“Why send parents to an elderly care center?”
“It’s just the two of your parents, why cant’ you take care of them?”

A few simple words, but they hold a myriad of emotions for the listener, forming an image of nursing homes or elderly care centers that historically may not have had a positive reputation. Yet, these individuals might not realize that this is probably for the best.

Currently, the number of elderly individuals in the year 2022 has risen to a staggering 12,698,362, accounting for 19.21%* of the population in Thailand. This number continues to increase annually, with many elderly individuals dealing with chronic illnesses and ailments. Some are bedridden and require attentive care, which hospitals might not always provide comprehensively. Families might worry about emotional tolls on their loved ones and even themselves. Some families lack the time to care due to their busy schedules, while others struggle with patients who have demanding health needs, which in turn could affect their own mental well-being. Every family’s situation is unique, but what everyone desires is the same: the best possible care for their loved ones, so they can return home and live as a part of their family again.

That’s where ‘elderly care centers’ come into play, a choice that many families might pour in a lot of effort during the selection process. It’s undoubtedly a significant decision and an investment to find a care center that meets the needs of both the patient and the family. Today, Lifesara would like to introduce a center that caters to those who are deciding to bring their beloved family members through their recovery journey after severe illness.
Let’s take a look at one of the elderly care centers located in the Pravej area of Bangkok, surrounded by lush greenery, known as ‘Healthy Habitat
Elderly Care and Rehabilitation Center.’

This center is filled with vibrant shades of green, blended with warm browns to provide a comforting ambiance.The skilled staff and experienced doctors are always ready to care and assist 24 hours a day, almost like a well-equipped hospital in its own right. However, this is just a glimpse of what awaits. If you’re curious about the services and solutions this center provides for the elderly, stay tuned to discover more.

Reference:Updated as of April 10, 2023.


‘Healthy habitat’
Creating an elderly care center that allows the patient to fully recover and return home with joy

Healthy Habitat was established because it was recognized that many places did not adequately meet the needs of patient care. The owner, being a geriatric doctor themselves, had encountered numerous cases of elderly patients suffering from various conditions, ranging from surgical cases to cerebrovascular incidents, often happening suddenly without any prior indication. This understanding led to the realization that most patients had no time to mentally prepare themselves for their illnesses.

“When they fall ill, unable to do anything, they feel like a burden. We wanted to open a center that would help them recover emotionally, making them feel like they’re rejuvenating their lives once more,” the owner said. With this in mind, the question arose, ‘How can we make them feel better?’ This led to a resolute decision to create a place where the owner firmly believed, ‘We need to open an elderly care center of our own.’ The objective is to provide a place where patients can come to restore their spirits and regain a meaningful life once again.

Presently, the center has been operating for over 4 years and has been awarded the Elderly Care Establishment accolade. Additionally, it has received certification from the Ministry of Public Health. Today, it is considered a semi-hospital that focuses on elderly individuals with chronic illnesses, patients in recovery, and bedridden patients. This encompasses individuals with conditions like cerebral vascular incidents or those in a frail state.


With all this in mind, all doubts about the facilities were slowly turned into a word-of-mouth recommendation
The ‘care’ that invokes ‘trust’ in many families with a medical team ready to assist 24-7

Have you ever encountered a situation where, while your elderly parents were hospitalized, you had your own taxing responsibilities to attend to?
Moreover, during that time, you don’t have any clue on
how the hospital was taking care of your loved ones.

Topping it off with the number of people under the hospital’s care that might compromise the care quality, this becomes a very understandable source of worry.
A shared ward where conversations might not be feasible, a private room that can amplify feelings of isolation, or be it our own work that keeps us occupied, quickly burning away our time, making it hard to arrange a proper visit; all of this can lead to increased anxiety and negatively affect your loved ones morale. It’s not uncommon for different individuals to experience various mental health challenges due to the aforementioned reasons, which is why the highlight of this care center is not just physical rehabilitation but also comprehensive care for the ‘mind’ and ‘nutrition.’ This center addresses all aspects under one roof, which can be categorized into three main aspect:

  1. Medical Care Physicians : Overseeing overall health and administering appropriate medication.
  2. Geriatric Doctors : Advising on daily living and eating habits for the elderly.
  3. Physical Therapy Experts : Responsible for designing activities that suit the rehabilitation needs of patients.

On a more individual basis, the center has a dedicated team of expert professionals who provide close care and constant monitoring. Some of the key personnel include:

  1. Infection Control Specialist
  2. Rehabilitation Specialist
  3. Oncology Specialist
  4. 24-hour Nursing Team.
  5. Physiotherapists and Nutritionists

Everything is meticulously planned. When a new patient comes in for recovery, all teams come together to discuss how to best facilitate their rehabilitation and address dietary needs, placing a strong emphasis on holistic well-being
For example,. the caregiver will meticulously plan out the frequency of such care, reflecting their high standard of care. The center’s goal is clear: “To ensure that every patient can return home.” Each care case is given a precise rehabilitation target. In case of emergencies, the center has a well-equipped ambulance on standby for swift transportation to a hospital. This provides yet another layer of assurance, alleviating any additional worries. !


