthailand



Next up we got a fluffball from central Europe, Pomeranian! Also known as Pom, this dog belongs to the Toy Group because of its small size. This miniature Spitz has such a signature face that everyone can fall in love with without mistaken a Pom with any other breed💕

🐶Pomeranian even comes in 23 colors ranging from dark to light brown, red, black, white, to orange. Their face also comes in three types; Fox Face, Teddy Bear, and Baby Doll! If you have a Pom at home, do you know which type is your Pom’s face🤣

💡Pom’s Fact!
– Pom is clever and a fast learner, but that intelligence also comes with a stubbornness that might make Pom’s owner tear off their hair a lot!
– For the best result, Pom’s owner should rear it up from its puppyhood so it can be trained and get used to its owner.
– Pom’s small size means that they’re easier to get lost, so the owner must be vigilant when taking Pom outside.
– Pomeranian can live up to 20 years, so be prepared to take care of them for a very long time!

What to do if you want a pomeranian??

You can get a Pom from Hero’s Pom Thailand, a purebred Pomeranian farm with more than 600 parents, which is the largest breeding pool in Thailand✨ With more than 19 years’ worth of experience and many Pom parents descended from Champions, every puppy you got from here will be healthy and Hero’s Pom is happy to be consulted about raising Pom for as long as you keep them! They also guaranteed Pom’s health for up to 30 days after the sale! We promise that Hero’s Pom will help you understand Pom much better!

Line : @heropom
Tel : 083-465-5365 | 085-879-4515
FB : HeropomThailand
Web :
Youtube : Heropom official



Our fourth dog is the famous scent hound Beagle! Clever, energetic, and active, this small dog has ensnared many people’s hearts with their soulful eyes and soggy cheeks😁

And their personality is even better, too! Because Beagle is very kind and especially loyal to their master! If you’re looking for someone to make your every day filled with delight and laughter, look no further than this guy!

💡Beagle’s Fact!
– Beagle has a lot of energy that can turn destructive without a proper outlet! Either its owner must have lots of activities for Beagle to do, or be prepared to clean up after them a lot!!
– Beagle can withstand the hot weather, but they still can get heatstroke! So don’t forget to find somewhere cooler for them on a particularly hot day!
– Beagle gets anxious easily, so keep a close eye on them!
– Beagle loves socializing a lot, with people and dogs alike! Don’t leave them alone for too long!!
– Watch out for Beagle’s diet. They get overweight easily!

What to do if you want a beagle??
Then you should know about Tiger Beagle Farm! Because this farm is famous for its quality and customer care🥰

Every Beagle here is bred and cared for to make them healthy, cute, and easy to raise for every new owner that take them home!✨

Tiger Farm also has a pedigree certificate for every Beagle bred here, and they’re willing to give advice to every owner so they can give their Beagle the best life💕

FB : Tiger Beagle Farm พี่เสือฟาร์ม
Web :
Tiktok : tigerbeaglefarm
Youtube : Tiger Beagle Farm

Line ID : tbf1985​
Line Official : @tigerbeaglefarm
Tel : 065 956 3252


Labrador Retriever

Once again we’re here with an iconic dog with Labrador Retriever! Just as the name has said, Labrador is a working dog specialized in tracking down stuff, such as narcotics, bombs, lost baggage, or even people! Their intelligence and endurance also make Labrador a perfect guide dog!

Personality-wise, Labrador is playful, and enjoys spending time with their owner a lot💕 They’re also a good swimmer and capable to withstand wide range of climates!

💡Labrador’s Fact!
– Labrador is very clever and imaginative, but sadly that also translates to destructivity as well!
– Usually child-friendly, but some labradors might show aggressive tendencies! Luckily, that aggression can be eased out with proper training!
– Very energetic. Labrador needs lots and lots of workouts or toys to keep them happy and healthy!
– Watch out for their diet! Labradors can have quite a few health problems that come with their breed, so a strict diet and frequent doctor’s visits are needed to keep them healthy!
– On average, Labrador is a very kind breed!

What to do if you want a labrador??
Try looking for them at Green Corner Labrador farm! This is one of the oldest Labrador breeders in Thailand, and countless generations of healthy and friendly Labradors that came from here all these years can easily speak for themselves!

Aside from that, Green Corner is also the only place in Thailand where world-class champion Labrador lineages are imported to add to their breeding pool, resulting in healthy and smart Labrador puppies with no genetic disorders, so your canine partner brought from here can stay with you for a long time🥰

So if you love Labrador, or just want a strong and healthy dog to live with you, come to Green Corner farm and you’ll never regret it✨

FB : Greencorner Labrador Thailand
Web :
Tel : 086-366-5400
Line Id : greencorner


American Bully

Our next breed is a common confusion in Thailand, because while many people here called this dog “Pit Bull”, they’re actually American Bully most of the time!! Bully is a different breed than the infamous Pit Bull, as they come with their signature short and bulky shape rather than standing tall like their notorious cousin.