Ambiance and comfort
designed to fully meet the needs of the elderly

Normally, hospitals don’t tend to have a policy of taking patients out to engage in activities or unwind outside. However, at Healthy Habitat, everything is designed to encourage senior citizens to exercise, nurture good mental health, all while ensuring comfort.Another highlight of the center is that they avoid creating a cluttered environment, focusing on creating a fresh and soothing atmosphere using shades of green and contrasting brown to provide a sense of ease.

Moreover, they’ve made the space suitable for every elderly individual, making all areas accessible. This includes pathways, both individual and shared rooms, bathrooms, swimming pools, fitness centers, and even a rooftop garden. Every place is designed with gently sloping ramps to accommodate those using wheelchairs, making it more convenient. They’ve even created small gardens with trees for people to sit and relax. Additionally, while waiting, you might catch glimpses of lovely, well-decorated mobiles and exquisite handcrafted hanging decorations. All of these are the work of patients who previously resided here. These serve as meaningful reminders and add to the collective spirit of other patients, boosting their morale.


Well-designed bedrooms that provide comfortable
rest with continuous close supervision

Here, it’s somewhat reminiscent of a hospital with both single and shared rooms. These two types of rooms offer distinct comforts:

Single Rooms :
– Nurses will check in every hour, or you can simply press a button to call for assistance.
– If you have a companion or a personal nurse, they can stay with you (for up to 1 person).
– The room comes equipped with a microwave and refrigerator for your use.
– If you prefer a larger room, there’s also a VIP room available, which is similar to a regular single room but more spacious.

Shared Rooms:

– Bed arrangement in each room has a maximum of 6-8 beds, avoiding overcrowding unlike some other places.
– Each room has a separate set of nurses for care.
– There’s a nurse’s station next to each patient’s bed for close monitoring.
– There’s a sofa zone, an activity area, and a comfortable TV area.


A rehabilitation zone equipped with high-quality facilities and physiotherapists to provide attentive care

Continuing from the ambiance and conveniences, another highlight that’s just as impressive is the physical therapy. Here, they have rooms for patients to engage in active equipment-based activities according to the patient’s preferred style. Every piece of equipment here are of the highest standard, some of the equipment includes: treadmills, regular bicycles, standing trainers, and even ultrasound therapy machines that reduce pain – everything is available here.

And another remarkable feature of this care center is that each physical therapy session is supervised on a 1-1 basis or by two patients to one physical therapist, allowing a really intimate level of care. The core of the physical therapy regimen depends on the case. For instance, after a hip surgery, the focus might be on strengthening the upper body and hips, adjusting walking posture to prevent falling over again. In cases of stroke patients, they plan the therapy to ensure 80-100% of the body’s recovery within the initial 90 days.

Furthermore, the center also features a shaded rooftop garden filled with greenery and city views. This area is ideal for comfortable walking practice or simply sitting back and gazing at the sky, surrounded by a serene atmosphere

Another zone that seniors greatly enjoy is the hydrotherapy area or water resistance-based physical therapy. This zone allows seniors to engage in physical therapy using water as a medium, enhancing balance, muscle strength, and reducing pain. Besides being a favorite therapeutic area, it’s also a place where seniors interact and have fun, like revisiting their childhood.


Small enriching activities with great but subtle meaning

If anyone visits here, they might observe that there are so many beautifully crafted artworks. While in other places, it might seem ordinary, but not here. Because every piece of work is considered a “memory” of every patient who once stayed here.

At this place, there are activities for patients to gather and create artworks together. As you walk through the corridors, you’ll see the creations of seniors who have dedicated themselves to making various works, whether it’s intricate mobiles or different types of paintings. This is another activity that boosts the spirits of those in recovery and even those who have returned home. It leaves behind a trace of pride. When they come back for a visit, they feel contentment in their own creations.

Apart from fostering a sense of pride, this is also a small activity that helps relax muscles and prevents patients from staying idle. In every activity, there are physical therapists and nurses who design and oversee the process from start to finish. Whether it’s engaging in leisurely activities, practicing craftsmanship, or participating in different festivals and playing ball, all of these help train the brain and muscles effectively.


Nutritious meals that look surprisingly delicious

We believe that many people who stay in the hospital might not enjoy hospital food very much, as they have to be content with what is served. Although the food here is not that different from the standard fares in hospitals, what sets it apart is their emphasis on taste and the aesthetic presentation of the food. The look can be deceiving as you may not believe that such food could be nutritionally balanced! However, the food here is carefully tailored to meet the needs of each patient. For instance, certain dishes are more suitable for patients with kidney problems, while others are prepared for those with diabetes.