Despite that scary face, Bully is actually very friendly, playful, and eager to please everyone💕 Nonetheless, this guy is very powerful and enjoys tussling or any laborious hobby a lot!

💡Bully’s Fact!
– Bully needs a lot of space to run around!
– Bully’s aggression is based entirely on their upbringing! Proper socializing can raise a very friendly and patient bully!!
– This dog breed is very loyal to their family!
– Bully needs more protein than the usual kibble has, so make sure to add some supplement protein every morning!

If you’re looking to get a Bully for yourself
You can come to Hobbit Bully Camp and see for yourself how cute an American Bully can be💕 Every Bully here comes from the US imported parents so you can see their healthy puppies all year round!

These puppies are reared with utmost care so they are as healthy as they could be when you finally take them home!

Hobbit Camp is also happy to teach any new owner everything to keep their Bully happy! So if you have decided this is the one for you, you can pre-order their pup on FB🥰

Youtube : Hobbit Bullycamp
Tel : 0818886227 (Buzz) | 0636788037 (Tak)
Line id : Buzz20 (Buzz), Takhoki55 (Tak)



Another Toy dog on our list is Chihuahua. This handbag dog can easily adapt to living spaces of every size, possess great intelligence and quick learning, and they want to go with its owner everywhere🥰 This is why Chihuahua is a very friendly dog for anyone who had no experience with raising a dog before, and also usually being taken everywhere with their owner a lot!

Chihuahua comes with both long and short fur, but thankfully their fur is easy to clean regardless of their fur type. They’re also pretty energetic and curious but pretty cautious against strangers.

💡Chihuahua’s Fact!
– Chihuahuas can be very accident-prone due to their size and nature, so the owner must be extra watchful when taking them outside!
– They get panic easily and are very sensitive to loud noise, so react quickly and take care of them before they harm themselves in panic!
– Chihuahuas adapt very poorly to extreme temperatures, so don’t let their living space get too hot or cold!
– This breed is susceptible to many health issues so don’t neglect the vet’s appointment.


Shiba Inu

Despite their small size, Shiba Inu is packed full to the brim with energy, confidence, cleverness, and a unique personality of playfulness, independence, and cleanliness🥰 And since they like to make sassy faces in response to various situations too, that’s even more reason to fall in love with this compact canine!

But even though they are independent and crafty, Shiba Inu is also very loyal to their owners! They don’t like anyone else though…

💡Shiba’s Fact!
– Shiba needs a large space to run around
– Very cautious. Shiba needs to be properly socialized or they can be very aggressive to everyone and everything!
– Shiba must never leave their house alone because their predator instinct is very strong and will attack everything! Always keep them on a leash!!
– Their breed is vulnerable to a number of lethal diseases! Keep a close eye on their health!
– Shiba will hunt every smaller creature including pets like birds, rodents, or smaller dogs. Be careful if keeping them in the same place with other smaller animal.


Doberman Pinscher

Our 9th breed is the cool, bad boy Doberman Pinscher! These guys come back on the trend once again thanks to famous Korean idols like Lisa from Blackpink and BTS’s Jungkook who have these gangster-looking dogs as their sweethearts! However, Doberman has always been a top choice for the military, police forces, and first responders worldwide for their strength, energy, intelligence, and fierce loyalty to their handler. This is also the reason why many civilians want them too 🥰

💡Doberman’s Fact!
– Need a very large space to stay healthy and happy.
– Very energetic. Their owner needs to be able to match them.
– Dobermans will always follow the owner’s lead, so unless their owner takes them out to socialize with other people or dogs, they can get pretty aggressive and territorial!
– Dobermans very rarely harm their family, but when treated with care and love, Dobermans can be fiercely protective of every member in the same house.



Our last breed comes from a noble stock! Samoyed was once the most favorite dog of Queen Alexandra of the UK! From fluffy white coats to a clever mind and eagerness to play with anyone, Samoyed still can conquer many hearts to be brought into people’s homes today despite the shockingly high price!

💡Samoyed’s Fact!
– Samoyed is a native of a colder climate.
– Very friendly to everyone, even stranger! Always be careful of where your samoyed goes, because it can let itself get stolen!!
– Avid digger. Like to dig any patch of soil to make a cold napping hole.
– Very energetic. Need a very large area to run a lot.
– Samoyed can get very big! Make sure you’re ready to take care of a big dog because they can get even bigger than husky! (Mostly because of fur, though)