Recommended for post-surgery patients seeking physical rejuvenation

If someone wonders why they would recommend Healthy Habitat?
It’s important to mention that this place actually serves a narrow main set of patient groups who frequently require care. There are several main groups: those who are chronically ill and their lives were negatively affected, such as post-surgery patients, recovery patients, stroke patients, Alzheimer’s patients, paralysis patients, elderly patients, and bedridden patients.
Another significant group is post-stroke patients, who usually need an extensive period of physical rehabilitation in the early stages of recovery. Discipline and consistent physical therapy are essential for this group. The center not only monitors the symptoms but also takes every effort to promote recovery and look towards the future, estimating when patients can be transferred for home care. % During their stay, the patient’s progress is discussed weekly among the different care teams to assess factors like diet, exercise, recent symptoms, and areas needing adjustment.
Thus, Healthy Habitat offers comprehensive care from start to finish, covering all aspects accurately. This includes health, safety, appealing and nutritious food, and staff available around the clock. The personnel are dedicated, engaging with patients constantly, ensuring their comfort and providing the needed attention.This facility provides convenience, peace of mind, and utmost support for post-surgery patients. With these reasons, it’s no surprise that many relatives entrust the care of their loved ones to Healthy Habitat without hesitation.

Frequently asked questions that might arise about the elderly care center

“Parents try their best to ensure that they enroll their children in the best schools. Conversely, when it’s our turn to care for them, we also want the best for our parents.” Dr. May, M.D.Vorachat Reslee, Medical Director specialized in Infectious Diseases at Healthy Habitat said.

Even when we have children, we constantly contemplate the best educational choices for them – a place with a pleasant society and good benefits. Similarly, we find ourselves in a situation where we are seeking the best option for the care of our elderly loved ones. This is to provide them with the best environment for recovery and improved health. It also gives them another chance to be with us and the family.


Q&A addressing common questions about general perspectives on elderly care centers :

Q1 : Do elderly individuals get lonely?

  • Certainly, anyone living far from home tends to experience homesickness. It’s essential to understand this feeling both from the perspective of the patients and their families. When elderly individuals are at home and must wait for their children and grandchildren to return in the evening, they might end up resting during the day and being awake at night. This might lead to muscle inactivity and cognitive decline due to lack of usage.
  • However, if they are here, we plan their care and ensure regular activities. They have friends to talk to, dedicated staff available 24/7, and a structured routine. This not only helps improve their physical and mental well-being but also relieves worries for their families.
  • However, we still recommend that family members keep in touch, and visit or call regularly as no medication is as effective as good company, as even the best medicine can’t compare to being with loved ones.

Q2 : Do most people perceive placing the elderly in care centers as neglect?

  • It depends on individual perspectives. However, when compared, we maintain a high quality of care that meets everyone’s needs.
    After patients have recovered, we educate their family members about how to provide care at home. We provide a ‘Lodgebook’ that offers guidance on suitable food, medication instructions, recommended exercises, and more. This ensures that the care provided at home is

Q3 : Is hiring a housekeeper, a local caretaker, or a nurse at home better than placing the elderly in a care center?

  • It depends on convenience. However, we offer comprehensive care to each individual. Before every physiotherapy session, we assess the patient’s condition to allocate appropriate staff. Our care extends beyond just the physical aspects. We engage with them as friends. If they don’t want to be alone, our policy allows for a personal nurse or companion to stay and provide care. This greatly helps alleviate their worries and discomfort.

Because your loved ones are our priority and the key to our services

For families who may not have enough time to care for their loved ones as they should, it’s worth considering that entrusting the care to experts can provide much peace of mind. Nowadays, in other countries, people are quite content with elderly care centers.

If anyone has parents, grandparents, or other elderly family members who are currently ill and unable to take care of themselves, and if they might not be able to provide the best care, it’s worth trying out Healthy Habitat, an elderly care and recovery center. We believe that the lives of your loved ones will improve, along with your own well-being, as you get some relief. ‘Because your loved ones are the heart of Healthy Habitat’s service, here we welcome everyone 24/7’ Your loved ones are in good hands.


Healthy Habitat Healthcare Service Rates
Here, the price will depend on the level of care needed. If specialized care is required, such as tube feeding, the cost will be higher. However, when looking at the value, the center itself states that in comparison, the cost is up to 60% cheaper than a hospital.

Room Prices :
– Shared Room 35,000 Baht/month
– Private Room 55,000 Baht/month

Provided Benefits :
– Personal daily doctor check-ups
– 24-hour care
– Basic physical therapy for 20 minutes/day
– 3 main meals and 2 snacks
– Consumables such as soap and tissues
– Clothing


Web : https://www.healthyhabitatth.com/
FB : Healthy Habitat TH
Tel : 02-853-9562 | 096-415-1982